Camille Thibideaux

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Camille Thibodeaux.jpg
Name Camille Thibideaux
Actor Rukiya Bernard
Dates  ???? – 2011 (killed by Margaret Fox)
Location Lily Dale, New York
Occupation Psychic
Episode(s) 7.07 The Mentalists


Camille was a psychic who went by the name "Sister Thibideaux" in Lily Dale, New York. She was a friend of Melanie Golden.


Camille as "Sister Thibideaux," getting a vision of her own murder.

7.07 The Mentalists

Kate Fox tries to warn Camille of her death by giving her a vision of it. The ghost's image is captured on Camille's closed circuit video. Dean uses this to identify her in a picture at the Lily Dale museum. He and Sam dig up her bones; she appears and pleads with them, "Why won't anyone listen to me?" just before they burn her bones and destroy her.

Dean calls Melanie, who is with Camille, to say they have destroyed Kate. Melanie invites Camille to come and stay with her for a few days. They return to Camille's house for her to pack, where Margaret Fox appears, immobilizes Melanie, and kills Camille.