Calvin Reidy

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Name Calvin Reidy
Actor Kurt Evans
Dates  ???? - 2008 (killed by a demon)
Occupation FBI special agent
Episode(s) 2.19 Folsom Prison Blues
3.12 Jus in Bello


Special Agent Calvin Reidy is the partner of Special Agent Victor Henriksen.


2.19 Folsom Prison Blues

Special Agent Reidy appears with Henriksen at the Green River County Detention Center to question Dean.

3.12 Jus in Bello

Reidy once again appears with Henriksen in Monument, Colorado, when the Winchesters are apprehended, due to Bela's tipping off the FBI. Once in custody Reidy takes the Winchesters to their cells at a local sheriff's department. After discovering the dead body of Steven Groves, Henriksen and Reidy prepare the chopper to take them out of Monument, Colorado. When Reidy gets no answer from his walkie, he goes to check outside. Once outside, Reidy discovers that two officers have had their throats cut, and as he walks to the chopper he finds the pilot and two more officers dead.

Suddenly there’s a blast of light that sends Reidy flying backwards. The chopper has caught fire, and as Reidy gets up and walks toward the burned chopper, he turns to find one of the dead officers on his feet and looking at him with black eyes. The possessed officer then proceeds to viciously kill Reidy.