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Name Callie Garrison
Actor Ava Rebecca Hughes (Young Callie)
Tracy Froese (Teenage Callie)
Dates  ???? - 2007 (killed by Julie Garrison / spirit laid to rest when Dr. Garrison lets her go)
Location Maple Springs, New York
Occupation Vengeful Spirit
Episode(s) 3.05 Bedtime Stories


Callie Garrison was poisoned by her step-mother Julie with bleach when she was eight, and has remained in a vegetative state since. Her father, Dr. Garrison keeps her alive, and reads her fairy tales.


3.05 Bedtime Stories

Increasingly frustrated that her father won't let her die, and doesn't know the truth, she lashes out, causing a series of deaths based on the stories he reads her; a man with a Wile E. Coyote tattoo attacks three overweight builders who are brothers ("The Three Little Pigs"), an old woman attacks a pair of hikers and attempts to eat the male ("Hansel and Gretel"), a teenager is tied up and beaten by her stepmother ("Cinderella"), and the man with the tattoo attacks a grandmother and abducts her granddaughter ("Little Red Riding Hood").

When Dean sees Callie, who is obviously a spirit, her "ghost" not having aged even as her physical body has, she indicates that she was poisoned by her step-mother by leaving behind an apple. Sam has to convince Dr. Garrison of what Callie is doing, and with Callie's help, succeeds. Once he learns and accepts the truth, Dr. Garrison lets her go and Callie dies and her spirit finally moves on.


  • To date, Callie is the only occasion where the Winchesters have encountered a "ghost" of someone who is technically still alive.