Caleb Krakowski

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Name Caleb Krakowski
Actor Sean Quan
Location Jenny Lake County, Wyoming
Episode(s) 15.06 Golden Time


Caleb is the son of Melly Krakowski. While spending the night camping near Jenny Lake, Caleb witnesses Sheriff Alden Roy disposing of Shane Coogan's body in the lake. He goes into hiding after injuring his ankle trying to get away.


15.06 Golden Time

Castiel and Melly find Caleb during Castiel's search for a djinn who has been abducting people in the area. Caleb recounts seeing a monster drag a body into a lake, but before he can tell them Sheriff Alden Roy was the monster, Sheriff Roy appears behind them and prepares to kill everyone. Caleb and Melly witness Castiel getting shot repeatedly by Roy, who is then knocked to ground and killed.

After disposing of Sheriff Roy's body, Castiel returns to Caleb and Melly and heals his injured ankle before taking his leave.