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Title CONventional Wisdom: every con has a story
Medium Fandom
Creator(s) by April Vian (Author), Melissa Kennedy (Author), Shani Irvine (Author)
Publisher Independently published
Release Date February 20, 2019
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Form the authors:

Supernatural Cons are a unique experience: For three days, fans get to live in the fandom, surrounded by the acceptance and support of people who share the same passions. It’s a family gathering of sorts, with an atmosphere of near-euphoric celebration, where everyone is running on adrenaline, endorphins, and the thrill of meeting people we admire. Cons are a lot of fun. But for some, they’re also unexpectedly life-changing. This book shares those stories told by the fans, with supplemental academic essays discussing the theories behind some of these changes, interviews with those involved in the conventions and rounded out with just a little squee. CONventional wisdom takes a look at the varied characteristics that separate Supernatural conventions from others and allow for such profound change.