Bunny LaCroix

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Name Bunny LaCroix
Actor Wendy Abbott
Dates  ???? – 2014 (unknown)
Location New Canaan, Connecticut
Episode(s) 10.06 Ask Jeeves


Bunny LaCroix was born into the wealthy LaCroix family, with her brother Stanton and at least one sister, and at some point married a man named Lance LaCroix. The marriage was probably not a happy one, as she had numerous sexual partners besides Lance. At one point she became pregnant with a shapeshifter's child, Olivia, convincing Lance that it was his child. When Olivia's father showed up at the LaCroix manor to take Olivia, he ended up killing Lance -- who attempted to fight him off. Bobby Singer soon arrived and killed the shifter. Bunny begged Bobby to spare her daughter, which he did on the condition that she was locked-up, unable to harm herself or anyone else. He also agreed to take care of Olivia if anything were to ever happen to Bunny, but he himself died before she did.

According to Olivia, despite Bunny's keeping her oath to Bobby, she was a devoted and loving mother; so much so that she left everything to her daughter when she died, aside from the pendant-key that lead to Olivia's attic room which was originally left for Bobby. Aside from her, the butler Phillip was the only one who knew of Olivia's origins. After Bunny's death, he released her and told her to pose as the new maid to hide in plain sight.