Brick Holmes

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Name Inyo
Kelly Duran (Boxer)
Davey Samuelson (Baseball)
Charlie Karnes (Race Car Driver)
Brick Holmes (Football)
Dates  ???? - 2012 (suicide)
Location Boulder, Colorado
Occupation Sports Star
Episode(s) 8.03 Heartache


Inyo was a Mayan athlete born over a thousand years ago. He made a deal, through a high priest, with the maize god Cacao that kept him perpetually in peak physical condition, never aging. In return, twice a year he would sacrifice a human heart to Cacao -- one for the sowing and one for the harvest. Over the centuries he became a successful sports star in many arenas, although every decade or so he had to reinvent himself. In 1940s, when he was known as the boxer Kelly Duran, he fell in love with a woman called Betsy. While aware of his true identity, and its cost, she chose to ignore it.

As Betsy aged and reached her 40s, she began to pose as Brick's mother instead of his wife, calling herself Eleanor. Since the 1990s he posed as Brick Holmes who was a successful quarterback. Eventually Inyo's love for Eleanor became more important to him than his sporting prowess, and when he realized she would die and leave him alone, he drove his car off a bridge, presumably hoping that he would burn up in the crash. However his organs survived and as he signed a donor card, ended up in eight different people, compelling them to continue the ritual sacrifices.


Inyo/Brick Holmes' trophy room.

8.03 Heartache

After learning of the ritual sacrifices, Sam and Dean begin investigating the people who have received Brick's organs and are continuing the biannual sacrifices. During the investigation, they visit Eleanor Holmes after having figured out what Brick was and had done and she told them everything, having grown tired of the life like Brick. Wanting it to be over and presumably because Brick did too, Eleanor tells Sam and Dean that Brick's heart is the key as it is the focus of the sacrifices and killing the person with the heart will break the deal's influence over the remaining people with his organs. Dean kills Randa Moreno, the person with Brick's heart, and as Brick had wanted, it is now truly over.


  • Some the sports that Brick was known to have participated in throughout his long life included: Kendōka, archery, Cricket, golf, boxing, baseball, racing and football.