Brenna Dobbs

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Brenda Dobbs.jpg
Name Brenna Dobbs
Actor Miranda Frigon
Location Bristol, Rhode Island
Episode(s) 6.13 Unforgiven


A year ago in Bristol, Rhode Island, Samuel and Sam confided their true identity as hunters to Brenna and her husband, Sheriff Roy Dobbs. Roy went missing at the same time that Samuel and Sam left town. When Sam returns to Bristol, he is arrested, and Brenna confronts him and demands to know what happened to her husband a year ago. She believes Sam when he says he doesn't remember anything, and releases him from his jail cell so he can work on the case. She shares the case files from the previous disappearances with him, and Sam remembers more, including the identity of the monster. He leaves and her husband Roy, now an arachne, appears and later forces her to lure Sam and Dean back to their house. She is distraught and, when they return, she distracts them and they are taken prisoner by Roy Dobbs, who binds them with web. Roy reveals that, in order to exact revenge for what Sam did to him, he lured him back by sending him the coordinates. He also took women that Sam slept with and has turned them into arachne. While Dobbs talks, Dean uses a piece of broken glass to tear the web around him. He manages to escape and attack the arachne, and Brenna picks up a machete and uses it to help Sam escape. Sam takes the machete from her and uses it to kill Dobbs by decapitating him.