Bracelet of Erebus

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Name Bracelet of Erebus
Manufacturer Erebus
Powers Roots out dark secrets.
Location/Owners Lawrence, Kansas
Episodes 1.11 You've Got a Friend

Well, according to legend, it was made by Erebus, the god of secrets and shadows, as a tool to give to his followers to uncover their enemies' hidden secrets.

Latika Dar, 1.11 You've Got a Friend


The Greek god Erebus created the bracelet for his followers to help them uncover the hidden secrets of their enemies.


The bracelet could pinpoint anyone holding a dark secret, and attach itself to their person. Making it an effective tool to root out monsters who are trying to blend in. Only a person pure of heart can wear the bracelet, if they are harboring any dark secrets shadow spirits will trap the individual until they free themselves of the burden of their secrets, or consume them. If the person reveals their secret, they are engulfed in a blinding light and transported back to where they came from, and the bracelet detaches itself.


1.11 You've Got a Friend