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Bobby Singer's House has been one of the few constants in Sam and Dean's life since they were children. It was first seen in 1.22 Devil's Trap, when Dean and Sam turn to Bobby for help after John is taken hostage by Meg. It's been a place for research, refugee, and rest over six seasons.

Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Bobby's house is located on a property consisting of several acres covered in stacked, wrecked cars, Bobby’s house, and outbuildings. For more detail on the house and property see Singer Salvage Yard‎

First Floor

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Notes and References for Bobby's House [First Floor]: Bobby's house has been rearranged a little between seasons 1-3 and 4-6. To keep things current, the first floor is mapped out based on episodes featuring Bobby's place beginning with 4.01 Lazarus Rising with a few minor exceptions relating to previous seasons.

Dean shows up at Bobby's front door. There are two steps behind him. Behind Bobby, we can see a little space – a hallway with an opening to a room behind him, and to the right a little. When Bobby pulls a knife on Dean, in an attempt to stop the shapeshifter that Bobby thinks Dean is, they tumble into the room behind him. (Source: 4.01 Lazarus Rising)

This, we can see, is the Kitchen – complete with a stove, oven, old fridge, counter, and windows on the right-hand side. In the center area is a desk, in place of a table, with a computer. There are a number of telephones on the wall next to the desk, which sits in between two windows. (The desk kind of overlaps the far window). (Source: 4.01 Lazarus Rising)

When Karen used to live with Bobby, and after she returned from the dead, the desk was moved and a table was placed in the center of the room. (Source: 5.15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid) Opposite from the stove/oven/fridge are two sliding doors that lead into Bobby's study / the Library. (Source: 4.01 Lazarus Rising, 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's)

The study / Library is where Meg Masters was exorcised (marked by the Devil's Trap.) (Source: 1.22 Devil's Trap)

By the big windows is a couch. (Source: 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's) When Bobby was in his wheelchair, it was replaced with a bed. (5.15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid)

As with most of the house, there are shelves in both the Kitchen and the Library, filled with books. (Source: 1.22 Devil's Trap, 4.01 Lazarus Rising, 5.15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's) There is also a large desk, in front the fire place, in the Library, and three seats – one behind the desk, and two in front. (Source: 5.15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's, 6.12 Like a Virgin)

The Library also has an opening into the main hallway; however, unlike the Kitchen's entrance, this opening has two sliding doors. (6.12 Like a Virgin)

The hallway in front of the Library and Kitchen (that you first enter when you go through the front door) leads to a side hallway. The end of this side hallway opens to the back door, through which Dean brought Lisa and Ben to stay, and where Sheriff Mills came for an investigation. It is also where Bobby's new neighbor, Marcy, stopped by. (Source: 6.01 Exile on Main St., 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's)

Next to the back door is a flight of stairs that leads upstairs. (Source: 6.01 Exile on Main St.)

Across from the flight of stairs that leads upstairs is a door that opens to a flight of stairs that leads to the basement. (Source: 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's, 6.11 Appointment in Samarra)

Beyond the back door is the entrance to Singer Salvage Yard; the big blue box on the upper right corner of the floorplan is part of the covered area where Bobby works on cars. Next to that are plenty of junk cars. The Impala often parks right in front of the back door.

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