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"Singer Auto Salvage" sign.

Mi casa es su casa. Maybe you want to just go upstairs. TV's broken, but there's plenty of Reader's Digest. Just don't touch the decor, okay? Assume it's all loaded.

Bobby to Lisa and Ben Braeden, 6.01 Exile on Main St.

Singer Salvage Yard (also known as Singer Auto Self Service Salvage Yard), located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is owned by Bobby Singer. The street address is unclear but A plaque above the porch gives the address as 2194 [1]. Bobby has lived in the house since he was a child.

The property consists of several acres covered in stacked, wrecked cars, Bobby’s house, and outbuildings. Trees and a wooden fence ring the area. The three remaining Horsemen's Rings may be buried in the yard, and the body of his father Ed Singer whom he killed, is buried behind the woodshed.

The set for Bobby's place (in 1.21 Salvation) had around five to six thousand books. "All over the place in stacks, waist-high in books. the entire set. Up the stairs, even. Everywhere you looked there were stacks of books. Books, books, books."

– Set Decorator George Neumann, Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 1

Behind the scenes at Bobby's house tweeted by Jim Beaver during 7.02 Hello, Cruel World.

Bobby’s house has a ground floor, an upper story, and a basement. The main entrance opens into a short entrance hall that leads to the ground floor living room; there is also a basement entrance to the house. Bobby has lived in this house most of his life.[2]

For floor plans see Bobby Singer's House Floorplan.

The living room is filled with bookcases containing a library of monster and demon related books, including the Key of Solomon. More books are stacked on the floor, and papers are pinned to the walls between the large, curtained windows. A red sofa can be seen against one wall. The dark red patterned wall paper is decorated with a few landscape paintings. Bobby’s desk occupies a position in front of the living room fireplace. A magnifying swing arm lamp is attached to the desk. Also on the ground floor are a large wooden staircase leading to the second floor, a hall closet, and a kitchen.

When we built Bobby's we gave it really detailed moldings and rich woodwork. There's custom made wallpaper from New York, we have a wonderful fireplace and we have great furniture in there, but you can't usually see it because it's all cluttered.

– Jerry Wanek, Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 5

The kitchen, just off the living room through pocket sliding doors, has a table, white cabinets and free standing cupboards. It has green patterned wall paper, and has white shuttered windows. When Bobby was a boy, the kitchen had dark wood cabinets and doors, but they have since been painted.[2] There is a small, 1960’s era white refrigerator and a matching stove. The knife drawer contains a false bottom, concealing hemlock, opium, wormwood, and other herbs.[3] In 6.15 The French Mistake, Balthazar finds a jar of lamb's blood in the fridge, and vertebra of lesser saint in the desk drawer. "Your Mr Singer does keep a beautiful pantry", he comments.

Bobby's phones.

Another desk and bookcase are also on one side of the kitchen. Bobby has a wall of at least five cordless phones in the kitchen, each labeled with a different government agency and alias.

The upper story of the house consists of rooms branching off a sconce lit hallway. At least one is a bedroom [2]. At one end of the hall is an array of stained glass windows. During the year he was paralyzed, Bobby slept downstairs in the living room.

The basement is an unfinished storage space except for a large ghost and demon proof panic room, which Bobby built on “a weekend off.” Over time, Bobby has made other modifications to the house. Sometime after 5.15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, Bobby placed a trap door in front of the hall closet that can be triggered by a lever inside the closet. The trap door opens into the basement, which he equipped with a steel core door and titanium kick plate.

In 7.02 Hello, Cruel World a leviathan - Edgar burns the house down.

In 8.23 Sacrifice Sam and Dean return to the salvage yard to make a deal with Crowley and find it somewhat overgrown with Bobby's Car left rusting among the other cars after his death.

In 13.22 Exodus, the Winchesters travel to the Apocalypse World version of the Salvage Yard. While it has a somewhat similar outer setup and the same name, it is not located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. When this is commented upon, the alternate Bobby tells the Winchesters that their Bobby must enjoy the cold a lot more than he does.


1.22 Devil's Trap

Meg follows Sam and Dean to Bobby’s house. They trap her using a devil's trap painted on the ceiling of Bobby’s living room. Sam and Dean interrogate and then exorcise her.

2.01 In My Time of Dying

With Dean in a coma and John injured, Sam goes to visit Bobby, who says he will tow the Impala to the salvage yard.

2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown

Dean uses Bobby's equipment to repair the damaged Impala. One of Bobby’s outbuildings contains a workshop.

2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign

Meg possesses Sam, and shows up on Bobby’s doorstep to kill him. Bobby lets the demon in, and offers "Sam" a beer laced with holy water that incapacitates the demon. Again, the demon is restrained under the devil's trap, but this time the exorcism Dean attempts fails because the demon has bound itself to Sam's body with a brand. The demon is expelled when Bobby burns across the brand with a hot poker from his fireplace.

2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two

After Dean makes a deal to resurrect Sam, the brothers go to Bobby's. Though shocked to see Sam, he invites the brothers inside. In the living room, they discuss unusual demon activity in Wyoming. Leaving Sam in the house, Bobby takes Dean outside to the salvage yard and demands to know about his deal. While they are outside, they hear a noise, and discover Ellen Harvelle. They bring her inside to discuss the destruction of the Roadhouse.

Bobby's living room.

3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock

Bobby fields questions from the boys about John's lock-up, curse boxes, and the rabbit's foot from his living room. The dismantled Colt is on his desk.

3.04 Sin City

In the living room, Bobby and Dean work on the Colt. They have a Bunsen burner set up on the desk and are using a mold to cast bullets. After the boys leave for Ohio, Bobby test fires the Colt in a wooded area of his property. Ruby appears, and offers to help turn the Colt back into a demon-killing weapon.

3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me

Bobby is investigating the death of a doctor who researched sleep disorders when he mysteriously lapses into a coma. On investigation, Sam and Dean find the culprit is Jeremy Frost, a patient of the doctor who was unable to dream until the doctor gave him African Dream Root. Sam and Dean take some of the herb themselves in order to enter Bobby's dream and rescue him. In the dream they find Bobby having a nightmare about his wife, who he killed while she was possessed.

Sam and Dean do not initially recognize Bobby’s house in the dream. Because Bobby killed his wife before discovering the supernatural, this is may be how Bobby’s home appeared before he became a hunter, or it may be how he dreams that it was. The living room contains sofas, curio cabinets, and no stacks of dusty books. The kitchen table has a bowl of apples on it. When Sam does outside, he finds a neatly kept lawn and flower garden around a sky blue house with white trim. A plaque above the porch gives the address as 2194. Laundry is drying on a line.

Dean continues to look around inside the house, and eventually finds Bobby hiding in the hall closet.

Bobby's living room in the dream.
Exterior of Bobby's house in the dream.
Bobby's garden in the dream.

3.15 Time Is on My Side

Walking past a flatbed trailer of crushed cars on his lot Bobby calls Dean with a lead on Bela, and suggests that he contact an old hunter acquaintance, Rufus Turner, who has called with news of her.

4.01 Lazarus Rising

A newly resurrected Dean shows up at Bobby’s house. Shocked, Bobby at first tries to kill him, convinced it must be a supernatural being and not Dean. They struggle into the living room, where Dean tries to persuade Bobby by cutting himself with a silver knife. Bobby is convinced after splashing Dean with holy water. There are a number of empty liquor bottles around the living room and kitchen, and Bobby admits that he has had a hard time since Dean died and Sam left.

4.02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

Sam and Dean are staying at Bobby's, discussing the implications of Castiel's revelations in his living room and kitchen. Bobby has a supply of angel related books. Sam and Dean leave to check on some hunters they cannot contact, and find that they have been killed. While they are on their way back, they are attacked by the spirit of Victor Henriksen, who is one of the Witnesses. Simultaneously, Bobby is confronted by two child spirits who bounce a ball down his stairway. They force him out into the salvage yard, and hold him prisoner in the shell of a car.

Sam and Dean arrive, and search for Bobby. Dean goes upstairs in Bobby’s house, and fights with the spirit of Meg Masters in the hallway. Sam walks the stacked cars in Bobby’s lot, and eventually finds him after being attacked by one of the children. The three hunters retreat to the basement of the house, where Bobby reveals that he has built an iron panic room.

After some research, Bobby discovers that they are dealing with the Witnesses. They need to work a spell that requires them to leave the room. They go up to the living room, and Bobby sends Sam upstairs to get a curse box from a closet and Dean to the kitchen to fetch herbs hidden in the false bottom of the knife drawer. Bobby mixes the ingredients in a bowl on his desk while Sam and Dean right off the spirits. He chants, and then throws the ingredients into the fireplace, dispatching the spirits.

Later, Dean is sleeping on the living room floor. In a dream, he awakens on the floor and sees Castiel leaning against the sink in Bobby’s kitchen. Still dreaming, he enters the kitchen and talks to the angel, who reveals the issue of the seals, and the threat of Lucifer. Dean wakes in the living room, where Sam has been sleeping on the sofa.

4.10 Heaven and Hell

The boys, Ruby and Anna take refuge at Bobby's place. He is apparently in the Caribbean, but has allowed them to use the house. They Winchesters hide Anna in the panic room, and Ruby, unable to enter, waits in the basement outside while they discuss options. They decide to bring in Pamela Barnes, who hypnotizes Anna in the panic room. Anna becomes distressed, and the panic room lights explode. When Anna awakes, she reveals that she was an angel. In the living room, she tells her story.

Dean takes Pamela home, and on his return finds Anna in the salvage yard. They sit on one of the cars and discuss humanity.

4.14 Sex and Violence

Sam contacts Bobby, who is at his kitchen desk, to help with their case. Later, Bobby masquerades as their FBI superior, Mike Kayser, during a phone call that comes while he is cooking. Bobby has a wall of at least five cordless phones in the kitchen, each labeled with a different government agency and alias.

4.20 The Rapture

After Dean sees Sam drink demon blood during the battle with the demons, they go to Bobby's place. Bobby pretends to show them something in his panic room, but it is a ruse to trap Sam in there.

4.21 When the Levee Breaks

Sam, trapped in the panic room, hallucinates as he withdraws from the effects of the demon blood. Dean and Bobby discuss the situation in Bobby’s living room, but come to no conclusions. Desperate, Dean goes into the salvage yard and prays. Castiel appears, and Dean swears to serve God and the angels, hoping to protect Sam. Later, Castiel clandestinely frees Sam from the panic room. He sneaks out while Bobby and Dean are sleeping in the living room. Bobby catches him stealing a car in the salvage lot, but Sam knocks Bobby out and takes the car.

The next day, Dean is working in the yard when Bobby comes to him with a lead on finding Sam.

4.22 Lucifer Rising

Following a terrible fight with Sam, Dean returns to Bobby’s. He is furious, and refuses to contact Sam. Bobby accuses him of behaving like his father in not reaching out, and says Dean is a better man than that. Suddenly, Dean is no longer in Bobby’s living room, but in the Green Room.

5.03 Free to Be You and Me

Bobby, paralyzed and wheelchair bound following his severe injury in 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil, is back at his house. He is in his living room when Sam calls, telling him about demonic omens.

5.04 The End

Dean, having been sent to the year 2014 by Zachariah, makes his way through the post-Apocalyptic country to Bobby’s house. He finds signs of a struggle, dust, and Bobby’s empty wheel chair. There is also a picture of Cas and Bobby at Camp Chitaqua.

5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

Dean calls Bobby twice at home about the new job he has sent them on, about young people dying of old age.

5.10 Abandon All Hope...

Sam, Dean, Jo, Ellen and Castiel gather at Bobby's place after retrieving the Colt from Crowley. At the kitchen table, Ellen and Jo show Cas how to do shots, while in the living room Sam, Dean, and Bobby discuss the upcoming attempt to kill Lucifer. Before they leave, Bobby insists on taking a portrait of the group to remember everyone by.

Later, while besieged at Carthage, Missouri Dean contacts Bobby by CB; Bobby’s call sign is “K C 5 Fox Delta Oscar.” Dean updates Bobby, who then does some additional research at home based on Dean’s information, and reveals that Lucifer plans to raise Death.

After the attempt on Lucifer fails, and Jo and Ellen die, Sam and Dean return to Bobby’s. Bobby burns the photo taken earlier in his fireplace, in imitation of the Hunter's Funeral Pyre.

5.15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

Zombies are rising in Sioux Falls, Bobby’s town, and Sam and Dean investigate. Bobby answers a call as Sam and Dean’s government superior on his wall of phones, but Sheriff Jody Mills of Sioux Falls is on the other end, and recognizes his voice.

Later, Sam and Dean come by Bobby’s house and discover his wife Karen is among the reanimated. She spends most of her time in his kitchen, cooking pies. Dean suspects that she will eventually attack Bobby, and stays close to her, either in the house or in the salvage yard. Karen starts to feel ill, the first sign of turning evil, and lies down on the cot Bobby is using in his living room. Bobby is forced to kill her, but before dying she warns him that the zombies are a message that because he's helping Sam say 'no' to Lucifer, Death has his eye on Bobby.

Dean finds Bobby next to Karen’s remains. They decide to pack up Bobby’s van and help the rest of the town. In the salvage yard, they are attacked by more zombies. They fight them off as best they can, but are forced to retreat into the house, and end up trapped in the hall closet. They are saved by the arrival of Sam.

The re-animated Karen Singer in Bobby's kitchen.
Dean and Bobby prepare to fight off zombies in the salvage yard.

5.18 Point of No Return

Cas and Sam bring Dean to Bobby’s house to prevent him from contacting Zachariah and consenting to Michael. They try to persuade him that there are other options, but Dean is unconvinced. While they are talking in the living room, Cas senses that something has happened. He leaves, and returns with a newly resurrected Adam, laying him on Bobby’s makeshift bed in the living room. When Adam wakes up, he tells his story.

Later, Dean is held in Bobby's panic room. He manages to escape by banishing Cas. Adam is also being held. The angels manage to snatch Adam from Bobby's, after he reveals his location to Zachariah in a dream. Dean is recaptured by Cas, and put back in the panic room. When he wakes up, he and Sam talk, and then Sam, Cas, and Dean leave to rescue Adam from the Green Room.

5.20 The Devil You Know

At his home, Bobby fields calls from Sam and Dean, who are tracking Pestilence. Bobby is coordinating the search.

Later, when Crowley takes Dean to find Brady, Sam calls Bobby and asks him how he took control of his body when he was possessed by a demon in 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil. They discuss the possibility of Sam consenting to possession by Lucifer, and then trying to take control of his body to jump into Lucifer's Cage. Bobby dismisses the idea as all but impossible.

Bobby is talking on the phone with Rufus Turner discussing possible omens for Death when Crowley appears in his kitchen. Crowley tells Bobby he can help them find Death, but he needs to make a deal for Bobby's soul to pull it off. Bobby is resistant to the idea, and shoots Crowley, but the demon persists, assuring him it will be a temporary loan.

5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight

Sam and Dean are at Bobby’s preparing to go after Pestilence when they receive a call from Castiel, who tells them he is now all but mortal. After their attack on Pestilence, the brothers return to Bobby’s with Castiel and tell him about the encounter in the living room. Bobby reveals that he now knows Death’s location, and when asked how, Crowley makes his presence known in the kitchen.

Later, Sam and Dean discuss the plan for Sam to turn himself over to Lucifer, and Crowley reveals the plot to distribute the Croatoan Virus in a flu vaccine. It is decided that Sam, Cas, and Bobby will stop the virus, and Dean and Crowley will go after Death. Out in the yard, Cas helps Bobby load the van, while Sam and Dean make their own preparations.

After Dean has obtained Death's ring, he meets up with Bobby in the salvage yard. Dean places the four rings in position and they immediately attract one another. He is not enthusiastic about Sam’s plan but Bobby tells him that it is time to let Sam make his own decisions.

5.22 Swan Song

In the salvage yard, Sam and Dean talk over beers. Sam is prepared to act as Lucifer’s vessel, and Dean agrees. Omens lead Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel to Detroit.

In the aftermath of the Stull Cemetery confrontation, Dean and Bobby say goodbye at the salvage yard.

6.01 Exile on Main St.

When they are attacked by djinns, Dean takes Lisa and Ben to Bobby's home for protection. He is shocked to learn Bobby has known that Sam has been back for a year. Later on the stairway, Dean apologizes to Lisa for what he has brought on her.

Bobby Singer faces off with the new King of Hell, Crowley.

6.04 Weekend at Bobby's

In a flashback set just after the confrontation with Lucifer, Bobby summons Crowley to his home and demands the return of his soul. Crowley refuses, and Bobby reveals that he has trapped the demon in a devil's trap in ultraviolet paint on his living room floor. However, he is forced to release the demon by the presence of Crowley’s hellhound.

In the present day, Sam and Dean call Bobby for help, emailing him a picture of a claw that Bobby receives on his computer, which is running Windows 3.1. Bobby leaves home for the Sioux Falls University Library and returns home with a stolen book. He spends hours in his living room researching, then updates Dean on his progress.

After he's off the phone, Bobby goes down to his basement, where he has a crossroads demon tied to a chair and caught in a devil's trap. He tortures her for information, using a blow torch on her bones. He is briefly interrupted by a new neighbor at his door with a cobbler, then he goes back to the demon. After she tells him Crowley’s true name, he finishes burning her bones, destroying her and her host.

Bobby spends time answering his wall of phones, posing as the government supervisor for a variety of hunters while working at his desk. Suddenly, Rufus knocks on his door and insists that he needs Bobby's help burying the body of an okami. Bobby uses a small backhoe to dig a hole in the salvage yard. They bury the body on Bobby's property, smoothing gravel over the top, and Rufus leaves.

Bobby and Rufus bury the body of the okami in the backyard.

Bobby is in the house when he receives another call from Dean, just before Sheriff Jody Mills shows up with FBI Agent Adams, who is looking for Rufus. Bobby finishes talking to Dean, and the FBI agent insists on looking around. The sheriff convinces him to go outside. Bobby reveals that there is a body in the house and one outside too, so he and the sheriff go after the agent. He has found the hole the Okami was buried in, but it is no longer there.

The law enforcement leaves, Bobby tracks down the okami, and fields more calls from Rufus and Dean at home. Rufus is captured by the police, and as a favor to Bobby, Sheriff Mills extradites Rufus and brings him to Bobby’s house. After Rufus has gone, Bobby uses a ring Rufus obtained to summon the ghost of Crowley’s son in his living room.

Later, Bobby summons Crowley in the basement. This time the demon is trapped by a devil's trap on the ceiling. Bobby threatens to have Crowley’s bones burned if his soul is not returned, and receives a call from Sam and Dean, who are standing by Crowley’s grave in Scotland. Crowley concedes, and Bobby releases him. Bobby gets a final call from Sam and Dean.

He sits down in the kitchen to eat some pie, and gets another call on his wall of phones.

6.06 You Can't Handle the Truth

Dean calls Bobby at home, confides in him about Sam's questionable actions in 6.05 Live Free or Twihard, and asks for help.

Later, after Dean invokes Veritas' curse, he calls Bobby to test it. Bobby, seated at his desk, is compelled to tell Dean a few interesting truths. Dean hangs up when Bobby starts discussing his first girlfriend.

6.11 Appointment in Samarra

Dean informs Sam and Bobby about his deal with Death to return Sam's soul if Dean can wear his ring and perform his duties for a full twenty four hours. Sam tries to prevent Dean from getting Death's ring, which was buried in the salvage yard, but Dean gets there first.

Sam sneaks away to summon the angel Balthazar for a spell that requires the life of his surrogate father. Sam returns to Bobby's house. The two play cards at Bobby’s kitchen table, and Bobby offers to get Sam a beer. Sam quietly follows Bobby to the refrigerator, but Bobby knocks him out before he can attack. Sam comes to and escapes before Bobby can imprison him.

The two hunters stalk each other through the house. Bobby hides in his hall closet and Sam attacks the door with an axe. Cornered, Bobby triggers a trap door beneath Sam, who crashes into the basement below. Bobby and Sam talk through the locked door. Sam manages to break out while Bobby is speaking to him through the door. Bobby follows a trail of blood through the salvage yard in search of Sam, and throws open the door of an outbuilding thinking that Sam is inside. Sam comes up behind him and incapacitates Bobby with a whack to the head. Bobby awakes tied to a chair in his house above spell glyphs painted on the floor. Dean reappears and attacks Sam, saving Bobby.

Bobby and Dean tie Sam up in the panic room. Dean finds Death eating a hot dog at Bobby’s dining table, and sits down to talk with him. Death agrees to return Sam's soul, and disappears, then reappears in the panic room. Bobby and Dean watch in shock as Death pushes Sam's soul back into his body while Sam screams in agony.

6.12 Like a Virgin

An unconscious Sam is still in the panic room ten days after his soul is returned when Castiel visits to confirm that his soul is present. After Castiel leaves, Dean joins Bobby in the living room, where they are surprised shortly afterward by a conscious Sam. Sam does not remember the past year and a half. In one of the salvage yard's outbuildings, Dean and Bobby discuss whether or not to tell Sam about the missing time while Bobby works on a car on a hydraulic lift. When the brothers leave to work a job, Bobby decides to remain behind, claiming that he needs to work the phone wall.

The brothers talk with Bobby by phone several times; Bobby is either in the living room or the kitchen. Sam and Dean return after the job is completed. In the yard, while Dean is looking at a bag of gold they recovered, Sam apologizes for what he did while soulless, having learned the truth from Castiel. They go into the house, where Bobby is examining a human skin manuscript they took from the dragons' lair on his living room desk. He says that it involves Purgatory, and someone known as "mother."

6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

Dean and Sam share a beer as they work on the Impala.

After the Impala is possessed by Rose Brown and crashed through a wall, Dean works on her at Bobby's place. When Sam brings him a beer, Dean notes that the case was hardly a victory. Sensing how dispirited Dean is, Sam points out they still save lives now and again. And their luck isn't all bad: they stopped Lucifer, and Dean got Sam's soul back. "Thanks," says Sam. "For what it's worth, I've got your back." And Dean smiles.

6.15 The French Mistake

Sam and Dean are in Bobby's living room, waiting for him to return from a drink run and doing research, when Balthazar appears. He darts around the house, collecting spell components including Dead Sea brine, lamb's blood from the fridge and the bone of a lesser saint from Bobby's desk. He assemble them in a bowl, then draws a symbol on the living room window. Sam and Dean are thrown through the window and wall, and into an alternate universe, where Bobby's house is a set in a television show. The broken wall is plywood, and the broken glass is a fake gel, and all the weapons are plastic. They walk out of the living room and past the set of the panic room, located just next door. Later, the brothers attempt to act on the living room set, without much success at hitting the marks on the set floor. They try to recreate Balthazar's spell in the set after it has been repaired, breaking the window again, but are unsuccessful.

When they are finally pulled back to their universe, they are saved from Raphael by Balthazar and Castiel. Castiel returns them to Bobby's living room, where the wall and window are still open to the outside. Dean wants him to explain the details of the angelic civil war, but he demurs, saying he will do so when the time is right. Sam taps the wall, making sure that it is solid.

6.16 ...And Then There Were None

In Bobby's living room, Bobby, Sam, and Dean trace supernatural occurrences along a highway map on Bobby's desk before heading out to investigate.

6.17 My Heart Will Go On

In an alternate timeline created by Balthazar when he saved the Titanic, Singer Salvage Yard is called B&E Salvage. Bobby and Ellen are married and live there. A picture of them by the salvage yard sign is in the living room. The place is somewhat cleaner, but is otherwise the same. At the beginning of the episode, Sam and Dean are trying to console Bobby, who is drinking at his desk, over the death of Rufus. After they leave, Ellen arrives with groceries. Sam and Dean call Bobby and Ellen a couple of times during their investigation of Fate, and talk to Bobby while he is researching and Ellen while she is cooking stew. After the timeline is corrected, Sam and Dean wake up in the Impala in the salvage yard. The go into the house, and find Bobby alone, sleeping on his living room sofa.

6.18 Frontierland

Castiel sends Sam and Dean from Bobby's living room to Sunrise, Wyoming in 1860. Bobby starts a timer to keep track of the twenty-four hours allowed for the trip. Later, an injured Castiel appears in his kitchen and draws a sigil in blood on the refrigerator. Bobby moves him to the living room sofa. Bobby agrees to let Castiel use his soul to bring back the brothers when the time comes, and they arrive in the living room next to his chair. A few moments later, a delivery man brings a package to the door that was sent by Samuel Colt 150 years previously.

Angel proofing in Bobby's living room.

6.19 Mommy Dearest

In the basement, Dean loads shotgun shells with phoenix ash at a work bench. They discuss strategy, and Castiel appears. The angel later brings the vampire Lenore to the basement so that they can ask her for Eve's location.

6.20 The Man Who Would Be King

Bobby tortures a demon under the devil's trap on his living room ceiling, trying to find Crowley's location. He talks with Sam and Dean to one side while an invisible Castiel is listening. Later, Bobby, Sam, and Dean, put Enochian sigils on the windows in an attempt to keep Castiel out, but the sigils are drawn incorrectly, allowing Castiel to enter and speak to Dean, who is sleeping on the living room sofa.

6.21 Let It Bleed

In his living room, the windows still covered with angel proofing, Bobby tells Sam and Dean that Castiel stole one of the Campbell diaries, though Bobby made a copy. Suddenly, Dean receives a call from Ben that he and Lisa are being attacked. Bobby leaves to investigate the diaries contents. Meanwhile, Dean tortures demons over a devil's trap in an outbuilding to find Lisa and Ben's location. Sam waits outside anxiously. Castiel appears to Dean in the outbuilding, saving him from a demon that escaped.

6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much

After Castiel removes Sam's wall, Dean and Bobby take him to the panic room for safety. They are approached there by Balthazar, who offers them Castiel's location. They leave Sam in the panic room with the address were they will be. In his mind, Sam makes his way to a version of Bobby's place, where the furniture is draped in white cloth and candles are everywhere. He finds the version of himself that remembers Hell at the living room desk.

7.01 Meet the New Boss

After Castiel leaves them, Sam, Dean and Bobby go back to the salvage yard to regroup. Dean, with some help from Bobby, spends most of his time repairing and painting the Impala. Sam recuperates, but experiences hallucinations in the basement and in the living room. Bobby searches for signs of Castiel. They summon Crowley to a devil's trap, and after some persuading, he leaves a ritual on Bobby's porch that will allow them to bind Death. Bobby and the brothers are less than successful at defeating Castiel using Death, and return to Bobby's. Dean apathetically sits in Bobby's kitchen, drinking. Sam goes out into the junkyard and prays for Castiel to contact them. Inside, while he is speaking to Dean, Castiel appears slumped against the kitchen door frame, and asks for help.

Sam and Dean outside the burnt remains of Bobby's house.

7.02 Hello, Cruel World

After their encounter with the Leviathans, Dean allows Sam to rest for twelve hours on Bobby's sofa. Dean and Bobby talk to Sam about his hallucinations while Sam sees Lucifer around the house. Eventually one of his hallucinations, a version of Dean, gets Sam out of the house while Bobby is away. Dean finds him, and when Bobby phones that he is in trouble, and is being followed by a Leviathan, they go to meet him at the salvage yard. When they arrive, they find the house burned beyond saving. Dean finds one of Bobby's books inside, but no sign of him. The brothers walk through the salvage yard, looking for Bobby. Dean calls Bobby's cellphone from the yard, and leaves a message. Sam is confronted by a Leviathan. Dean shoots it, but it quickly recovers and re-attacks. It knocks Sam unconscious as Dean drops a car suspended from a lift onto the Leviathan.

7.03 The Girl Next Door

Bobby reveals that he had copies of many of his books stashed around the country, and he takes off to retrieve them

Bobby and his parents in the kitchen, just before the death of Ed Singer.

7.10 Death's Door

Bobby is in a coma, dying. He goes through his memories trying to find a way to wake up. Several pivotal moments in his life happened in his home. He remembers the night, three days before his wife's possession, when they fought in their bedroom full of whitewashed furniture. He remembers arguing with John about raising the boys on an early cordless phone. He remembers sitting around with Sam and Dean, watching action movies.

And he remembers a fateful dinner with his parents in their kitchen. Sitting at the aluminum kitchen table, a young Bobby knocks a glass of milk over, and it shatters on the blue and white checked linoleum floor. Bobby's abusive father goes off on him and his mother. A young Bobby runs out of the room and returns with a gun, confronts his father, and shoots him in the head. He then buries him in the salvage yard.

8.23 Sacrifice

Sam and Dean agree to a deal Crowley proposes and they set the meeting in the ruins of the salvage yard. Sam and Dean have a bittersweet reaction upon seeing the yard again, especially since Bobby's Car is now rusting abandoned in the yard. Crowley shows up and Sam shows him the demon tablet while Crowley shows the angel tablet. Crowley pulls out a giant contract and demands that Sam sign, but Dean examines it first. However, this is just a trick to get close to Crowley and slap a handcuff on him tying him to Dean. Crowley is initially amused, but Dean reveals that a small Devil's Trap has been painted on the handcuff on Crowley's wrist, binding his powers and trapping him. Sam and Dean then reveal that curing Crowley of being a demon is going to be the third trial and leave the yard with their prisoner.

10.17 Inside Man

Bobby's Heaven is shown to be his house where he relaxes and enjoys his time. At the request of Sam and Castiel, he breaks out to help break Metatron out of prison and is later taken for punishment from his Heaven by Hannah and a few other angels.

13.22 Exodus

Sam and Dean make their way to the Apocalypse World version of the Singer Salvage Yard where they once again meet the universe's counterpart of Bobby Singer. They use it as a base of operations while the resistance fighters take the Winchesters' offer to come to their world into account. Eventually, the vote to make their way to the rift is unanimous; they all decide to go, Bobby included. Dean and Lucifer fix an old bus in the salvage yard to take all the refugees to the rift's location in Northeast Kentucky. This version of the salvage yard is not located in Sioux Falls as the alternate Bobby liked to live in warmer weather.


"Jared 'souvenired' me these from the joint we were shooting in tonight. Ain't he sweet?"

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