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Bobby's landline phones at his house

Bobby has many phones at his house, being the central hub for most hunters to contact when they need help or a to back up a cover story. Bobby also has a cell phone he uses occasionally. Calls listed on this page are those made with Bobby's cell phone only.

This is Bobby Singer's direct hotline. You should not have this number.

– Bobby's voicemail, 7.02 Hello, Cruel World


2.15 Tall Tales

We don't see Sam or Bobby during this call, but after inspecting what's left of the research scientist, Sam tells Dean he will call Bobby to come help. Since he was able to leave a voicemail, he may have called Bobby on his cell phone instead of the landline.

3.01 The Magnificent Seven

While Sam is doing research and waiting in the impala outside a woman's house, Bobby calls him to let the boys know he may have found a lead. They hang up and Sam goes inside to get Dean.

3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock

After Sam gets the rabbit's foot, he calls Bobby, who tells him off for touching the foot. Bobby explains what the foot is and what the curse does. Sam tries to argue that he won't loose the it, but Bobby tells him that everyone looses the foot. So he asks Bobby how to break the curse, but Bobby says he needs time to research and hangs up.

3.04 Sin City

We don't see Bobby get the call, but after Sam can't get a hold of Dean on his phone, he calls Bobby for back up. He must leave Bobby a voicemail on his cell phone, because Bobby later shows up to help.

3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me

Bobby tells Dean he and Bela are out of leads in 3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me.

Bobby calls Dean with an update while the boys are driving to find Jeremy. Bobby has no good news to report, so Dean yells and tells him he's going to go blow his brains out, then hangs up on Bobby.

3.15 Time Is on My Side

Bobby calls with a lead on Bela while the boys are researching in their motel room. He tells them a has-been hunter named Rufus Turner called him, saying a woman with a British accent called Mina Chandler phoned him regarding items he has for sale. Dean recognizes the name she used and Bobby gives them Rufus' location. They hang up.

4.02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

As Sam and Dean leave Jed's house, Dean is on the phone with Bobby. They both report all the hunters they've checked on are dead. Bobby tells the boys to meet him back at his place, and they hang up.

4.14 Sex and Violence

Dean tries to call Bobby after he suspects Sam is infected by the siren, but has to leave a message. Bobby shows up later to save the boys from themselves, suggesting he got the message likely left on his cell phone.

5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

After finding the missing husband and learning about the magic poker chips, Dean calls Bobby to discuss the case. Bobby fills them in on the lore and asks if they found him yet. When Dean says there are a lot of bars and they'll need to split up, Bobby asks, "Why are you still talking to me?" They hang up.

While Dean is searching for DNA in Patrick's apartment, Bobby is on the phone with him down in the car. As his time runs out, Dean falls to the floor and becomes unresponsive. Bobby keeps calling out to him, but Dean doesn't respond. Instead he comes back downstairs, back to his normal age. Bobby calls him a "idjit" and hangs up.

5.10 Abandon All Hope...

Bobby attempts to phone one of the boys, but can't get through, because they have no signal. He hangs up, but then hears Dean contacting him on the CB radio in the other room.

6.16 ...And Then There Were None

After Dean tells everyone about the worm crawling from his ear, Bobby and Rufus get on their phones, calling other hunters to figure out what it is. We don't see or hear any of the conversations, but Bobby is seen hanging up his phone and complaining he has a, "dump truck full of bupkiss."

6.21 Let It Bleed

After interviewing Judah, we see Bobby talking to Sam on the phone. He tells Sam what he learned and they discuss the case. After, Bobby asks how they're progressing and inquires how Dean is doing. Sam tells him, as you'd expect. They hang up.

7.02 Hello, Cruel World

As he's leaving, Bobby calls Sam with an update from the hospital. He explains that Jody was right and shotguns have no effect. He tells Sam, thinking he's still there, that he will meet him at the house and hangs up.

7.03 The Girl Next Door

Bobby talks to Dean as he gets gas in 7.03 The Girl Next Door.

Bobby gets a call from Dean while he's gassing up his Chevelle. Dean explains Sam ran off and took his car. Bobby tells Dean to calm down and wait till he gets his cast off to go looking for Sam. He says they should keep calling Sam and they hang up.

Bobby is on the phone with Dean while he's driving. Dean explains that he's found out Sam is hunting a kitsune. When Bobby asks what Dean is going to do when he catches up, Dean only responds that he has a few ideas, and hangs up.

7.04 Defending Your Life

After laying a salt ring for the man they found at the apple orchard, Warren, Sam quickly calls Bobby as he leaves. He tells him, "Bobby, hey it's me, I'm sending some symbols to look up." We don't see Bobby, so he may have been on his cell phone.

Bobby calls Sam back from home. He appears to be on a cell phone. They discuss the symbols, Bobby explains they are Egyptian and are connected to Osiris. Sam is concerned about finding him before he leaves again, but Bobby brings to his attention that Osiris hones in on those feeling guilty. He tells Sam, "...why does that sound like to you?" They hang up and Sam tries to call Dean, but he's too late, just as Dean answers, he's abducted and drops his phone.

Bobby calls Sam back with an update while driving somewhere. He explains he's found a way to kill Osiris... for a couple centuries at least. He tells Sam to stab him with a ram's horn. Sam asks where he's going to find one in Dearborn, who which Bobby says, "No clue, but make sure it's a sharp peice. He ain't gonna let you stab him twice." They hang up.

7.05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil

We don't see Bobby, but he sends Sam a text message with more information about the magical coin Dean found, while the boys are checking out the statue of Don Stark.

7.06 Slash Fiction

Bobby talks to Dean while dealing with his Leviathan look-a-like in 7.06 Slash Fiction.

Bobby is talking to Sam while Jody makes dinner. He tells Sam that the Leviathansb can be slowed down by decapitation. When Jody asks Bobby if he takes mayo, the boys hear and heckle Bobby. He asks Sam where they're heading next, and when Sam says St. Louis, he tells them the Leviathans already hit there. Sam lets him know they'll be heading to Iowa instead then, and they hang up.

While Bobby is dealing with Chet, who now looks just like him, Dean calls. Dean tells Bobby he and Sam found the Leviathans pretending to be them. He asks Bobby for a way to kill them. As Bobby tells them just to keep their distance, the police show up and arrest the real Sam and Dean. Dean is instructed to put down his phone, and Bobby calls out to him.

Just after Bobby kills Chet, Dean calls from jail as the sheriff holds up a phone. Dean explains what happened and Bobby tells him about the breakthrough in killing the Leviathans with borax and decapitation. Disturbed, the sheriff clicks the phone shut as Dean is thanking Bobby, hanging up on him.

7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

Bobby is on the phone to Sam while on a stakeout with Dean. We don't see Sam, but per their conversation he's gone around to the back side of the building. Sam reports nothing has happened and try hang up.

Bobby has left the van during the stakeout and is watching from an adjacent roof while on the phone with Dean. As Bobby is reporting what's happening inside, he's knocked out and captured.

7.11 Adventures in Babysitting

Bobby's phone rings and Sam answers it. It's a girl named Krissy Chambers looking for Bobby's help to find her dad. When Sam can't put Bobby on the phone, she hangs up on him. Sam gets the number off the caller ID and using Bobby's belongings, tracks her down.

10.06 Ask Jeeves

When Sam comes up empty with leads for cases, Dean pulls out one of Bobby's old phones he found while cleaning and hands it to him. Sam opens it and looks at it as Dean says there were 28 messages, but only one that mattered from two days ago.

11.16 Safe House

In the past, Bobby is finishing wallpapering the house when Rufus calls. He lets Bobby know everyone is awake and happy. Bobby asks why everyone isn't trapped instead, considering the spell they used. Rufus replies it was a Baku and he killed it while Bobby slept. The argue about how it, but Rufus says just to take the win. When Bobby is less than enthusiastic, Rufus asks what he saw in the nest. Bobby says he saw his boys, dead and then... he's not sure what else. Rufus tells him to forget the oldest rule and when Bobby's says, "You gettin' soft on me Rufus?" Rufus says, "Soft this" and hangs up.

In the past, Bobby gets in his car after finishing the trap when his phone rings. It's Dean, who gives him a mouthful and tells Bobby to get to Reno, because he has a lead on Lilith. Bobby can't get a word in before Dean hangs up.

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