Bess Myers

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Name Bess Myers
Actor Sarah Smyth
Location Grantsburg, Wisconsin
Occupation Pureblood Werewolf
Episode(s) 9.12 Sharp Teeth


Bess Myers is a second generation pureblood werewolf, and the daughter of Reverend Jim Myers. Bess is also the wife of former hunter Garth, who she was able to "smell" after he was bitten by a werewolf during a hunt. Garth who was prepared to die was talked out of suicide by Bess, and the two were soon married.


9.12 Sharp Teeth

After Sam and Dean track down Garth to the apartment of Bess Myers, they discover Bess hiding in a closet, fully transformed into a werewolf. But before Sam and Dean can kill her, Garth stops them telling the brothers that he is a werewolf too and Bess is his wife. After telling the story of how they met to the Winchesters, Bess reveals that she was born a werewolf, and is a second generation pure blood. To assuage Sam and Dean's concerns about their pack, Garth and Bess invite Dean over to Bess' father's to "pray" and break bread.

Later, Bess, Garth and Sam are then captured by Russ, Joba and Joy and taken to the Myers family farm, where Joy reveals that she will kill Bess so it forces her father to take revenge and initiate Ragnarok. Before Joy can enact her plan Dean arrives and kills her, along with Russ and Joba. Bess is last seen comforting her father as the Winchesters are the leaving the Myers family home.