Ben Collins

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Name Ben Collins
Actor Alden Ehrenreich
Location Black Water Ridge, Colorado
Episode(s) 1.02 Wendigo


Ben Collins is the brother of Tommy Collins and Haley Collins, and is the youngest of the Collins siblings. When Tommy is taken by a wendigo, Ben and his older sister Haley set out to find him, with the help of Sam, Dean and Roy.


1.02 Wendigo

Just as Haley, Ben, and their guide, Roy, are setting out for Tommy’s campsite. When the group reaches the campsite, they find ripped tents and damaged equipment. Later, after Roy is killed and Dean and Sam explain that it was a wendigo that took Tommy and tell Ben and Haley that they are going to have to kill it. While hiking through the woods, the group finds Roy's body and examine it, when suddenly the group hears growling causing everybody to take off. Ben falls and Sam hurries back to help him up, dividing the in group in two.

When Sam and Ben realize Dean and Haley have been taken they begin to search for them, tracking them by the trail of Peanut M&Ms Dean has left behind. They come to a mine entrance marked with a sign warning of toxic materials. Sam goes inside and Ben follows. Sam shines the flashlight ahead of them, when they hear growling Sam shuts off the light and pulls Ben against the wall. The wendigo comes towards them, and Sam covers Ben's mouth before he can scream as the wendigo takes a different tunnel at the crossing. As Sam and Ben keep going through the tunnel the floorboards give and Ben and Sam fall through the floor; landing in a pile of bones. Sam and Ben look up and see Dean and Haley hanging by their wrists from the ceiling. Sam runs to Dean and Ben runs to Haley.

As they cut their respective siblings down, Haley spots Tommy hanging, seeing that he is still alive they cut him down and escape down the tunnel with Haley and Ben supporting an injured Tommy. The wendigo follows Sam, cornering their group; however, Dean appears from behind it and shoots his flare gun into its chest. The wendigo bursts into flame and dies, and they're able to escape and get help. Ben fabricates a story about a bear attacking the campsite, afterwards Ben and Haley climb in the ambulance with Tommy and drive off.