Beau (Vampire)

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Name Beau
Actor Dominic Zamprogna
Dates  ???? – 2006 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Manning, Colorado
Occupation Vampire
Episode(s) 1.20 Dead Man's Blood


Beau was a vampire and a member of Luther's nest.


1.20 Dead Man's Blood

Jenny and her boyfriend stop when they see Beau's body lying in the middle of the road, when Jenny's boyfriend goes to check on his body Beau's eyes open, as does his mouth and a mouthful of fangs descend from his gums, and he grabs Jenny's boyfriend.

Back at their nest, Beau offers a beer to the captured couple, telling the boyfriend it will calm his nerves, and if he drink enough he can taste it in his blood. When he declines, Beau offers the beer to Jenny, who drinks and spits it back in Beau's face. Before Beau can backhand her, he is stopped by Kate. When Luther arrives, he tells Beau and the others to lock up the boyfriend, only to change his mind and tells them to treat themselves.

When Luther goes and tries to get Kate back from the Winchesters, Beau is left behind at the barn. Taking a swig from a bottle, Beau looks up, he moves to stand in front of the barn doors, considers them a moment, then shrugs and takes another swig. He turns to find Dean Winchester behind him, Dean swings his machete, decapitating Beau before he makes his way back to the locked container of people.