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Bobby, 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's

"Balls" was one of Bobby's favorite expressions of frustration.

After Bobby's death, it is one of the expressions of his that Garth starts using, along with idjit. Dean has used it, as well. The Apocalypse World version of Bobby also uses this phrase.


5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight

Castiel: That truck is leaving.
Bobby: Balls! Okay, new plan.

6.04 Weekend at Bobby's

Bobby: Balls! (He slams a book shut)
  • Bobby is driving and passes his neighbor, who waves at him. Bobby waves back. He drives to Sioux Falls University Library, but it is closed. Bobby sighs and looks inside. Bobby then goes around back and breaks a window to get inside. Bobby climbs in the window and falls inside.
Bobby: Balls!
  • Bobby goes back to the car with a book. He tries to start the car, but the engine won't turn over.
Bobby: Come on. Come on.
  • Bobby tries the engine one more time and sighs.
Bobby: Balls.
  • Bobby is looking in a book and he hears knocking on the front door.
Voice at door: Police!
Bobby: Balls!
  • Jody looks outside for the FBI agent.
Jody: He's not there.
Bobby: Balls!

6.11 Appointment in Samarra

Bobby: Look, I...I know how scary it is. But you know what's scarier? You right now. You're not in your right head, Sam. You're not giving us much choice here. Sam? Balls!

7.03 The Girl Next Door

Bobby: Balls. Come on, Dean. Come on, Dean!

7.06 Slash Fiction

  • Chet has transformed into a doppelganger of Bobby.
Bobby: Balls.

7.10 Death's Door

  • Bobby, Dean and Sam enter. Bobby removes his cap and touches his head. There is a small amount of blood on his forehead.
Bobby: Balls.
  • Rufus is still lying where he fell.
Bobby: Okay, Rufus, I need you – Oh, balls. This would be the one job you damn near got yourself killed on. Well, you're gonna be useful, even if I have to carry you.
  • Bobby opens the door and steps out into the light.
Bobby: Balls.

7.18 Party On, Garth

  • Dean pauses on his way out the door, but then closes the door behind him.
Bobby: Balls!

7.19 Of Grave Importance

Bobby’s ghost: Balls, this is exhausting.
  • Bobby tries to move the table in front of him, but falls through it onto the floor. Haskel Crane laughs.
Bobby’s ghost: Balls.
  • Bobby’s finger passes right through the lamp.
Bobby’s ghost: Balls!

8.06 Southern Comfort

Garth: Balls.
Garth: Man, that’s balls.
Dean: That’s not how you say “balls.”
  • Garth tries unsuccessfully to start his vehicle. He slams his hands on the steering wheel.
Garth: Balls!

8.16 Remember the Titans

  • Sam and Dean are tossed back into a cement wall. We see the leather-clad woman, Artemis, her hand up, palm out, holding them in place.
Dean: Balls!

8.19 Taxi Driver

Sam: All right, don’t get all pissed off. Purgatory.
Bobby: Balls!

10.17 Inside Man

Bobby: Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.
  • Bobby walks out into the hallways between personal Heavens when an alarm starts sounding.
Bobby: Balls!

14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land

  • Jack comes out of hiding to help Bobby.
Jack: Hey! Get away from him!
Bobby: Aw, balls.

14.09 The Spear

Werewolf: Hey, buddy. They're ready for us.
  • Garth gives the guy two thumbs up. The werewolf walks into the other room. Garth frowns.
Garth: Balls.

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