Athena Lopez

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Name Athena Lopez
Actor Sarah Troyer
Location Dodge City, Kansas
Occupation Undertaker
Episode(s) 13.06 Tombstone


Athena Lopez is an undertaker in Dodge City, Kansas, and the girlfriend of ghoul Dave Mather.


13.06 Tombstone

As Athena prepares a body for burial, she is startled by the sudden appearance of Sam and Jack in her embalming room. Sam questions her about a recent grave robbery that happened in her cemetery, but Athena tells him she was out at an Amanda Palmer concert at the time. When Jack begins questioning her about cold spots, she reiterates that she was out, but allows Sam and Jack to check out the grave that was robbed.

Some time later as Athena prepares another body, Dave Mather sneaks up behind her and slaps her rear, much to her chagrin. Dave quickly pulls her in for a kiss, before giving Athena a letter from the Ben Carruth Makeup and Special Effects Program, which she has been accepted into. When Dave tries to dissuade her from wanting to move to Los Angeles, Athena tells him she may sell the funeral home, before mentioning that two FBI agents paid her a visit earlier.

When Jack realizes that Athena is dating a ghoul, Sam and Dean pay a visit to her funeral home, and she questions what the hell Sam is doing in her home again. Sam tells her they are looking for Dave in relation to the grave robbery and the murder of a sheriff's deputy. Shocked that Dave could be involved in a murder, she tells the Winchesters that Dave was going to the bank.

Later that evening, a wounded Dave comes stumbling into the mortuary. When Athena learns of his grave robbing, murder, and bank robbery, she tells him she doesn't want anything to do with him anymore. As a struggle begins between them, Dave is distracted by headlights shining though the window. When Dean finds his way to the mortuary through a graveyard tunnel, he discovers Athena tied to a chair, confused about what is going on. When Dave gets the jump on Dean, Athena tries to stop Dave from killing him. When Dave tells he is doing it for "us", she replies that "there is no us" before witnessing him getting his head shot off.