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Name Ash
Actor Chad Lindberg
Dates  ???? - 2007
Location Harvelle's Roadhouse, Nebraska (formerly)
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown
2.05 Simon Said
2.10 Hunted
2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One
5.16 Dark Side of the Moon

Well, hell then. Guess I need my pants.

– Ash, 2.05 Simon Said


Ash lived at the Roadhouse with Ellen and Jo. He has his own room at the Roadhouse. The sign on the door reads "Dr. Badass is:" and offers a choice of "in" and probably "out." He wears his hair in a mullet style, justifying it as "all business up front; party in the back!" According to Jo's Journal, Ash arrived at the Roadhouse in March 2001 and she refers to him as a "genius." He attended MIT before he was kicked out "for fighting." Ash drinks PBR.


Dr. Badass is: IN!

2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown

Ellen introduces the boys to Ash. While Dean says Ash looks like Lynyrd Skynyrd roadie, Jo describes him as a genius. Ash takes John's research on the Yellow-Eyed Demon, at first believing the research to not be real, as no one can track a demon at that level. Ash takes John's research and puts the information on what appears to be a home-made laptop sets up a "demon alert system" which will track the signs associated with its appearances.

2.05 Simon Said

After Sam has a vision, Ash helps identify the location from a logo on the bus in Sam's vision.

2.10 Hunted

Sam turns to Ash to get a list of children who are 23 and whose mother's died in a nursery fire, leading him to follow-up on the recently murdered Scott Carey.

2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

As Dean searches for Sam, Ash says he has some big news he will only tell Dean in person. However, Dean arrives to find the Roadhouse burned to the ground. Ash is presumed dead, based on Dean finding a charred hand with Ash's watch on it. Ellen escaped because she was "out buying pretzels."

Note: Ash was never shown wearing this watch before this episode, it is seen when he is on the phone talking to Dean.

Ash in Heaven, about to save Sam and Dean from the angels.

5.16 Dark Side of the Moon

After Sam and Dean are killed by two hunters, they wind up in Heaven where Ash, disguised in a Mexican lucha libre style wrestling mask and cape finds them running from Zachariah. He brings them into his little piece of Heaven, which is the Roadhouse freshly stocked with beer. Ash also brings in Pamela Barnes to see the brothers, although he notes that he has been unable to locate John, Mary, Ellen or Jo in Heaven (to the point that he was unaware that Ellen and Jo were dead). Ash explains that in his Heaven he can move in and out of other peoples Heavens by using a practical application of string theory and has now become fluent in Enochian, which is how he found Sam and Dean. Ash and Pamela send them off through a "shortcut" to a garden where supposedly they are to find a angel named Joshua, who speaks with God.


  • In Jo's Journal, Ash is referred to as "Miles." This is what he was called in early scripts of 2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown. Whether "Miles" was used as his last name or not is unknown.
  • The name "Ash" may be a reference to the lead character in the Evil Dead movies.
  • In the spin-off novel Supernatural: Nevermore, Dean and Sam are sent by Ash to assist an old friend of his who lives in New York, the friend being the member of a bar band and one of his bandmates being stalked by a ghost.

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