Asa Fox

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Name Asa Fox
Actor Shaine Jones
Jack Moore (Young Asa)
Dates  ???? - 2016 (killed by Bucky Sims)
Location Emerson, Manitoba, Canada
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox


Asa Fox was the son of Lorraine Fox, and a hunter with a reputation for being one of the best, purportedly having taken on and killed five wendigos in a single night. In 1997, Asa would become enemies with a particularly vicious crossroads demon named Jael, exorcising it back to Hell after killing the girl it was possessing. During a ghoul hunt in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Asa would meet Sheriff Jody Mills while impersonating an FBI agent, which Jody saw right through. The two would engage in a casual fling up until his death. After his death it was revealed that he was the father of the hunter twins Alicia Banes and Max Banes who were raised by the natural witch Tasha Banes.


Mary Winchester with a young Asa after rescuing him from a werewolf.

12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

In 1980 a young Asa Fox runs for his life through some woods in Emerson, Manitoba when he trips and falls. Asa is quickly picked up by the werewolf that was chasing, and pins him to a tree, where he scratches his cheek with his claw. As the werewolf is about to kill Asa, it is suddenly shot and killed by Mary Winchester. Mary drives Asa back to his home, when he finally asks Mary what had attacked him, Mary tells him it was a werewolf that she has been tracking for years, and had finally been able to tie up that loose end before retiring from hunting. As Asa walks to his front door, he turns around and takes a photo of Mary as she is entering her car.

Asa soon became interested in the world of hunting, taking clippings from newspapers of strange incidents or deaths and pinning them on his wall. As he grew older Asa would begin hunting himself, taking on vengeful spirits, wendigos and ghouls. Making quite the reputation for himself as one of the best hunters around. During the hunt in which he lost his life, Asa and Bucky Sims came across the crossroads demon Jael, who began taunting Asa. Even though he did not have his angel blade, Asa wanted to go after Jael, much to Bucky's protests. When Asa shoved Bucky and called him a coward, Bucky pushed back, knocking Asa to the ground where he hit his head on a rock, killing him instantly. Not knowing what to do, Bucky ties a noose around Asa's neck and hangs him from a tree, placing the blame for Asa's death on Jael.