Argentina Supernatural Convention 2010

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UPDATE JANUARY 2010: Convention postponed til April 2011

We are SRES.Entertainments with four members: Soledad Rodriguez, Sandra Echeverry, Roxana Espiniella and Elia Moreno we gather to bring a Supernatural Convention that would take place in Argentina for all Latin American Countries and SPN fans all over the world. We are working hard cooperating, contacting media, promoting through videos, advertising, etc and all that´s necessary to make it possible and successful. Everybody is welcome to join, debate, help, comment, give ideas, because it´s done for all American countries that are not able to travel and assist expensive international Conventions but support and follow the Show and all Supernatural crew as much as the others. Because it already is our dream come true, thank you so much for your support!. It will be held on April 9th- 11th, 2010 on Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel. Welcome!!

Our news:

Update: it appears the organization initially organizing the Convention folded, but there are still plans to hold a Convention on these dates. Check the Convention blog for updates.