Anti-Vamp Device

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Name Anti-Vamp Device (AVD)
Manufacturer British Men of Letters
Powers Kills vampires
Location/Owners British Men of Letters Armory
Episodes 12.14 The Raid


The Anti-Vamp Device, or AVD, is a weapon created by the British Men of Letters as a more efficient way of exterminating vampire nests. Cylindrical in design, the AVD is adorned with various Enochian script at ends of the device. When activated, the AVD emits a smoke, which appears to cause the vampires to suffocate and die. While deadly to vampires, the toxin in the AVD leaves humans unharmed.


12.14 The Raid

Mary and Mr. Ketch unleash the AVD on one of the remaining vampire nests in the Midwest region, as the toxin billows out of the device, the two watch as a vampire appears to suffocate before collapsing.

The following night, as the British Men of Letters prepare complete phase one of Project V and exterminate the final vampire nest in the Midwest, the Men of Letters Mobile Command is besieged by the vampires from the final Wichita nest. Mary and Pierce Moncrieff volunteer to go to the armory and retrieve the AVD, to place in an air vent to circulate the toxin throughout the compound. When Mary and Pierce reach the armory, Mary is knocked unconscious by Pierce as she picks up the AVD. As Mary lays prone on the ground, Pierce stomps the AVD, destroying it.


  • In a deleted scene, it was revealed that the AVD uses a compound derived from dead man's blood to kill vampires.