Andy's Van

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Andy's Van
Model Dodge Tradesman[1]
Plates RU-OB-1[1]
Color Dark blue[1]
Owner(s) Andy Gallagher[1]
Appearance(s) 2.05 Simon Said


This Dodge Tradesman van is owned by Andy Gallagher. It is easily distinguished by a barbarian queen riding a polar bear airbrushed on the left side. Andy uses the van as transportation around the town of Guthrie, Oklahoma, and likely as living quarters, as well. In the back of the van is a bed strewn with a collection of philosophy texts by Hegel, Kant, and Wittgenstein. On one inside wall is a painting of a lounging tiger, and hanging from the roof is a small disco ball. Also decorating the van is a large bong, which Dean refers to as "Moby Dick's bong."


Sam and Dean consider the largest bong they have ever seen.
Detail of the barbarian queen riding a polar bear.
The tiger painting and disco ball inside the van.