Andrea Barr

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Andrea Barr.jpg
Name Andrea Barr
Actor Amy Acker
Location Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin
Episode(s) 1.03 Dead in the Water


Andrea is the widowed mother of Lucas Barr and the daughter of Sheriff Jake Devins. The vengeful spirit of Peter Sweeney drowned Andrea's husband in Lake Manitoc before coming after both her and her son.


Andrea and Lucas Barr.

1.03 Dead in the Water

Andrea meets the Winchesters when they are questioning the drowning of Sophie Carlton with her father, Jake Devins the town sheriff, and at Dean's insistence shows them to their motel down the block. After finding out her husband drowned the Winchesters meet with Andrea and her son at a local park, while Dean tries to talk with Lucas, Sam questions Andrea about why Lucas doesn't speak.

When Andrea goes to take a bath, unbeknownst to her the water from the faucet has begun to turn brown as she starts washing herself with the cloth. Once she opens her eyes and see that the water is entirely brown now. She screams and tries to get out of the tub, but something drags her down. Andrea's head is pulled under the water. She pulls it out. She is pulled under again and again, while Lucas keeps pounding on the door. As the water is pouring out from under the bathroom door and down the stairs. Lucas starts pounding on the bathroom door again. Before Andrea can drown she is saved when Sam and Dean arrive and kick down the bathroom door, Sam struggles to pull her out of the tube but is eventually able to get her out.

Afterwards Sam and Dean tell her about her father's involvement in Peter Sweeney's death. When she confronts her father about it, Lucas is lured to the lake by Peter's spirit. However her father sacrifices himself to save Lucas from drowning allowing Dean to save him. As the Winchesters are about to leave, Andrea along with Lucas see them off to thank them for their help.