André Develin

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Name André Develin
Actor Marco Soriano
Occupation Transaction facilitator
Episode(s) 9.16 Blade Runners


André Develin is a facilitator used for transactions between buyers and sellers. He ended up purchasing the First Blade from Moroccan pirates, and eventually sold it to Dr. McElroy and the National Institute of Antiquities.


Crowley takes brief possession of André Develin.

9.16 Blade Runners

Sam and Dean set-up a meeting with Develin, pretending to represent a serious collector as a means to try and get some answers on the location of the First Blade, however when they reveal themselves to be "FBI" he prepares to leave the meeting, which forces Crowley to smoke out of his meatsuit and take brief possession of Develin to get the last location of the First Blade from his mind. None the wiser to brief possession, Sam and Dean release him, with the warning they will be watching him.