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Due to boredom in lockdown, in March 2020, actors Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr. started a weekly comedy podcast called ...and my guest is Richard Speight. This podcast was later renamed to Kings of Con: The Podcast (named after their show Kings of Con) and slightly changed form.

...and my guest is Richard Speight VS Kings of Con: The Podcast

The podcast started with Rob and Rich talking about nothing, Rob would write jingles and usually someone from Richard’s family would come in.
In its current form it’s basically the same. Rob still writes jingles and Richard’s family still interrupts, but now Rob and Rich talk about nothing with various celebrity guests, it’s more professional, Tina Bell (who was producer for KoC) joined as the producer, and there’s bonus content on their patreon and video clips on their youtube channel.


During an episode Richard usually makes Rob write a jingle or two about something they just talked about. Some jingles are used very often, some are just used in one episode. Silverlake Wine, News From the World, and Alpo are the most frequent jingles.
Rob writes all the jingles after they finish recording the episode and then edits them in it, so if Rich or a guest says something about it, for example nice bagpipes, Rob has to include it in the jingle.


The guest is Rob’s or Rich’s friend, not just their Supernatural castmates. Occasionally there is no guest.

Patreon perks

  • Early access: the episodes are usually available to public on Wednesdays, to patrons are available a day earlier
  • Monday Morning Mopup (or Monday Afternoon Mopup): 10 min video in which R2 talk about what’s happening/their week
  • Video: the episode in a video form, sometimes it includes bits that were cut from the audio version
  • KoC Block: guest answers questions that patrons submitted earlier, and at the end of it, Rob has to write song in any style and on any topic that the guest chooses
  • and other bonus stuff

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