Alton Morehead

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Name Alton Morehead
Actor Kett Turton
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by the Alpha Vampire)
Occupation British Man of Letters Head of R&D
Episode(s) 12.14 The Raid


Alton Morehead was a member of the British Men of Letters; he headed up research & development of weaponry and spells for the American operation.


12.14 The Raid

When Sam and Mary arrive at the British Men of Letters Mobile Command, Mick introduces them to his team -- Serena Colman and Alton Moorhead, the head of their R&D, weapons and spells. They begin the briefing on Project V, telling the hunters they are prepared to send a team in and wipe out the remaining vampire nest in the Midwest.

As the vampires lay siege the the mobile command, Alton and the others lock themselves in the briefing room, while Sam, Mary, and Pierce Moncrieff venture out to retrieve the AVD. While Alton and Mick are creating new bullets for the Colt, Pierce suddenly returns, banging on the door in a panic. Alton opens it and questions what happened. Pierce tells him it is bad out there, revealing his betrayal when the Alpha Vampire stabs Alton in the back with his claws, drops him, and enters the room.