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Name Alpha Vampire
Actor Rick Worthy
Dates  ???? – 2017 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Occupation Alpha Vampire
Episode(s) 6.05 Live Free or Twihard
6.07 Family Matters
7.22 There Will Be Blood
12.14 The Raid

When your kind first huddled around the fire, I was the thing in the dark. Now you think you can hurt me?

– Alpha Vampire, 6.07 Family Matters


The Alpha Vampire was the very first vampire and the progenitor of all other vampires.[1] He was one of the Alpha monsters captured and interrogated by Crowley and Castiel in their efforts to locate Purgatory.


The Alpha Vampire elongating one of his claws.

The Alpha Vampire is possibly tens of thousands of years old, although he has the appearance of a man in his mid-40s. He is an eloquent speaker, is seen to reside in mansions, and always seen in fine suits -- a stark contrast to other vampires who tend to take on a more blue-collar aesthetic.

Powers and abilities

  • Claws – The Alpha had long, retractable razor sharp claws.
  • Enhanced senses – The Alpha was able to sense that Sam Winchester was soulless.
  • Super strength and durability – The Alpha Vampire was capable of superhuman feats, even exceeding those demonstrated by normal vampires. The Alpha was resistant to pain, which he demonstrated when Samuel and Dean electrocuted him.[2]
  • Super speed – The Alpha Vampire was incredibly quick, possibly one of the fastest creatures Sam and Dean ever faced.
  • Telepathy – As the Alpha of all vampires, he could communicate telepathically with all his children, even those that had not fully turned.[2]


  • The Colt – The Alpha Vampire believed himself immune to the Colt, however he was proven wrong when Sam Winchester fired a bullet through his head, killing him.
  • Dead man's blood – Like all vampires, the Alpha Vampire was affected by dead man's blood. However, it would take multiple bags constantly being pumped into his body to keep him weakened enough to be restrained.[2]


6.05 Live Free or Twihard

The Alpha Vampire is first glimpsed briefly flashing in the minds of its "children" as it commands them to recruit more for its army. Nothing is known about this particular monster, aside from the fact its messages can be heard by all vampires and render them unconscious. Dean sees this vision while he is infected:

A man sitting on a bench in the night. A little girl in a frilly dress and a flower in her hair. A graveyard filled with white wooden crosses. A cell dividing. The Alpha Vampire reaching out, with long, sharp fingernails. A large, ivy-covered house. The girl again. The Alpha Vampire on the bench. Blood cells rushing through a vein. The graveyard, dissolving into a classroom with rows upon rows of empty desks. The little girl. The alpha vamp by a pond. The dividing cell. A computer animation of the circulatory system, dissolving into a road map, where the highways pump like veins. A red circle is drawn around Aurora, Illinois. The Alpha Vampire by the pond.
The graveyard, then back to the Alpha Vampire, then the graveyard. The ivy-covered house, where the little girl is having a tea party on the lawn -- at night. She feeds her dolls blood.
The graveyard. A pulsating cell. Blood in the vein. The cell divides. Another shot of the cell dividing. The little girl is standing under a tree. Suddenly a twin flickers in beside her. She smiles, revealing a mouth full of fangs. The twin does the same. The doll with blood on her face. The Alpha Vampire on the bench, only now the twin girls are sitting on the ground next to the bench. The dividing cell. A weather vane with a bird. The alpha vamp at the pond. The twin girls play with their dolls next to the pond; they look up at the alpha vampire. He bends over and strokes one of the twins' faces with his pointed fingernail. It leaves a trail of blood on her cheek. He smiles fondly. Blood cells in the vein. The bloody doll. The graveyard. The alpha vamp and the twins; he straightens up and points. The front hallway of the house; the door opens, and the twins walk through, hand in hand. A doll's hand. One twin. The house. The Alpha Vampire reaching. A cell dividing. The graveyard. One twin. The Alpha Vampire on the bench.

6.07 Family Matters

Samuel and his people capture the Alpha Vampire. They subdue him using an IV of dead man's blood and attempt to interrogate him, but he is extremely resistant to pain and gives Samuel no information. After Samuel leaves the room where he is being held, the Alpha is approached by Dean and Sam. He reveals to them that, though he is the first vampire, he has a mother. He recognizes Dean and he seems interested in Sam's Soullessness. He also tells them that Samuel is torturing him for information about Purgatory and where it is located. Shortly after their conversation, he breaks out of his cage and almost escapes, but demons appear and take him away on Crowley's orders. It is revealed that Samuel has been working for Crowley, who will continue to question the Alpha Vampire about the location of Purgatory.

The Alpha Vampire being held in captivity.
The Alpha Vampire reveals his fangs.

6.08 All Dogs Go to Heaven

The Alpha Vampire does not appear, but is briefly mentioned when Crowley asks Sam and Dean to find another Alpha. Sam and Dean ask if the Alpha Vampire wasn't enough for him. It is possible that Crowley has failed to interrogate him but decided to keep him contained in case he came up with a new plan to question the Alpha.

The Alpha Vampire baring his fangs, while engaging in a fight with the Leviathan Edgar.

7.22 There Will Be Blood

After learning that they need an Alpha's blood for the Leviathan-killing weapon, Sam and Dean learn from Crowley that the Alpha Vampire escaped before Castiel could kill all of the monsters in Crowley's prison. Crowley gives them the Alpha's location, but when they get there, they discover that the Alpha fled to a hideaway after some of his vampires were killed. With the help of the Alpha's "special girl" Emily, they locate the hideaway. However, Emily, once left alone, calls the Alpha and warns him and he captures Sam and Dean when they arrive. They explain that they're there for his blood and ask for him to willingly give it to them, telling him about the leviathan food additive. They realize that the Alpha has made a deal with Dick Roman, but point out that Dick betrayed him and has made the additive fatal to vampires. Upon hearing that Edgar has arrived, and wanting to hear his side of the story, the Alpha has Sam and Dean locked up and meets with the Leviathan. They discuss Sam and Dean's presence and the Leviathan food additive. Edgar admits that it is poisonous to vampires and tells the Alpha that he needs all of his blood. The Alpha and Edgar fight, but despite the Alpha using borax against Edgar, he is overpowered by him and nearly killed before Sam and Dean break free and storm in, decapitating Edgar. Owing them his life and knowing they have a common enemy, the Alpha willingly gives them a glass of his blood and when its insisted upon, the kidnapped child Allan he has. They warn him to not keep Edgar's head too close to his body for too long and leave, but not before the Alpha taunts them about wanting to kill him and tells the Winchesters "See you next season," which they are looking forward to.

The Alpha Vampire is shot and killed with the Colt.

12.14 The Raid

After the British Men of Letters begin hunting all vampires in America, the Alpha Vampire leads an attack on their base with the help of rogue hunter named Pierce Moncrieff. The Alpha Vampire ends up in a standoff with Sam who threatens him with the Colt, offering the Alpha Vampire the British Men of Letters if he will leave Sam, Dean and their mother alone to return to the way things used to be. As Sam negotiates with the Alpha Vampire, he is attacked by Mick Davies while the Alpha Vampire is attacked by Mary. Afterwards, Sam reveals that it was a diversion so Sam could get and load a bullet for the Colt. Impressed, the Alpha Vampire calls Sam a "clever, clever boy." Sam then shoots the Alpha Vampire through the head with the Colt, causing him to laugh briefly before falling, dead.

Later, Sam tells Mick that he is joining the British Men of Letters operation, the death of the Alpha Vampire having convinced him of the good the operation can do.


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