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Name Alonso
Actor Joseph Julian Soria
Dates  ???? – 2014 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Stillwater, Minnesota
Occupation Pishtaco
Cafeteria worker
Episode(s) 9.13 The Purge


Alonso was a pishtaco — a Peruvian fat sucker — and brother of Maritza. Alonso was brought to Stillwater, Minnesota from Peru by his sister to work at Canyon Valley, so he could learn a more civilized way of living, and learn to feed and co-exist with humans without killing them. However, during a routine treatment, Alonso fed too much from a client, nearly killing them, from that point he was demoted to kitchen duty, with no human contact and could only feed from fat in jars.


9.13 The Purge

Alonso, tired of feeding from harvested fat, and the more he was deprived of feeding, the hungrier he got, led to his feeding on and killing people in Stillwater.

When Larry and Maritza find out that Sam and Dean, who have infiltrated Canyon Valley, are hunters, Larry demands that Alonso leaves. Alonso kills Larry, and is then pursued by Sam and Dean. As he attacks Sam, Dean kills him.