Alice Miller

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Alice miller.jpg
Name Alice Miller
Actor Beth Broderick
Location Saginaw, Michigan
Episode(s) 1.14 Nightmare


Alice Miller is Max Miller's stepmother. He blames her for allowing the abuse he endured from his father and uncle.


1.14 Nightmare

When Sam has a nightmare depicting the death of a Jim Miller, the brothers head Saginaw, Michigan and confirm that the death did happen. The next day they go undercover as priests, and Dean speaks with Alice and finds out whether Jim suffered from depression or if the house has weird leaks, electrical shortages, odd settling noises at night, for which she denies. After the brothers test the house for spirits, they take their leave.

Later in a vision, Sam sees Max telekinetically stabbing her with a knife as revenge for her doing nothing while his father beat him. Sam and Dean arrive in time to save her, as Dean takes Alice upstairs Sam tries to talk to Max, but Max traps Sam in a closet, where he has another vision of Dean being killed. Max goes upstairs and threatens Alice and Dean with a gun, but Sam is able to escape and is able to save Dean and Alice. While Sam pleads with Max that they can help him, Max chooses to kill himself instead.

In the end, Alice survives, but is alone, devastated, and in shock.