Alice ("Smash")

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Name Alice aka "Smash"
Actor Christie Burke
Occupation Safe Cracker
Episode(s) 13.08 The Scorpion and the Frog


Alice is a human who was under the employee of Barthamus, and specialized in safe cracking. At some point in the previous 10 years, Alice sold her soul to Barthamus, and in exchange for Barthamus not collecting, Alice would put her skills to use for him.


13.08 The Scorpion and the Frog

Meeting with Barthamus, Sam and Dean are introduced to "Smash" and Grab, and they formulate a plan to break into Luther Shrike's vault. Dean and Smash hide in the backseat of the Impala as Sam drives through the gate. Once on the property, Dean and Smash exit the Impala while Sam drives to Shrike's house to distract him. They soon find a shed and enter, where Dean performs a demon summoning spell as Smash opens a can of drink, takes a mouthful and burps loudly. Noticing she is drinking Nerve Damage, he reminisces about having lived on the drink when he was a kid. Smash reaches into her bag and grabs another can and hands it to Dean, who takes a drink. Asking about safe-cracking, Dean tells Smash that working with demons isn't a good idea. When she points out that Dean is working with demons, he tells her he doesn't have a choice and she replies that she doesn't either. Dean finishes the spell and lights it up. Grab appears and performs a tracking spell on Dean to lead them to Shrike's safe. Finding a cellar where the safe is located, Dean and Smash enter. After Dean uses his blood to open the door guarding the safe, Smash steps into the room where there is a click and a wooshing sound. Dean grabs Smash and pulls her back, just as a dart flashes by and hits the wall. Outside Shrike appears next to Grab and kills him before entering the cellar. Smash runs at Luther, kicks him, and dashes outside. She sees Grab lying dead on the ground, and runs towards the gate, but sees Barthamus waiting for her. She tells him things have gone sideways, and that the job is canceled; she offers to do another one for him, per the terms of their deal.

After Sam and Dean have restrained Shrike and gotten past his booby traps, Smash appears and cracks the safe. She tells a questioning Dean that she doesn't have a choice, and Sam figures out that she has sold her soul. The three make their escape with contents of the safe but are stopped by Shrike, who reveals he has Barthamus' human bones. After Barthamus kills him he takes Smash, threatening to kill her if he doesn't get his bones back from the Winchesters. Agreeing to his terms, Sam and Dean give up the bones. Barthamus has Smash retrieve them. Dean assures Smash that everything will be fine, and glances down at the box, and then at Smash. She sees that Dean has put a lighter on top of the bones. She grabs the lighter and sets Bart's bones alight. Bart screams as he bursts into flames.

As the Winchesters drop Alice off at a bus stop, she apologizes and thanks Sam and Dean for helping her. As she enters the bus, Dean tells Alice to "stay weird", prompting Alice to poke her tongue out and smile, as the bus door closes. Dean laughs and Sam smiles as the bus departs.