Adolf Hitler

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Name Adolf Hitler
Actor Gil Darnell
Dates April 20, 1889 – 2016 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Columbus, Ohio
Occupation Führer (formerly)
Episode(s) 12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For


With the Soviets surrounding the Führer bunker, Hitler was prepared to commit suicide among his inner circle, rather than be captured by the Allies. However, as he was about to pull the trigger, Commandant Nauhaus prevented him from doing so, telling him "there is another way." Nauhaus was able to use his knowledge gained from the Thule Society to save Hitler's soul by placing it in a pocket watch, and to bring him back in a new body later. In 1945 the pocket watch would go missing after Thule agents transferring the watch were killed by Soviets. The society eventually located the watch and Hitler's soul in Columbus, Ohio, in 2016.


12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For

As Commandant Nauhaus gets a blood transfusion from Ellie Grant, making his body suitable for becoming a vessel for Hitler's soul, he tells his men he is ready. The watch is placed on his body, where four mechanical legs pop out, driving their sharp ends in Nauhaus' flesh, carving a swastika before sinking into his body and cauterizing the wound, leaving the swastika branded on his abdomen. Soon, his eyes pop open and he screamed with joy, "It has been so long" before leaping out of his bed and jumping around like a manic child as the Thule look on in confusion. Hitler jovially greets each of the Thule in the hangar with him, hugging them with glee. When he sees his great-great grandniece, Ellie, he thanks her for her gift and callously tells his men to drain the rest of her blood and feed her to the dogs. When one of his men tells him they have no dogs, he angrily screams for them to get some, because he loves dogs. The Thule are left startled as Hitler appears to have gone insane from his time trapped in the pocket watch.

Hitler with a bullet to the head.

After Sam and Dean are captured, Hitler tells the Winchesters they must be important if Nauhaus was afraid of them. Excited at his second chance at life, Hitler crows to Sam and Dean about what he can do with Twitter if he sold ten million copies of Mein Kampf. When one of his men asks Hitler what to do with the Winchesters, he ultimately decides to bring them with him, insinuating he plans to feed them to his new dogs. But while Hitler and the Thule are distracted by the Winchesters, Ellie is able to slip out of her restraints and pick up a gun. She aims it at Hitler, but due to blood loss is unable to focus and shoots Hans in the head. The distraction allows Dean to pick up Hans's gun and shoot the rest of the Thule. As Hitler attempts to run away, he stops and pathetically pleads with Dean, who knocks him out and shoots him in the head, to Dean's delight. Hitler, along with the rest of the Thule, are burned and destroyed for good by Sam, Dean, and Ellie. Dean also starts boasting about how he killed Hitler, and when Sam asks if he's ever gonna hear the end of it, Dean remarks that he probably won't.

12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

When Sam and Dean arrive at Jody's house for a visit, Dean tells her that he killed Hitler, which annoys Sam at this point. Jody confusedly says, "thank you?" in response. Throughout the entire car ride to Emerson, Manitoba, Dean explains to Jody how he killed Hitler in "extreme excruciating detail."

15.14 Last Holiday

Before going to the Bunker's boiler room, Dean briefly mentions how he killed Hitler.