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Name Adina
Actor Jud Tylor
Dates  ???? - 2014 (killed by Crowley)
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 10.01 Black
10.03 Soul Survivor

We did nothing. We wanted nothing but to be left alone.

– Adina, 10.03 Soul Survivor


Adina is an angel, who along with Daniel has refused to return to Heaven, preferring to stay on Earth. Adina and Daniel had killed another angel who confronted them trying to get them to return to Heaven.


10.01 Black

Hannah and Castiel locate Daniel and Adina's forest retreat in an attempt to take them back to Heaven to be judged for their murdering of an angel. Daniel tries to explain to them that he and Adina want to live a peaceful and secluded life on Earth, for they have found much there to enjoy, and that they were forced to kill the angel and otherwise wouldn't have done it. Castiel shows some understanding, but then Adina arrives and refuses to go back to Heaven, believing they would not be able to defend their actions from behind a prison cell. Hannah instigates a fight with Adina, which unwillingly draws in Cas and Daniel. After Castiel kills Daniel to save Hannah, Adina is able to injure him with a slash across his chest, before she flees.

10.03 Soul Survivor

Following Castiel and Hannah for revenge for the death of Daniel, Adina kills a gas station clerk and ambushes Hannah and Castiel, beating the weakened Castiel badly and then torturing Hannah with an angel blade, planning to kill them slowly in her revenge. However, Crowley appears, surprising Adina and he slashes open her throat before she can react. Crowley collects Adina's grace in a vial, turning her human. Crowley then impales Adina with an angel blade, killing her.

In order to save the dying Castiel, Crowley gives him Adina's grace. Castiel reluctantly takes it and his powers and health are restored and the injuries Adina inflicted heal.