Ada Monroe

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Ada m promo poster 22.jpg
Name Ada Monroe
Actor Demetria McKinney
Occupation Owner of Ada's Rare Books
Episode(s) 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, 1.05


Ada Monroe is the owner of a rare books store in Lubbock Texas, that primarily deals in the occult. She knew about the Men of Letters and had met Henry Winchester. Ada was friends with Samuel Winchester. and Henry Campbell. She also has a half-djinn son named Tony.


1.01 Pilot

While in her bookshop, the lights flicker and black smoke appears. Ada realises its a demon and grabbing an anti-possession charm tries to escape. However, she trips and drops the charm, allowing the demon to enter her.
Possessed Ada makes her way to New Orleans and confronts Latika and Carlos, attempting to get the schematic to opening the box. Mary arrives having found the box. She gives the box to Lata who uses the sequence she has deducted from schematic to open it, whereupon it sucks the demon out of Ada.

Ada returns with Mary and the team to Lawrence. She tells John about his Dad, and also reveals to Mary that Samuel was trying to find a way to stop the Akrida from invading Earth.

1.02 Teach Your Children Well

While Mary, John, Latoka and Carlos investigate disappearances at a commune, Ada stays in Lawrence. She visits Millie Winchester, knowing John has stormed of angry after arguing with her. She tells Mary that she worked with Henry, and knew about the Men of Letters. Ada gives Millie the address and phone number of the place where John and the others are staying, for peace of mind. She also takes a piece of jasmine that Henry planted near the garagem for protection. At the clubhouse and puts herself into a trance and uses automatic writing to access the memories of the demon which possessed her.

1.03 You're Lost Little Girl

Carlos and Ada track the demon accomplice of the demon that attacked her. Carlos gets bored on the stakeout but is impressed when Ada uses magic to trap the demon in her bonsai tree.