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Acheri Demon02.jpgAcheri Demon01.jpg
Powers and Abilities
  • Superhuman strength and speed
  • Long, raking claws
Appearance Black smoke that manifests into a young girl
Episode(s) 2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

Now, that thing – I’m not sure, but I think it was an Acheri. A demon that disguises itself as a little girl.

Sam Winchester, 2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One


The Acheri are a special type of demon or more exactly a demon mutation[1], that seemingly rank lower than black-eyed demons in power, as one was seen to be able to be controlled by Ava Wilson. Acheri are a rare type of demon that are able to manifest on Earth in the form of a little girl, without having to take possession of a human body. Lore states that Acheri are dead spirits who come down from the hills and kill everyone in a settlement, always as a little girl, because of the inherent trust people will have in children, until the Acheri pull out their fingernails and kill their unsuspecting victims.[2].

Powers and abilities

  • Invisibility – Acheri can make themselves invisible, as a way of toying with their victims.
  • Materialization – Unlike typical demons, the Acheri can materialize from their smoke form into that of a little girl without the need for a meatsuit.
  • Superhuman strength – Acheri are capable of easily overpowering humans. And with their long, raking claws can rip a human to pieces.
  • Superhuman speed – Acheri are capable of travelling at incredible speeds, appearing as a blur before their victims.


  • Iron – Contact with iron can cause an Acheri's form to temporarily dissipate.
  • Salt – Acheri are incapable of crossing a line of salt.
  • Special ChildrenAva Wilson, after giving in to her psychic powers, gained the ability to summon and control the Acheri.


2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

An Acheri demon is summoned by Ava Wilson in Cold Oak, South Dakota to kill the other Special Children over the past five months. It first appears when Jake Talley notices a young girl standing at a window in a schoolhouse. It also scrawls the words "I will not kill." on the blackboard. As it is about to attack Jake, Sam dispels her with an iron rod.

While Lily is walking through the woods, trying to escape, Lily hears a young girl giggling, but chooses to ignore it. The Acheri demon stalks, kills, and hangs Lily over the windmill in town for the rest of the group to see.

When Ava seemingly goes missing, and Sam and Jake set out to find her, she approaches Andy Gallagher and breaks the salt line by the window. A cloud of black demon smoke enters through the break in the salt line and the Acheri demon manifests. Once inside, the Acheri wastes no time in killing Andy. Ava amusedly watches his corpse and begins screaming to attract attention. When Sam arrives to see what happened, he quickly sees through Ava's manipulations. After explaining how she survived the past five months, killing the other Special Children and embracing her dark side to learn new psychic abilities, she summons the Acheri demon again. Just as it is about to enter, Jake comes from behind Ava and snaps her neck, killing her instantly, causing the demonic smoke to retreat. As Sam attempts to leave the town, he tells Jake that the Acheri shouldn't come back now that Ava is dead.


Acheri in Lore

In Indian folklore, an acheri is the ghost of a young girl, who at night visits from her mountain to bring illness to children.