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Supernatural and our fandom has become a subject of academic interest with a number of books and articles published on a variety of aspects of both. For shorter fan writings in this area see Meta Essays


Individual Chapters in Edited Volumes

Booth, Paul and Lucy Bennett. 2016. “Interview with Emily Perkins, Actor in Supernatural.” Seeing Fans: Representations of Fandom in Media and Popular Culture, eds. Paul Booth and Lucy Bennett. London: Bloomsbury. DOI: 10.5040/9781501318481

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Fuchs, Michael. 2014. “‘Three hundred channels and nothing’s on’: Metaleptic Genre-Mixing in Supernatural,” in Critical Reflections on Audience and Narrativity: New Connections, New Perspectives, eds. Bianca Mitu, Silvia Branea, and Valentina Marinescu. Hanover: ibidem-Verlag.

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Macklem, Lisa. 2014. “From Monstrous Mommies to Hunting Heroines: The Evolution of Women on Supernatural.” The Canadian Fantastic in Focus: New Perspectives, ed. Allan Weiss. Jefferson, NC: McFarland.

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Wilkinson, Jules. 2013. “The Epic Love Story of Supernatural and Fanfic.” Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World, ed. Anne Jamison.

Academic articles


Favard, Florent. 2018 Angels, demons and Whatever comes next: The storyworld Dynamics Of Supernatural Series. International journal of TV serial narratives Volume iv, nº 2, winter 2018: 19-26

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Theses and Dissertations

Unpublished Academic Works (i.e. Theses & Dissertations)

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