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Name Abner
Alexander Sarver (vessel)
Actor Dan Payne
Dates Before humanity – 2013 (killed by Gadreel)
Location Somoerset, Pennsylvania
Occupation Angel
Customer support
Episode(s) 9.10 Road Trip


Abner was formerly an imprisoned angel, and possibly cellmate of Gadreel's before the fall. Abner described himself as a terrible angel and petulant, he spent 700 years in Heaven's prison for abandoning his post. When the angels fell, Abner took on the vessel of an abusive man named Alexander Sarver, and started to embrace life on Earth as a human and take care of Sarver's family, seeing the fall as a second chance at life.


9.10 Road Trip

Gadreel is shocked to see that the address he was given by Metatron brought him face to face with Abner, who was just as shocked to see Gadreel having thought he was dead. When Sarver's daughter comes out, which surprises Gadreel, Abner tells Gadreel to come back in a few hours when his wife and kid have gone to the movies. Later at Abner's house, Gadreel and Abner sit in living room, where Gadreel questions Abner about his new life, and tells him that he has gotten revenge on Thaddeus and killed him for the years of torture that was inflicted on them. Upon hearing that Abner is disappointed in Gadreel, telling him the fall is their second chance to let go of their past hatreds and find happiness, and that whatever price there may be for that happiness, it is worth it. Abner is soon found by Dean dead on the living room floor with his throat cut.