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Name Michael
Actor Christian Keyes
Jensen Ackles
Felisha Terrell
Ruth Connell
Dates Pre-Creation – 2019 (killed by Jack Kline)
Location Lebanon, Kansas
Occupation Archangel
Episode(s) 13.02 The Rising Son
13.07 War of the Worlds
13.14 Good Intentions
13.22 Exodus
13.23 Let the Good Times Roll
14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land
14.02 Gods and Monsters
14.09 The Spear
14.10 Nihilism
14.11 Damaged Goods
14.12 Prophet and Loss
14.14 Ouroboros

Because me and my brother -- my Lucifer -- when we fought in my world, we thought that God would come back, give us answers -- why He'd gone, what we'd done. But, instead, do you know what happened? Nothing. No God. Nothing. And now now that I'm in here, now I know why. God -- Chuck -- is a writer, and like all writers, He churns out draft after draft. My world? This world? Nothing but failed drafts. And when He realizes that they're flawed, He moves on and tries again.

– Michael, 14.10 Nihilism


With the Apocalypse having gone forward, Michael emerged as victor, having killed his Lucifer at some point in the past over Abilene. Having conquered the planet, Michael did not bring paradise to the world, but continued to fight various battles and wars against humans and demons, ravaging the planet and turning it into a post-Apocalyptic wasteland after God failed to return after Lucifer's defeat.

Once Michael took over Dean Winchester as his vessel, he stated his intent to "do it right" in the Winchester's world. Due to his ability to tap into Dean's memories, Michael came to the belief that God / Chuck would move from one universe to another when He realized each is flawed, causing Michael to change his plans from trying to bring paradise to the world to burning it down and moving on to other universes to do the same until he catches up with his Father.


Possessing an unknown man in Apocalypse World, Michael would appear in a dark trench coat. Lucifer called him stronger than the Michael of his universe and he easily defeated Lucifer in a fight. After his vessel was damaged by Jack's power, Michael declared himself unable to beat Lucifer again. In the body of Dean Winchester, Michael was stated to be stronger than he had ever been.

After gaining consent, Michael initially lent Dean access to several of his powers to fight Lucifer, particularly his teleportation, strength, and flight capabilities. After Lucifer's death Michael took full control of Dean's body and disappeared into the world. Michael would also go on to change Dean's attire from plaid to a 1920s-style suit and cap.

Due to leaving the door open a crack in Dean's mind when he left, Michael possessed the ability to see through Dean's eyes even when he was not in his body, resulting in dizzy spells for Dean. Even while locked away inside of Dean's mind and cut off from all contact with his monsters, Michael appeared to be aware of what was going on in the world around him as he knew about Dean's plan with the Ma'lak Box without being told.

Powers and abilities

  • Celestial energy – Michael was able to channel his power into ripples of energy when attacking enemies.
  • Clairsentience – He could sense that Lucifer was from another world, as well as the different energy flowing from Dark Kaia and her spear.
  • Flight – Unlike previous angels, Michael showed the ability of flight and levitation.
  • Mind control – Michael had the ability to control his enhanced monsters, compelling them to commit acts of violence, even against their wills.
  • Mind hacking – Michael was able to "hitch a ride" on Lucifer's temporal lobe, allowing him to see his universe as well as compel Lucifer to talk about it and its creation.
  • Super strength – Michael had strength above that of Lucifer, claiming to have ripped his Lucifer to pieces above Abilene, Kansas. During a fight with Lucifer (who was at full power) when he first arrived in Apocalypse World, Michael easily defeated him and nearly broke Lucifer's arm.
  • Telepathy – While trying to find what the beings of Earth wanted, Michael read the mind of a Muslim man, Jamil Hamed.
  • Teleportation – Coming from Apocalypse World, Michael was the only angel in our world still capable of teleporting due to his wings being intact.
  • Telekinesis – Michael could move objects and people with thoughts alone.
    • Biokinesis – Michael could remove the air from lungs, blind, and cause physical pain in others with a gesture. However, he appeared to require concentration to maintain this, as when Jack blasted Michael off his feet these effects ended.


  • Angel cuffs – After the alternate-Bobby Singer was able to modify the spellwork on a pair of specially-etched hand cuffs, they were able to negate Michael's powers.
  • Archangel blade – In the hands of another archangel, the blade was capable of killing Michael.
  • Holy fire – While unable to kill Michael, holy fire had been shown to be effective against him. A line of holy fire held Michael back for a time with Michael appearing to not be able to cross it. A holy fire Molotov cocktail caused Michael immense pain and distracted him long enough to be handcuffed. However, Michael was quickly able to put out the fire and was otherwise unharmed.
  • Kaia's Spear – The energy radiating from Dark Kaia's spear was powerful enough to injure Michael, and permanently scar his former vessel, Dean.
  • Ma'lak Box – A warded coffin that can contain angels, including an archangel as powerful as Michael. According to a book from Death's Library, the box was the only way to stop Michael from escaping and using Dean's body to destroy the world.
  • Nephilim – The full force of Jack's powers on Michael was able to "break" and severely weaken Michael and his first vessel. When Jack tapped into the power of his soul, he was able to force Michael out of Rowena (whom he had taken as a vessel) and burns Michael's essence away leaving only his grace, which Jack consumed.
  • Strong-willed vessels – Michael's true vessel, Dean Winchester, was able to lock Michael away within his own mind and keep him contained there for months until Dean was knocked unconscious.


13.02 The Rising Son

"I killed my Lucifer. Tore him apart in the skies over Abilene. But hey, can't get enough of a good thing."

After Lucifer kills a squad of angels, Michael arrives, crashing to the earth like a comet. Exiting the crater, he's surprised to find Lucifer, whom Michael has killed in this world. As the two exchange words, Michael insinuates he wants to fight, and is quickly sucker punched by Lucifer. Michael is able to overpower Lucifer, taking his arm and twisting it back until it is about to break off. When Lucifer asks if Michael is going to kill him, Michael tells him he may have use for him.

Michael torturing Lucifer.

13.07 War of the Worlds

"Hitched a ride on your temporal lobe. Saw your world. That paradise you left behind? Believe I'll take up residence, lend my guiding hand."

While torturing Lucifer in a dilapidated church, Michael hitches a ride on Lucifer's temporal lobe, allowing Michael to gain a glimpse of Lucifer's world. Calling it a paradise, he tells Lucifer he plans to take up residence there, and lend his guiding hand. While Lucifer mocks him, Michael reveals that he knows what Lucifer fears most -- being locked up -- telling him when he is done, he will leave Lucifer locked up in agony forever. When Lucifer insults him, Michael simply drives a metal spike into Lucifer and walks away as Lucifer screams.

Giving Lucifer a respite from his torture, Michael has his angels take him down from his gibbet. Michael calls him pathetic, that he thought himself a god once and is now just a shell. Lucifer corrects Michael -- he never thought himself God or a god, but he is everything that humans think he is and more. In return he calls Michael the king of a dead rock. Michael retorts that he won't be so for long, because he plans on trading up, revealing that alternate universes are nothing new, and that he and his angels have been looking into the possibilities. He brings in his prophet, Kevin Tran, who says he has assembled all the elements needed to open a rift except the key ingredient, archangel grace. Unwilling to donate his, Michael pulls out his blade and slices Lucifer's throat to siphon off most of his grace, handing it to Kevin to begin the spell.

Michael returns to the church when Kevin is ready. While the spell works and opens a new rift, in the ensuing shockwave, Lucifer is able to break free and make his escape through the portal, which closes up behind him. Incensed, Michael orders Kevin to "fix" it.

13.14 Good Intentions

"We tried it your way! Now, we do it mine."

Unimpressed with Zachariah's lack of progress, Michael questions if the "half-breed" is necessary. Zachariah assures Michael that Jack is the key to open a portal large enough to march an army through. But when Zachariah's methods of mental manipulation prove fruitless, Michael decides to take matters into his own hands and knocks Jack and Zachariah away and drags the unconscious Jack to Mary's cell.

After finding that Jack and Mary have escaped, Michael orders Zachariah to find them and to kill Mary, slowly, in front of Jack. He warns Zachariah not to fail him again before sending him off.

13.20 Unfinished Business

Learning that Michael has abandoned his fortress, Mary, Jack, and a handful of resistance fighters arrive at the church to search for intel. They find Kevin Tran locked in the dungeon and learn from him that Michael has moved his forces south to a place where the walls are thin between worlds, in an attempt to use the angel tablet to open a rift.

Michael appears to confront Lucifer and Gabriel.

As Jack prepares to leave to finally confront and kill Michael, Kevin reveals his betrayal, telling Mary and Jack that Michael wanted Kevin to deliver a message by killing everyone around Jack. He says Michael wanted to pass along the words, "Even if you win, you still lose," then kills himself and the resistance fighters in an explosion.

13.22 Exodus

"Can it be? Gabriel?"

As the Apocalypse World refugees make their way through the rift to safety, Michael dive bombs into the area, killing three resistance fighters. Emerging from the crater with his wings spread, he greets everyone and asks if Lucifer wants to try and fight him again. Lucifer agrees and the two exchange blasts of energy, but Michael is able to overpower Lucifer. As Lucifer laid prone on the ground, Michael notices Gabriel and is surprised to see him. As Gabriel approaches him, Michael produces an archangel blade from his sleeve and the two begin fighting each other. Blows are exchanged, until Michael is able to deflect an attack by Gabriel and stab him with his blade, killing him. As he slowly sets Gabriel's body on the ground, Sam Winchester makes his escape through the rift, leaving the weakened Lucifer behind as it closes, angering Michael.

Stuck together, Lucifer makes a deal with Michael to show him how the Winchesters performed the spell to open the rift. In exchange, Lucifer will get his son, and Michael will get everything else.

Michael's vessel is severely weakened after his confrontation with Jack.

13.23 Let the Good Times Roll

"I'm not perfect.‬ Yes, I made mistakes.‬ But second time's the charm. And you, Dean Winchester, will be the first life that I take in this world. The first soul I save. Some would consider that an honor."

After Sam and Dean talk Jack down from killing an innocent gas station employee, Jack storms out of the store and the ground begins to shake followed by a high pitched piercing noise, signaling the arrival of an angel. Suddenly, Michael appears before Sam, Dean, and Castiel, forcing them to flee. As they reach the outside, Michael blows out the windows of the gas station convenience store, taunting Castiel to attack him. Unbeknownst to Michael, though, Dean has grabbed a container of holy oil from the trunk of the Impala and created a Molotov, which he throws at Michael, creating a barrier between them and allowing them to escape.

Michael soon catches up to the Winchesters and arrives at the Bunker. He floats down as Sam and Dean begin shooting him in a futile gesture. Castiel attempts an attack, but Michael easily swats him away. Throwing Sam aside, Michael grabs ahold of Dean, and begins choking him, telling Dean that he plans to purge his world of sin; he admits his past mistakes but believes the second time is the charm, and declares that Dean will be the first soul he saves. As he is attempting to kill Dean, Sam sends a prayer out to Jack, who hears it and soon arrives at the Bunker and severely injures and weakens Michael. The archangel calls out to Lucifer for help, reminding him of their deal, which causes Jack to stop and question his father. After Lucifer reveals his true nature to Jack and steals his grace, Castiel asks Michael how they can stop Lucifer. Michael tells him that they can't -- after consuming the grace of a Nephilim, Lucifer's strength is super-charged and he is capable of ending the universe if he so pleases. When Dean tells Michael he beat Lucifer before, Michael reminds him that Lucifer was weaker and his "meatsuit" was stronger. Realizing they are out of options Dean offers to be his "sword", allowing Michael to take possession of him under the condition it is a one-time deal and he stays in control while they fight Lucifer.

Dean shows off Michael's wings.

As Lucifer is waiting for Jack to kill himself, he is interrupted by the arrival of Dean, who glows with an angelic light as he unfurls Michael's wings. Dean indicates to Sam that he is in control by greeting him with a "hiya Sammy" and he tells Lucifer that he and Michael found something in common: they both want to "gut" Lucifer. As the two begin fighting, Lucifer gains the upper hand, and attempts to smite Dean and Michael. He is thwarted when Sam throws Dean the archangel blade, allowing Dean to stab Lucifer and kill him once and for all. The celebration of Lucifer's death is cut short, however, as Michael reneges on their deal and takes control of Dean's body, thanking him for the "suit" as he teleports away.

Dressed in a dapper new outfit, Michael walks down a city street taking in his new world.

14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land

"I can sense how many angels are in this world. There aren't many left. I thought maybe I could help. But if they're all these sad, lost, fallen things -- things like you -- maybe they're not worth saving, either."

Michael has spent the three weeks since possessing Dean Winchester travelling around the world asking all sorts of people -- holy men, leaders, killers -- what it is they want. He appears before a Muslim man, Jamil Hamed, in the middle of his morning prayer. Michael quotes the Quran in Arabic to Jamil, who initially believes to be God and then Gabriel, before Michael corrects him on his identity. Like the others before Jamil, Michael asks him what he wants. When Jamil tells him he wants peace and love, Michael refutes his claim, reminding Jamil how he abandoned his friends to die in a war zone and cheated on his wife. He tells Jamil he is not worth saving after he telekinetically throws him across the room. When Jamil asks Michael what he wants, Michael tells him, "What I have always wanted... a better world."

Sister Jo realizes she is speaking to the archangel Michael when she sees his energy flowing around Dean Winchester.

Michael next confronts Sister Jo in a dark alley. Initially unsure of who he is, she is quickly terrified to see that it is Michael. Questioning why Dean would agree to be his vessel, Michael responds to her that Dean did it out of "love." As Jo attempted to leave, Michael stops her and asks her what it is that she wants. Unhappy with Jo's materialistic response, he reveals to her that he knows a lot about her, because Dean knows about her. He tells her she is looking for love and a family, and he is disappointed in her for having such human wants. He says he knows of the limited number of angels in the world, and was hoping to help, but thinks that if they are all as lost and fallen as Jo is, the angels may not be worth saving either.

Having been disappointed by his conversations with humans, demons, and angels alike, Michael stands before a young man telling him he is worth saving because his wants are simple and pure -- wanting only to eat. He tells him that they are going to work well together as the young man's vampire fangs descend.

14.02 Gods and Monsters

"Yes, well, I’m new to town, and from my perspective the real monsters of this world, the ones that cheat, cover, lay waste to this planet, are the humans. Who made them top dog? Pardon the pun."

In an abandoned church, Michael drains blood from the throat of a vampire into a chalice, then mixes a little bit of his grace with the vampiric blood and forces the vampire to drink it, causing the man to flare out and die. Disappointed at his failure, he drags the man's lifeless body and lays it on top of a pile of corpses before turning his attention to three other vampires chained up asking, "who's next?"

In a hotel room Michael is dressing himself in a tuxedo. While looking in a mirror, Dean takes over the reflection and attempts to eject Michael from his body, which does not work due to how powerful Michael is. Michael later returns to his hotel room with a woman, Melanie. As they flirt, Melanie soon reveals she is a werewolf, but Michael is able to subdue her, revealing he knew what she was and chose her for a reason, then he tells her to call her "master."

In the morning, Michael sits down with Philippe over drinks, and makes a proposal. Admiring the simplicity of the werewolves' wants, Michael offers to enhance their "talents" to help remove humans from the top of the food chain. While Philippe believes Michael's plan is the world he wants to live in, he calls it an absurd dream. Michael counters by offering to turn his pack from the hunted into the hunter.

After being spared her life, Lydia Crawford is packing a bag when Michael appears in her kitchen. He tells Lydia that he let her escape to be bait for the hunters. With his trap now sprung, he no longer needs his "bait," and he goes on to smite Lydia.

Michael is scarred by Dark Kaia's spear.

14.03 The Scar

"I didn't come here to fight. Not if I don't have to. This face, you know, but I'm just borrowing it. We haven't met. But I've sensed you ever since I came to this world. You're like me. You bleed new energy. So does that. I'm here to make you an offer. There's a war coming, and I'm building an army. You can join my side, the winning side, if you give me that spear. Or you can fight, definitely lose, probably die, and then I'll just take it."

Dark Kaia describes her encounter with Michael to Sam, Dean, and Jody. She relates how he appeared to her in the woods, telling her that he sensed her energy and the energy coming from her spear. Michael makes her an offer: she can join his ranks and give him her spear, or she can fight and probably die while he just takes the spear. Kaia chooses to attack Michael, who easily blocks each strike Kaia makes until she is able to catch him by surprise with a leg sweep. With Michael on the ground, Kaia takes her spear and pierces him in the arm, causing great pain to the archangel, scarring him and Dean.

14.05 Nightmare Logic

The djinn Neil reveals to Dean that Michael has made deals with monsters -- in return for his "upgrades," they are to find somewhere quiet, set up shop, and kill as many hunters as possible. He also tells Dean that Michael has made dozens of enhanced monsters who have set up similar traps to lure hunters.

14.09 The Spear

"Are you familiar with Kansas City? The people? The terrain? Back in my world, I enlisted a garrison to invade it. We leveled it. Death from above. But there was human resistance. Things got messy. I'm trying something different this time. An insurgency from within. My monster army turning every last man, woman, and child. A wave of transformation. Vampires or werewolves -- it won't matter which. Everyone they turn will be mine. No muss, no fuss."

Michael, in a new female vessel, has some of his monsters clear out the Hitomi Plaza office building in Kansas City, Missouri, to serve as the base of operations for his upcoming plan to turn everyone in the city into a monster for his army. He meets with two new volunteers to take his enhancement: two werewolves, one of whom he recognizes as a friend of the Winchesters, Garth. Garth assures Michael that with his family to worry about, all he cares about is protecting them. Later, it's revealed that Garth became a double agent passing information to Sam about Michael's plans.

Once Michael witnesses Garth consuming the blood and grace mixture, Michael turns his attention to Melanie, and after learning of Dark Kaia's location, orders her to send out troops to destroy the spear. After learning of Jack and Sam's location, Michael and some of his troops ambush the two. As Jack is dragged away, Michael confronts Sam while holding the Hyperbolic Pulse Generator, easily melting it in his hands in front of Sam before knocking him out.

Dean faces off against Michael.

Back at Hitomi Plaza, Michael explains to Jack that in his weakened state he isn't worth killing. He explains that when his forces invaded Kansas City in Apocalypse World, there was human resistance which resulted in a lot of bloodshed on both sides. This time, he is going to cause a wave of transformation from within, turning the people into vampires or werewolves, essentially making them soldiers in his army no matter what they become. Explaining that mankind is nothing compared to beings like them and when Jack's power finally returns and grows he will be the only other being that can come close to understanding him and his power, and that eventually his loyalty to the Winchesters and mankind will all fade away.

After Jack's escape, Michael waits in his office as night falls, until he begins sensing Castiel's presence. He quickly finds Castiel in the hallways, and proceeds to beat him to a bloody pulp. He drags his limp body back into his office, where Sam and Jack lay in wait. Michael, sensing their presence, stops them from attacking, causing them debilitating pain and forcing them to the ground. With Kaia's spear in hand, Dean attacks Michael, who dodges his strikes and knocks Dean to the ground. As Michael is about to show Dean his mistake, Sam slides the spear to him, allowing Dean to slash Michael's arm. As Dean advances on Michael, he comes to a sudden stop, unable to strike Michael down. As Michael continues staring at Dean, Dean's vision becomes blurry and he begins seeing visions of his time as Michael before he suddenly appears in a bar and Michael's female vessel collapses to the floor. Dean snaps the spear in two, revealing himself as possessed by Michael once more.

Michael explains how when he possessed Dean, he wouldn't stop fighting back, so he left an opening in Dean's mind to possess him again without permission. He needed to break Dean, in order to keep him suppressed for good in his mind. He tells them that Dean is "gone" and his army ready for his command as he snaps his fingers.

14.10 Nihilism

"Because He doesn't care! About you. Me. Anything. Now, at first, I thought I'd do it better. Show Him. Be more 'God' than God. But now? I just want to burn every one of His little worlds until I catch up to the old man."

After snapping his fingers, Michael changes to his traditional wardrobe, and forces everyone to the ground as his monster army begins turning the people of Kansas City. Sam is able to throw a Molotov of holy oil at Michael, distracting him long enough for Castiel to place the angel cuffs on him, rendering him powerless as his monsters attempt to break down the door. With the help of the reaper Violet, the group is teleported back to the Men of Letters Bunker where Michael is restrained while Sam formulates a plan to get Dean to eject Michael.

While waiting in the Bunker, Michael plays mind games with Jack, telling him how Dean was relieved that he died and was no longer a burden. He then speaks with Castiel, and when asked why he wants to burn the earth, Michael puts forth his theory that God moves on from universe to universe when He finds them flawed, due to His never returning when Michael killed his Lucifer.

Sam hooks Michael to the machine the British Men of Letters used to brainwash Mary which had allowed Dean access into her mind. Connecting to Michael, Sam and Castiel enter Dean's mind, where Sam realizes that for Michael to keep Dean quiet, he would hide him in a good memory rather than a traumatic one. They soon find Dean in Rocky's Bar. When Sam is able to snap Dean out of his dreamworld, Michael arrives in the bar. Realizing he is powerless in Dean's mind, Sam, Dean, and Castiel attempt to fight him, but are still no match. Michael points out that if Dean ejects him from his body, Dean will be left as nothing but blood and bones. Instead, Dean decides to trap Michael, shoving him into a storage room and locking the door, making himself "the Cage" and trapping Michael within his own subconscious. Furious, Michael screams and continually attempts to break the door down, to no avail.

As Michael continues to try to escape, Dean is visited by Billie, who can sense Michael's efforts. Billie tells Dean that all versions but one of Dean's fate have now changed to Michael escaping from his prison and using Dean's body to destroy the world. Billie supplies Dean with the book from her library revealing what must be done to stop Michael, shocking Dean with what it says.

14.11 Damaged Goods

Michael continues to scream and pound on the storeroom door in an attempt to escape, causing Dean to have a brief episode. Later Dean tells Sam that he can feel the door giving way, and that Michael will eventually escape.

14.12 Prophet and Loss

Michael continues to try and break free from the storeroom in Dean's mind, which Dean is able to once again shake off.

14.13 Lebanon

Dean makes a wish on the Baozhu with the hopes that it can banish Michael from his mind, but instead it grants his heart's desire, summoning John Winchester from 2003.

Jack burns Michael away, leaving only his grace behind.

14.14 Ouroboros

"No more games. This time, you all die. This time, the world burns."

Michael continues to try to break free from Dean's mind, with Dean telling Castiel that it's taking all of his concentration to keep Michael contained. As a result, Dean is barely even sleeping anymore.

After Dean is knocked unconscious by the gorgon Noah Ophis, he loses concentration and Michael is able to escape his mind. However, rather than take control of Dean again, Michael abandons his body and visits Rowena's mind in Dean's form, seeking her as an alternate vessel. Michael is able to get Rowena's consent by threatening to come back in a different vessel and force her to watch him slaughter everyone in the Bunker that Rowena cares about. In Rowena's body, Michael slaughters several hunters and smites Maggie in front of Sam, before gloating to the Winchesters, Castiel, and Jack.

As Michael inflicts multiple ailments upon them, Jack taps into the power of his soul and battles with Michael, who taunts him. Jack is able to withstand Michael's attacks and exorcises Michael from Rowena. As Michael swirls above everyone in a cloud of white light, Jack raises his arms and burns the archangel away before consuming his grace. Jack announces that Michael is dead and reveals that his grace has fully restored Jack's own powers as a Nephilim.

14.20 Moriah

When Chuck returns to provide the Winchesters with a gun that can kill Jack, Sam confronts Him in the library with Michael's theory about his father, asking if He throws away the worlds He creates. Chuck initially denies it, telling Sam that he and Dean are His favorites compared to all the other versions of the Winchesters throughout the multiverse.

Later, when Dean refuses to kill Jack, Chuck futilely attempts to motivate Dean into killing in exchange for reviving Mary. Sam then realizes that Michael was right about Chuck all along -- He manipulates their lives to entertain Himself. As a result of Dean's refusal and Sam's resistance, Chuck kills Jack and decides to end the world by unleashing the souls of Hell onto Earth.

15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

In an effort to convince their Michael of God's betrayal, Castiel shows the archangel several of his memories, including some of his experiences with the Apocalypse World version of Michael. Castiel's memories convince Michael of the threat and he is particularly disturbed by the revelation of Apocalypse World Michael, as he was unaware that he wasn't the only Michael in existence.

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