AMC Pacer

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AMC Pacer
Model '78/'79 AMC Pacer[1]
Plates Indiana 530A7B[1]
Color Maroon[1]
Owner(s) Sam and Dean Winchester[1]
Apearance(s) 7.18 Party On, Garth


The AMC Pacer was driven by Sam and Dean after being forced to lock up the Impala. The car is a 1978 or 1979 AMC Pacer station wagon with Indiana plates: 530A7B. The station wagon body style of the AMC Pacer was only available from 1977-1980,[2] and this particular wagon features a simulated woodgrain trim on the lower body sides and the liftgate. It also has a bumper sticker in the rear window that says "I Heart UFOs."

After Leviathan!Sam and Leviathan!Dean go on a killing spree while driving a 1967 Impala, the real Sam and Dean become America's second most wanted criminals. Under the advisement of Frank Devereaux, the boys lock up the Impala to avoid detection.[3] This forces them to steal a string of cars, including a Pontiac Acadian[3] and a Dodge Challenger.[4] After Bobby's death,[5] Dean later drives a Buick Special Deluxe,[6] and the both of them drive a Buick Riviera,[7] a Mercury Cougar,[8] a Pontiac Firebird,[9][10] a Dodge Charger,[11] and then the AMC Pacer.[1]


  • Garth compliments Sam and Dean on the car, calling it a "nice ride."[1] This is likely as a reference to the AMC Pacer that Wayne and Garth drive in the movie Wayne's World.'[12]