6.01 Exile on Main St. (Transcript)

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6.01 Exile on Main St.

Written by: Sera Gamble

Directed by: Phil Sgriccia

Air Date: 24 September 2010


Flashbacks from 5.22 Swan Song.


An alarm beeps. It's seven am. DEAN wakes up in bed next to LISA.

Lisa: You okay?

Dean: Yeah, I'm good.

Beautiful Loser plays over a montage of Dean's life now in contrast to his hunting life.



INT. BAR. DEAN is having a beer with SID.

Sid: And thank God this is before Facebook, right? Because it'd be me and that goat all over the Internet. Don't get me wrong, right? No complaints. But if you'd have said to me, "hey, you -- fifteen years from now? Suburbia."

Dean: Oh. Yeah.

Sid: Right?

Dean: Believe me, I know.

Sid: So, you've traveled around a lot, huh?

Dean: Mm-hmm. Yeah, my whole life, pretty much.

Sid: And?

Dean: I don't know.

Sid: Come on. You -- what, you moved in, what, about a year ago?

Dean: Yeah, thereabouts.

Sid: So I been buying you beer for a year. And I think that means you owe me a couple of gory details.

Dean: Oh, no. There's not much to tell, you know? It's, uh... I lived on the road... Took, uh, crap jobs that nobody else wanted.

Sid: Like?

Dean: Like... Pest control.

Sid: Really? Pest control.

Dean: Yeah. You get to work with a partner. You get to help people. You have no idea what's in some people's walls. It could eat 'em alive.

Sid: Yeesh.

Dean: 'Course, that was then. And now...

Sid: You're practically respectable.

Dean: Yeah. Wow. I guess so. That's kind of scary, actually.

Waitress: Thanks, guys.

Sid: Thank you. I think she likes you.

Dean: [holds up receipt with her name Brigitta and phone number on it] You think?

Sid: What is it with you?! Like, every time!

Dean: It's like chicks specifically dig unavailable guys. [ DEAN rips up the receipt. ] Who knew?

Sid: I will see you tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow.

Dean: Thanks, man.

[ Woman screams in distance ]

Dean gets a flashlight and gun from his truck, and enters a deserted building. He finds some claw marks and blood.

INT. Dean's house. He sits at his computer, on the phone.

Dean: And no one's called about a missing person?

No, this would have been today.

So no reports of anything around Vineland and Oak street, near that hotel renovation?

Uh, call it a hunch.

I've been a cop for a long time.

Okay, yeah.

No, I'll call you tomorrow. You too, man. Bye.

Lisa: Hey. Who was that?

Dean: Sid. I'm just setting up a poker game.

Lisa: It's 11:30.

Dean: Is it really? Well, that explains why he was asleep when I called. I'll be right up.

Lisa: Okay.

EXT. DAY. DEAN is in his truck when he sees claw marks on a light pole. He investigates and is startled by a small dog in his garage.

Sid: Dean! Is that a gun?

Dean: No, no. Yeah. Well, it's -- I got a permit for it.

Sid: What, to shoot the Glickmans' dog?

Dean: I thought that was a possum. Remember when I said I was in pest control? Well, possums carry rabies, so... [ Imitates gunshot ]

Sid: I did not know that.

Dean: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Possums -- possums kill, Sid. Oh, crap.

Sid: What's that?

Dean: Sulfur. I got to go.

Sid: Hold on, Dean! What the hell?

INT. Garage. The IMPALA is under a tarp. DEAN opens the trunk and starts packing some weapons.

Lisa: Hey.

Dean: Just getting a hammer.

Lisa: So, I just ran into Sid. Did you almost shoot a Yorkie?

Dean: Technically.

Lisa: What's going on?

Dean: Nothing.

Lisa: How come I don't believe you?

Dean: I just -- I, uh, I-I got this -- I don't know, spidey sense.

Lisa: Okay. Are you hunting something?

Dean: Honestly? Uh, at first, I thought that I was. But I'm pretty sure that I got worked up over nothing. It's, uh, you know...

Lisa: It happens.

Dean: Are you sure? I'll tell you what -- just because, you know, I have an OCD thing about this, why don't, uh, why don't you and Ben go to the movies, hit the cheesecake factory -- you know, hang out with the teeming masses, and I'll do one last sweep just to be 100%.

Lisa: Okay. Be careful.

Dean: Careful's my middle name.

LISA leaves and then the light crackles. As DEAN searches the garage he is suddenly confronted by AZAZEL.

Azazel: Hiya, Dean. Look what the apocalypse shook loose. You have fun sniffing that trail? 'Cause I sure had fun patting you around.

Dean: You can't be...

Azazel: Oh, sure I can!

Dean: No.

Azazel: Yeah, kiddo. The big daddy brought your pal Cas back, right? So why not me? Add a little spice to all that -- that sugar.


Azazel: Really? After all we've been through together? You know, you got a great little life here. Pretty Lady -- real understanding. Hell of a kid. And how do you keep your lawn so green? I mean, come on, Dean. You never been what I'd call brainy, but did you really think you were gonna get to keep all of this? You had to know that we were coming for you sometime, pal. You can't outrun your past.

AZAZEL starts to strangle DEAN, and just as he passes out, someone comes from behind to save him - it's SAM.


INT. Fade in to a blurry image of SAM, in what looks to be an abandoned house, then cut to DEAN waking up, confused.

Sam: Hey, Dean. I was expecting, uh... I don't know, a hug, some holy water in the face -- something.

Dean: So I'm dead? This is Heaven? Yellow Eyes killed me, and now --

Sam: Yellow Eyes? That's what you saw?

Dean: "Saw"?

Sam: You were poisoned. So whatever kind of crazy crap you think you been seeing, it's not real.

Dean: So, then, are you...real? Or -- or am I still --

Sam: I'm real. Here, let me save you the trouble. All me.

SAM cuts himself with a silver blade and then puts some salt in a jug of water and drinks it.

Sam: That's nasty.

Dean: Sammy?

Sam: Yeah. It's me.

DEAN hugs SAM.

Dean: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You -- you -- you were -- you were gone, man. I mean, that -- that was it. How the hell are you --

Sam: I don't know.

Dean: What do you mean you don't know?

Sam: I mean, no idea. I-I'm just back.

Dean: Well, was it God, or -- or -- or Cas? I mean, does Cas know anything about it?

Sam: You tell me. I've been calling. Cas hasn't answered my prayers. I don't even know where he is. I mean, I was... down there, and then, next minute, it's raining, and I'm lying in that field, alone. It's kind of hard to go looking for whatever saved you when you got no leads. But I looked. I mean, believe me, I looked... for weeks.

Dean: Wait, weeks? How long you been back? How long you been back, Sam?

Sam: About a year.

Dean: About a year?

Sam: Dean --

Dean: you been back practically this whole time?! What, did you lose the ability to send a friggin' text message?!

Sam: You finally had what you wanted, Dean.

Dean: I wanted my brother, alive!

Sam: You wanted a family. You have for a long time, maybe the whole time. I know you. You only gave it up because of the way we lived. But you had something, and you were building something. Had I shown up, Dean, you would have just run off. I'm sorry. But it felt like after everything, you deserve some regular life.

Dean: What have you been doing?

Sam: Hunting.

Dean: You left me alone, and you were flying solo?

Sam: Not solo.

Dean: What?

Sam: I hooked up with some other people.

Dean: You? Working with strangers?

Sam: They're more like family. And they're here.

SAM takes DEAN into the adjoining room.

Gwen: Hey.

Dean: Hi.

Gwen: My God, you have delicate features for a hunter.

Dean: Excuse me?

Sam: Dean, Gwen Campbell.

Gwen: Good to finally meet you. Sam's gone on and on.

Sam: And this is Christian... and Mark. Campbell.

Mark: Hi.

Dean: Cam-- Campbell? Like...

Christian: Like your mom.

Sam: Third cousin. (pointing to Gwen) Third cousin. (pointing to Christian) Something, something twice removed.(pointing to Mark ) They grew up in the life, like Mom and like us.

Dean: I thought all of Mom's relatives were gone. And I'm sorry. It's just, you know, why didn't we know about any of you?

Samuel: 'Cause they didn't know about you. Not until I brought you all together.

Dean: Samuel?

(flashback) Samuel: I'm your grandfather.

Samuel: Guys, give me a second with my grandsons here, please.


Samuel: Lot of resurrections in your face today. It's all right. Take a minute.

Dean: It's gonna take a little more than a minute. I mean, what the hell? H-how did this happen?

Samuel: We're guessing whatever pulled Sam up pulled me down. So, whatever this is, we're both a part of it.

Dean: But you don't know what that is.

Samuel: Bingo.

Dean: And you have no leads? Nothing? Well, this -- this is, uh... No more doornails coming out of that door, is there?

Sam: As far as we know, it's Samuel, and it's me.

Dean: Okay, am I the only one here that -- that -- that thinks that this can't all just be fine?

Samuel: Believe me, you're not. I wanted to come get you, of course. Sam was adamant about leaving you out, so we did. Until this.

Dean: Right. So, then you ended up in my garage how?

Sam: I got hit before you did, few days ago. Dosed up with poison.

Dean: By?

Sam: Couple of djinn.

Dean: Djinn? I thought those were -- were cave-dwelling hermit-type. That's pretty exotic.

Sam: Not anymore, at least. These...look like regular people. They can blend in. And all they got to do to kill you is touch you. Their toxins get in your system, all of a sudden you're hallucinating your worst nightmares, and pretty soon you O.D.

Dean: Well, then how are you breathing air?

Sam: Samuel had a cure.

Dean: You got a cure for djinn poison?

Samuel: Oh, I know a few things. Stick around, I'll show you tricks your daddy never even dreamed of.

Dean: Uh... Okay, why are these things after us?

Samuel: Well, you did stake one a while back.

Sam: After they came after me, we were pretty certain that they were gonna go gunning for you next.

Dean: Lisa and Ben -- they're at the house right now. If that thing comes back --

Samuel: It's all right. I already sent someone over there to watch 'em.

Dean: You got to take me home right now.

INT. Dean and Lisa's house. In a car outside Johnny Campbell is dead.

Dean: Lisa?! Lisa! Ben?! Ben!


DEAN rings LISA, just before she and BEN enter.

Dean: Where the hell have you been?

Lisa: We -- we were at the movies. You knew that.


Lisa: Dean, ow.

Ben: What happened?

Dean: Go upstairs and pack a bag.

Lisa: Where are we going?

Dean: I'm taking us to a friend's house. Go. It's okay. Go on up. I'll be there in a sec.

Lisa: What the hell?

Ben: Um...

Lisa: Oh, my God.

Dean: Lisa, Ben, I don't know if you remember --

Lisa: Sam.

BOBBY's HOUSE. BOBBY opens the door.

Bobby: Damn it.

Dean: It's good to see you, too, Bobby. It's been a while.

Bobby: If you're here, something's wrong.

Dean: Bobby, this is Lisa and Ben.

Lisa: Hi.

Bobby: Well, it's nice to finally meet you two. Mi casa es su casa. Maybe you want to just go upstairs. TV's broken, but there's plenty of Reader's Digest. Just don't touch the decor, okay? Assume it's all loaded.

LISA and BEN go upstairs.

Dean: So...

Sam: Hey, Bobby.

Bobby: Sam.

Dean: You knew? You knew Sam was alive.

Bobby: Yeah.

Dean: How long?

Bobby: Look --

Dean: How long?!

Bobby: All year.

Dean: Oh, you got to be kidding me.

Bobby: And I'd do it again.

Dean: Why?!

Bobby: Because you got out, Dean! You walked away from the life. And I was so damn grateful, you got no idea.

Dean: Do you have any clue what walking away meant for me?

Bobby: Yeah -- a woman and a kid and not getting your guts ripped out at age 30. That's what it meant.

Dean: That woman and that kid -- I went to them because you asked me to.

Bobby: Good.

Dean: Good for who? I showed up on their doorstep half out of my head with grief. God knows why they even let me in. I drank too much. I had nightmares. I looked everywhere. I collected hundreds of books, trying to find anything to bust you out.

Sam: You promised you'd leave it alone.

Dean: Of course I didn't leave it alone! Sue me! A damn year? You couldn't put me out of my misery?

Bobby: Look, I get it wasn't easy. But that's life! And it's as close to happiness as I've ever seen a hunter get. It ain't like I wanted to lie to you, son. But you were out, Dean.

Dean: Do I look out to you?

INT. Staircase in BOBBY's house

Dean: How's he doing?

Lisa: He's okay. How are you?

Dean: Look, I know Bobby's a little crotchety, but he's great. He's gonna look after you guys. Me and Sam, we're gonna head out.

Lisa: For how long?

Dean: I'm so sorry, Lisa.

Lisa: For what?

Dean: Those things were coming for me. And I should've known.

Lisa: How could you know a monster was gonna show up?

Dean: I should've known. I should've known that if I stayed with you that something would come, because something always does. But I was stupid and reckless and...You can't outrun your past.

Lisa: You're saying goodbye.

Dean: I'm saying I'm sorry... For everything. Everything.

Lisa: You're an idiot. I mean, I know it wasn't greeting-card perfect, but we were in it together.

Dean: I was a wreck half the time.

Lisa: Yeah, well, the guy that basically just saved the world shows up at your door, you expect him to have a couple of issues. And you're always so amazing with Ben. You know what I wanted, more than anything was a guy that Ben could look up to like a dad. So, you're saying it's all bad, Dean? 'Cause it was the best year of my life.


Dean: What's the plan?

Christian: Well, right now, we stock up, get set.

Dean: So you're saying there is no plan.

Christian: We'll find 'em. Just got to be patient.

Dean: Yeah, okay. Oh, here's an idea. Why don't we go kill the sons of bitches that broke into my home?

Christian : Relax, Dean. We got it handled. Djinn are hard to draw out. Now, you've been out of the game for a while. Leave it to the professionals.

Dean: Yeah. Sure. Tiny suggestion. You see, djinn are easier to draw out when you got bait. They want Sam and me. They know where I live. Now, I haven't been hunting in a while, but I'm gonna stick my neck out and guess that's a pretty good place for us to go. See? It's almost like I'm a professional.

INT. DEAN and LISA'S house. GWEN picks up a magazine from the table.

Gwen: Huh, I love this one. Yours or, uh, your wife's?

MARK picks up a photo.

Dean: Hey. Do me a favor -- don't touch that.

Sam: Golf? Really?

Dean: It's a -- it's a sport.

INT. DEAN's kitchen

Samuel: Nice house.

Dean: Oh, yeah. Go ahead, say it -- call me a soccer mom. Whatever.

Samuel: "Soccer mom," huh? Well, I'll have to look that up on the "intranet." You know, believe it or not, I...I get it, Dean. You wanted a normal life. Your mom wanted a normal life, too. You remind me of her, actually. The attitude, for one thing. Your brother tell you what we been dealing with the past few months?

Dean: No, not really.

Samuel: I've never seen anything quite like it. Been working 'round the clock.

Dean: So what's going on?

Samuel: We don't know. But whatever it is, it goes way past a couple of djinn acting off -- Nocturnals attacking in broad daylight, werewolves out on the half-moon, creatures that we've never even seen before. We don't -- we don't even know what they are. I'm knee-deep in half-eaten human hearts and exsanguinated 10-year-olds, and it's all making me.. Uneasy.

Dean: So what's your theory?

Samuel: You tell me. All we really know is it's all hands on deck. We're counting on each other right now. That's how it is with Campbells. We need you, Dean.

Dean: Look, I hear you, but...

Samuel: You don't know what you're part of, Dean. You know, you had ancestors hacking the heads off vamps on the Mayflower. What I'm saying is that we're your blood. And we're out there dying, trying to get in front of whatever this is. Maybe not the best time for golf.

EXT. DEAN approaches MARK who is in a truck looking through a monocular.

Dean: Hey. You don't really say much, do you?

Mark: Enough.

Dean: Any sign of 'em?

Mark: Three djinn off in the trees. Here.


Dean: Those djinn are just sitting out there, watching us. Everybody's got to clear out.

Christian: What?

Dean: They're not gonna come in here until me and Sam are alone.

Samuel: So, what, I'm supposed to leave you here with no backup?

Sam: Dean's right. They're smart. They'd wait till they weren't outnumbered.

Samuel: All right, we won't be far. You call when they come, you hear? All right, pack up. We're out of here.

INT Kitchen

Sam: You okay?

Dean: Oh, yeah.

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: No, this is... This is crazy. I mean, you, Grandpa. Whoever brought you back...

Sam: They don't want to be found.

Dean: Yeah, I get that. But who are they, and what do they -- what do they want? Why?

Sam: That's a good question.

Dean: Do you remember it?

Sam: What?

Dean: The Cage.

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: You want to --

Sam: No.

Dean: Well, if anybody can relate...

Sam: Dean, I don't want to talk about it. I'm back. I get to breathe fresh air, have a beer, hunt with my family, see you again. So why exactly would I want to think about Hell?

Dean: And you really think...

DEAN looks out the window and sees SID and his wife being attacked by Djinn. He starts to run over.


Sam: Dean, they're already dead, and you know it.

Dean: This is happening because of me!

Sam: Dean!

INT. Neighbor's house

Dean: Sid.

DEAN is attacked by Djinn.

Djinn: You made it through that last trip, so how about a big, fat double dose? Bad news -- it'll kill you. The good news? At least you'll go fast. That's for our father, you son of a bitch.

DEAN starts to hallucinate LISA and BEN.

Lisa: I just -- I-I couldn't sleep at that house. It's okay. Don't worry. We'll call Dean.

Azazel: Ah, don't worry about them, Dean. Worry about me.

Dean: No!

Dean sees Azazel grab BEN and LISA is dragged up the wall.

Azazel: There, there, kiddo.

Dean: You stay away from him! Lisa!

Azazel: Drink it.

Dean: Ben, no!

Azazel: You'll feel better.

Dean: No!

[ Lisa sobs ]

Azazel: It's all your fault.

Dean: Lisa! [ sobs ]

Azazel: This, something else -- we both know that's details. There's something's coming for this one, and you can't stop it. It's all your fault.

Dean: Lisa!

Azazel: Drink it. You'll feel better.

Dean: Ben, don't!

Azazel: Your fault. Can't stop it.

LISA screams as she burns on the ceiling.

Dean: No!

INT. DEAN's house


Samuel: I got her. Go get Dean. Got her. Relax, hon. We're not gonna kill you. Get her in the van. Quick, now, before the boys get back.

Christian: Come on. Come on.


INT DEAN's house.

Dean: So, Samuel and the cuzzes?

Sam: Don't know. They left in a hurry. I'm meeting them back at their place. You, uh, you coming with me?

Dean: No. No, I'm going back for Lisa and Ben.

Sam: I thought you said --

Dean: I did. I changed my mind.

Sam: Look, I practically shoved you at them.

Dean: That's a funny way to put it, but all right.

Sam: I'm just saying, I really wanted that for you. And when I told you to go, I-I thought... You could have it, you know? But now I'm not so sure. I mean, you got to consider the fact that you'll be putting them in danger if you go back.

Dean: So, what, it's better to leave them alone, unprotected, and then they're not in danger? I did this to them. I made them vulnerable the moment I knocked on their door, and I can't undo that. But what I can do is go with the best option.

Sam: I hear you. I guess I just, wish you were coming, that's all.

Dean: Why?

Sam: Don't be stupid.

Dean: No, I mean it. I mean, you know plenty of good hunters. I'm rusty. I did something seriously stupid going out there. I almost got us both killed.

Sam: And that's exactly why I want you.

Dean: What are you talking about?

Sam: You just went. You didn't hesitate. Because you care, and that's who you are. Me? I wouldn't even think to try.

Dean: Yes, you would.

Sam: No, Dean. I'm telling you, it's just better with you around. That's all.

Dean: Listen...

DEAN holds out the keys to the Impala.

Dean: She should be hunting. Take her.

Sam: Thanks. Really. But I already got my car set up how I like it. I should hit the road.

Dean: I'll walk you out. Keep in touch, you hear?

Sam: 'Course. It was really good to see you again, Dean.

SAM drives off.