2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be (transcript)

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2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be

Written by: Raelle Tucker

Directed by: Eric Kripke

Air Date: 3 May 2007


SCENE - DEAN voiceover from 1.02 Wendigo

Dad wants us to pick up where he left off, you know, saving people, hunting things. The family business.

SCENE - flashback from 1.01 Pilot

Good night love.

Hey Dean.

4yo DEAN

Hey buddy.

SCENE - flashback from 1.01 Pilot

(MARY screams.)

JOHN rushes in to the room. The flames explode.

SCENE from 1.01 Pilot

Dean, this is my girlfriend, Jessica.

SCENE from 1.01 Pilot

So here's to Sam and his awesome LSAT victory.

SCENE from 1.01 Pilot

What would I do without you?

JESSICA: Crash and burn.

(They kiss.)

SCENE from 1.01 Pilot

SAM opens his eyes to see JESSICA on the ceiling, like his mother 22 years ago, bleeding.



I'm not going to just ditch the job!

Screw the job, man. I'm sick of the job anyway. I mean, we don't get paid. We don't get thanked. Only thing we get's bad luck.



Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Saturday Night Special" plays.

The IMPALA has new plates: CNK 80Q3. DEAN is driving. His cell phone rings.

DEAN (answers ringing cell phone) Yeah?


SAM There's a cop car outside.

DEAN V.O. You think it's for us?

SAM I don't know.


DEAN I don't see how. I mean we ditched the plates, the credit cards.


We see the cop car drive away.

SAM (breathes out) They're leaving. False alarm.

DEAN Well, see. Nothing to worry about.

SAM Yeah, being fugitives? Frigging dance party.


DEAN Hey man, chicks dig the danger vibe.


We see the books SAM is standing in front of. They're all about a specific demon called Djinn, and on top of them is JOHN's journal, open on the same subject.

SAM So you got anything yet?


DEAN Are you kidding me? How could I? You got me sifting through like 50 square miles of real estate here.


SAM Well, that's where all the victims disappeared.


DEAN Yeah well, I got diddly-squat. What about you?


SAM Just one thing. I'm pretty sure of it now. (pulls one book closer) We're hunting a Djinn.


DEAN A freaking genie?

SAM Yeah.

DEAN What? You think these suckers can really grant wishes?


SAM I don't know. I guess they're powerful enough. But not exactly like Barbara Eden in harem pants. I mean, Djinn have been feeding off people for centuries. They're all over the Koran.


DEAN My God. Barbara Eden was hot, wasn't she? Way hotter than that Bewitched chick.


SAM Are you even listening to me?


DEAN (Clears throat) Yeah. So uh, where do the Djinns lair up?


SAM Ruins usually. Uh. Bigger the better – more places to hide.


DEAN You know, I think I saw a place a couple miles back. I'm gonna go check it out.


SAM Wait – no, no, no, no, no. Come pick me up first.


DEAN Naw, I'm sure it's nothing. I just wanna take a look around.

DEAN hangs up the phone.


SAM lowers his hand with the phone in it and sighs.


We see the Impala pull up and almost come to a stop.


DEAN enters, with a flashlight, swinging open a creaky door. DEAN walks through what appears to be an abandoned office, with typewriter, file cabinets, etc. There's a dripping water sound, but otherwise it appears empty to him.

DEAN looks back and forth in it a few times, and then starts walking back the same direction he came from but this time in the hall. On his right among all the old things and such we see a figure watching him. DEAN doesn't see it and walks on.

Suddenly it attacks him, pinning him against the window wall. DEAN drops the flashlight and the DJINN slams DEAN's right hand up against a wall, forcing DEAN to drop his knife. We get our first clear look at the DJINN, who is bald, with curling blue tattoos all over its face. The DJINN opens its left hand, which begins to glow in blue, at the same time that the DJINN's eyes begin glowing. The DJINN puts its glowing hand on DEAN's forehead and DEAN's eyes roll up, and take on a faint blue hue.




A TV showing an old black and white movie of a monster carrying an unconscious woman.


DEAN wakes up, bare-chested, and wearing a necklace that is not the amulet; he sees an apparently nude woman lying next to him.


DEAN, dressed, is walking through the dark apartment.

SAM, in another location, gets a phone call on his cell. He sees it's DEAN and looks a little worried.

SAM Dean?


SAM What's going on?

DEAN I don't know. I don't know where I am.

SAM What? What happened?

DEAN Well, the uh, the Djinn. It attacked me.

SAM The gin? You're ... drinking gin?

DEAN No, asshat. The Djinn. The ... scary creature. Remember? It put its hand on me and then I woke up ... next to some hot chick...

SAM Who? (laughs) Carmen?


SAM Dean, you're drunk. You're drunk-dialing me.

DEAN I am not drunk. Quit screwing around!

SAM Look, it's late. All right, just get some sleep and, um, I'll ... see you tomorrow. OK?

DEAN Wait, Sam! Sam!

SAM hangs up, and flips his phone down, laughing a little. He sighs and slams shut a book, CRIMINAL LAW & PROCEDURE by ???.


DEAN puts his phone back in his pocket, frustrated, and looks around. He sees an envelope, and picking it up, sees that it is addressed to:


  1. 53 BARKER AVE


DEAN Lawrence?

The next two envelopes are addressed to Dean, same address as Carmen's.

DEAN What the hell?

CARMEN Honey? What are you doing up?

DEAN Hey. Carmen. Carmen, uh, I just uh...

CARMEN Aw, you can't sleep, huh?

DEAN Yeah, heh heh.

CARMEN Well, why don't you come back to bed and let's see if I can do anything to help.

DEAN Sure. Yeah. In a minute. You - you, you go ahead.

CARMEN (smiling) OK. Don't stay up too long.


She kisses him warmly.

DEAN goes to a bookshelf, sees a photo of CARMEN, and another of CARMEN and DEAN embracing. He turns and sees something else shocking – another photo – and drops it, without the audience seeing it. The glass shatters as it breaks, and DEAN turns on his heel and leaves the room.


DEAN drives up in the Impala across the street. He shuts off the engine and goes over and we see that it's the old Winchester house from his childhood. (Address 1841)


DEAN banging on the door. He rings the bell two times as well. The porch light turns on and the door opens.

MARY Dean.

DEAN just stares at her a few seconds, not believing his eyes. His voice is broken when he talks to her, on the verge of crying.


MARY What are you doing here? Are you all right?

DEAN I don't know.

MARY Well... come inside.


DEAN comes in and MARY closes the door. He can't take his eyes of her.

MARY (cont'd) Carmen just called and said you just ... took off all of a sudden.

DEAN Carmen? Right. ... Let me ask you a question. When I was a kid, what did you always tell me when you put me to bed?

MARY Dean, I don't understand -

DEAN (hard) Just answer the question.

MARY I told you angels were watching over you.

DEAN I don't believe it.

He walks over and hugs her tightly.

MARY Honey, you're scaring me. (DEAN backs off) Now just tell me what's going on.

DEAN You don't think that wishes can, can really...

MARY What?

DEAN Forget it. (He hugs her again) Forget it. I'm just uh... I'm happy to see you, that's all.

He almost starts crying but pulls it together and releases the hug, looking down on MARY.

DEAN (cont'd) You're beautiful. (laughs a little)

MARY (smiling) What?

DEAN (clears throat) Hey, when I was uh... When I was young was there ever a fire here? (walking towards the wall, looking at the books and pictures)

MARY No. Never.

DEAN I thought there was.

We see a picture of JOHN and MARY smiling with DEAN and SAM as little kids in front of them.

DEAN (cont'd) I guess I was wrong.

We see another picture of DEAN in a cap, looking cool into the camera. Another picture of DEAN and his prom date, clearly taken at prom. Another of SAM as a graduate. DEAN picks up another picture. It's in black and white and shows JOHN, dressed in baseball clothes with a cap and a baseball bat in his hand, ready to swing, smiling at the camera.

DEAN (to himself) Dad's on a softball team. (he turns around, to see MARY looking at him seriously) Dad's... Dad's softball team. It's... That's funny to me.

MARY He loved that stupid team.

DEAN Dad's dead? And the thing that killed him was a...

MARY A stroke. He died in his sleep. You know that.

DEAN That's great.

MARY Excuse me?

DEAN That - that's great. That he went peacefully, I mean. It sure beats the alternative.

MARY You've been drinking.

DEAN No, I haven't. Mom.

MARY I'm just gonna call Carmen and have her come pick you up, OK?

DEAN Wait. No, no!

He puts his hand over MARY'S which is over the phone about to pick it up.

DEAN (cont'd) Don't - don't do that. Don't do that. I wanna stay here.


DEAN Because I-I miss the place. It's okay, you - you go to bed. Okay?

He goes over to the couch, sits down, and looks around a bit. MARY walks up to him, strokes his face tenderly.

MARY Are you sure you're all right?

DEAN I think so.

MARY Okay.

She bends down and kisses his forehead, like all mothers do. She starts out the room, stops by the door.

MARY (cont'd) Get some rest. I love you.

DEAN Me too.

She smiles and then goes to bed. DEAN stays on the couch, looking perplexed. We see a picture of SAM as a graduate with MARY and JOHN smiling proudly next to him.


DEAN wakes up on the couch to the sound of birds singing outside. When his eyes focus we see it's on a picture of the whole family, the boys as kids and JOHN is wearing a Santa hat, looking very happy. DEAN opens his eyes completely, sitting up, confused. He dials his phone.

SAM'S MACHINE V.O Hey, it's me. I can't come to the pho-

DEAN hangs up.


PROFESSOR Well I don't think I've seen you in my class before.

DEAN You kiddin' me? I love your lectures. You... You make learning fun.

They laugh.

PROFESSOR So. What can I do for you?

DEAN What can you tell me about Djinns?


DEAN and the PROFESSOR standing over a bunch of books.

PROFESSOR Well, a lot of Muslims believed the Djinn are very real. And they're mentioned in the Koran—

DEAN Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Get to the wish part.

PROFESSOR What about it?

DEAN Do you think they could really do it?

PROFESSOR Um... Uh, no. No, I don't think they can 'really do it'. You understand these are mythic creatures?

DEAN Yeah, I know. I-I-I know. I know. But uh... I mean in the stories. You know, say you had a wish, uh. But you never even said it out loud. Like that, uh... that a loved one never died. Or that, uh, something awful never happened.

PROFESSOR Supposedly, yes. I mean they have godlike power. They can alter reality however they want. Past. Present. Future.

DEAN Why would the Djinn do it? What, self-defense? Or maybe it's not really evil.



PROFESSOR You been drinking?

DEAN Everybody keeps asking me that. But uh... No.


DEAN opens the trunk to the Impala and we see only old magazines and paper cups and a rag in there, no guns or other weapons.

DEAN (laughs) Well, who'd'a thought, baby. We're civilians.

He closes the trunk, and looks over at the building.

A girl is standing in a white shirt, skirt and shoes, staring at him. DEAN's smile fades as he senses something. He looks at her for a little while and then starts to cross the street, walking towards her. Suddenly a car screeches to a halt as it avoids running into DEAN. The driver hits the horn and DEAN holds out his hand as he looks at the car. When he turns back towards the girl, she's gone. He looks puzzled for a moment, then turns back to the IMPALA.


DEAN takes a bite out of a big sandwich, grunting 'cause of the goodness.

DEAN Mmm. Mmm. Mmm! (calling out, mouth full) This is the best sandwich, ever!

MARY (from the other room) Thank you.

DEAN (still calling) I tried to get hold of Sam earlier. Where - where - where is he?

MARY Oh, he'll be here soon.

DEAN Good. Dying to see him.

MARY Sweetie, I–I... Don't get me wrong. I am thrilled you are... hanging out here... all of a sudden. (she quickly strokes DEAN's chin) But uh... shouldn't you be at work?

DEAN Work?

MARY At the garage?

DEAN Right. The garage. It's where I work, yeah. No, I-I–I've got the day off. (snickers) Heh. Good thing.

He takes another bite, again with the grunting of goodness. He looks to the window.


DEAN looking out the window.

DEAN That lawn looks like it could use some mowing.

MARY You want to mow the lawn?

DEAN You kidding me? I'd love to mow the law.

MARY Knock yourself out. You'd think you'd never mowed a lawn in your life.

DEAN shrugs, apparently thinking that no, he never has mowed a lawn. He looks all kinds of happy about the prospect of doing so.


Music playing: Joey Ramone, "What a Wonderful Life"

DEAN starts the lawnmower. He starts to mow the lawn, looking really happy, enjoying it. He's not very adept at it. He sees the neighbor across the street putting out the garbage. He waves to him like a regular guy does in this regular world. The neighbor waves back, telegraphing "surprise" with his wave, and then DEAN continues the mowing. The garden gnome watches.


DEAN sitting on the steps to the front porch, drinking a beer, feeling happy. A car drives up and parks at the curb.

DEAN I don't believe it.

He gets up to go greet SAM and JESSICA who are getting out of the car. DEAN attacks JESSICA with a hug while SAM takes out the luggage from the trunk.


DEAN Jessica.

JESSICA Agh! You're, uh... Good to see you too Dean. (DEAN laughs) Can't breathe, okay. (he lets go)

DEAN Sammy.

SAM Hey.

DEAN (smiling big) Look at you. You're with Jessica, it's - I don't believe it. (laughs)

SAM Yeah.

DEAN Where'd you guys come from?

SAM We just flew in from... Califor–

DEAN California! Stanford. Huh? Law school, I bet.

SAM (chuckles, somewhat disapprovingly) (motioning to the beer in DEAN's hand) I see you started off Mom's birthday with a bang, as usual.

DEAN Wait. Mom's birthday, that's, that's today?

SAM Yeah. Yeah, Dean. That's today. That's why we're here. Don't tell me you forgot.

DEAN (looks nonplussed) Wha...


They're all sitting at a round table. DEAN gets served a plate with asparagus spears bound into an upright sheaf.

DEAN Wow, that... looks awesome.

SAM All right. To Mom. (raises glass) Happy birthday.

JESSICA Happy birthday.

MARY Thank you.

They all clink their glasses in a cheer.

DEAN To mom.

As DEAN watches, SAM and JESSICA kiss. He smiles.

CARMEN (to DEAN) I was really worried about you last night.

DEAN Oh I'm ... I'm good. I'm really good.

CARMEN Okay. What do you say, later we get you a cheeseburger?

DEAN Oh God, yes. (she smiles) How did I end up with such a cool chick?

CARMEN Just got low standards.

He laughs and kisses her.

SAM All right. Jess and I actually have another surprise for Mom's birthday. Ah... You wanna tell 'em?

JESSICA They're your family.

SAM All right.

MARY (smiling in anticipation) What? Tell me what?

SAM hold up JESSICA's left hand and we see an engagement ring on her finger. MARY laughs happily.

MARY (happy) Oh my God! That's so wonderful.

She gets up and hugs JESSICA, who's also gotten up. We see SAM and CARMEN getting up as well, while DEAN still sits.

CARMEN (to JESSICA) Congratulations.

JESSICA Thank you.

CARMEN Congratulations.

SAM Thank you.

MARY walks over and hugs SAM.

MARY I just wish your dad was here.

SAM Yeah. Me too.

MARY Jessica, let me see that ring.

DEAN Congratulations Sammy.

SAM Thanks.

DEAN I'm really glad you're happy.

SAM looks a little puzzled at DEAN's intensity.

We see over SAM's shoulder the same girl that DEAN saw on campus earlier, when he was almost hit by a car. She looks much filthier this time. DEAN sees her, brushes past SAM and walks over. SAM turns around when DEAN hits his shoulder while passing by. DEAN passes a lot of people and when he passes the last one, the girl is gone.

DEAN turns around and looks at his family, as they stand looking at him, wondering what's up.



We hear the door open as the start with the camera on a picture of JOHN holding a very very big fish in his hands, looking happy. The women laugh as they enter.

SAM So, Dean, what was uh... what was all that back at the restaurant?

DEAN Ah... I-I thought I saw someone. I'm sure it's nothing.

MARY Well, I had a lovely birthday. Thank you. Good night.

JESSICA and CARMEN Good night.

DEAN Good night.

SAM Night, Mom. (to the others) Yeah, well I'm beat. (to JESSICA) Ready to turn in?


SAM All right. Good night guys.

DEAN Wait a second. Wait a second. Come on, it's not even nine o'clock yet. Let's uh... Let's go have a drink or something.

SAM Yeah, maybe another time.

DEAN Come on, man. Look at us. Huh? We both have beautiful women on our arms. You're engaged. Let’s go celebrate.

Awkward silence.

SAM (to JESSICA and CARMEN) Guys, can you excuse us? I just want to talk to my brother for a sec.


SAM Thanks.

JESSICA Come on, Carmen.

The women leave the room and SAM turns to DEAN.

SAM Come here. (he walks to the other side of the living room)

DEAN What? (follows)

SAM Okay. What's gotten into you?

DEAN What do you mean?

SAM I mean this whole warm, fuzzy ecstasy-trip thing.

DEAN I'm just happy for you, Sammy.

SAM Yeah, right. That's another thing. Since when do you call me Sammy? (beat) Dean, come on. We don't talk outside of holidays.

DEAN We don't? Well, we should. I mean, you're my brother.

SAM "You're my brother"?

DEAN (laughing) Yeah.

SAM You know, that's what you said when you snaked my ATM card, or when you bailed on my graduation, or when you hooked up with Rachel Nave.


SAM Uh, my prom date. On prom night.

DEAN Yeah, that does kinda sound like me. Well, hey man, I'm sorry about all that. (walks towards SAM)

SAM (backs away) No that, look, that's all right man, I-I just... You know I'm not asking you to change. I-I just, uh, ... I don't know, I... guess we just don't really have anything in common. You know?

DEAN blinks.

SAM starts to walk away.

DEAN Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Yes we do. Yes we do. (laughs)

SAM What?

DEAN Hunting.

SAM Hunting? I've never been hunting in my life, Dean.

DEAN Yeah, well, then we should go it sometime. I... I think you'd be great at it.

SAM starts to walk away again.

SAM (turns around) Get some rest.

He walks away and leaves DEAN in the living room.


DEAN is sitting on the sofa, thinking, furrowed brow. CARMEN offers him a beer.

DEAN My favorite. I guess you know me pretty well.

CARMEN 'Fraid so. You all right?

DEAN Sammy and I ... We don't get along.

CARMEN Well, you don't really spend a lot of time together. I mean, I just think you don't know each other all that well.


CARMEN For the record: He doesn't know what he's missing.

DEAN I can fix things with Sam. I can make it up to him. To everyone.

CARMEN Okay. What's gotten into you lately?

DEAN This isn't gonna make a lick of sense to you. But I kind of feel like I've been given a second chance. And I don't wanna waste it.

CARMEN You're right, that doesn't make any sense—

DEAN leans in and kisses her.

DEAN You know, I get it.

CARMEN Get what?

DEAN Why you're the one.

CARMEN Well? (he kisses her again) Whatever's gotten into you... I like it. (they begin to kiss) Ohhh... come on! Don't do this to me now. I've gotta get ready for work. (she gets off the couch, leaving DEAN sitting with his hands as if she was still between them)

DEAN You got to work now?

CARMEN I told you. I've got the night shifts on Thursday.

DEAN (getting up) You work nights at the, uh...


CARMEN is standing by the closet, taking out scrubs. DEAN stands in the doorway.

DEAN (cont'd) …hospital. (to himself) I'm dating a nurse. That is so... respectable.

CARMEN smiles at his words. DEAN looks at her... well butt probably, and takes a sip of beer.


DEAN is on the couch, putting his feet on the table, drinking beer and watching TV.

WOMAN The olive oil must have a purpose here.

MAN Yeah.


MAN I'll take the olive oil and we'll just put a, just a touch of olive oil, okay? That's all.


MAN Can't make any mistakes with this machine. Now, for liquid, I could use water but I'm gonna use a little spinach -

DEAN changed the channel to the stock market, cartoon, and then the new (15 KJLT)s. We see a land plane and hear a reporter:

REPORTER And today marks the anniversary of the crash of United Britannia Flight 424.

This gets DEAN's attention and he leans forward as he continues to watch.

REPORTER (cont'd) Indianapolis residents held a candlelight vigil in memory of the hundred and eight people who lost their lives...

DEAN No, no. I stopped that crash.


DEAN in front of his laptop reading headlines that relate to cases he has solved.

Indianapolis Sun, December 5TH, 2005 - FLIGHT 424 CRASHES, 108 DEAD; Tragedy shocks the nation, as emergency crews continue to search rubble

Nine Children Comatose; ... Mystery illness baffles doctors at Dane County Hospital

Parents mutilated in bed..; …Brutal double homicide in quiet residential area causes shock

GIRL DROWNS IN HOTEL POOL; Mother devastated after discovering daughter drowned

He catches a glimpse of a passing figure, a woman in white; maybe the same woman he has seen twice now. He gets up to see what it is.


He opens his bedroom closet door and sees several female corpses, hanging. He hears a sound and turns around to see another woman, with a wound in her head, flickering in front of him.

He pants, looking shocked, and turns back around to the closet – to see nothing out of the ordinary.


DEAN is standing by JOHN's grave. We see during the scene that it is written on it:


DEAN All of them. Everyone that you saved, everyone Sammy and I saved. They're all dead. And there's this woman, that's haunting me. I don't know why. I don't know what the connection is, not yet anyway. It's like my old life is, is coming after me or something. Like it like it doesn't want me to be happy. Course I know what you'd say. Well, not the you that played softball but... "So go hunt the Djinn. He put you here, it can put you back. Your happiness for all those people's lives, no contest. Right?" But why? Why is it my job to save these people? Why do I have to be some kind of hero? (begins to cry while talking) What about us, huh? What, Mom's not supposed to live her life, Sammy's not supposed to get married? Why do we have to sacrifice everything, Dad? (pause) It's... (Dean's lips tremble. Silence. We hear the sky rumbling. Tears begins to falls on DEAN's cheek.) Yeah...

DEAN wipes the tears on his cheeks. He turns around and walks away as the camera goes higher and we see him further and further up from the sky.



We hear a car outside. A dog barks. Then we hear a noise downstairs. SAM wakes.


SAM comes down the stairs, quietly, with a bat in his hand.


SAM stops in the doorway, leaning looking into the living room. He sees the window open and under it, someone is in one of the cabinets. SAM goes in, swinging. The person gets up and counterattacks, throwing him on the floor. We see that it's DEAN.

DEAN (breathes) That was so easy, I'm embarrassed for you.

SAM Dean? What the hell are you doing here?

DEAN gets up, letting SAM get up off the floor. They stand in front of the window – much like the first scene between them in the pilot when DEAN breaks into SAM's apartment.

DEAN I was looking for a beer.

SAM In the china cabinet?

SAM goes to turn on the light and we see the box with their parents' silverware on the floor, open.

SAM That's Mom's silver.


SAM What, you... you broke into the house... to steal Mom's silver?

DEAN It's not what it looks like. OK, I didn't have a choice.

SAM Oh really? Why? What's so damn important you gotta steal from your own mother?

DEAN You want the truth?

SAM Yeah, yeah I do.

DEAN (shrugs) I owe somebody money.

SAM Who?

DEAN A bookie. I lost big on a game, I gotta bring him the cash tonight.

SAM I can't believe we're even related.

DEAN Sam, I'm sorry.

SAM (quietly) Yeah.

DEAN I'm sorry that we don't get along. And I wish to hell I could stay and fix it. But I gotta do this. People’s lives depend on it.

He turns around and take a knife from the box.

SAM What are you talking about, Dean?

DEAN Nothing. Forget it. Just uh... hey, tell Mom I love her.

SAM frowns, seeing that something is up. DEAN goes for the door.

SAM Dean.

DEAN (turns around) I'll see you, Sammy.

He walks out the door, taking one last look at the house and SAM. SAM stands in the living room where DEAN left him, confused. We hear the Impala's engine start.


DEAN is sitting in the car, engine going, thinking. Suddenly the passenger door opens and SAM gets in the car.

DEAN Get out of the car.

SAM I'm going with you.

DEAN You're just gonna slow me down.

SAM Tough.

DEAN This is dangerous and you could get hurt.

SAM Yeah, and so could you, Dean.


SAM Look, whatever stupid thing you're about to do, you're not doing it alone. And that's that.

DEAN I don't understand. Why you doing this?

SAM (sighs) Because you're still my brother.

DEAN Bitch.

SAM W–hat are you calling me a bitch for?

DEAN You're supposed to say jerk.

SAM What?

DEAN Never mind.

He puts the Impala in gear and they drive off.


The Impala comes down the road towards the camera


The Impala's license plate, which is now RMD 5H2 - Kansas plates. The camera goes up to SAM and DEAN.


SAM looks down on a bag on the seat between them.

SAM (sighs) What's in the bag?

DEAN Nothin'.

SAM Nothin'?

DEAN Yeah, nothin'.

SAM Fine (grabs the bag and begins to open it)

DEAN You don't wanna do that.

SAM Oh really?

He takes out what was in the bag. It's a container of blood.

SAM (cont'd) (looking at the container) What the hell is this?

DEAN Blood.

SAM (upset) Yeah, I can see that it's blood, Dean! What the hell is it doing in here?

DEAN You don't really wanna know.

SAM No I-I do really wanna know. I really, really, do.

DEAN Yeah, well you're gonna find out sooner or later. I needed a silver knife dipped in lamb's blood.

SAM You needed a silver knife dipped in lamb's blood, why?

DEAN Because there's this creature. A Djinn. And I have to hunt it.

SAM Okay, um... stop the car.

DEAN I know how it sounds.

SAM Great. Just... stop the car.

DEAN It's the truth, Sam. All right, there are things out there in the dark. There – there – there are bad things. There are nightmare things. And people have to be saved and if we don't save them, then nobody will.

SAM Look, I wanna help you, all right. I-I really, really do, but you're having some kind of psychotic breakdown, so, I ... just –

DEAN I wish.

SAM picks up his phone and starts dialing a number. DEAN rolls down his window, grabs SAM's phone, throws it out, and then rolls up the window again.

SAM What the hell was that, Dean? That was my phone!

DEAN I'm not going to a rubber room, Sammy. And we got work to do.

SAM What? I was just trying to help you out, Dean. I don't, I don't want you to get yourself hurt.

DEAN What? You protect me?

SAM Yeah!

DEAN (laughs) Oh, that's hilarious. Why don't you just sit tight and try not to get us both killed.

DEAN starts the radio and music ("Mr. Saturday Night Special") blares out.


The same shot of the Impala driving up between the building shows, as we saw in the teaser. The car stops while we still hear the music blaring.


DEAN looks over at SAM who is asleep. He picks up his flashlight and shines it on SAM's face. SAM wakes with a start.

SAM Where are we?

DEAN Well, we're not in Kansas anymore. (he chuckles at SAM. When there's no reaction the smile dies) Illinois.

SAM And you think something's in there?

DEAN I know it is.


We're back in the room with the glass wall to our right. DEAN and SAM are walking in, flashlight in DEAN's hand.

SAM See? There's nothing here, Dean.


DEAN starts walking down the hallway, same way as last time when he got attacked. SAM closely follows behind.

SAM Look, Carmen's gotta be worried sick about you, Dean. Come on, let- let's just go.

There's a sound.


We hear sounds and SAM finally starts to take it seriously.

SAM What the hell is that?

DEAN Stay behind me and keep your mouth shut.


DEAN and SAM approaches and while the camera moves backwards we see bodies hanging from the ceiling appearing before them. It's the same bodies DEAN saw in his closet earlier.



We see a drained blood bag hanging next to one of the bodies.

SAM What the hell?

DEAN looks further to the right, and we see the woman DEAN has been seeing all through the episode, hanging like the bodies. They approach her and we see another blood bag next to her, filled with blood. Her eyes are open, but she looks close to dead. We flash a few times to her in front of the campus building earlier.

DEAN It's her.

SAM looks at the bag and at her wrists that are tied, just like the others. She begins to moan and whimper.

SAM Dean, what's going on?

DEAN (grabs him) Shh!

We see what DEAN saw: the Djinn is coming out. When it comes out from behind a wall and walks up behind the woman, the guys are gone.

WOMAN (sobbing) Where's my dad? (crying) I won't tell ... (looking at the Djinn) Don't. (she moves her feet away from the Djinn while we see that DEAN and SAM has hidden. She's crying) Where's my dad.

The DJINN touches her face.

DJINN Sleep.

We see some blue flares go over her cheek as he strokes her. The DJINN's eyes glow bright blue.

DJINN (cont'd) Sleep. ... Sleep.

Her head falls forward, eyes still open and her feet relaxes, falling forward again. The DJINN rests his face against her arms, touching her right arm and breathing heavily, eyes closed. He then goes for the blood bag, pulls out one straw and puts it to his mouth, drinking her blood.

SAM sees this and gags in disgust. The DJINN hears, and turns around right away; its eyes flash blue and he begins to move towards their hiding place. When he gets there, the guys are gone.


The DJINN walks up some creaky steps and we see SAM and DEAN standing below them, looking up, following his steps. When a door closes in the background SAM begins to breathe loudly.

SAM This is real? You're not crazy?

DEAN (thinking aloud) She didn't know where she was. She thought she was with her father.


DEAN and SAM walk up to the woman again.

DEAN What if that's what the Djinn does? It doesn't grant you a wish, it just makes you think it has.

SAM Look man. That thing could come back, all right?

DEAN walks past SAM in the opposite direction of the woman. He looks up at a light bulb and it starts to flicker in brighter light. We see flashes of DEAN, hanging by his wrists like the woman. DEAN starts to gag, little trouble breathing, probably shock for starting to realize what's going on.

SAM Dean, please.

DEAN (breathing heavily) What if I'm like her? What if I'm tied up in here some place? What if all this is in my head?


(DEAN walks up to the woman) I mean it could, you know, maybe it gives us some kind of supernatural acid, and then just feeds on us slow.

SAM No. Dean, that doesn't make sense. OK?

DEAN What if that's why she keeps appearing to me? She's not a spirit. It's - it's like more and more like I'm catching flashes of reality. You know, like I'm in here somewhere, and I'm - I'm catatonic, and I'm taking all this stuff in but I, but I can't snap out of it.

SAM Yeah, OK, look. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're right. I was wrong. You're not crazy but we – we – we need to get out of here. Fast.

He starts to pull DEAN with him. DEAN pulls his arm loose from SAM. SAM looks at him and throws his arms out like "what?"

DEAN I don't think you're real.

SAM (agitated, sucks in a breath) Dude, you feel that? (he's grabbing DEAN by the arms) You feel this? I'm real. This is not an acid trip. I'm real, and that thing is gonna come down here and kill us for real. Now, please—

DEAN There's one way to be sure. (he pulls out the silver knife)

SAM (backing off) Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing?

DEAN It's an old wives' tale. If you're about to die in a dream, you wake up.

SAM No, no, no, no, no, no, no. That's crazy. All right?

DEAN (with a determined look) Maybe.

SAM (start walking towards DEAN) You're gonna kill yourself— (DEAN holds out the knife and his other hand to stop him) OK.

DEAN Or I'm gonna wake up. One or the other.

SAM OK. This isn't a dream, all right. I'm here, with you, now. And you're about to kill yourself, Dean.

DEAN No, I'm pretty sure. Like, 90% sure. But I'm sure enough.

He turns the knife on himself, takes both his hands to the handle, ready to thrust it into himself.


Suddenly MARY walks up next to DEAN, in the same nightgown that she died in. Behind SAM, CARMEN appears.

SAM Why'd you have to keep digging?

DEAN looks back at MARY. We see JESSICA appearing on his right side.

SAM (cont'd) Why couldn't you have left well enough alone? (DEAN looks around) You were happy.

MARY comes up in front of DEAN.

MARY Put the knife down, honey.

DEAN You're not real. (tears in his eyes) None of it is.

MARY It doesn't matter. It's still better than anything you had.

DEAN What?

MARY It's everything you want. We're a family again. Let’s go home.

DEAN (shaking his head) I'll die. (voice breaking) The Djinn'll... drain the life out of me in a couple of days.

MARY But in here, with us, it'll feel like years. Like a lifetime. (DEAN looks over at SAM who half-smiles and nods to him) I promise. (She takes his chin in her hand, and he looks down on her) No more pain. (strokes his cheek) Or fear. Just love and comfort. And safety. Dean, stay with us. (strokes his other cheek and he leans into her hand, closing his eyes) Get some rest.

JESSICA You don't have to worry about Sam anymore. (DEAN looks over at her) You get to watch him live a full life.

MARY steps away, and CARMEN walks up to him, taking his face in her hands, kissing him.

CARMEN We can have a future together. Have our own family. I love you, Dean. Please.

SAM walks up to him.

SAM Why is it our job to save everyone? Haven't we done enough? (echoing what DEAN said earlier.) I'm begging you. (breathes in) Give me the knife.

DEAN looks at CARMEN, SAM, and MARY with tears in his eyes. Then he backs away looking at the floor. He raises his head, looking at SAM.

DEAN inhales (whisper) I'm sorry.

He thrusts the knife into himself, and blood immediately comes out of his mouth.


SAM walks up to DEAN and we see now that the SAM saying "DEAN" is the real SAM. DEAN is hanging from the ceiling like the other woman, eyes open. A blood bag hangs next to him.

SAM Oh God. Come on. (shaking him) Hey. Wake up. Wake up, damn it!

DEAN grunts a little. His eyes begin to focus on SAM.

SAM Hey. Hey.

DEAN Ahh... Auntie Em. There's no place like home.

SAM Thank God. I thought I lost you for a second. (he pulls out the tube in DEAN's throat)

DEAN You almost did.

SAM Oh god. (breathing heavily) Let's get you down.

SAM reaches up and starts to cut through the rope as DEAN winces over the pain and grunts a little. We see two bright blue eyes next to SAM in the shadows, and the DJINN comes out.

DEAN (seeing the DJINN) SAM!

SAM turns around, going to the DJINN with the knife. The DJINN has SAM for a moment, gets him to drop the knife. DEAN tries to pull himself loose, pulling on the rope that SAM had begun cutting. The DJINN gets the upper hand on SAM, and his holding him by the throat. The DJINN's hand is glowing blue, and he is moving it toward SAM's forehead, but SAM is struggling, pushing against his wrist and trying to stop him. The DJINN opens his fist and blue light begins to appear around his hand.

When its hand is almost at SAM's forehead DEAN thrusts the knife into the back of the DJINN, turns it and we see the blue light go out of its eyes. It closes its eyes, its head rolls down, and when DEAN pulls out the knife, it falls to the ground dead.

SAM breathes heavily from being strangled and DEAN doesn't look too good,pale and with red-rimmed eyes.


DEAN walks up to the girl. He puts his hand to her neck, feeling for a pulse. A tear rolls down one of her cheeks.

DEAN She's still alive! (handing the knife over to SAM) Sam...

DEAN pulls out the tube in her neck as SAM cuts her rope. DEAN catches her as she goes down.

DEAN (SAM watches) I gotcha. I gotcha. We're gonna get you out of here, OK? I gotcha. (She makes small wheezing sounds) I got you.



DEAN is sitting on the edge of a hotel bed, flipping through a magazine. He sees an ad with a woman lying on the beach, holding a beer – the woman is Carmen, his lover in the DJINN-fantasy.

SAM (on the phone) OK, uh, thank you so much for the update. OK, bye. (he hangs up)

SAM (to DEAN) That was the hospital. Girl's been stabilized. Good chance she's gonna pull through.

DEAN That's good.

SAM Yeah. (pause) How 'bout you? You all right?

DEAN (clears throat) Yeah, I'm all right. (pause) You should have seen it, Sam. Our lives. You were such a wussy.

SAM (chuckles) So we didn't get along then, huh?


SAM Yeah... I thought it was supposed to, to be this perfect fantasy.

DEAN It wasn't. It was just a wish. I wished for Mom to live. That Mom never died, we never went hunting and you and me just never uh... you know.

SAM Yeah. Well, I'm glad we do. And I'm glad you dug yourself out, Dean. Most people wouldn't've had the strength, would have just stayed.

DEAN Yeah... Lucky me. I gotta tell you though, man. You know, you had Jess. Mom was gonna have grandkids...

SAM Yeah, but... Dean... it wasn't real.

DEAN I know. But I wanted to stay. (DEAN looks sad, lost.) I wanted to stay so bad. I mean, ever since Dad... all I c– all I can think about is how much this job's cost us. (pause) We've lost so much. We've... sacrificed so much.

SAM But people are alive because of you. (DEAN scoffs.) It's worth it, Dean. It is. It's not fair, and... you know, it hurts like hell, but... it's worth it.

DEAN, looks at his brother, then down again, sadly, pensively.

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  • Transcript edited 2013 from Netflix version.