14.18 Absence (transcript)

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14.18 Absence

Written by: Robert Berens

Directed by: Nina Lopez-Corrado

Air Date: April 11, 2019


Jack: I am a Winchester!
Castiel: Jack, no!
Jack: I'm me again.
Castiel: Jack, you have your powers back?
Jack: I think so.
Castiel: And your soul?
Jack: You want to know how much of my soul I had to burn off to kill Michael.
Castiel: Yes.
Jack: I don't know.
Dean: Nick. He's trying to resurrect Lucifer.
Jack: I can get us to him, but I need to use my powers.
Mary: Do it (Cut scene to cabin) Stop! Jack, stop! What are you doing?
Sam: Where's Nick?
Jack: It's over.
Sam: What about Mom?
Jack: She's fine. Everything's gonna be fine. (Scene goes from Sam and Dean back to the cabin Nick, he was a bad person, a killer. He deserved it.
Mary: Not like that.
Jack: Leave me alone!
Mary: Please. Just -- -
Jack: Leave me alone! -
Mary Jack! Something's wrong. Listen to me!
Jack: Leave me alone! (Sudden pause) Mary?

Act One

The scene opens as Dean and Sam comes back to the bunker looking for Mary and Jack wondering if they were back home.
Dean: Yo, Mom! - Mom! Jack? Mom? Hey, Jack?
Sam: Jack? Jack?
Dean: Yo, anybody here? [ Door opens and closes ]
Sam: Mom? Mom? Jack? Nothing.
Dean: They probably just stopped for a bite on the way back. You know how Mom gets after a Hunt.
Sam: Yeah. True that.
Dean: Well, hey, here's to another miraculous Sam Winchester survival. Got to say, man, if Jack hadn't have healed you...
Sam: Yep:
Dean: You know, lately, it feels like we'd be up the creek without that kid. I mean, first, he takes care of Michael and then Nick.
Sam: Kind of sounds like you're bummed about it.
Dean: No. "Get out of jail free" card? I'll take that.
Sam: Gonna try Mom?
Dean: Yeah. (Dean tries calling Mary again though the cell phone on the other table was going off as if she left it there along with her bag) Looks like they left in a hurry.
Sam: Try Jack.


Sam: Yeah. Thanks. Okay. All right, thanks.
Dean: What did Jody say?
Sam: She hasn't heard anything.
Dean: You?
Sam: Nada. Left voicemails for Donna, Charlie, Bobby.
Dean: Rowena?
Sam: Yeah Just got off the phone with her. She says she has a spell that might track them down.
Dean: Okay, well, that's good. (Dean's phone was ringing and then he answers it, hearing Castiel on the line.)
Dean: Hey, Cas.
Castiel: I got your message. Nick was trying to raise Lucifer?
Dean: Yeah.
Castiel: Where is he now?
Dean: I don't, uh -- Kid said he took care of him. So, right now, we're just trying to find Jack and Mom.
Castiel: Are they together?
Dean: Yeah.
Castiel: A-Alone?
Dean: Y-Yeah. W-Why do you -- Yes, Cas, they were together, alone.
Sam: What's he saying?
Dean: I don't..Cas?
Castiel: I, um --
Dean:If you have something to tell us, now's the time.
Castiel: I saw Jack. He -- He -- He did something when I got home with Sam. I went to check on him, and Felix was sick.
Dean: Felix? You mean the snake?
Castiel: Yes. Jack used his powers. He killed the snake. I think Jack considered it a mercy. I-I was gonna tell you.
Dean: ...but you just wanted to wait until we were already freaked out.
Castiel: I'm sorry. I don't think Jack is well, Dean. Dean? (Dean suddenly hangs up on Castiel)
Sam: What?
Dean: He said that Jack went all Kevorkian on his snake.
Dean: Don't know. Who cares. It's a snake. Right now, we've got to find them.
Sam: I think I have an idea.
Dean: This will work?
Sam: As long as Jack's battery's running, probably. There we go. Look. Wait. Is that? Nepal? Wait a second.
Dean: Where'd he go?
Sam: There.
Dean: Lima, Peru.
Sam: Jack's flying. Paris, France.
Dean: What the hell is he doing?

(Jack woken up after returning back to the cabin where the scene of what went down with Mary happened.)
Jack: You knew my mother.
Mary: I was there when you were born.
Jack: Stop!
Mary: Jack, what you did was amazing. Jack, please! Just -- Listen to me! Leave me alone!
Jack: (Jack turns seeing Nick) Nick?
Nick: Mm. Guess again.
Lucifer: Hello, Son.
Jack: No. That's not possible. You're -- Dead? All right.
Nick: You got me. I'm not Nick. I'm not Lucifer. I'm you.
Jack: What?
Nick: Yeah. I'm your, you know, subconscious or whatever.Y-You whipped me up to help you figure this out.
Jack: Whatever you are I don't want your help.
Nick: Actually, you do. So I'm gonna give you a little piece of advice, bud, how you can wiggle out of this little pickle you're in.
Jack: You don't. You won't. You can't.
Nick: All right? Buddy, you killed Mary Winchester. You cannot come back from that, and you know it. All right? You've been flapping your wings all around, trying to run away from what you did, and where'd you wind up? Right here, right back to the scene of the crime.
Jack: No.
Nick: Yeah. Yeah, because somewhere inside, you realize that the sooner you accept it, the easier it'll be.
Jack: No, it's -- It was an accident.
Nick: Okay. Tell Sam and Dean that. I'm sure they'll understand. It's not like family isn't everything to them.
Jack: Shut up.
Nick: No, I'm serious. Pull out your cellphone right now and call them.
Jack: Shut up! (Jack ends up making Nick vanish)

Sam: (They were in the car, Dean driving to Jack's destination) All right. Cas is gonna meet us there.You know, maybe Jack was wrong, you know? I mean, maybe Nick pulled it off, maybe Lucifer's back, and he took them both. And -- And Jack -- I mean he must have thought he was helping, you know, being kind.
Dean: What?
Sam: With Felix.
Dean: Wait. Really? With the snake?
Sam: I'm just saying, Dean. I'm trying to understand Jack without a soul.
Dean: We don't know that he doesn't have a soul! Okay, I don't want to -- Let's -- Let's just not talk about it, all right? Let's just find Mom. We'll find Jack. We'll figure it all out.
Sam:All right. - Uh-oh. (Oh Sam's Tablet said signals lost they later arrives at the cabin)
Dean: You look inside. I'll take around back.
Dean: Jack?
Sam: Mom?! In the cabin, it's.... (They see a pile of ashes outside and wonders what happened)

Castiel: (Castiel was sitting in his car and ends up having a flashback on Mary) Well, that was a close one.
Mary: Not that close. I counted wrong. I thought there were only two vamps in the basement. I handled the third one.
Castiel: Yes, you certainly did. You know, I'm no expert, but I think most humans would bandage an open wound before stopping to eat.
Mary: It's a scratch.
Castiel: Still I could heal you. If you'll let me.
Mary: I'm -- I'm okay.
Castiel: Are you still afraid of me?
Mary: Maybe a little. I haven't been back that long. Angels are real. Angels are friends. Angels can heal you with a wave of a glowy hand. I -- It's all pretty new still. We should get back. Boys will be waiting.
Castiel: I know you know this, Mary, but, um, Sam and Dean -- they're -- they're glad to have you back. Whatever you still have to deal with and however long it takes, you should know they're happy. I mean, finally, they don't have to be so, um, so alone.
Mary: Castiel. They were never alone. (The voice echoes as the flashback ended) They were never alone.

Sam: Dean, if Jack did that --
Dean: Hey, we don't know what happened, okay? I mean, we don't know what Nick did. He probably deserved it.
Sam: Dean, look. No one wanted Nick dead more than I did, but -- I mean, that [ Door opens ] Cas.
Castiel: (Cas comes in and saw the body and the boys) Is that Nick?
Sam: Yeah. We looked around. No sign of Jack or Mom. There's a, um, blast site behind the house. It looks angelic, just bigger.
Dean: Might have been Lucifer. Nick was trying to bring him back.
Sam: Yeah, but Jack said--
Dean: Who cares what Jack said? We don't know what happened! But I swear, if he did something to her, if she is -- (points to Castiel) Then you're dead to me. (Castiel looked crushed after Dean had said that)
Sam: Dean.
Dean: No, he knew. He knew something was wrong with the kid. He knew it, and he didn't tell us! He didn't even tell us!
Castiel: I was scared. I believed in Jack for so long, I I believed that he was -- he was good. I -- I knew that he would be good for the world. And he was good for us. My faith in him, it -- it never wavered, and then I-I saw what he did. It wasn't malice. It wasn't evil. It was like Jack saw a problem, and in his mind, he just solved it with that snake.
Dean: The snake?!
Castiel: What he did wasn't bad. It was the absence of good. And I saw that in him. But we were a family, and I didn't want to lose that, so I thought I could fix it on my own. Felt like it was my responsibility. So I left. And I didn't tell you. If I could go back and just -- just talk to him right then and there, I would. But I can't, Dean. I failed you. And I failed Jack. And I failed --
Dean: No, no. Don't even say it. Don't even say her name.
Sam: Dean.
Dean: Who is it?
Sam: Rowena. Hey.
Rowena: Hello, Samuel. I did what you asked. I used scrying magic on the boy, tried to find him. But his energy, it's too unstable. It was like looking at the sun.
Sam: And Mom?
Dean: Say it!
Rowena: I don't know what happened or where she is but I can tell you with certainty Mary Winchester is no longer on this Earth. (There was a pause and silence in the room the silence was shattered as Dean smashed a chair on a wall visibly angry and upset)
Sam: So, what do we do?
Dean: What do we always do when we lose one of our own? We fight.
We fight to bring them back.
Sam: How? Billie?
Dean: Rowena. She's got the Book of the Damned. She's resurrected herself more times than we can count.
Castiel: How? We don't even know where your mother is.
Dean: Then go to heaven and find her! Tell Rowena we're on our way.

Act Two

Rowena: "Magice Necromantiorum. Sudden Pounding on door) That was fast. Oh, boy.
Jack: Hello, Rowena.
Rowna: Are you -- Are you well? Sam and Dean are looking for you. I-I could call them.
Jack: No! I need help. I need magic.
Rowena: Why?
Jack: I killed Mary. I-It was an accident. I-I didn't mean to. I just -- I just wanted her to be quiet. I just wanted her gone, but only for a second. And I just. I thought it. It all happened so fast. I need to undo it. You need to help me undo it.
Rowena: I, uh -- The magic I've used on myself, my -- my little subdermal sachets -- they only work as fail-safes. They have to be prepared in advance, Jack.
Jack: Um -- What about the book? The book.
Rowena: Yes. Yes. The -- The book. I mean, there -- there is a spell. Agnes, the witch who created the Book, was a prisoner for years. She was obsessed with breaking curses. What is death but the ultimate curse? In captivity, her friends, her only companions starved and perished, so she developed a spell to bring them back -- the "Magice Necromantiorum.
Jack: Okay. What will we need?
Rowena: Oh, well, um the Necromantiorum requires enormous power. The ingredients are relatively simple. Um, nothing you wouldn't have handy in the bunker.
Dean: Rowena?! Open up!
Jack: You've been stalling me.
Dean: Rowena?!
Jack: Tricking me! Just talk to them.
Rowena: Jack. They're your kin.
Dean: Come on! Open up!

Castiel: Hello? Hello? [ High-pitched ringing ] Naomi.

Rowena: Jack! (They arrive at the bunker then Jack sees the floor and has a flashback)
Jack: Come on.
Mary: Okay. Outward position. Right Index. Index finger. Flip. Thumb. No, keep your finger over there. All right. Thumb. And then switch it all around. There you go. Right. Outward position. Index, flip That's okay. That one was close. That's enough for today. You're doing great. It's not easy.
Jack: When we get Dean back, he's gonna kill me for this.
Mary: For what? (Mary sees the marks on the floor and chuckles as she moves the table to cover it)
Sam: Hey.
Mary: Hey.
Sam: How's his training coming along?
Mary: He's got heart. He'll get there.
Sam: I feel bad. I've been so busy looking for Dean--
Mary: Sam, everyone here understands what you've been doing and what you've been putting yourself through.
Sam: Yeah, I know, but Jack's been through a lot -- you know, losing his powers.And I haven't really been there for him.Sorry, Mom. I don't mean to lay all this on you.
Mary: No. Are you kidding? It's nice knowing I'm not the only one with parental guilt. How much did the two of you go through when I wasn't there for you? And even when Amara brought me back and I got a second chance, things got complicated. I got complicated.
Sam: Mom.
Mary: No, I'm just saying parenting is always a struggle. You always feel like you're failing, but then you look at them, and somehow, they're amazing. And somehow, (Mary holds Sam’s face as she speaks to him) they're literally the bravest, kindest, most heroic men on the planet. Kids. They'll always surprise you. (The flashback ends as it fades to Sam)
Dean: Well, how the hell are we supposed to keep up with Jack when he's got wings, huh?! And now he's got Rowena? He's got the Book of the Damned? I don't know what to do. I don't even know where to go! Cas should have told us. As soon as he saw Jack go all Dahmer on his stupid freakin' snake, he should have told us.

Sam: Dean, it wasn't just Cas. It wasn't. We knew Jack was dangerous. We always knew. Long before he killed Michael. You more than anyone. I mean, from the very beginning, you knew. But, you know, we fell for him 'cause he had a good heart and a good soul. Then he didn't. And that's on me, too, by the way. I mean, I'm the one who made the call to bring him back. He didn't ask for that. I decided for him. And you warned me.
Dean: No, you didn't know, okay? We didn't know.
Sam:Exactly. We didn't know. But -- He had become our family. You know, after Maggie and the other Hunters died I just left. Just dumped Jack on Cas and left. I knew. I mean, I knew something was gonna I just didn't know it'd be this.
Dean: I did it, too. When I talked to Donatello about Jack, he said he was good as far as he could tell. But then he talked about how powerful Jack was and that he could never really be sure. And it was a warning. I just couldn't see it.

Act Three

Jack: Are you done yet?
Rowena: I said they were simple ingredients, but there are a lot of them, and they need to be compounded precisely. You know, I could have fought you back at my flat. I'm not saying I would have won, but I could have tried. I didn't because you want the same thing the boys want, that I want.
Nick: No offense, buddy, but this is just so sad. Jack? Bringing the witch bitch into your desperate little plan? Why? So you can "make things right" with the Winchesters?
Jack: You stop it.
Rowena: Excuse me?
Jack:It's -- It's fine.
Nick: Um Just What do you want? Forgiveness? You want gratitude for bringing Mommy back? Why? So you can call this dump home again? So you can ease your guilt? But you don't have guilt anymore, do you, Jack? Admit it. You don't feel anything anymore.
Jack: Shut up.
Rowena: Are you okay?
Jack: Keep working.
Nick: You know this torment that you're feeling right now? It's just a reflex. It's just a habit, man. It's -- It's an echo from when you actually could feel something, when it mattered. But you know what? The sooner you give up this little fantasy, the sooner this phantom pain can go away.
Jack: No. Shut up.
Nick: Mnh-mnh. Not gonna. And you know what, Jack? It's not gonna work.You know it's not gonna work. You know it.
Jack: Shut up, shut up, shut up! Are you done yet? Are you done?!
Rowena: Yes. We have everything we need. All but the last thing. The last thing. Her body.

Castiel: Naomi. I'm still here, and I'm not going anywhere, not until I have a word with you. Dumah. Where's Naomi?
Dumah: Well, I'd tell you it's none of your business, but you already know it's none of your business. Why are you here?
Castiel: I'm looking for someone.
Dumah: Mary Winchester? If that's why you're here, then you should leave now.
Castiel: Why? There may be a way to bring her back.
Dumah: Why would you want to do that? Because she's gone. She is at peace. You know, she died painlessly. Instantly. Completely. She's in Heaven, a special Heaven. Mary Winchester is complete. You and the Winchesters may not be. But she is.

Rowena: Jack?
Jack: I brought you to the right place. We have the right ingredients.
Rowena: Where's the body, Jack? -
Jack: We can do this. That's -- You will make it work!
Rowena: It won't. Can't.
Jack: Then I'll do it myself.
Rowena: You're in no condition. Jack, a cardinal rule of magic -- disposition affects execution and you are spinning! Whatever you bring back, it won't be her.
Jack:Then help me!
Rowena: I won't. (Rowena ended up being sent home by Jack aggressively with his powers) Ugh!
Sam: Rowena, hey. We just left your place.
Rowena: Well, I'm back! Listen. Jack is using magic to try to bring your mom back.
Sam: Can he do that?
Rowena: There's no body. And your boy, he snapped. He's desperate. Confused, angry. You have to try to stop him.
Sam: Why?
Rowena: Necromancy is a delicate art. It's unpredictable under ideal circumstances. In his state, oh, I fear your boy will bring back something terrible.
Jack: Id quod mortuum, nunc oriatur. Hoc quod cecidit, nunc revertatur. Id quod mortuum, nunc oriatur. Hoc quod cecidit, nunc revertatur. Hoc quod cecidit, nunc revertatur. Orimini. Ori mini.

Sam: What the hell? - What are you doing?
Dean: The engine just stopped.

Sam: Jack.
Jack: It didn't work.
Dean: No, no. No. Mom? Mom. (Dean holds Mary's lifeless body in his arms as he and Sam cries. Dean has a flashback of Mary sleeping on his shoulder in a car. Scene pans out to all three of them confirming that Mary really is dead.)
Nick: Well, I warned you. It's worse -- trying and failing. There's no going back. You realize that now. Cas, Sam, Dean they're never gonna trust you again. And you know what that means. What? You can never trust them.
Sam: Cas.
Castiel: She's in Heaven. And she's at peace.
Sam: So Naomi told you, huh?
Castiel: Dumah, actually.
Dean: So, what? Are you just gonna take her word for it?
Castiel: No. No, she let me in. (We see Cas in Heaven finding Mary's room with the plate 1954-1983 and 2016-2019 on the door he went to look for himself then the scene went back to present time) I saw your mother's Heaven, and she is happy. She's with John, and there's no sorrow. There's no guilt. Just joy. I talked to Rowena. Um, she said she thinks that what Jack brought back -- He just brought back a shell. A body, you know. That it was empty. Just a a replica. "Incapable of holding life."
Sam: So, what are we supposed to do now?
Dean: What we always do.
Cas, Dean and Sam had a funeral pyre outside with Mary's body burning as they stood watching her burn. Cas wanted go over to Dean but Sam stops him. Sam had a photo of Mary and tossed it into the fire as they said their goodbyes.