14.15 Peace of Mind

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Title Peace of Mind
Episode # Season 14, Episode 15
First aired March 14, 2019
Directed by Phil Sgriccia
Written by Teleplay:
Meghan Fitzmartin
Meghan Fitzmartin
Steve Yockey
On IMDB Peace of Mind
Outline Dean takes Jack to visit Donatello for some insight on living without a soul. Meanwhile, Sam and Castiel investigate unusual deaths in a town that's too good to be true.
Monster Chip Harrington (Psychic)
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas
Charming Acres, Arkansas
Lewis, Oklahoma
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  • "We Live in Two Different Worlds Now" by Slim Whitman
(playing in Harrington's soda shoppe as Sam and Castiel enter)
  • "Pink Shoe Laces" by The Chordettes
(playing on Ms. Dowling's headphones and as Castiel walks into the soda shoppe)


Dean: How's the kid?

Castiel: Well, he says he's good, but what about Sam?

Dean: He says he's good. I think they're both full of crap.
Castiel: Love letters that were under the bed. They're from Sunny.

Sam: Sunny. Sunny the milkshake waitress?
Castiel: Yeah, and they're surprisingly passionate.
Sam: Passionate how?
Castiel: She spends quite a bit of time talking about the -- the shape and the heft of his --

Sam: Okay. Got it, yep, passionate. Understood.
Sam: Sir, using language like H-E-double hockey sticks! You should have your mouth washed out with soap.
Jack: How did you lose your soul?
Donatello: God's sister ripped it right out of me. That wasn't my best day. But oddly, it wasn't my worst day, either.
Donatello: You know, Jack, our galaxy's all bright and shiny and spinny but in its center lies this very large black hole. It's the same with me. I'm all bright and shiny, obviously -- Not so much spinny. But inside? Empty.

Jack: So you feel bad?

Donatello: I feel nothing. Losing your soul doesn't make you bad. It doesn't make you anything. It's um an absence of... of pity, of empathy... of humanity.
Donatello: I'd keep an eye on him, but I think if he seems okay, he probably is.

Dean: So he's not like you?

Donatello: Oh, no. I'm a Prophet of the Lord, but he -- Jack's probably the most powerful being in the universe. I mean, really, who knows what's going on inside his head?
Castiel: Sam, I know you want to be happy. And I know what it's like to lose your army. I know what it's like... to fail as a leader, Sam. But you can't lose yourself. You have to keep fighting. You can't lose yourself, because if you do, you fail us. You fail all of those that we've lost. You fail Jack. Sam, you fail Dean.
Chip: No. No. In this town, I'm God.

Sam: No. You're not. Believe me. We've met God.

Castiel: God has a beard.
Dean: Really happy, huh?

Sam: I mean, I guess I was happy, but... It wasn't real, you know? Just...
Dean: Well, not a lot of happy goin' on around here.

Sam: I hate this place right now. I hate it. Everywhere I look I see them. I see Maggie. I guess that's why -- why I was so desperate to get out of here, why I kept running us ragged. But I got to stop that. I-I can't keep running. I -- This is my home. This is our home. Dean, I think I just need some time.
Jack: Cas says you miss your friend. You need help. Sam and Dean would help you, so I'll help you. I'll help you see your friend again. In Heaven.

Trivia & References

"Peace of Mind" was the final single released from Boston's self-titled debut album.
Charming Acres references the 1998 film Pleasantville. In the movie, a brother and sister end up inside a 1950s black and white TV show, set in a small Midwest town, where everything at first appears perfect.
Sam and Castiel use the aliases "Agents Scholz and Delp." Tom Scholz is a founding member and primary songwriter for the band Boston. Brad Delp was the lead vocalist for Boston up until his death in 2007.
Griffin: He comes in looking like he's been running all night, asks for my phone, then he just... went all Scanners.

Castiel: Was it more Scanners 1, 2, or 3?

The 1981 horror movie Scanners and its sequels are about powerful psychics who can kills with their minds, making peoples' heads explode.
Castiel: It's like were stepping into a "Saturday Evening Post". I look at them sometimes after you fall asleep at night. They're very soothing.
The "Saturday Evening Post" is a magazine that has been published since 1821. The style of Charming Acres evokes the art of Normal Rockwell which featured on the covers for nearly 50 years in the mid twentieth century.
Donatello: When I need to 'blend,' I ask myself, 'What would Mister Rogers do?'

Jack: Who's Mr. Rogers?
Donatello: The best man I know.
Jack: Sam and Dean are the best men I know.
Donatello: So, ergo, whenever you don't want them to worry, just think 'WWWD' -- 'What Would the Winchesters Do?'

Fred Rogers was the host of children's television series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (1968–2001). He was known for his kindness and friendliness. Donatello told Sam and Dean about his Mister Rogers mantra in 13.02 The Rising Son.
The phrase "What Would Jesus Do?" - often shortened to WWJD - was popularized in the 1990s by U.S. Christians, as a reference point for their morality. Since then it has become a meme, where other characters or people are substituted for "Jesus". In 1.17 Hell House, Ed Zeddmore says "Okay, WWBD. What would Buffy do?"


The episode opened with the scene from the end of 14.14 Ouroboros of Jack with Felix the snake, and cuts to the scene from 4.06 Yellow Fever when Dean is confronted by the large pet python. In reality it was Jared who was scared of the python.
The town of Charming Acres was filmed in Cloverdale in Surrey, British Columbia.
In the Impala, Dean offers Jack some snacks - one is angel food cake and one is devil's food cake. Jack chooses the devil's food cake at first, but then switches to the angel food cake, much to Dean's relief.

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