13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive (transcript)

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13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive

Written by: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming

Directed by: Amyn Kaderali

Air Date: April 12, 2018



Dean and Ketch come through the rift to land in the snow-covered Apocalypse World.

KETCH: Ah, well...here we are.

DEAN [looking around, confused] Yeah.

KETCH: You do know where we are, don't you? Because, not to be a nag, but we've only got 24 hours before...

DEAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just give me -- give me a minute.

KETCH: ...the rift closes.

DEAN: Look, we just got spin-cycled through space and time, okay? And yes, this is... different than my last drop-by. And what's this “we” crap, hmm? You came here to save yourself, so... go save yourself, somewhere else.

KETCH: Well, actually, I thought I could help.

DEAN: What?

KETCH: Find the boy. And your...mother. She's in danger. I owe her that.

DEAN: You know, she sees you, she'll probably kill you. Again.

KETCH: Perhaps, but you don't know where you are or what's out there or even... You get the picture. Would having a little bit of backup really be so bad?

Dean and Ketch continue on together, walking alongside a river, where the rocks and trees are covered in snow. It’s obviously very cold. They walk underneath a bridge.

KETCH: Well, this is quite the vacation spot, isn't it?

DEAN: Yeah. If you had your heart set on Mai Tais, well...sorry.

Dean spots movement on the bridge.

DEAN [motioning to Ketch]: Down. Down. Down. Down. Down.

A group of soldiers walk onto the bridge. They have three prisoners, their heads covered with hoods, execution style.

COMMANDER: Is this everyone?

SOLDIER: Yes, Commander.

COMMANDER: For high crimes of fomenting rebellion against the archangel Michael, these humans shall be executed.

One of the soldiers removes the hood from the head of a woman. Another soldier places his hand on the women’s forehead. He is an angel and he uses his powers to execute the woman.

DEAN: Freakin' angels.

Dean reaches for a weapon, but Ketch discourages him.

KETCH: Not smart.

Dean watches as the second prisoned is executed in the same manner. The hood is removed from the third prisoner. We see a red-headed woman from behind. As the angel moves in to execute her, the Commander stops him.

DEAN [with a spark of recognition and disbelief]: No.


DEAN: Charlie?




COMMANDER: I know you. You're not the usual human scum.

APOCALYSPE WORLD (AW) CHARLIE: Not the slickest hook-up line, Captain Charm.

COMMANDER: You're with the Resistance. Inner circle. She's met with the Nephilim and the other-worlder, Mary. Michael will want her at the Northern Camp, for interrogation.

AW CHARLIE: Champ, when the Resistance crushes you, I'm gonna be there to shred your feathers and grind them into dust.

The Commander grabs AW Charlie by the throat and Dean again wants to go in, but Ketch stops him.

KETCH: Dean...

COMMANDER [releases his grip on AW Charlie]: Looking forward to it.

The angels disappear into thin air, while Dean and Ketch look on.


Sam and Castiel are walking through the corridors of the bunker. Sam is carrying a tray.

CASTIEL: Dean is in Apocalypse World, alone?

SAM: No, he's with Ketch, so he's not alone.

CASTIEL: Because that makes it so much better.

SAM: Cass, he wanted to go solo.

CASTIEL: And you let him?

SAM: I... He didn't give me much of a choice. Anyways, Dean's right. As long as he's over there, and we're here, we need to be taking care of Gabriel, getting him right again.

Sam and Castiel enter one of the bedrooms. It is in darkness. Castiel turns on the light.

SAM: Gabriel?

Gabriel is huddled into a corner of the room. He is still in torn, bloody clothing. And his face is bruised and battered, not healing.

CASTIEL: You didn't tell me it was this bad.

SAM: Yeah, well, years of isolation and torture and Asmodeus draining his grace. Come here. Help me out.

Sam and Castiel walk over to Gabriel. Sam puts down the tray he is carrying.

SAM: Hey, Gabriel. Hey, pal.

Gabriel recoils in terror as Sam touches him.

SAM: Mm! Okay. Oh -- Just... Gonna get ya to bed, all right? Let me, uh, help you up. It's okay. It's okay.

Sam and Castiel assist Gabriel onto the bed. He is trembling in abject terror.

SAM: It's okay. Gabriel, it's Sam Winchester. Do you remember me?

CASTIEL: I don't think he does.

SAM: Remember the video you sent to my brother Dean Winchester and me after you...supposedly died? You told us how to stuff Lucifer back in the Cage.

CASTIEL: Sam, he doesn't...

SAM: I know he doesn't. I'm just... trying to see if anything's going on in his head. All right, well...

Sam lifts the lid of the tray to reveal a tube with angel grace in it.

SAM: Gabriel's grace. Ketch brought it. Maybe if he's juiced up, it'll help.

Sam offers the grace to Gabriel.

SAM: All right.

GABRIEL [groans and recoils from Sam]: Mnh.

CASTIEL: Sam, I don't think he's gonna open up and let the choo-choo in.

Sam gives Cass a look of disbelief and Cass thinks Sam didn't understand him…

CASTIEL: A technique for feeding recalcitrant children. And... I think a little coercion may be necessary.

Sam and Cass try to hold Gabriel down, but he starts freaking out, yelping like an injured animal, and then rushes to another corner of the room to try to get away from them.

SAM: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa!

GABRIEL [whimpering]: Aah! Aah! Aah!

Sam and Cass looked dismayed and startled by how Gabriel is reacting to them.


Lucifer is sitting on the floor playing with cards. Sister Jo enters the room.

LUCIFER: Where've you been?


LUCIFER: Right. Out. Look, Jo, uh, you got a pretty sweet deal going here, so you might wanna... I don't know, pitch in, drop the attitude, stay by my side. Play strip poker?

SISTER JO: Shouldn't you be out doing...kingly things? Commanding the angels, inspiring mankind? Stuff?

LUCIFER [gets off the ground and then sits down on his white chair]: I'm here, aren't I? On the throne, available to be worshipped.

SISTER JO: We came here to change things, make Heaven better, help the angels...

The angel Dumah enters the room.

LUCIFER: Dumah. Perfect timing. Okay, I have a question for you, and I want you to be straight with me. Okay? Don't you think Jo should show a little bit more enthusiasm for being... for want of a better word, First Lady? Pull her weight? Little bit? Keep me happy? Little bit?

DUMAH: Couples issues aren't my area.

LUCIFER: So that's a "yes." Okay? So, you're here with breaking news about my son. Go.

DUMAH: The few angels that we could spare are scanning the planet, but so far, nothing.

LUCIFER: Yeah, well, he's a priority, so...

DUMAH: We don't have the manpower.

LUCIFER [eyes glowing red in warning]: He's a priority.

DUMAH: Of course.

Dumah leaves the room.

LUCIFER: Wow. They would never treat my old man that way. Ever. If he said, "Scour the Earth," they'd say, "S.O.S. or Brillo?"

SISTER JO: Yeah, well, you're not him. Your father created. You inherited.

LUCIFER: Yeah? Well, I'm the one on the throne right now, and y'all are gonna treat me that way, okay?

SISTER JO: Uh-huh. Well, before all of us start treating you like God, you might try acting like God. Just a thought.


Asmodeus is talking to one of his demons.

ASMODEUS: This is unacceptable. Ketch, who's wily, possible he could fly under the radar. But the archangel? The archangel. I should at least detect a blip. We're connected. You might say we're blood brothers.

Asmodeus glares at the demon.



Dean and Ketch continue to walk through the snowy landscape, in a sparse forest. Dean looks around and Ketch has disappeared.

DEAN: What's the hold-up?

Ketch steps out from behind a tree.

KETCH: Oh, just practicing stealth. You know, the art of infiltrating a hostile and unfamiliar environment whilst remaining undetected. Hence, "free." Hence, "effective". You, I see, prefer the bull-in-a-china-shop technique.

DEAN: No, I prefer the "let's find Charlie before the angels turn her inside-out' technique.

KETCH: Remind me again why we're risking everything to find this girl?

DEAN: Because she's seen my mom. She's seen Jack. We need her.

KETCH: And you're sure that's what this is about? You're sure it's not... personal?

DEAN [glares at Ketch and looks at his watch]: We're running out of time. Let's pick up the pace.

They walk a bit further and then Dean can't see Ketch again.

DEAN [looking around]: Ketch? Come on.

Suddenly, a man appears from nowhere and shoots Dean. He collapses.


DEAN [groaning]: Aah!

Dean sees the man coming and tries to crawl towards his weapons bag. The man grabs him and begins fastening Dean's arms behind his back. Dean struggles.

DEAN: Oh, you're a strong one! Angels'll pay double for you. Most of the slaves is a mite scrawny.

Ketch comes in from the side and tackles the man, throwing him to the ground.

KETCH: Where were you going to take him? You do want to live, yes?

The man manages to push Ketch off him and then wrestles Ketch, holding a knife to Ketch's throat. In the background, Dean has risen and he fires his gun in the air. The man releases Ketch and raises his hands into the air.

DEAN: You heard him. Where were you gonna take me?

MAN: You think I'm gonna tell you?

Dean shoots the man in the leg.

MAN [screaming]: Aah!

DEAN: Let try that again.

MAN: The silo.

DEAN: What silo?!

MAN: P.O.W. camp. Four, five hours from here. Follow the road.

DEAN: Okay. Thanks.

Dean knocks the man unconscious, and winces, clutching his injured shoulder.


Castiel walks into Gabriel's room, turns on the light and sees Enochian script all over the world. He is stunned.


Sam rushes into the room and looks around the room in amazement.

SAM: What is this? Is -- Did he do this? Enochian?

CASTIEL: It's his story. Starts with his death. Or...what appeared to be his death.

There is a flashback to Lucifer killing Gabriel.

CASTIEL [reading the Enochian]: "Per usual, my brother had double my brawn and half my brains. He assumed the counterfeit me was what vanished that night, and he thought that he'd stabbed the real thing. The truth is, the thing Luci skewered was a fake. [flashback showing the real Gabriel watching Lucifer kill an illusion.] There are plenty of fakes to go around. Everyone believed Gabriel was gone. And suddenly, I was free. No obligation to God or Heaven, or mankind. And so, I did what anyone would do -- I moved to Monte Carlo and shacked up with porn stars."

CASTIEL: Well … He goes on and on for quite a while about porn stars and, uh...

SAM: Cass, please.

CASTIEL: Okay, so Gabriel was captured, delivered to Asmodeus.

CASTIEL [reading the Enochian]: "For years, I knew nothing but endless torture. Asmodeus, once the weakest of Hell's princes, grew strong by feeding on my grace."

[Vision of Asmodeus taking and injecting Gabriel's grace.]

CASTIEL: Well, obviously, his intellect is intact.

SAM: Yeah. So why isn't he talking to us?

CASTIEL: I don't know. Maybe he can't.

SAM: Or maybe he's choosing not to. Maybe he thinks it's safer that way.


Lucifer is getting dressed into a tailored black suit over a white shirt, while jazz music plays.

LUCIFER: Ready or not, world, New God is open for 'bidness'. All right, children... I shall hear your prayers.

Lucifer hears a chorus of prayers: "Dear God..." "God, if you're listening..." "Please, God..."

LUCIFER [scowling]: Unbelievable. Losers. Whining. I can't believe Pop put up with it as long as he did.

The prayers continue: "...if you could give me a sign? I could really use..." "Let's begin the exorcism. Vade retro Satana! Nunquam suade nobis vana! Sunt mala quae libas. Ipse venena bibas!"


Two priests are performing an exorcism. A woman is tied to the bed, writhing and screaming, as the priests continue to chant.

YOUNG PRIEST: Cessa decipere humanas creaturas... eisque aeternae perditionis venenum propinare!

FATHER DAVIS: Most glorious Prince of the Heavenly armies, Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us!

DEMON: Don't get holier-than-thou with me, Father Davis. You and your camgirl addiction.

The demon laughs, and the young priest looks quizzically at Father Davis.

FATHER DAVIS: Begone, Satan! You shall no more dare to deceive the human race!

Suddenly, Lucifer is in the room with them.

LUCIFER: Okay, fellas. Fellas?

DEMON: Oh, crap.

LUCIFER: Okay, first of all, chill. Couple things, guys. [points at the demon] Not Satan. Minor player. Total nobody, gettin' a day rate. [talking to the demon] Anthony... what are you doing, man?

DEMON: Just having a little fun.


DEMON: Mm-hmm.

LUCIFER: Beat it. Get outta here!

Demon smoke leaves the girl and disappears into a vent.

LUCIFER: Don't come back!

Lucifer turns towards the priests, who are dumbstruck.

LUCIFER: You're welcome.

YOUNG PRIEST: Who are you?

LUCIFER: I'm Lucifer.



YOUNG PRIEST: Lucifer is the beast! The scourge of mankind!

LUCIFER: Whoa. Ho. Ouch. Yeah, gotta hand it to the old man. Perfect marketing. Okay, little known factoid -- Pop made me into the fall guy. He made me into the all-purpose villain. It's sort of worked out okay because I'm... sort of running Heaven right now.

FATHER DAVIS & YOUNG PRIEST [in unison]: Blasphemy!

They both begin chanting again and throwing holy water onto Lucifer.

"In the holy authority..."

LUCIFER: It's a new suit, thank you very much.

"...they driven before the fire..."

LUCIFER: Whoa! Calm down!

"...so the wicked perish –"


"...and deceits of the Devil!"

Lucifer loses patience and snaps his fingers. The two priests disintegrate.

LUCIFER: Aah! Damn it.


KETCH: That Hunter may've been a bumpkin, but his weaponry is cutting-edge. These I don't even recognize.

DEAN: Yeah, that's... Angel-killing bullets. Might wanna hang on to those.


DEAN [grimacing]: Ah.

KETCH: You don't look good.

DEAN: Yeah, well, you're not my type, either. I'm fine.

KETCH: We'll take a break. Your wound may be more serious than we thought.

DEAN: Aw, he barely hit me. Come on, we don't have time for this.

KETCH: Eh, by all means. What was it with you and this Earthly "Charlie," anyway? Old girlfriend? Let me guess -- she broke your heart.

Dean collapses.

KETCH: Dean. Oh, God, you're burning up. Let's take a look at that wound.

DEAN: No, no, I'm fine. We gotta keep moving.

KETCH: Do shut up. Huh?

Ketch rips Dean's shirt to reveal a festering wound on his shoulder.

DEAN: How's it look, Mom?



Castiel is standing next to Gabriel, who is sitting on the bed, and has his hand on his head. Sam watches on.

CASTIEL: I must reiterate -- it's not possible for an angel to heal an archangel. I'm just trying to jolt his mind into thinking straight. Even then, Sam... Gabriel... it's -- it's possible that he's lost.


Ketch is working on a remedy for Dean's wound. Dean is lying on the ground, in obvious pain.

KETCH: Taro root, trace of arsenic... basidiomycota... and...

DEAN: Why don't you just skip the birdseed, give me the flask?

KETCH: Your shortness of breath and delirium are symptoms of a poison the Men of Letters use to disable monsters in the field.

DEAN: Of course it is.

KETCH: My guess is that the bounty hunter used a similar toxin to coat his bullets to hobble his prey... at first.

DEAN: What do you mean, "at first"?

KETCH: Well, if -- if the antidote isn't administered, then the victim dies a particularly gruesome death.

DEAN: You guys are such dicks.

KETCH: Yes. Well... guilty.

Ketch gets ready to administer the antidote.

KETCH: Now then... this will smart. There we are. Good lad. Good lad. Good lad.

Dean holds his breath and groans.

KETCH: Here we go, just a little more. Right? There we are.


Sam sits on a chair at the end of Gabriel's bed, while Gabriel stares absently ahead. Sam gets up to leave, but then turns around and looks back at Gabriel.

SAM: Gabriel, you have to dig yourself out of this hole. Look, I know you think it's safer inside. No more torture. No more pain. No more expectations. I've been there. You were nothing like your family. You sure as hell weren't like your dad. Me either. And just like you, I got out. Or I-I thought I got out. But then... then my family needed me. And this is my life. No matter how many times I tried to fight it, this is what I was put here to do. This is where I make the world a better place. And sure, yeah, hookers in Monte Carlo sounds great, but your family needs you. Jack, your nephew, needs you. The world needs you. We need you. [pleading] Gabriel, I need you. So, please, help us.

Sam sighs and turns once again to leave the room.

GABRIEL: Porn stars.

Sam turns back to Gabriel, in surprise.

GABRIEL: They were porn stars, Sam.

Gabriel's eyes glow blue.


Asmodeus is sitting in his throne, playing with a couple of stress balls, and he feels the presence of Gabriel.

ASMODEUS: There you are.


DEAN [struggling to keep walking]: Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Dean stumbles and leans against a rock.

KETCH: This is absurd. You must rest.

DEAN: Okay, look... I-I'll give you that... anti-poison merit badge award, okay? I do appreciate it, but... we're running out of time. So... How about you rest? I'm gonna keep going.

Dean starts to walk again, but promptly collapses.

DEAN: In five minutes.

KETCH: Good plan. Perhaps we can use this moment to revisit the Charlie issue.

DEAN: Not gonna happen.

KETCH: To your point, we are running out of time. We don't know where your mother and Jack are. We don't even know if we'll find this Charlie. And if we do, a rescue may be impossible and stupid. I propose we return home, regroup, reinforce ourselves, and we may have a shot at saving everyone.

DEAN: All right, look, I'm gonna... repeat myself. Charlie's not gonna give the angels what they want.

KETCH: Your Charlie wouldn't.

DEAN: They're gonna kill her, 100%, and I'm not...

KETCH: What? What's the story you're not telling me?

DEAN: Charlie was like family. She was a sister to me. She did more for me and Sam than I can even say. And she was... she was butchered. And we couldn't get there in time, and I...

KETCH: You feel you failed her.

DEAN: I know I did.

There is a flashback to Dean hugging a crying Charlie, and then Charlie dead in the bathtub.

KETCH: That, I understand.

DEAN: Uh, hello? What about your story you're not telling me?

KETCH: Oh, I've had many failures... friends and colleagues who have died on my watch. Only difference is, I didn't... try to save them. "Duty" and all that... rubbish.

DEAN: Well, you do suck.

KETCH: What the hell? Perhaps rescuing this Charlie will wash some of the stain off my hands.

Ketch reaches out his hand to Dean and helps him to his feet. Dean smiles.

DEAN: Impossible and stupid, huh? You say that like it's a bad thing. Come on.


AW Charlie is kneeling on the ground, hands tied behind her, her head drooping, and the Commander stands over her.

COMMANDER: One more time. The location and number of bases the Resistance holds.

AW CHARLIE: One more time -- bite me.

COMMANDER [grabbing her hair]: You're trying my patience.

AW CHARLIE: Sorry. Sorry. I'll try harder. Bite me!

The Commander hits her and AW Charlie falls to the ground, unconscious.

COMMANDER: This is pointless. She dies.



Gabriel is inhaling his grace that Sam and Castiel tried to give him earlier. Sam and Castiel watch on.

CASTIEL: Is it helping?

GABRIEL: I...I don't know.

Sam's phone rings.

SAM: Hello?

Sam's phone is on speaker.

ASMODEUS: Samuel. [Gabriel looks terrified at the sound of his voice]. I hope you're having a pleasant day. It's come to my attention you boys have something belongs to me, and I'd like it back.

SAM: I don't know what you're talking about.

ASMODEUS: Oh, I believe you do. And I'm-a give you one chance to return him to me. No harm, no foul.

SAM: I'm hanging up.


Asmodeus jumps to his feet in anger.

ASMODEUS: Do not hang up on me. Gabriel is of no use to you in his current condition. Should you choose to resist me, I will have no choice but to take him by force. I will reduce you and that sad little bunker of yours to ashes. You got 10 minutes to decide. Now you can hang up.


LUCIFER: Nothing in this universe is worth my time or talent. Nothing. Humans, angels... all flawed beyond redemption.

SISTER JO: Lucifer...

LUCIFER: It's all because of Pop's little... propaganda machine, spewing poison about me for centuries. Done.

SISTER JO: So, you're just giving up?

LUCIFER: No. No, I'm gonna refocus. I've come to realize the key to finding my bliss is fatherhood.


LUCIFER: Yeah. It's obvious, right? I just...I devote myself to finding Jack. We're gonna combine our powers. I'll remake the world in my image, with pathetic little people who worship me. Me. Me. Love that good plan. Awesome plan.

SISTER JO: Finding your bliss?


SISTER JO: So, humans don't like you. Oh, wow. I'm sorry. Instead of bellyaching about it, why don't you make Heaven right? Make good on your promises. Make angels. Give the existing ones their wings back.

LUCIFER: Yeah, I-I can't really do that.


LUCIFER: I lied, so, uh, just keep that to yourself, though, okay?

SISTER JO: So, you know -- It's not the humans. It's not the angels. It's not your father's propaganda that's killing you. It's your complete failure. You say you want to find your son, but you don't. Not really. So, you sit there because you're afraid. You're afraid of him, afraid of looking into in his eyes and seeing nothing but contempt. You can't replace your father. You can't create anything. You have nothing. You might as well go back to the Cage.

Lucifer reaches out from his seat and grabs Sister Jo in a throat hold. His eyes blaze red in anger, as he squeezes harder, staring at Sister Jo, who is struggling for breath. Then he lets go and Sister Jo backs away towards the door.

SISTER JO: And now you don't have me.

She leaves the room. Lucifer is alone.


Dean and Ketch approach the P.O.W camp.

DEAN: Silo. No, he wasn't kidding.

KETCH: Gratifying. Now what?

Dean reaches into his bag to get the weapons ready. Meanwhile, inside the P.O.W camp, the angels are getting ready to execute AW Charlie. The prisoners are lined up against the fence. The Commander comes out of the building to address the prisoners.

COMMANDER: The Resistance will be broken. It is being broken.

As the Commander talks, two other angels bring AW Charlie out and tie her to a post.

COMMANDER: One by one, your leaders are being rooted out and destroyed. Soon, there'll be none of you left.


COMMANDER: For high crimes, the prisoner Charlie Bradbury, like all traitors before her, will be executed.

AW Charlie struggles against her bindings, as the executor comes outside. He is holding a blade for the purpose of decapitation. Meanwhile, Dean and Ketch are frantically getting their weapons organised.

COMMANDER: All hail Michael.

The executioner raises the blade just as Dean throws a grenade. It explodes. The prisoners flee, while the angels look for the culprits. Dean and Ketch begin firing angel-killing bullets, and the angels begin to drop. The Commander makes a run for it, and then teleports away. Dean unties AW Charlie.

DEAN: We gotta get you outta here.

AW CHARLIE: Who the Hell are you?

DEAN: No time! We gotta go now! Cmon!


Gabriel is holding his head, rocking back and forth. Castiel looks on in concern. Sam returns to the room.

SAM: All right, I did what I could to help the bunker's warding, but who knows if it's enough. How's he?

CASTIEL: I don't know.

Suddenly, the lights in the bunker go out, and the emergency generator and alarm kicks into action. The bunker is lit by red lights. As Sam and Castiel, angel blades in hand, walk down the corridors, they see all the warding on the walls is illuminated. They enter the map room and demons attack them. Sam stabs one of the demons, killing him, but another one tackles him. Meanwhile, Castiel fights another demon, eventually getting the upper hand. He goes to assist Sam and kills the last demon.

SAM: Thanks.

Then Sam and Castiel are thrown across the room. Asmodeus walks into the room.

ASMODEUS: Your warding wasn't designed for the likes of me, Samuel. I've come to claim what's mine.

Two other demons come out, dragging Gabriel with him. He is shaking with terror.

ASMODEUS: Oh, I missed you, boy. I'm-a have to punish you rather severely, I'm afraid.

The demons drag Gabriel up the stairs to the top of the balcony.

ASMODEUS: And as for you two...

Asmodeus flicks his hands and Sam and Castiel are immediately writhing in pain.

SAM: Aah!


On the balcony, Gabriel's eyes glow blue and suddenly he is no longer cowering. He throws the two demons down the stairs. Asmodeus looks up, in surprise.

ASMODEUS: Gabriel! What are you doin', son? You know too well what I can do to you. I broke you!

Gabriel's eyes glow white and his wounds heal. He is young again.

ASMODEUS: You're too weak!

The light glows around Gabriel and we see his wings in silhouette on the bunker wall. Asmodeus is angry and he throws a ball of angel grace in the direction of Gabriel. Gabriel swats it aside and stands tall.

GABRIEL: Not anymore. Oh, by the way, I always hated that dumbass suit.

Gabriel gestures towards Asmodeus and suddenly he is on fire, screaming as he disintegrates. Sam and Castiel are released from his hold, as Asmodeus dies.


Dean, Ketch and AW Charlie are heading back to the rift.

AW CHARLIE: So, to recap, there's another world, a "better" world, with no Michael, and it has another me?

DEAN: Well, had.

AW CHARLIE: And you were friends with her. Me? Her?

DEAN: Yes. Very.

AW CHARLIE: How very?

DEAN: Well, she was into chicks.

AW CHARLIE: Oh. I like her.

DEAN: Look, I know this is a lot of information, everything I'm telling you, okay, but... we're running out of time here. I need to know where the Nephilim is -- Jack. And -- and my mom's with him, right?

AW CHARLIE: Your mom?

DEAN: Yes. She's from our world, too.

AW CHARLIE: Uh...Last I heard, they were fighting somewhere in what remains of Dayton, Ohio, but I don't... Wait. Your mom?

DEAN: Yeah.

AW CHARLIE: Why would I believe any of this?

DEAN: Because of that.

Dean points to the rift.




Sam, Castiel and Gabriel are in the map room. There are bodies of demons lying around them.

GABRIEL: Whoa. Too much information. Okay, slow down. I'm not...processing.

CASTIEL: And there's more. Michael wants to come to this Earth and destroy it, and we may need your help to fight him.


SAM: Yeah. Welcome to the team.

GABRIEL: Uh...yeah. Not so much. I mean, thank you for the rescue and for the redemption arc. But, uh, I'm not really a team guy, so...I'm gonna bounce, okay? Um, but, you know, it's been, um... What's the opposite of fun? That.

SAM: No, Gabriel, don't -- you -- you can't just walk away. If Michael comes here, he will end this world.

GABRIEL: And the last time the world was ending, I put my money on you. I think you can pull it off again.

CASTIEL: No. You cannot turn your back on your father's creation.

GABRIEL: Castiel... my father turned his back on his creation. Guess it just runs in the family.

SAM: No, Gabriel, please.

Gabriel disappears. Sam and Castiel are both bitterly disappointed.


DEAN: Okay. The thing's gonna be closed any minute. We gotta get a go.

KETCH: Dean, you need to go through. Bring back Sam and your angel and Gabriel and the bloody Navy SEALs, whatever help you can get. But I should stay.

KETCH: Wait. What?

KETCH: If we're going up against Michael, we need to be ready. We need to know what he's up to, where your mother and Jack are.

AW CHARLIE: I'm staying, too.

DEAN: Are you kidding? You got Michael and a billion angels on your ass.

AW CHARLIE: Dude, this is my home. My friends are here and they're in trouble. If you really do have a way to take down Michael, get back here and do it. Until then, this is my fight.

DEAN: I don't wanna lose you again.

AW CHARLIE: That's not your call.

KETCH: Dean, it's closing.

Dean looks at the rift and sees he is right. He looks back at Charlie, then hands her the gun with the angel-killing bullets. Then the Commander and a few more angels arrive.

KETCH [to Dean]: Go!

Dean goes through the rift, while Charlie and Ketch begin firing angel-killing bullets.


Dean comes back through the rift and lands in the bunker. He falls to the ground.

SAM: Dean! Dean! Hey! Hey. Hey. You're hurt.

DEAN: No, no. I'm fine. I'm fine.

The rift starts to disappear…

SAM: Hey, the -- the -- the rift, it's...

…and the rift closes.

SAM: Where's Mom? Where's Jack?

DEAN: Long story -- so Mom and the kid, they're not with Michael anymore. Ketch and Charlie are staying back to try to find them. There's a Charlie over there. She kicks ass.

SAM: Uh, Charlie...Bradbury?

DEAN: Yeah.

Dean notices the mess in the bunker.

DEAN: What's this? What -- what... What'd I miss?

CASTIEL: There was a demon incursion, led by Asmodeus.

DEAN: Sorry, Asmodeus got in here?

SAM: Yeah, and -- and -- and Gabriel killed him.

DEAN: Gabriel? That's great. So, he's back. Where is he?

CASTIEL: He just left.

DEAN: What do you mean, he left?

CASTIEL: Um... We asked Gabriel to help us, and then... then he said "no"".

DEAN: He doesn't get to say "no." We still have his grace, though, right? Sam?

SAM: Uh, we -- we used his grace to -- to heal him. So, it -- it's gone. It's all gone.

DEAN: So, if it's gone, then that means that we can't open that door again. [yelling] If we can't open the door, then I should've never come back!

Dean throws his hand across the table, scattering things onto the floor.

DEAN [yelling loudly]: Son of a bitch! Every time!

He puts his hands on his head and turns away from Sam and Castiel, who look on in shock.

DEAN: Every time we get close, it always falls apart. Every freakin' time.

CASTIEL: Dean... we will find Gabriel. We will.

DEAN: We better.



SC 6


SAM locks the door of GABRIEL'S room, CASTIEL is standing a few feet away.

I can't imagine what he's been through. What do we do?

(shrugs) Keep trying.

CASTIEL walks off, SAM looks down.


SC 11


CASTIEL walks to GABRIEL'S room, takes the key out of his trenchcoat pocket and unlocks the door.


SC 34


LUCIFER stumbles through a dark alleyway. A WOMAN notices him hunched over.

Hey, are you all right? Hey, it's ok. Where are you headed?

(shaky breath) I don't know.