13.17 The Thing (transcript)

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13.17 The Thing

Written by: Davy Perez

Directed by: John Showalter

Air Date: April 5, 2018




[Chanting is heard as two robed and hooded men drag a struggling woman in a beaded flapper dress through the door into a candlelit bunker style room. They are followed by a leader dressed in an ornate burgundy robe carrying a chalice.]

MEN OF LETTERS CULTISTS [chanting repeatedly] Insanidox koth munto

[The scene cuts between the hooded men chanting and gathering items and images of the men shackling the flapper to a stone table.]

FLAPPER [amid whimpers and sobs] No, please! No!

[Emphasis is placed on a rusty metal box as the ornately dressed man prepares for a ritual. A chain is fastened around the still struggling flapper’s middle. We see robed hands crushing a fruit into the chalice, pouring in blood and then a vial of glowing blue angel grace. The chanting stops and the leader begins.]

LEAD MOL CULTIST [holding the chalice above the woman on the table] Insanidox koth munto...Yokoth.

[The lead cultist puts the chalice on the table and removes a chain from around his neck. The chain has a large purple crystal pendant. He holds it over the chalice with his other hand held in benediction. The contents of the chalice begin to glow purple.]

LEAD MOL CULTIST Insanidox koth munto, Yokoth.

MEN OF LETTERS CULTISTS [repeating] Yokoth! Yokoth!

[The crystal shoots a beam of purple light towards the ceiling where a interdimensional rift forms above the woman and the table. As the cultists chant, a large tentacle swoops out of the rift towards the woman who screams in terror.]





[Sam is asleep at the map table. He is leaning over with his head resting on a book and his outstretched arm. We see Dean come up behind Sam and carefully place a post-it note that reads “DUM DUM” on the back of Sam’s shirt. Dean places a second note that reads “KICK ME” on Sam’s back.]

[Sam stirs with a quiet grunt, and lifts his head, but remains asleep. Dean pauses shaking his head minutely, hoping that Sam won’t wake up. Sam puts his head back down on his arm and Dean, satisfied that his brother is still sleeping, continues placing two more post-it notes on Sam’s back. The final two notes read “ASS FACE” and “I’M STUPID ASK ME.” As Dean places the last note, Sam sit up with a groan, rubbing his eyes as he wakes up.]

[Dean jumps back looking guilty but then casually walks past Sam towards the chair at the end of the table as if he had just entered the room.]

SAM (sleepily in greeting) Dean?

DEAN (pulls out the chair and sits) Yeah?

SAM What are you doing?

DEAN (gestures with his hands, casually picking up a coffee cup) Nothing. Uh, whatcha readin’?

[He takes a sip from the mug. Sam looks at Dean suspiciously and adjusts his shirt. He inhales deeply rubs his forehead and looks down at the book on which he’d been sleeping.]

SAM Well..um...I finally found something on the Seal of Solomon, but - it’s really weird.

DEAN Yeah, Hit me! (he sniffs before taking a sip.)

SAM All right. (Reading from the book...) Then Mighty Solomon commanded unto his priests ‘Bind my Seal.’ But the jewel was of the cosmos.

DEAN Jewel of the cosmos? What does that mean?

SAM I don’t know. Maybe a- a meteorite?

DEAN (considering) Mm. Yeah, maybe. Well, forget what it is. Where the hell would that be?

SAM (tossing his hand in frustration) It doesn’t say.

DEAN (sighing) Okay, so, we’ve got blood of a holy man, we’ve got fruit of the Tree of Life, but this piece of Kryptonite, we’ve been through every book in this place, and we’ve got squat.

SAM (rubbing his forehead) Yeah. All right, I guess we should check the archives again.

[Sam stands up heads out of the room.]

DEAN Great. (said sarcastically.)


[Sam and Dean enter the room and turn on the lights. There are four long rows of library style shelves lined with books and stacks of papers, several trunks haphazardly full of books and a table with four chairs in the foreground.]

SAM (rolling up his sleeves) All right. I go left, you go right.

[Sam heads to the left side of the room. Dean drops his head back as if bored and frustrated.]

DEAN I love books. (said even more sarcastically)

[Dean shakes his fists in a fake cheer and moves to the right side of the room. Music plays as we see Sam and Dean pulls books from the shelves and sit at the table to begin reading. In a series of short, cut scenes, they continue to select and bring back more material until the table is full of books. Eventually Dean looks up from the book he was reading with an expression of success that draws Sam’s attention.]

SAM What?

DEAN (who was just being silly) Nothin’.

[Montage continues and we see Dean throw a book through a shelf in frustration. Later he sits at the table, asleep while sitting up. Sam notices and slaps the table to get Dean’s attention. They continue to sit and toss material away from them as the find nothing.]


[Sam walks into the kitchen and catches a glimpse of his back in the mirror. He sees the post-it notes.]

SAM Oh, come on. Are you kidding me? Dean!

[Sam tries to pull the notes off of his shirt when Dean comes in the other door carrying a box.]

DEAN Sa--Hey.

SAM Are you serious?

DEAN What?

[Sam points to his back angrily.]

DEAN Oh, it’s hilarious. Forget that, look. The Men of Letters found it. Solomon’s treasure.

[Dean puts the box on the table and slaps it.]

SAM Where?

[Dean opens the box and pulls out some papers.]

DEAN 1917, in what is modern day Isreal. According to this (he shows Sam a document) they dug it up. And, uh, here, look at the, uh, right there. (pointing at the page.)

SAM (reading from the page) Uh, among the items found -- a crystal that glows with an unearthly light.

DEAN That’s gotta be the Seal, right?

SAM It’s gotta be. Where is it?

DEAN Uh, uh, it says that they took it to uh...Cap...Capitalum seven in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

SAM Capitulum Seven?

DEAN Yeah.

SAM Capitulum means uh, chapterhouse.

DEAN (pretending he knew that) Yeah.

SAM So the Men of Letters has only one bunker, but they have smaller outposts all over the place. Capitulum One is in Jamestown. Capitulum Seven, I guess, is in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

DEAN There is is. (pointing at the document Sam is holding)

[Sam and Dean look at each other in delight at having found it. Dean holds his arms out in a voilà gesture.]

DEAN Jinkies!

[Sam looks disgusted at the Scooby Doo reference, but Dean raises his eyebrows, clearly pleased with himself.]

SAM You’re going to stop saying that eventually, right?

DEAN I don’t know. Probably not. Look, (he claps his hand in enthusiasm) Let’s go!

[Dean walks out of the kitchen.]


[The Impala speeds down a number of roads until Sam and Dean pull up outside a boarded up old brick building with a rusted out car covered in vines in front. They get out and walk around the corner of the building.]

DEAN You sure this is it?

SAM That’s what the map says.

[They walk through an open fence. There is scattered metal debris on the ground. They look around.]

DEAN So where’s the door?

[Sam notices what looks like a manhole cover with a symbol on it.]

SAM Dean.

DEAN (seeing what Sam sees on the manhole cover) Huh.

SAM No way!

[Sam brushes some leaves off of the manhole cover, revealing a stylized keyhole.]

DEAN Ask questions, get answers.

[Sam pulls out a box with a key like the one for the bunker. He puts the key in the hole, unlocks the cover and opens it. From below we see the light from the open manhole, leaves falling into the dark tunnel from above. Dean lowers himself down, then Sam. They pull out flashlights.]

SAM This way.

[With a loud clank, the lights are turned on and Sam and Dean turn a corner into a corridor strewn with books on the floor. They put their flashlights away and move down the corridor.]

DEAN Looks familiar, huh?

SAM [scoffs] Yeah

[Sam pulls out his flashlight again and aims it at the wall where there is a Aquarian Star with an eye at its center.]

SAM Except for that.


[Sam and Dean open a door to a dark room. They turn on the light to reveal a library like room. There are books on the floor and on the desks and tables. There are bookshelves on one wall and papers tacked to other walls. A large wooden card catalogue drawer set is by the door.]

DEAN Great. More books.

SAM You love books. All right, look for anything on King Solomon.

[The two explore the room. Dean notices a sprawling pile of photographs on the table and sifts through them with his fingers.]

SAM (looking at the contents of the room with his flashlight) Don’t know where to start, Dean.

[Dean ignores Sam’s comment when he sees one photograph that is apart from the pile of others and picks it up.]


[The photograph is of the Flapper that the MOL Cultists tied to the table in the Teaser. Dean flips the photo over and the back reads: Sandy Porter 5’3”, 115 lbs, Eyes: B, Born: Feb 10, 1903. Meanwhile, Sam finds a portfolio of papers on a shelf and notices that the top page reads: Solomon - 1917 and has the Aquarian star with the eye on the letterhead.]

SAM (pulling the portfolio off the shelf, and knocking over a number of objects) No way. Dean?


SAM Check this out.

[Sam brings the portfolio to a table when they hear a woman’s voice in the distance, coming from another room.]

WOMAN Who’s there? Help me! Is someone there!?

[The brothers run out of the room to find the woman. As they run down a corridor she continues to call.]

WOMAN Hurry! Please! Please! Hurry!

[Sam and Dean turn a corner and go up some stairs to a locked door. They break it open with their shoulders and enter the room from the Teaser. A woman, the one from the Teaser and the photo Dean was looking at, is chained to the stone table.]

WOMAN Who are you?

SAM We’re here to help you. But…

DEAN How long have you been down here?

WOMAN (struggling in her chains) I don’t know.

[We see flashes of Dean’s memories from the photographs in the library room. He recognizes the woman on the table to be the same woman from the photograph.]

WOMAN You have to get me out of here.

DEAN Wait, are you...are you Sandy Porter? Born in 1903?


[Sam taps Dean’s arm in confusion and the brother’s exchange a look.]

SANDY Thank God you found me.


[A demon named Wallace is standing in a corridor, guarding the door to Asmodeus’ throne room. Arthur Ketch walks swiftly around the corner and goes to enter Asmodeus’ throne room. Wallace stops him.]

WALLACE No, no, no, no. Asmodeus is busy.

KETCH Then why did he call for me?

WALLACE Don’t know. Ask him yourself when he’s ready, which he isn’t, because he’s busy, so...

KETCH (disgruntled) Might you have something to read?

[Wallace motions towards a bench and returns to the door.]



[Sam closes the manhole cover and he, Dean and Sandy move towards the Impala. Sandy is wearing one of the boys’ purple plaid shirts over her flapper dress. Sandy is startled by an airplane flying above.]

SANDY That’s…not possible.

SAM It’s true. Sandy, it’s 2018. You were down there for almost a 100 years.

SANDY No. You’re lying.

DEAN Sandy, I know it’s a lot to take in, okay. But..Well, look, this is -- what a car looks like now. (gesturing towards the Impala) Well, they should.

SAM (pulling his cell phone out of his pocket) This...this is a phone, and a camera and...everything else.

[Sam hands Sandy his phone and hold the back door of the car open.]

DEAN Welcome to the future.

SAM (gesturing for Sandy to get in the car) Please.

[The boys get in the car while Sandy stares out the back passenger side window in awe and confusion.]


[Ketch is sitting waiting for Asmodeus. He is reading a colourful children’s book called “Leaps & Ladders” with a sour expression on his face. Wallace and another demon are talking while looking at a cell phone in the background.]

WALLACE Yeah, no way. This thing’s amazing. Look, you just click on the kitty video. (Snaps his fingers.) It loads, just like that. Look, napping in a sunbeam! Look at him! Look at this little guy. His little hat! Oh, yeah, I love cats.

[As the demons chuckle at the video, Ketch silently gets up and sneaks behind the demons into Asmodeus’ throne room. The scene cuts to a close up of Gabriel’s bloody face as the archangel moans through sewn shut lips.]

ASMODEUS There we go. Oh, just a little more.

[As Gabriel moans in pain, Asmodeus is extracting Gabriel’s angel grace via a large metal syringe which he has inserted into the archangel’s neck. Ketch steps inside the door and observed Asmodeus and Gabriel. Asmodeus takes the syringe and injects the angel grace into his arm and sighs contentedly as he feels the grace in his system.]

KETCH (clearing his throat) Bad time?

[Asmodeus removes the needle from his arm and turns to face Ketch. The door behind Ketch opens and Wallace enters the room.]

WALLACE My lord, I…tried to stop him.

ASMODEUS (glaring at Wallace) Did you now?

KETCH Look, you called me for me, I came. If you don’t need me, I have --

ASMODEUS (scolding) Ketch, Ketch, Ketch.

[Asmodeus moves towards Ketch, passing Gabriel who whimpers and flinches as he walks past.]

ASMODEUS (at Ketch) My boy.

[He grips Ketch by the shoulders and turns him back around towards the door.]

ASMODEUS I called you ‘cause you work for me. (He ushers Ketch out the door and back to the bench in the corridor with a hand on his back.) And I need you, when I need you.

KETCH (annoyed) That’s not our arrangement, and I’m not the help. This is a freelance contract.

ASMODEUS (ignoring what Ketch is saying) So be a good lad...and wait.

[Asmodeus flashes his yellow eyes at Ketch who glares at him, but ultimately Ketch nods and sits back down. Asmodeus turns and goes back into the throne room.]


[Amy, one of the waitresses is taking an order.]


AMY Hey, Buck. Have you decided what you want?

BUCK Yeah. I’d like to try something different.

[The camera goes wider and we see Joanne, the other waitress talking to the cook.]

JOANNE Poor Buck. He comes in here bird-dogging after Amy and she won’t give him a simple yes or no.

[Marco the cook just smiles. Joanne turns around to watch Amy and Buck.]

BUCK Well, whatever you think Amy, I mean, you know better than me.

JOANNE Still, if Amy don’t want any, I’ll go a few rounds with that boy. (she laughs and turns back towards the silent cook) Oh...I like talking to you Marc. You make me laugh.

[The diner door opens and Dean and Sam enter escorting Sandy.]

JOANNE (addressing Dean) Sit anywhere you like, hon.

SANDY (looking at the lights on the ceiling) Everything’s so...electric.

[Dean ushers Sandy into a booth. Marco the cook sees Sandy. A dismayed look crosses his face. Sandy examines the tabletop jukebox. Dean sees her, pulls a coin out of his pocket and picks a song. Jay Ramsay’s “Better Luck Next Time” begins to play. Joanne comes to take their order.]

JOANNE Folks, what’ll it be?

SAM Uh, well, what’s good?

JOANNE Well, people love the clam cakes, but if you ask me you gotta try the stuffies.

DEAN I don’t know what stuffies are. I’ll take two. And the clam cakes.

JOANNE Anything to drink?

SAM Uh, water will be great. (gesturing at everyone at the table)

JOANNE (with good natured sarcasm) Oh, that’s exciting. It comes with a lemon. You sure you can handle that? (turning to Sandy) How about you sweetie? Oh my goodness, you’re all skin and bones. When’s the last time you ate somethin’?

SAM You know what, let’s get her the uh, the -- the meat loaf.

[The camera pans away from the table and back into the kitchen. Marco is pulling out a phone and makes a call. We see the recipient of the call, a young brunette woman. She has an Aquarian star with an eye in the middle tattooed onto her right forearm.]

BRUNETTE (answering the call) Marco?

MARCO We got a problem.

[As Marco raises the phone we see that he also has the Aquarian star with an eye in the middle tattooed onto his right forearm.]

BRUNETTE Yes, we do. A very big problem.

[The brunette turns revealing that she is at Capitulum seven. She’s looking at the table and chains were Sandy was being held.]


[Sam, Sandy and Dean are sitting at the table awaiting their food order.]

SANDY I don’t...How...How am I still alive?

SAM Um...we don’t really know yet.

SANDY And..and how are you so calm about the fact that... I’m still alive?

DEAN This kind of weird. It’s sort of our thing.

SANDY I- I don’t know what that means.

SAM It means that we can help you. We just have to um… You know what, let’s start with the basics. How did you get down there in the first place?

SANDY I met this man. He said he was...part of a secret club. I thought he was talking about a speakeasy or something. But he called it Men of...words?

SAM Men of Letters?

SANDY Yes, how...how did you know that?

DEAN Like I said, it’s sort of our thing.

SAM Wait a second. So these Men of Letters, they were the ones who -- chained you down there?

SANDY (visibly upset) I think. I..I..

DEAN Sandy, whatever happened down there, you’re safe now, okay? We’ll protect you. I promise.

SANDY There was chanting.

[Sandy’s memories flash back to the night that she was dragged in and chained up by the cultists.]

SANDY And then there was this...light. [She remembers the lead cultist chanting “Yokoth! Yokoth!” and the portal opening.]

SANDY Like a...rip in the air.

[Sam and Dean exchange a significant look at that description.]

SANDY And it happened…

[She remembers the tentacles descending and wrapping around her.]

SANDY They were using me to...to feed it.

SAM To feed what?

SANDY (whispering in fear) The monster.

[Joanne approaches the table with a carafe.]

JOANNE Sure I can’t get you any coffee?

SANDY Excuse me.

[Sandy pushes Sam who moves to let her out of the booth. She heads towards the back of diner, presumably to the ladies’ room.]

JOANNE Sweetie, you okay?

[Marco watches Sandy leave the main room and then pulls a small bottle out of his pocket. Using an eyedropper, he drips something onto the food Sam, Dean and Sandy had ordered. He then walks to another part of the kitchen and pulls an old looking knife with a wicked curved blade off of a shelf where it was hidden. He thumbs the blade.]



[The door opens and Ketch walks in. Asmodeus is seated on his throne. And Gabriel is in a nearby cage.]

ASMODEUS (sarcastically) Mr. Ketch. Sorry to keep you waitin’.

[Ketch looks over at Gabriel who is huddled in his cage, before addressing Asmodeus in an angry tone.]

KETCH Why am I here?

ASMODEUS The Winchesters are gathering up pieces to a spell. A real big magic sort of affair.

KETCH I’ve heard. Their pet angel was just in the Holy Land.

[Asmodeus leans forward in his throne.]

ASMODEUS You knew and didn’t tell me?

KETCH You didn’t ask.

ASMODEUS I shouldn’t have to ask.

KETCH (slightly conciliatory) I was merely gathering intelligence.

ASMODEUS (leaning forward) In the future, you let me fill in the blanks. The last prophet that checked out of here said they was trying to open up a portal to another even more epically messed up world. To do that, they need ingredients. We need to stop them.

KETCH Ingredients? Such as?

ASMODEUS Well, if they got the spell from the Demon Tablet, which they did -- some blood, few other things, and whole mess of archangel grace.

KETCH Ah, and here you are pumping it into your veins.

[As they talk the camera cuts to Gabriel who is listening from behind the bars.]

ASMODEUS Everyone needs a little pick me up from time to time. But enough about my juice box. It’s time we talk about us. You see...I don’t believe you understand the nature of this relationship.

KETCH You pay me. I do what needs to be done. End of transaction.

ASMODEUS (stroking his beard) Yeah. See. No. It’s more like, I own you.

KETCH You don’t ow--

ASMODEUS (cutting off Ketch) And it’s time you get in line, boy.

KETCH If that’s how you feel. I believe I’m done here. Good day.

[Ketch turns to leave, but Asmodeus has teleported behind him and is blocking the path to the door.]

ASMODEUS You’re done when I say you’re done.

[Gabriel watches in horror as Asmodeus beats Ketch. First he hits Ketch in the stomach, then the face, laughing as he does so. Ketch tries to fight back but is no match for the demon Prince. Using his power, Asmodeus holds Ketch immobile on his knees.]

ASMODEUS You’re gonna learn, son. You do what I say…

[Asmodeus brutally punches Ketch in the face, knocking him to his stomach on the floor.]

ASMODEUS When I say!

[Asmodeus kicks Ketch in the face. Then he picks Ketch up by the back of his jacket and slams his face into a pillar.]

ASMODEUS And if you ever even think of sassing me again…

[Asmodeus picks Ketch up as if he weighs nothing, and throws him onto a wooden table. The table splinters and collapses. Ketch is bleeding heavily and barely conscious. Asmodeus stops and notices Ketch’s blood that has splattered on his white suit.]

ASMODEUS (annoyed) Ah. Look what you did to my suit.


[We see Sam and Dean through the diner window, sitting at the table. Sandy is not back yet.]

SAM Okay, what the hell, man? I mean...we tested her for everything -- holy water, silver, she passed it all so...

DEAN Yeah, and she’s been down in a basement for 90 years. How does she look the way she does? And this doesn’t sound like the Men of Letters either. I mean, they’re boring. They wear tweed. They smoke from pipes. They -- they...don’t kidnap people.

SAM Except apparently, they did. Oh, and this, uh the -- the flash of light that Sandy talks about seeing, this rip in the air, sounds like…

DEAN Like a rift. So what now? They’re opening doors to different worlds and -- and ‘Buffalo Billing’ chicks?

SAM And feeding a monster. So...not boring after all.

DEAN But all the Men of Letters died 60 years ago.

SAM Longer than that.

DEAN So then who’s been keeping her down there?

SAM You know what? How ‘bout this?. You stay here with Sandy, I’ll go back --

DEAN No, no, no. What?

SAM What?

DEAN I’m not gonna let you go back there by yourself.

SAM Dean --

DEAN No, this is what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna find Sandy a motel room. We’re gonna teach her how to use the TV. Well, we’re gonna have to tell her what a TV is. And then we’re gonna go back together.

[Dean is interrupted when Joanne arrives with the food that Marco dosed.]

JOANNE Here we go. (speaking to Sam) Lobster roll, no bun, and kale salad for you, String Bean.

[Joanne leaves to get the rest of their order.]

DEAN (looking disgustedly at Sam’s salad) Kale’s a garnish.

SAM It’s healthy. I’m watching my cholesterol, like you should be.

DEAN Yeah, I’m watching my cholesterol. Watching it go up.

[Sam takes a forkful of his bunless lobster roll. The scene moves to Buck and Amy at the cash where Buck is paying for his meal.]

BUCK Well, I guess I will see you...later.

[Amy smiles at him as he hands her some money. Buck turns towards the door, but before he exits, he sees something outside. He peeks through the blinds on the door for a better look and we see the robed and hooded cultists outside surrounding the diner.]

BUCK What the hell?

[Back at the table Joanne is delivering Dean’s food.]

JOANNE Clam cakes.


JOANNE Two orders of stuffies.

[Dean catches Sam’s attention and points to the bit of green on his plate.]

DEAN See? Garnish.

JOANNE And, meat loaf for our young lady.

[Before Dean can take a bite, Buck turns back from the windows and addresses the room in a fearful tone.]

BUCK Hey. Something weird’s going on .

[Dean looks outside and see the cultists surrounding the diner.]

DEAN (calmly, eyes still on the cultists) Sam.

[Sam notices the cultists but then begins to cough and shake his head.]

DEAN Go get Sandy.

[The scene changes to Sam’s point of view. His vision is blurry and Dean’s voice seems to be coming from a distance instead of from across the table. Dean notices Sam’s distress.]

DEAN (alarmed now) Sam? Sam? Hey. Hey! Hey!

[With a groan, Sam passes out onto his arm.]

DEAN (to Sam) Wait...wait..

[Sandy comes back from the bathroom.]

DEAN Sandy!

[The electricity cuts out in the diner and the cultists stream in through the door.]

BUCK Hey. Wait. Wait. What’s…

[One of the cultists attacks Buck. We see one of the cultists is the brunette that Marco had been calling.]

BUCK Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey! Hey! Hey!

SANDY What’s going on?

DEAN (standing up) Sandy! Come here. Sit down.

Amy (in fear) Buck!

[Dean motions her into the booth with his unconscious brother. The cultist is beating Buck. Amy screams in fear and Dean pulls his gun. Just then Marco rushes Dean with the curved knife. Marco knocks Dean’s gun from his hand. The two men fight and Dean flips Marco away. A robed cultist then attacks Dean, grabbing him by the throat and shoving him away from the table into the back wall of the diner. Dean gets free and punches the cultist, then flips him away too. He kicks the robed figure and then goes to pick him up when another smaller cultist jumps on Dean’s back. Dean spins free but a large cultist is waiting and tries to stab him. Dean blocks the knife, but the momentum carries him and the big cultist through the swinging doors into the kitchen. Dean slams the cultist into the glass refrigerator and then into a metal shelf of pots and pans. The cultist fights back, still trying to stab Dean with his knife. The cultist gets a hand on Dean’s throat and begins choking him. The scene cuts back to the table where a groggy Sam is waking up, looking for his brother in the dark chaos.]

SAM Dean?

DEAN (needing some help) Sammy!

SAM Dean.

[Sam starts to move towards Dean’s voice, but Marco gets up from where he was thrown behind Sam. Marco and another cultist pull a black bag over Sam’s head.]

SAM Hey! What are you doing?

[Marco and the cultist drag Sam out of the diner. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Dean reaches a baking sheet and uses it to hit the cultist choking him over the head, knocking the cultist away. Dean uses the sheet as a shield to block the knife thrusts the cultist makes. Ultimately Dean tosses the sheet pan over his shoulder and grapples with his robed attacker. Dean is able to knock the knife away and gets in a few good punches before the cultist punches Dean, knocking him off his feet. The cultist picks up the knife and looms over Dean, about to stab him to death when the point of a blade thrusts through the cultist’s chest, killing him. The body falls and Dean sees Sandy standing there with a bloody knife. Dean gets to his feet and goes back into the main part of the diner, looking for Sam]

DEAN Sammy?

[He picks up his gun from the booth where it fell and chambers a round. Sandy comes up behind him tentatively. Dean can see the cultists still outside surrounding the diner.]


[Dean’s hands are seen pouring a liquid into glass bottles then stuffing rags into them to make Molotov cocktails. Sandy and the others are looking out the windows.]

SANDY They’re still out there.

AMY We gotta call the police.

BUCK My phone’s not working.

JOANNE They’re all dead. Landline, too.

[Sandy kneels down next to a dead cultist and rolls him over. His robe opens, revealing a uniform and a badge.]

SANDY (to Joanne) Who’s that?

JOANNE (wide-eyed) The police.

[Sandy goes into the kitchen where Dean is still gathering supplies.] SANDY What are you doing?

DEAN They took my brother. I’m gonna get him back.

[Dean continues to determinedly make Molotov cocktails.]


[Sam, head out of the bag, is on his knees in front of Marco and his sister, the robed brunette woman. Her name is Ophelia.]

SAM Who are you? What do you want?

[Ophelia removes her hood.]

MARCO What you stole from us. The monster.

SAM (sounding confused) The what?

OPHELIA Less a monster, more a god.

SAM (incredulous) A… Wait, what are you talkin’ about?

MARCO How’d you find our chapterhouse?

SAM My -- my brother and I, we -- we’re uh...our family was Men of Letters.

OPHELIA (glancing at Marco) So was ours.

MARO Kinda.

SAM Kinda?

OPHELIA Our great-grandfather, Diego Avila, was a member. Well, until he --

MARCO Went psycho. Jim Jones style.

OPHELIA Pretty much. Diego fought in World War I, and after that, all he could see was blood and violence in this world, so he decided to fix it.

SAM How?

Marco Summon a god from another dimension and start over.

OPHELIA (quoting Diego) ‘Upon us we shall call forth new gods, Yokoth and her mate Glythur. And they will cleanse this world of hate and bring a new paradise.’

MARCO They summoned Yokoth, but didn't exactly bring paradise.

[In a flashback, we see the lead cultist Diego summon Yokoth to Sandy back in 1925 as in the Teaser. Yokoth clamps a tentacle to Sandy’s face and enters her body. Sandy’s eyes glow purple and she turns to glare at Diego.]

OPHELIA It ate Diego and most everyone else. Then it tried to summon its mate before they bound it.

MARCO Men of Letters disavowed the whole deal. It banned all the survivors, closed down the chapterhouse tight. Our grandparents, our parents, us, we've been watching over it ever since.

SAM You mean...Sandy?


[Asmodeus is prepping a needle with one of the vials of archangel grace that he had extracted from Gabriel. He injects it into his arm and savours the feeling. Ketch, face severely beaten and bloody, watches from across the room where he is propped up against a pillar.]

ASMODEUS (addressing Ketch) You think you’re so high and mighty, better than the rest of us. But you, Mr. Ketch, you are more wicked than any demon I know. (He smiles.) I know ‘em all.

KETCH At least I still have a soul.

ASMODEUS (chuckling) What you think that buys you, huh? Souls are messy, all conflict and confusion.

KETCH Well, I know who I am.

ASMODEUS Do you? Because you say you have this code, this Men of Letters code, handed down for centuries. But wait. Wait a minute. You work for me. You act like you’re this cold-blooded killer. [Asmodeus crouches down in front of Ketch.] But you know what I see when I look in your eyes. Fear. And regret. And pain. I see your chewy middle, boy. You want redemption, but you ain’t never gonna get it. Your kind -- our kind -- we can’t be redeemed. All we can do is spread out pain around. So no, you don’t know who you are. But I do. Which is why no matter where you go, no matter what you do, you’re mine.


[Amy and Joanne and looking out the windows, but they don’t see any cultists.]

JOANNE Are they gone? Someone -- someone should see if they’re gone?

[Buck sees Amy and Joanne staring at him expectantly.]

BUCK No. No, not happening!

[We see Amy looking at Buck. Then Buck slowly opens the door to the diner. He has a butter knife in his hand and peers around nervously. The scene returns to Sam who is still on his knees, talking with Marco and Ophelia.]

SAM You’re trying to tell me that Sandy is a god from another dimension?

OPHELIA All she wants to do is eat.

MARCO And breed.

SAM Then why didn’t you kill it?

MARCO You don’t think we’ve tried? As far as we know, she can’t die.

OPHELIA So we have been keeping her locked up. Well, that is, until you came along.

MARCO So, you know, nice work on that one.

[Sam looks guilty.]

OPHELIA When we saw what you did, we knew that we had to get her back. So, Marco slipped something into your food.

SAM (sarcastically) Oh, you don’t say.

OPHELIA We have been starving Yokoth for decades, keeping her weak. But if she gets food in her belly…

MARCO We’re all dead.

[Buck is looking around the deserted cars in the parking lot. He sees many cultists dead on the ground. We see Sandy/Yokoth approach over his shoulder. He turns around.]


[Yokoth smiles then shoots a tentacle out of her mouth, attaching it to Buck’s chest. He screams and begins to wither as Yokoth begins sucking. Dean hears Buck’s screams. He pulls and cocks his gun and runs out of the kitchen. Outside, Yokoth finishes eating Buck and withdraws her tentacle just as Dean comes out the diner door, gun drawn. He goes over to Yokoth who stands up.]

DEAN Sandy?

[Yokoth shoots a tentacle at Dean.]



[Ketch is leaning against the pillar, pulling a broken tooth out of his mouth and spitting blood. Gabriel peers at him through the bars of his cage, drawing Ketch’s attention.]

KETCH What are you looking at? If I had half your power, I’d…

[Ketch gets an idea and looks around to confirm that Asmodeus is gone.]

KETCH In fact...

[Ketch hurries over to Gabriel’s cage. Gabriel moans and cringes back in fear.]

KETCH I believe it’s time to go.

[Ketch lifts the door to the cage.]

KETCH Consider this a rescue.

[Gabriel huddles in the far corner, afraid of Ketch. Ketch goes to the cabinet and gets the archangel blade from its case. He returns to Gabriel.]

KETCH Come on, you. Come on!

[Gabriel is frightened, especially seeing the archangel blade in Ketch’s hand. Ketch reaches in and grabs Gabriel’s leg and pulls him out of his cage. Gabriel struggles in panic.]

KETCH Come on.

[Ketch is dragging a struggling Gabriel down a corridor in Asmodeus’ lair.]

KETCH This would all go so much faster if you just flapped your bloody wings.

[Ketch comes upon Wallace.]

WALLACE What the hell?

[Ketch stabs the demon with the archangel blade, tosses the dead demon aside and turns back to Gabriel.]

KETCH Where were we?



[Sam walks past the door to the diner when Joanne bursts out brandishing an iron frying pan. She tried to hit Sam, but he ducks.]

JOANNE Arrrgh!

SAM Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

JOANNE String Bean! I thought you were dead.

SAM No, not yet. Where’s my brother?

JOANNE He came out to check on Buck.

[Marco and Ophelia walk into the parking lot from. They see the dead cultists on the ground. Joanne sees them.]

JOANNE It’s them.

SAM No. Take it easy. They’re with us.


SAM It’s a long story.

[Sam walks towards Ophelia and Marco and sees the dead cultists.]

SAM Oh, no! No, no, no.

OPHELIA She got food in her belly.

SAM (frightened) Dean.

OPHELIA If she fed on him, he would be here.

SAM So what, then?

MARCO It’s like we said, if she’s not feeding, she’s breeding.


[Dean is lying on the stone table that Sandy had been chained to. He slowly opens his eyes and takes in the room. He tries to get free, but he is chained to the table.]

DEAN Sandy, what the hell?

[Yokoth is preparing the spell in the chalice.]

YOKOTH Sandy’s dead. She’s been dead for a long time.

DEAN Okay. I’ll play. What’s your name?

YOKOTH Yokoth. Star of Madness. Ravager of Galaxies. Mother of Faceless Hordes.

DEAN Cool. Let me guess. You’re not from around here.

[Yokoth opens a hidden compartment in the wall and retrieves a metal box.]

YOKOTH I’m really not. When foolish humans opened the door, they had no idea what was waiting for them on the other side.

DEAN You mean you?

YOKOTH I mean us. It was supposed to be us. Glythur and I, together. But my love…they shut the rift before he could make it through.

DEAN (with maximum sarcasm) Oh my God. That's tragic. It's like a Hallmark movie. But with tentacles.

YOKOTH I like you, Dean. You’re strong. And I enjoy looking at your face.

DEAN Whew. You’re making me blush.

YOKOTH (grabbing Dean’s face) That’s why I’m going to allow you to be Glythur’s host.

DEAN Sorry, what? The host?

[YOKOTH opens the metal box and fetches the spell ingredients of blood and archangel grace. As she talks she add the ingredients to the chalice.]

YOKOTH We’ve consumed most of our universe. But this one is so full of...light. And of life. And it looks... (she licks her lips with a tentacle that comes out of her mouth.) It looks delicious.

DEAN Okay, I don’t know what kind of kinky Gatekeeper-Keymaster think you go going on here, but...I think I’ll pass.

[Yokoth shushes him with a finger to his mouth, silencing him with some kind of magic. She pulls out the Seal of Solomon and begins chanting.]

YOKOTH Insanidox koth munto, Glythur.

[The purple light shoots from the Seal and forms a rift on the ceiling. Yokoth puts the chain holding the Seal around her neck and resumes chanting.]

YOKOTH Insanidox koth munto, Glythur!

[A tentacle drops out of the rift and attempts to latch onto Dean. Dean dodges and struggles to avoid the tentacle while chained in place. Behind Yokoth, we see Sam, Ophelia and Marco rush into the room. Yokoth turns and Sam shoots her, but she keeps coming. Meanwhile Dean pulls a lockpick out of his jeans and begins to try and free himself while tentacles writhe around him.]

OPHELIA She has the Seal of Solomon.

[Yokoth shoots tentacles at Ophelia and Marco who dive out of the way. Sam tackles Yokoth, driving her back against the table where Dean is chained. She hits Sam with a tentacle, knocking him down. Dean works at the lock holding his right hand down.]

YOKOTH You can’t kill me!

[Dean gets his hand free, grabs the Seal from Yokoth’s neck and tosses it to Ophelia. Ophelia holds up the Seal and chants.]


Panto koth munto!

[The Seal glows purple light and the tentacles of Glythur grab Yokoth and drag her back into the rift, screaming. Once the tentacles withdraw, the rift closes. Dean pants at the close call while still partially chained to the table.]

SAM Dean.

[As Ophelia and Marco hug in relief, Sam goes over to free Dean.]

DEAN Glad you could make it.

[Dean, Sam, Ophelia and Marco are walking through the Men of Letters Capitalum seven.]

SAM So, that’s why we came. I mean we--we--we--need the Seal to get our family back.

DEAN If it could take us somewhere other than, uh, tentacle porn land -- not that there’s anything wrong with that.

MARCO When you cast a spell, you need a guide, something that’s been where you need to go. Got it?

SAM Got it.

OPHELIA Careful. When you open the door it only stays open for 24 hours. And you never know what’s on the other side.

DEAN Well, whatever it is, we’ll be ready.

OPHELIA I hope you’re right.

[Ophelia hands Dean the Seal.]


[Sam and Dean are walking down the circular stairs into the map room.]

SAM You sure you’re all right?

DEAN Considering I was about three seconds away from being an interdimensional booty call, yeah, I’d say I’m all right.

[The put their bags down on the map table.]

SAM (chuckles) Well...we have the Seal. Right? So all we need now is an archangel and we’re set.

DEAN Sure, that sounds easy.

SAM (wryly) Yeah.

[Ketch emerges from the Library. The boys see him and immediately pull their guns on him. Ketch has his hands up.]


DEAN Son of a bitch.

KETCH I come in peace.

SAM Yeah, right.

KETCH And I brought you a gift.

[Ketch ducks behind the arch and pulls Gabriel into view.

SAM (looking shocked) Wait a second. Is that….

DEAN That Gabriel?

[Ketch pushes Gabriel into a chair at the other end of the map table.]

SAM No, no that’s impossible. He…he’s dead. We -- we saw him die.

KETCH Or did you?

DEAN What’d you do to him?

KETCH Not me. Asmodeus. The Prince was holding him prisoner until I liberated the poor man. And I understand you may need an archangel for a spell, perhaps. Well, what luck.

SAM We need his grace.

[When he hears Sam, Gabriel begins to screech and moan in fear. Ketch grabs him and tries to calm him.]

KETCH No, no, no, no, no. Calm down. Calm down. Nervy.

[Ketch reaching into his jacket and pulls out one of the vials of grace that Asmodeus had been injecting into himself. He puts it carefully on the table.]

KETCH Here. Take that. And, uh...

[Ketch pulls out the archangel blade and also puts that on the table.]

KETCH The archangel blade.

SAM Why would you… What’s the catch? What do you want?

KETCH Protection. From Asmodeus.

DEAN (suspiciously) The one you’re working for?

KETCH Was working for. But when he finds out that I stole his prize milk cow, well, I imagine he will hunt me to the ends of the earth. So...this is the only safe place I know.

SAM (scoffs) What? Do you think you’re gonna just move in?

KETCH (hopefully) Dibs on the top bunk?


DEAN (speaking at the same time as Sam) Deal.

SAM What?

[Sam turns to look at Dean in surprise.]

DEAN I don’t know what the hell’s going on here. But if this helps us get Mom back, helps us get Jack back, then...sure. Whatever you want.

[Dean uncocks his gun and puts it down on his bag.]

[Some time later, Sam and Gabriel are sitting at a library table. Sam is using a scalpel and tweezers to remove the stitches from Gabriel’s mouth.]

SAM Gabriel...Man, what happened to you?

[Before Gabriel can answer, Dean walks into the Library with a ritual bowl and his bag.]

DEAN All right, let’s do this.

SAM Well, shouldn’t we wait?

DEAN Wait? Why? We got everything we need. Everything else is just burning daylight. Come on. Let’s open this door.

SAM All right. I’ll gather my gear.

DEAN Uh...hold on. I’m heading in alone.

SAM What?

DEAN Look, we got a busted up archangel here. And who the hell knows what else? Okay? Somebody’s gotta stay here just in case.

[Ketch walks into the room, dressed for combat and carrying his bag.]

KETCH And I’m coming with you. As I said, Asmodeus will be hunting to the ends of the earth, so it’s better if I’m not on this Earth.

SAM It’s not much better over there. You know it’s a war zone, right?

KETCH Won’t be my first, shan’t be my last. Hmm.

DEAN Fine.

SAM Fine? (lowering his voice for Dean) So you want Ketch to go and not me?

DEAN I don’t care if he dies. Hell, I’m kinda rooting for it.

SAM Still, you can’t --

DEAN No, I have to. It takes something that’s been over there to open up the right door, so that’s either you or me. So I’m gonna go. And if something happens to me, if -- if-- if time runs out, then I need you to come and save me, and save Mom, and save whoever else, okay?

SAM It’s safer if we go together.

DEAN Oh, there’s no such thing as safer over there. You know that. I know you don’t like this, okay? I don’t expect you to. This is the way it’s gonna be.

[Sam prepares the spell while Ketch and Dean watch. Dean pulls out some of his hair and puts it in the spell.]

DEAN Something that’s been there, right?

[The spell is almost ready.]

SAM All right. Remember, it’s only 24 hours.

[Sam holds the Seal of Solomon over the spell and chants.]

SAM Koth munto notox.

[The rift forms. Dean checks his watch, grabs his bag, then put his hand on Sam’s shoulder, giving his brother a significant look.]

DEAN Okay.

[Dean walks over to the rift, then turns to look at Sam. Sam nods minutely and then Dean and Ketch walk through the rift, which flashes as they enter. Sam is left staring at the glowing rift.]