13.10 Wayward Sisters

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Title Wayward Sisters
Episode # Season 13, Episode 10
First aired January 18, 2018
Directed by Phil Sgriccia
Written by Robert Berens
Andrew Dabb
On IMDB Wayward Sisters
Outline With Sam and Dean trapped in the Bad Place, Jody enlists Donna, Patience, Alex. Kaia, and Claire to help rescue the Winchesters.
Monster Canids
Forest Troll
Timeline Two days after 13.09 The Bad Place
Location(s) Iowa
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
The Bad Place
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Somewhere in Iowa, a pack of three werewolves has kidnapped a little girl. Claire Novak tracks them down and, disguised as a mail carrier, has them open the door with the excuse of having a package to deliver. When the first werewolf realizes Claire is a hunter, he is quickly shot down. The second werewolf attacks Claire, and in the ensuing fight, Claire is able to stab him in the heart. As Claire checks on the little girl, a female werewolf comes out of nowhere and is shot down before she could get near Claire. The girl, Amanda, is returned to her mother. As Claire is watching them reunite, she receives a call from Jody, who tells her that Sam and Dean are missing after going on a hunting trip and that she should come home.

Claire drives back to Sioux Falls and finds Jody and Alex waiting for her at home, happy to see her. After getting a hug from Jody, Claire meets Patience, the psychic who is temporarily staying at Jody’s because of a vision she had. When Claire asks if they have any news on Sam and Dean, they all listen to a voicemail from Sam saying that he and Dean were after Kaia Nieves and asking for Jody’s help. While Jody explains who Kaia is, a man finds an unconscious Kaia lying on the side of a road and calls 911. Back at Jody’s, Alex is leaving for her night shift as a nurse at a local hospital. Jody informs Claire of Patience’s vision, which showed Claire dying in the Bad Place. They have an argument and Claire leaves. Meanwhile, an ambulance has arrived to pick Kaia up. A monster is looking at the scene from behind some bushes.

While Alex is working her shift, Claire pays her a visit and they discuss Patience’s vision. Alex lets her know that Jody never stopped worrying about Claire, even after she left. Together, they search the hospital archive for Jane Does and discover that an unidentified woman was just brought in. Claire walks to her hospital room. Her eyes meet with Kaia’s for an instant. When the doctor walks out, Kaia stands up and starts grabbing her clothes. Claire enters and tells her she’s a friend of Sam and Dean, which prompts Kaia to run out of the hospital. Outside, she’s attacked by the monster that was spying on her earlier. Jody and Claire kill it, saving her. Later, Claire has a chat with Kaia about the monster. Kaia tells her that she’s already seen those things in her dreams and that they travel in packs. The two women share a moment of bonding, showing each other their scars. Finally, Kaia loosens up and tells Claire what happened to her.

In Jody’s garage, Alex is inspecting the dead monster in front of Jody and a disgusted Patience. Kaia and Claire join them, with Kaia explaining that she is a dreamwalker, and that the monster comes from the Bad Place. She also says that if Sam and Dean are stuck there, they are already dead. In the the Bad Place, Sam and Dean are still alive, having made camp to rest while they search for the rift to get back to their universe. When they hear what sounds like a monster approach them from a distance, they run away. A hooded figure bearing a spear is watching them. Back at Jody’s, Patience is packing up to go back home. She has a discussion with Alex about staying, but she retorts that this life isn’t for her. As she’s about to leave, Patience sees a pack of monsters bursting into Jody’s house in a vision. She warns the other women of the danger. When the monsters burst in, Patience and the others are already far away.

In the morning, the group meets up with Donna. Kaia recounts what happened on the night Dean and Sam disappeared. Alex identifies the place Kaia describes as the Larsen Brothers Shipyard, just off Route 14. They decide to check it out, but Jody asks Claire to stay with the girls while she and Donna have a look. Meanwhile, in the Bad Place, Dean and Sam are knocked out by the mysterious hooded figure. At the shipyard, Donna and Jody inspect the place, while Claire and Kaia have another chat. Claire confesses that she’s afraid of dying after Patience’s vision. Kaia promises her that if she wants to go to the Bad Place, she’ll go with her. Donna and Jody find the portal, but they are attacked by another pack of monsters. In the Bad Place, Dean and Sam wake up tied to trees. They realize that they’re about to become food for that world’s monster.

When Jody and Donna don’t come back, Claire and the girls decide to go check on them. They manage to kill the monsters that have surrounded the two women with the help of a flamethrower. Claire finds the rapidly-closing portal that leads to the Bad Place, and after a quick discussion with Jody, she and Kaia cross the threshold while Jody stays to help Donna and the other girls. Claire and Kaia find and free Sam and Dean. Back in our world, Jody, Donna, and the girls fight the remaining monsters. In the alternate universe, the hooded figure throws her spear at Claire. Kaia pushes her away and is hit in her place, apparently dying. Hearing a noise, Sam looks up and sees a giant monster looming over them. They cross the portal as the last monster is killed on the other side by a startled Patience. The portal closes behind them and Claire starts crying in Jody’s arms and Patience realizes that's what she really saw in her vision.

As the boys prepare to leave, they ask Jody to thank Claire for saving them. Later, Jody talks to a heartbroken Claire in her room. Claire tells her she now understands why Jody is so protective with her. The women prepare to have dinner as Claire writes in her journal. She promises to kill the thing that murdered Kaia and then joins her family at the table. Somewhere else, another portal opens, the mysterious hooded figure enters our world and reveals herself to be an alternate Kaia.




  • "I Am the Fire" by Halestorm
(plays during the recap of previous events)


Claire: Surprise. Hi, Jody. Alex. You miss me?
Alex: Not really.
Kaia: Uh, I'm a dreamwalker. It means when I sleep, I see another world... this other dimension.

Patience: Seriously?

Kaia: The Bad Place. It's where that came from. Your friends Sam and Dean, they wanted me to help them open a door to another world. And we did, but something went wrong.
Sam: No, don't -- don't tell me it tastes like chicken.
Dean: No, Sam, it's a lizard. It tastes like a lizard.
Patience: This is just... all way too freaky. I mean, your mom's out burying a monster in the backyard.

Alex: Well, you gotta bury him somewhere. Um...
Patience: I came here to tell Jody about my vision, and Claire just blew it off. And I am not a fighter. I couldn't even imagine going up against one of those... things.

Alex: You don't have to be a fighter. I'm not. Not really. You know, we help in other ways.
Jody: Patience, Kaia, this is Sheriff Donna Hanscum. She's, uh, she's killed a lot of vampires.

Donna: Ah, ya know. I do what I do. Anyhoo, brought the basics.
Patience: Why do you have all this?

Donna: I'm from Minnesota.
Jody: I'm going in.

Donna: What now?

Jody: If I don't, she will. Donna, I cannot lose another child.
Donna: We make a run for the truck, we're dead.

Jody: We stay here, we're dead.

Donna: All righty, then.
Sam: Jody, that rift was open for a while. More of those things may have come through.

Dean: Now we've seen some freaks, but over there, it's a whole new world of bad.
Jody: We will handle it. Come on. You guys take care of the world. We got Sioux Falls covered.

Dean: Damn right you do.
Claire: I didn't even think. I just raced in. No plan. I said I'd protect her. I get it now... why you are the way you are with me. Because of the... this feeling.
Jody: You don't have to do this alone. When you're ready, if you want... we're all here for you.
Claire: I came back to Sioux Falls to save Sam and Dean Winchester. And... I did. No... We did. We saved Sam and Dean. All of these amazing women. My family. They don't know it yet. They think I'm staying because I'm broken. But I'm staying because I need them. My family. My army. The thing that killed Kaia is still out there. And I don't care if I have to tear another hole in the universe. We're going to find it. And I'm going to kill it.

Trivia & References

Alex: You look like Biker Barbie.
Barbie is a fashion doll that is available in many styles. A version was released in collaboration with Harley Davidson.
The scene of Claire showing her scars to Kaia is a reference to this scene from Jaws of Quint and Hooper comparing scars.
Donna: Okay, you, too, Rainbow Bright.
Rainbow Brite is a cartoon character whose mission is to make the world brighter and hearts lighter by replacing darkness with color and light. Its use by Donna to refer to Claire is ironic.
Dean: Hey, yo! Darth Dickwad.
"Darth" is the title given to the Dark Lords of the Sith Order.


The young girl captured by a werewolf was named Amanda Fitzmartin after Meghan Fitzmartin who is assistant to showrunner Andrew Dabb.
The creatures from the Bad Place that come through to Sioux Falls were known as "Canids" in the script, but due to the evolution of the creature design from concept to creation, writer Robert Berens felt the name no longer fit and thus the creatures currently remain nameless. The name Canids will be used until they are re-christened. You can see concept art of the creatures by Mary Manchin and Ben Carruth here.
The scene where Kaia and Claire share their scars was inspired by the scene in the 1975 movie Jaws where Quint and Hooper compare their scars.
The lizard Sam and Dean were eating did taste like chicken - it was chicken attached to a taxidermied lizard. The scene where Dean heads back to grab the lizard was improvised by Jensen. He said "Dean wouldn’t leave food. I didn’t think they’d use it, but they did."
DreamHunter is the pairing name for Kaia Nieves and Claire Novak - a mashup of DreamWalker and Hunter. The alternative name is Caia. Both were coined following the appearance of promo photos for the episode which showed the characters together. The ship was considered to have sailed following the airing of the episode in which their was an obvious connection and attraction and much flirting between the women. Robert Berens endorsed the pairing name on Twitter.
At the end of the episode, writer Robert Berens tweeted the following: "Thanks to everyone for watching and for the warm reception! Gonna leave you with an image— the last “notecard” of our break for the #Supernatural #WaywardSisters pilot." It was accompanied by a photo of a notecard with the words "KAIA LIVES !!!" on it.
On May 11, 2018 it was announced that Wayward Sisters would not go to series, with network president Mark Pedowitz citing on May 17th:
“We are big fans of the characters and the women who played those characters… We hope they continue on as guest stars on Supernatural… But we did not feel creatively that the show was where we wanted it to be. And we felt we had a better shot with [Originals spin-off] Legacies.”

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