13.01 Lost and Found (transcript)

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13.01 Lost and Found

Written by: Andrew Dabb

Directed by: Bob Singer

Air Date: October 12, 2017


Nothing Else Matters by Metallica plays over past seasons recap.

Clips of Mary standing in the clearing, Cas as a comet crashing through the Mystery Spot sign and crawling out of a ditch from 12.01, Dean and Sam, while a voice overlaid tells us that Lucifer is back, and we see him in Crowley’s throne room. ♪ So close no matter how far: Mary and Dean hug at the beginning of 12.01, the President is possessed by Lucifer and is is bed with Kelly Kline, while Casitel’s voice tells us “a nephilim has come into being.”
Couldn’t be much more from the heart: We see Lucifer being exorcised with the pulse generator egg in 12.08, and Kelly telling Cas “I can feel it inside me” with clips from 12.19 of Cas feeling the nephilim, and Kelly’s eyes glowing gold.
Forever trusting who we are: Sam and Eileen hug in 12.17, Dean and Cas hug in 12.01, the Reservoir Dogs walk in 12.12.
And nothing else matters: Sam and Mary hug in 12.02, then Sam, Mary, and Dean hug in 12.22, then Dean and Sam reach out their hands to pull Cas to his feet in 12.12.
Never opened myself this way: Clip of Mary entering Asa Fox’s house in 12.06 and Sam’s reaction, Dean staring into the mirror trying to remember his name in 12.11, Dean trying to reach Mary inside her mind in 12.22, Dean blasting through the bunker wall with the grenade launcher, Ishim lying dead with burnt wings in 12.10
Life is ours, we live it our way: Dean loading his gun in 12.12, shooting, Baby’s tires screeching, and Dean punching Crowley in the bunker’s library in 12.23, Dean hitting a ghost with iron in 12.03, Mary fighting a rougarou with Ketch’s weapon in 12.13
All these words I don't’ just say: Mary shooting Ketch while Dean stands by her in 12.22, Sam shooting Moloch with the Colt in 12.18, Mary beheading a vampire in the BMoL bunker in 12.14, the BMoL headquarters building exploding
And nothing else matters: Sam shooting the BMoL computer in 12.22, Jody shooting Dr. Hess, Lucifer stabbing Crowley in 12.21, Castiel stabbing Ishim in the back in 12.10, Sam stabbing Ramiel with the Lance of Michael in 12.12
Never cared for what they say: Sam using the Colt to kill the Alpha Vampire in 12.14, Dagon melting the Colt as Dean screams NOOOOO in 12.19,
Never cared for games they played: Ketch blowing the dog whistle controlling the hellhound as it kills Eileen, Eileen’s body and Sam’s reaction in 12.21, Kelly leaving a trail of Jack’s golden grace on the back of Castiel’s truck in 12.23
Never cared for what they do: Cas standing and watching Ketch’s grenade blow up the Secret Service vehicle in 12.08, Dagon exploding an angel in 12.19, Claire screaming through the werewolf cure, Crowley breaking the Lance of Michael to save Cas
Never cared for what they know: Kelly grabbing Cas’s hand in 12.19, the golden grace glow overtaking the blue of his eyes, Cas burning Dagon, the glowing rift from 12.23
And I know ♪: Cas brings Sam and Dean through the rift into the Apocalypse World, where they find alternate Bobby. Kelly is in labor, golden grace flowing beneath her skin. Crowley sacrifices himself to complete the spell to close the rift. An explosion of gold grace knocks Kelly back as she gives birth, throws Mary across the room. Cas comes back through the rift, and is immediately stabbed in the back by Lucifer while Dean screams NOOOO. Mary punches Lucifer toward the still-open rift, and he grabs her sleeve and drags her through with him just as the rift closes, trapping them. Sam closes Kelly’s eyes and follows a trail of scorched footprints to the nursery, and finds Jack now an adult with glowing gold eyes. Dean kneels by Cas’s body, looking up to the sky.



[Action picks up where we left Season 12—Sam entering the bedroom to find Jack, fully adult, eyes glowing gold]

JACK: Father?

[They stare at one another; Jack stands and Sam takes a step back]

[Cut to exterior. Crane shot of Cas’s body and burnt wints, with Dean kneeling beside him. Switch to Dean’s face, then Cas. Dean stands and runs toward the house.]

[Cut to interior:]

SAM: No, no no. No. I’m not your father, Jack. It is Jack, right?

JACK (eyes still glowing): Father.

[We hear a door open, and footsteps]

DEAN: Sam? Sammy?

SAM: I’m in here.

[Dean comes in, gun drawn behind Sam. He sees Jack, and immediately fires at him]

SAM: No!

[Jack begins screaming, but we don’t hear it so much as see it as waves of light coming off of him. It blasts the windows out of the upper floor of the cabin. Dean and Sam appear to be moving in slow motion throughout; once Jack stops screaming, they are thrown against the wall. Both are knocked out. Cut to Jack’s glowing eyes, which turn into…]


[Dean and Sam standing outside the cabin. Mary enters from behind them in what appears to be a flashback to 12.23]

MARY: Get away from them.

[Pan to Lucifer]

LUCIFER: Mary, right? Look, seriously, I just wanted to say thank for everything. I owe you, kid.

[We see Mary has the Enochian-warded brass knuckles behind her back]

SAM: Mom, mom, mom.

MARY [looking at DEAN and SAM]: I love you.

[She walks toward Lucifer. We hear flames crackling and she stops and looks down. She is engulfed in flames. She screams.]

DEAN: Mom!

[Mary rises into the air and is then shown as in the Pilot—burning on the ursery ceiling. Flames erupt full screen.]

[Dean’s eyes shoot open. He and Sam both wake.]

DEAN: Wait, was that-

SAM: Lucifer’s son.

[Dean grabs his gun and they exit the cabin.]

DEAN: Can he teleport?

SAM: Huh?

DEAN: The kid. Does he have wings?

Sam: I don’t know.

[They look around the empty cabin yard.]


[Cut to Jack walking barefoot down a path through the woods. Bare everything, in fact. He sees Pirate Pete’s Jolly Treats in the distance through the trees, and stares.]

[We hear the Pirate Pete jingle as a young man drops hash browns into a fryer.]

KID: First batch is down.

[Clark is changing the menu so that various item names now read “BUTT” instead]

CLARK: Dude. Check it.

KID: Check what?

CLARK: This! Can I interest you in a Cheesebutt? Or maybe a Salty Butt Combo? Or perhaps my favorite - the Buttshake.

KID: Dave sees this, he’s going to fire you.

CLARK: Oh, come on. He’s fired me, like, seven times. And I keep coming back. You know why?

KID: Uh, because Dave’s banging your mom?

CLARK: Exactly. Let’s face it, buddy. Around here, I’m untouchable.

KID: Cool. Good for you.

[Static crackles from the drive through speaker]

JACK: Father?

[Clark and Kid look at each other and go to the drive through window]

CLARK, through the mic: Yo, we’re not open yet.

JACK: Father.

[Clark and Kid turn the camera on to see Jack standing naked in the drive through]

CLARK: Whoa.

KID: I think you should call your mom.

[Cut to the North Cove Sheriff’s Office. A cell phone rings, and a woman picks up.]

SHERIFF BARKER: Hi baby. (A pause) How naked?

[Cut to the Impala, driving along a mountain lake.]

DEAN: We still have holy oil, right?

SAM: For what?

DEAN: Cause we’re gonna have to hit him with everything we got

SAM: Hold on a second. Can we just talk about what happened back there?

DEAN: Sure. Which part? Let’s see. Crowley’s dead, Kelly’s dead, Cas is—(he pauses) Mom’s gone, and apparently, the Devil’s kid hit puberty in thirty seconds flat. Oh, and almost killed us.

SAM: Yeah, because you tried to shoot him.

DEAN: I tried to shoot the monster, Sam. It’s kind of what we do.

SAM: We don’t know what he is yet, Dean. And I had it under control.

DEAN: I’m sorry. Are you defending the Son of Satan?

SAM: I’m not defending anything. I’m just saying, look, with everything that’s happened, I’m obviously spun out also, but we need a plan.

DEAN: Yeah, kill him! Okay? That’s the plan. Look, right now all that matters is finding him, and ending him, before he hurts anybody else. And once we do that we’ll figure everything else out.

SAM: What about Cas? Is he - is he really dead?

DEAN: You know he is.

[Cut to Pirate Pete’s. Sheriff Barker gets out of her car, hand on her gun, and shares a glance at Clark inside. She shakes her head at him.]


[Jack turns to look at her]

SHERIFF BARKER: Easy, easy now. I’m just...my name’s Christine Barker. I’m a sheriff. I’m just here to help, okay? Okay?

[Jack smiles, which is mildly sinister]


[Inside the cabin, a person walks along a body laid out under a sheet. He pulls the sheet back to reveal Castiel. Another person descends the stairs and joins the first.]

2ND ANGEL: Is that -

1ST ANGEL: Castiel. Always knew he’d meet a bad end.

2ND ANGEL: He deserved better.

1ST ANGEL: No, he really didn’t.

2ND ANGEL: The mother’s upstairs, but she-

1ST ANGEL: I don’t care about the brood mare. Where’s the child? 2ND ANGEL: Gone.

1ST ANGEL: Of course he is.

[1ST ANGEL Flips the sheet back over Castiel’s face]

[Cut to the Sheriff’s Office. An officer is backing away from Jack, now clothed. Jack is standing still, eyes closed, one arm raised in front of his chest]

EARL: So weird.

SHERIFF BARKER: Why don’t you head out on patrol, Earl? And by the way, there’s no such thing as “weird.” Everyone’s normal in their own way.

EARL: Right. Sorry, Sheriff.

[Jack is moving his feet around, feeling the shoes.]

CLARK: Totally normal.

SHERIFF BARKER: Hope those are all right. Just pulled some stuff from the lost and found. Everything fit? Here.

[She hands Jack a water bottle.]

SHERIFF BARKER: Take a seat. Sit.

[Jack sits.]

SHERIFF: Okay, let’s start with the basics. What’s your name?

[Jack is focused fully on the water bottle]

SHERIFF BARKER: (more forcefully) What’s your name?

[Jack sets down the water bottle.]

JACK: Jack.

SHERIFF BARKER: Okay Jack, Jack what? What’s your last name?

[Jack just stares at her, not understanding]

SHERIFF BARKER: Okay, how about where are your parents? Your mother and father?

[Jack flashes back to Kelly, blowing him a kiss.]

JACK: My mother, she’s in heaven. My father, he was supposed to be here, but he’s not. I’m trying to find him. I have to find him.

SHERIFF BARKER: Sure, we can do that. What’s his phone number?

[Jack is silent.]

SHERIFF BARKER: What about his address, or an email?

[Jack remains silent.]

SHERIFF BARKER: Is there anything you do remember, Jack?

[Jack flashes back to Dagon’s death.]

JACK: I remember when the bad woman burned. I remember the universe screamed.

[Christine (Sheriff Barker) and Clark share concerned looks. Clark clears his throat and spins his finger at his temple.]

SHERIFF BARKER: Okay, I’m gonna take your thumbprint, and we’re gonna run it through the system. If we get a match we get you home, yeah?

[Christine inks and rolls Jacks thumb as she’s talking.]

Okay just like that, and, press it here. Okay. You stay here, I’ll be right back.

[Jack examines his thumb, and then tastes the ink as Clark watches.]

CLARK: Dude, how high are you?

[Jack sits across from Clark]

JACK: I..don’t know what that means.

CLARK: It means, um, wasted? Lit? Chonged, blitzed, blasted, blazed, baked? Nothing? No? Look, I’m not judging you. I’m jealous! What are you on?

JACK: I’m on a chair, on the floor, on the planet earth.

CLARK: You are so stone, man.

JACK: No, I’m not stoned. I’m…

CLARK: What?

JACK: Hungry. I’m hungry.

[Cut to the Impala pulling up to Pirate Pete’s]

DEAN: Well. You really think that Lucifer Junior is at Pirate Pete’s Jolly Treats? That he was like what, “before I destroy the world, let me just grab a bag of curly fries”?

SAM: Look, if he would’ve kept to the main road, he would have walked past it. And I don’t know -

DEAN: Fine, just make it quick.

SAM: You’re not coming?

DEAN: No. Look, maybe you’re right. Maybe the Devil’s kid is in there just hanging out. Or maybe he’s halfway across the country, torching Chicago. I’m gonna call Jody, check in, see if she can’t help us put a nationwide APB out on the creepy satanic nudist.

SAM: Good.

DEAN: Good is not the word I would use.

[Cut to the interior of Pirate Pete’s]

DRUNK WOMAN: Friiiies.

KID: Lady, seriously. We don’t have fries. It’s breakfast only until eleven. But like I’ve said three times already, hash browns are basically the same.

DRUNK WOMAN: Boooo. Fries.

[Sam enters.]

KID: Welcome to Pirate Pete’s Jolly Treats. ARGH. How can I help you?

DRUNK WOMAN: He wants fries. We all want fries.

KID: Shut up!

[Cut to exterior. Dean hangs up his phone, then gets out of the car.]

[Cut to the interior of Pirate Pete’s]

KID: Ignore her. She’s drunk off her ass.

DRUNK WOMAN: Little bit.

SAM: Right. Uh, Okay, I’m looking for a guy. Uh, he - he’s about your height. Uh...naked.

DRUNK WOMAN, chuckling: You and me both, sister.

KID: What did I say?


KID: And yeah, I saw him.

[Cut to Sheriff’s Office. The phone rings. Sheriff Barker is obviously distracted by something on her computer screen as she picks up.]

SHERIFF BARKER: North Cove Sheriff’s Department. Barker speaking.

SAM: This is Agent Berry. I’m with the FBI. Uh, I’m - I’m calling because, uh, did you happen to pick up a - a kid earlier today, uh, not exactly dressed. Um, he -

[Sam cuts off distracted for a moment by Clark’s menu update]

SHERIFF BARKER: Uh, yeah. He’s here at the station.

SAM: He is? Great, great, that’s great. Uh, okay, hold on to him. Don’t release him until I get there, all right?


SAM: Sheriff? Something wrong?

[We pan from the Sheriff’s face to her computer screen, where Jack’s thumbprint appears as just lines and static.]

SHERIFF BARKER: Uh... that’s something we should talk about in person.

[Cut to the exterior of Pirate Pete’s. Dean is walking toward the car, keys in hand. The knuckles of his right hand are bleeding.]

DRUNK WOMAN: Whoa. What happened to you hand?

DEAN: Nothin’.

DRUNK WOMAN: Doesn’t look like nothing. You punch a wall or something? I punched a wall once. Well, a poster on a wall, but same diff, right? Freshman year, I had this roommate, Becky. She had this giant poster of Elsa. You know, from “Frozen”? And I mean, first, who brings something like that to college? A cartoon? Really? Like, “hello homeschool,” right?

[As she is talking, Drunk Woman is writing something in the dust of the Impala’s passenger side window, and Dean removes a bottle of whisky from the trunk. He takes a swallow and then pours some over his bloody knuckles]

DEAN: You done?

DRUNK WOMAN: Anyway, Becky was - and I say this in the most feminist, screw the patriarchy way - a giant superbitch. She’d take things, and break things, and piss people off, and just do whatever she wanted, no matter who it hurt.

[Dean is making please stop talking faces at her but she is oblivious]

DRUNK WOMAN: It’s like the whole world was just Becky to her, you know?

DEAN: Mmm. So you punched her poster.

DRUNK WOMAN: And lit most of her stuff on fire.

[Dean gives her a look]

DRUNK WOMAN: I got issues.

SAM: Hey, s-

[He notices Drunk Woman and stops]

SAM: Dude, what’d you do to your hand?

DRUNK WOMAN: Don’t ask. He’s super sensitive.

DEAN: You got anything?

SAM: Yeah, I - I know where he is.

DEAN: Good. Great. Let’s go.

[As the Impala pulls away, you can see Drunk Woman has written “BITCH” in the dust on the window.]

[Cut to Sheriff’s Office. The lights are flickering in random patterns throughout the station.]


[The Sheriff moves around the office looking for them. The lights continue to flicker. The office appears deserted.]


[As she moves to a long hallway, we can hear muffled laughter and voices. The lights at the end of the hall turn completely off. Christine unsnaps her gun and moves to the last door, where a sliver of light is coming through. She opens the door to see Clark and Jack sitting on the floor in front of a vending machine. They are surrounded by junk food wrappers.]

CLARK: Mm. Hey mom.

SHERIFF BARKER: Uh, are you okay?

CLARK: Yeah, Jack was just hungry. I don’t think he’s ever had candy before.


JACK: I like it. I like nougat.

CLARK: He really does.

SHERIFF BARKER: Did you see... there’s something wrong with the lights.

CLARK: It’s, uh…

[Clark laughs nervously.]

CLARK: ...it’s crazy. Show her, the, mm, thing.

[Jack stands and goes to the vending machine. He smiles at the sheriff, and then places his hand on the side of the machine. Lights crackle and flicker as the machine drops a lot of candy]

CLARK: Mmm, yeah, dude’s uh... magic.

SHERIFF BARKER: Jack, how did you do that?

JACK (chuckling): I don’t know.

[High pitched ringing and distorted voices are suddenly heard by Jack-- the sheriff and Clark don’t hear them. The sounds are clearly causing Jack pain, and his eyes begin to glow.]

SHERIFF BARKER: Jack? Are you okay?

JACK, groaning: I-- I don’t... I-- I have to…

SHERIFF BARKER: Just wait. Wait.

[She places a hand on Jack’s shoulder. Jack turns to her and “pushes” her back into the vending machine with his power. As before, slow motion waves pulse out of Jack, and then become very fast. Glass shatters.]


[Clark runs to the sheriff, who is knocked out. The noise and voices continue in Jack’s POV, and he struggles to remain upright and leave the room. As he stumbles down the hallway, light bulbs explode overhead. He makes it to the main room before falling to his knees. In front of him he sees a very distorted-looking Dean]

DEAN (voice warped in Jack’s POV): Hey.

[Jack’s eyes begin to glow again, and he starts to struggle to his feet. We hear a taser sound, and then Jack falls forward. Sam is standing behind him, taser in hand.]

DEAN: Nice shot.

[They move toward Jack. The sheriff comes in as they are distracted, gun drawn and pointed at them.]

SHERIFF BARKER: Don’t...what the hell is going on here?

[Sam and Dean put their hands up in surrender.]


[The sheriff locks Sam and Jack in a holding cell, handcuffs Dean and sits him down in her office for a talk, laying out Sam and Dean’s weapons on her desk.]

SHERIFF BARKER: I'm sorry. Say that again.

DEAN: My name is Dean Winchester. That big fella in there is my brother Sam. We kill monsters.




DEAN: Have you ever seen a horror movie?

SHERIFF BARKER (after a pause): Mm-hmm.

DEAN: Like that.

SHERIFF BARKER (another long pause): So what are you? Some kind of superhero?

DEAN: I'm just a guy doing a job. (pause) So that kid you got in there, he's, uh...

SHERIFF BARKER: Not... human?

DEAN: Not exactly.

SHERIFF BARKER: So, um... what is he?

DEAN: So... Jack is a nephilim. He's half-human and half-angel. Angels are real, too.

[The moment Dean says Jack’s name, we see Jack in the jail cell, lying down. His eyes open as if he can hear Dean talking about him]

SHERIFF: [ Exhales, chuckles ] Right.

[In the holding cell, Jack sits up, grunting. He moves quickly away from Sam, getting as far as possible before turning glowing eyes on Sam as he crouches defensively.]

SAM: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy, easy, easy, easy. It's okay. You're okay. I'm not gonna hurt you.

JACK: You already hurt me.

SAM: Yes, I did. I-I'm sorry. I was just trying to slow you down. You-- you were, uh... Are you all right?

JACK: I don't, I... I was scared, and when I get scared, things happen. I...I can't stop them.

[As he talks, Jack visibly calms down, the glow fades from his eyes]

SAM: Why were you scared?

JACK: Because of the voices. (Whispers) They were so...loud, so...angry.

SAM: Do you hear them right now?

[Jack considers this, and gradually stands up, much more relaxed]


SAM: Good. (Chuckles) Good. (Exhales sharply)

[Sam is also visibly relieved, as Jack sits on the cot opposite him and folds his legs up criss cross applesauce style]

JACK: I'm sorry.

SAM (confused): What?

JACK: Will you tell them that I'm sorry?

SAM: Yeah. Sure. Of course. (long pause) Jack... how are you, um... How are we... talking right now? I mean, you're-- you're not even a day old. How do you speak English?

JACK: My mother taught me.

SAM: So you talked to her.

JACK: I was her.

SAM: Okay. And, um... your powers. Did she teach you those, too, or...

[Jack stands up and walks to the nearest wall, feeling the concrete blocks with his hands, tracing the seams between them as he talks]

JACK: No, I... I don't know why these things happen. It's like I'm me, but... not me.

SAM: Jack, look, um... before you were born, you -- you opened up a door to another world. Do you remember that?

JACK: (Inhales deeply, still studying the wall) Yes.

SAM: Okay, um, could you do that again?

JACK: I don't... I... I have to find my father. He'll protect me.

SAM: Jack, you gotta listen to me. That's not really what Lucifer does.

JACK: (still fondling the wall) Lucifer? No, that's not his name. My father is Castiel.

SAM (shocked): What?

JACK: My mother, she said Castiel, he would keep me safe. She said the world was a dangerous place. That's -- that's why I couldn't be a baby or a child. I... That's why I had to grow up fast. That's why I chose him to be my father. Where is he?

[Sam’s heart breaks just a lil bit]

SAM: He's dead.

[Jack appears saddened and distressed at this news]

[Cut to Clark outside the sheriff’s office, huddling in the doorway to light a joint. He turns around to see Drunk Fries Woman and the two angels from the cabin earlier. Miriam smirks at Clark]

DRUNK WOMAN/ANGEL (MIRIAM): Hmm. So... you gonna share or what?

[Inside, Dean comes to the holding cell to talk to Sam]

DEAN: All right, we're good to go.

SAM: Really?

[The door opens]

DEAN: Yeah, the Sheriff-- I gave her the talk. She's gonna need a minute,
but she's cool. [they both glance over at Jack, still sitting on the cot] So... let's grab Damien here and find some place quiet... [Tongue clicks as Dean gives Sam a thumbs up]

SAM: No, no, no, Dean. Jack is not evil. He -- he -- he's just a kid.

DEAN: Are you... He's Lucifer's son.

SAM: We need him.

DEAN: What?

SAM: Like--

CLARK (screaming from the other room): Help!

[Dean exchanges a glance with Sam and Jack, and then without a word leaves the holding room to go investigate. Sheriff Barker joins him as they enter the main squad room, to find Drunk Woman/The angel Miriam holding Clark at the point of an angel blade.]

MIRIAM: Hey, Dean.


[Inside the squad room, Miriam holds Clark from behind, her angel blade to his throat, while Dean and Sheriff Barker stand across the room]

SHERIFF BARKER: (drawing her gun and aiming it at Miriam) Oh, no, you --

DEAN: (holding out a hand and lowering her gun) No, no, no! No.

DEAN: That won't do jack against her.

MIRIAM: He's not wrong.

DEAN: Let him go.

MIRIAM: Okay. If she shoots you. (Sheriff Barker looks to Dean in confusion) I don't know what he's told you. I mean, I can guess. Some line about how he and his brother... (deepens voice) save the world. Grr. So macho. (she sighs and speaks in her normal voice) But really, he's not a hero. He's Becky.

DEAN: Becky? The roommate Becky?

MIRIAM: You take things and break things and piss people off, and just do whatever you want, no matter who it hurts. Also, you're a giant super bitch.

DEAN: Well, it takes one to know one.

MIRIAM: So, yeah, you're Becky, and Becky needs to die. You're on, Barney Fife.

[Cut back to the holding cell]

SAM: Dean?

[Metal clanks in distance. Sam and Jack wait, still locked up. Glass shatters, metal creaks as the door to the room is ripped from its hinges and a bright light shines through.]

SAM: (more urgently)Dean?

[The two angels from the cabin earlier enter, their eyes glow as they use their power, and Jack reacts as if he has instantly acquired the world’s worst migraine. We hear Conrad the angel's voice, using angel radio]

CONRAD (formerly Angel 1, speaking via angel radio) He's here. We have the boy.

[Back in the squad room, we see Miriam receive his message]

MIRIAM: Too late.

[Miriam stabs Clark in the side with her angel blade]


[Dean charges Miriam, and a fight breaks out.]

[Back in the holding room, Angel 2 rips the cell door off and throws it aside. Sam punches her]

[In the squad room, Dean and Miriam continue to fight, but Sheriff Barker runs to her son and drags him out of the way]


[Sam continues to fight with Angel 2, she slams him against the bars. He head butts her, and she flings him across the room to land on the floor.]

[Dean continues to fight with Miriam, wrestling for control of her angel blade.]

[Conrad kicks Sam when he tries to stand, punching him back to the ground, kicking him a few more times while Angel 2 goes to Jack, who’s still huddled on his cot in pain.]

[Sheriff Barker is tending to Clark’s wound, and calling Earl for backup]

SHERIFF BARKER: (on the radio) Earl?

EARL (over the radio): Yes, Sheriff.

SHERIFF BARKER: It's Barker. I need an ambulance at the station now.

EARL: Copy that.

[Dean gets up from where Miriam had thrown him across a desk. He kicks a chair at her, then throws a stack of papers at her, before picking up a coat rack and jabbing at her with it. She grabs it, breaks it in half, and Dean tosses the pieces at her and runs. Sheriff Barker finds a first aid kit beneath a desk and opens bandages]

SHERIFF BARKER: We're just gonna put a little pressure on the wound. Lift it up. Put pressure.


[Dean grabs a fire extinguisher off the wall and uses it as a shield, catching Miriam’s blade and gaining control over the weapon. He gets her in a headlock, and holds the blade to her throat]

[In the holding cell, Conrad continues to kick Sam, who’s huddled on the floor, spitting blood. Conrad turns to help Angel 2 with Jack, who’s in considerable distress, apparently from Angel Mojo being used in his vicinity. They begin leading him out of the cell, but Sam calls out to them]

SAM: Hey!

[They turn back in time to see that Sam’s drawn a banishing sigil in his own blood. The angels disappear when Sam activates the sigil, and Jack appears to be affected painfully, glowing lines appearing on his neck, and he collapses to the ground. He recovers quickly, but Sam rushes to his aid.]

SAM: Jack!

[Dean still has Miriam, angel blade to her throat]

DEAN: Why are you here?

MIRIAM: We want the Golden Ticket. Lucifer 2: Electric Boogaloo.

DEAN: Why?

MIRIAM: Because Bieber in there? He can do almost anything.

DEAN (hopeful): Anything?

MIRIAM: (Chuckles) Oh, sweetie. Almost anything. Castiel, he's dead. All the way dead, because of you.

[After crushing Dean’s hopes enough to distract him, Miriam head butts Dean, giving him a bloody lip, and breaks free, wrestling back her blade and rushing off toward the holding cells. Dean gets his wits about him, and realizes where Miriam was headed.]

Dean: Sam.

[Miriam confronts Sam, who puts himself between her and Jack]

SAM: Don't.

MIRIAM: Or what, other one?

DEAN (entering the room behind Miriam): Guess.

SAM: Stay away from the kid.

MIRIAM: You're right. But if we can't have him, (she stabs Jack in the chest through the bars) no one can.

[Jack drops to his knees, Miriam’s blade through his chest, and Sam stabs Miriam in the chest, apparently killing her. Sam goes into the cell to see Jack still kneeling, pulling the angel blade out of his chest]

SAM: Jack. Jack. J--

JACK (holding the bloody angel blade as Sam and Dean look on in shock): I...I'm fine.


[Outside the Sheriff’s Office, an ambulance prepares to take Clark to the hospital. Jack sits quietly on a bench, while Sam and Dean sit on the hood of the Impala talking.

SHERIFF BARKER (to Clark, on a stretcher being loaded into the ambulance): You're gonna be okay. I'm right here. I'm right here. You're gonna be brave.

[The ambulance door closes and Sam and Dean are almost alone again]

DEAN: How's the kid?

SAM: He's gonna be all right. I mean, Angel Radio sets his brain on fire, but other than that...

DEAN: So apparently, he can take an angel blade to the heart and keep on tickin'.

SAM: Yeah. I guess.

SAM: Listen, I-I think we should take him back to the bunker with us. I know what you're gonna say --

DEAN: -- I agree.

SAM: W-what?

DEAN: I agree.

SAM: So you... changed your mind?

DEAN: No. No, nothin's changed. He's still the Devil's kid. He's still evil. He still brainwashed Kelly and Cas. And even if he hasn't gone Big Bad yet, he will.

SAM: You don't know that.

DEAN: Yeah, I do. 'Cause when have things ever gone right for us? So until I figure out a way to end him, we'll bring him home. At least there, the only people he can hurt are you and me.

[The Impala pulls up to the cabin. Sam and Dean get out and go to the trunk to get what they need to build a pyre, while Jack gets out]

SAM: Hey... Hey, you, uh, you sure about this, Dean? I mean, it's-- it's Cas, you know? Maybe we can bring him back, like you said.

DEAN: No, we can't.

SAM: Chuck did -- Uh, God did. Remember that? So maybe, um, I don't know, maybe if we prayed to him or-- or...

DEAN: You don't think I've tried that?

[flashback to Dean getting out of the Impala and walking behind the Pirate Pete’s restaurant, making sure he’s alone and standing by the men’s room door earlier that morning, before he injured his hand]

DEAN: Okay, Chuck… or god, or whatever. I need your help. See, you– you left us. You left us. You went off. You said… You said the earth would be fine because it had me… and it had Sam, but it’s not, and we’re not.
We’ve lost everything (voice breaks). And now you’re gonna bring him back. Okay? You’re gonna bring back Cas, you’re gonna bring back Mom, you’re gonna bring ‘em all back. All of ‘em. Even Crowley.
’Cause after everything that you’ve done, you owe us, you son of a bitch. So you get your ass down here and you make this right, right here and right now.

[Dean waits for an answer, and when he doesn’t get one, he hangs his head, and then proceeds to destroy an innocent sign, bloodying his knuckles]

DEAN: Please. Please help us.

[he waits, and nothing else happens]

[Dean exhales shakily and returns to the car, as we return to the present time at the cabin]

DEAN: God's not listening. He doesn't give a damn.

[Dean slams the trunk and walks away to begin building the pyre]

[Inside the cabin, upstairs in the room where Kelly’s body is laid on the bed beneath a sheet, Sam leads Jack in to say goodbye to his mother. Jack touches Kelly’s foot through the sheet]

[Downstairs, Dean walks into the room where Cas’s body is laid out on a table beneath a sheet. He pauses, taking in the sight, and his shoulder slump. He can barely look at the sheet. He walks around the table, resigned, and lifts the sheet to see Cas’s face. He looks away, and covers Cas again before pulling down and tearing up the yellow curtains to bind Cas’s body in the sheet. He starts at Cas’s feet, tying them together before stopping, taking a deep breath, and looking up at Cas’s body in resignation]

[Later that night, out at the funeral pyre in the back yard, Dean sloshes gasoline over the pyre where Kelly and Cas have been placed]

SAM: (to Jack) You wanna say anything?

JACK: I... What do you say?

SAM: Right. Thank you. You say thank you. And you say you're sorry. You hope they're somewhere without, uh, sadness or pain. You hope they're somewhere better. You say goodbye.

[Dean finishes pouring the gasoline and joins Sam and Jack, pulling out a lighter from his pocket]

DEAN: Well, goodbye, Cas. Goodbye, Kelly. Goodbye, Crowley. Goodbye, Mom.

SAM: Dean, we don't know if Mom--

DEAN: Yeah, we do. We do, Sam. Lucifer killed her the moment he realized we trapped his ass. He killed her. You know he did. She's gone. They're all gone.

[Dean flicks his lighter open and lights it, throwing it at the pyre and watching it burn]

[Meanwhile in the world where Mary and Lucifer are trapped, we see Mary running, looking over her shoulder, until she practically runs into Lucifer]


[Lucifer backhands Mary, and she lands several feet away in the dust]

LUCIFER: So you thought you could run away from me?

[Thunder sounds]

LUCIFER (laughing): Really? Really? You do know I can fly, right?

MARY: So what now? You kill me?


[Lucifer flings Mary, nearly impaling her on a pointy bit of metal, then comes up behind her]

LUCIFER: Or maybe not. Maybe... Maybe I need you.