12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For

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Title The One You’ve Been Waiting For
Episode # Season 12, Episode 5
First aired November 10, 2016
Directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado
Written by Meredith Glynn
On IMDB The One You've Been Waiting For
Outline When Sam and Dean learn that the Thule Society are working to resurrect Hitler, they must act quickly before an innocent woman is sacrificed to bring back the Führer.
Monster Thule Society
Location(s) Columbus, Ohio
Lebanon, Kansas
Berlin, Germany
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On a dark street in Columbus, Ohio, a wealthy-looking woman enters an antique shop. The woman, Mrs. Lloyd, has come for a 1931 solid gold pocket watch bearing the Nazi emblem. The shop owner says the price has increased. Mrs. Lloyd insists they had a deal. The owner threatens to find a new buyer and turns to leave. He is engulfed in flames. Mrs. Lloyd takes the watch, and she bursts into flames in turn as a shadowed man watches from the staircase.

In the Bunker’s kitchen, Dean works at his laptop as Sam enters. After Dean refuses breakfast and pie, Sam asks what’s wrong. Dean refuses to talk. He shows Sam a story about the deaths in the antique shop. Dean clarifies that the fire only burnt the bodies. Sam speculates spontaneous combustion, and Dean wants to investigate. Sam agrees, and he is rebuffed again when he tries to talk to Dean.

The Impala parks in front of Marv’s Lost Treasures, Antiques, and Collectibles. Once inside, the brothers see where the owner, Marvin Brickell, and Mrs. Candy Lloyd died. Sam scans for EMF and tells Dean what he's dug up about Marvin. Sam looks through Marvin’s email, pulling up messages about the watch, while Dean explores the shop. Seeing scuff marks on the floor, Dean pulls a bookcase away from the wall, revealing a hidden door. As Sam uncovers evidence of Marv’s Nazi-related sales, Dean discovers an office filled with Nazi artifacts. The brothers are shocked by the extent of the collection. Sam says the watch belonged to a member of the Nazi High Command, but it wasn’t recovered at the scene. The boys decide they’re dealing with the Thule, based on Marv’s collection and the nature of the deaths.

A young man and woman enter an apartment while kissing. The young woman, Ellie Grant, engages in a stream of nervous chatter before excusing herself. From the bathroom, she hears her front door bust open. She peeks out and sees two men advance towards her date. He bursts into flames. The intruders chase her, but she escapes and climbs down the fire escape, cutting her foot. The older man stops the younger, his son, from shooting her. The father wipes up her blood, saying they have what they need to track her.

In a diner, the Winchesters talk to Aaron Bass on speaker. In Berlin, Germany, Aaron’s been using his grandfather’s ledger to track and kill the Thule with his Golem. Aaron says the Thule have a mission called "Das Blut," translated as "The Blood." Unfortunately, he has no information on the watch. Sam gets notified of the death at Ellie’s apartment, so they go to the scene. As Ellie waits in the police cruiser, the son, Christoph Nauhaus, opens her door and handcuffs her. He takes off with Ellie as Sam and Dean exit the building. They see Ellie and follow. Christoph drives to a parking garage to switch vehicles, but he can’t find the keys. He calls his father, and the two argue. Distracted, Christoph doesn’t notice Dean has a gun on him. Sam rescues Ellie.

In an abandoned office in the garage, the Winchesters tie Christoph to a chair and attempt to explain the situation to Ellie. Christoph refuses to answer questions and taunts Dean to kill him. Dean motions for Sam to cover Ellie as he prepares to shoot Christoph. Sam shields Ellie as Dean takes aim. Christoph immediately agrees to talk. According to Christoph, the pocket watch dates back to World War II. It belongs to his father, Commandant Nauhaus, a Thule High Command. At the end of the war, when Hitler was preparing to shoot himself, Nauhaus stopped him, telling him of "another way". Nauhaus preserved Hitler’s soul inside the watch, which has been missing since the end of the war. With its rediscovery, the Thule plan to resurrect Hitler. Christoph says the soul of Hitler can only possess a direct descendant. Christoph nods to Ellie as one such descendant. Ellie insists her mother traced their genealogy to the Mayflower, but Christoph tells her she’s adopted. He explains they’ve been watching her. To prove it, he recites details about her life. As the details get more specific, she storms off.

Sam follows Ellie and learns that she'd called home and her mother confirmed Christoph’s claim. Ellie launches into a tearful tirade. In the other room, Christoph attempts small talk with Dean, and outside the office a limousine enters the parking garage with Nauhuas inside, clutching the cloth with Ellie's blood. Sam comforts Ellie, saying he understands her situation. He admits he was meant to bring back Lucifer. Ellie decides she doesn’t believe anything they’ve said and stands to leave. Dean comes in and tells her this is a great chance to destroy the Thule, a time to stand and fight. As they talk, the Thule enter the offices. The brothers leave Ellie hidden and fight the Thule. Neither Winchester is doing well when the Thule receive a message on their earpieces and leave abruptly.

Sam checks on Ellie, but she’s gone. On the street, Ellie walks past the limousine as Nauhaus opens the door, pulling her inside. Sam leaves Ellie a voicemail saying they can keep her safe from the "Hitler stuff" which Nauhaus hears. He’s angry that Christoph told the Winchesters everything. The father and son argue bitterly. Back at the diner, Sam and Dean discuss tracking Ellie.

The limousine parks next to an airport hangar. Ellie is placed on a gurney and sedated. Nauhaus orders the purification ritual to begin. Nauhaus tells Fritz that Christoph is tired and needs rest. Christoph realizes his father ordered his execution. Christoph pleads for his life to Fritz. Before Fritz shoots, he’s distracted by a message in his earpiece. Christoph disarms and kills Fritz, and escapes.

At the diner, the brothers are discussing Ellie when Christoph sits next to Sam. Dean trains a gun on him. Christoph offers to help find Ellie in exchange for protection. To prove his trustworthiness, Christoph tells them a Thule is watching, and that he killed one after his father ordered his execution. The Winchesters let Christoph lead them to Ellie.

Outside the hangar, Nauhaus stands over Fritz’s body, expressing admiration that his son displayed such courage. The Thule wheel Ellie towards medical equipment. The Impala parks near the hangar and Sam handcuffs Christoph to the Impala. The brothers load up from the Impala’s arsenal, and Dean grabs the Grenade Launcher. Sam nixes the idea, to his brother's intense disappointment. Inside the hangar, the ritual begins; a tube leads from Ellie to a medical device, and then to Nauhaus, the recipient of her blood. Outside, Sam and Dean take down the guards and enter. The Thule place the watch on Nauhuas’s torso. It creates a swastika-shaped incision and sinks into his chest. The incision cauterizes instantly, leaving a swastika-shaped scar. Nauhaus springs to life with maniacal laughter. Hitler, in Nauhaus’s body, exuberantly jumps up and down. He recognizes Hans, Wolfgang, and Gottfried, greeting them enthusiastically. Hitler notices Ellie, calling her his great great grand-niece. He thanks her, but he tells his men to drain her blood and feed her to the dogs. The Thule are left startled by Hitler's manic state, the Fuhrer having seemingly gone insane. Sam and Dean enter the building, are captured, and delivered to Hitler. Dean calls Nauhaus father of the year, and Gottfried demands he address the Fuhrer with respect. The Winchesters realize Hitler is possessing Nauhaus.

While Hitler taunts the Winchesters, Ellie woozily watches the guards place the Winchester’s guns on the medical equipment. She moves towards the guns while the Thule are distracted by Hitler screaming for his plane and ordering the Winchesters fed to his dogs. Ellie shoots and kills a Thule. Dean takes a gun from the dead Nazi and kills the others. Dean advances on Hitler, punches him to the ground, and delivers a head shot along with a "Heil this." Sam marvels that Dean killed Hitler. As Sam, Dean, and Ellie walk to the Impala, Dean repeatedly boasts that he killed Hitler. They free Christoph, and Sam reminds him that the Thule will hunt him for the rest of his life. Christoph walks away.

In town, Sam walks Ellie to her door, making sure she’s okay. She thanks him and leaves. In the Impala, Dean mentions a bakery that claimed the best pie for a thousand miles. Sam, surprised at Dean’s appetite, smiles when Dean restates that he killed Hitler and deserves pie. Sam asks if he’s ever going to hear the end of this. Dean admits, "Probably not."




  • "Electric Mistress" by X-Ray Dog
(playing from German nightclub as Sam and Dean speak with Aaron over the phone)
  • Symphony No. 7 in E Major, WAB 107: IV. Finale: Bewegt, doch nicht schnell by Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra & Hartmut Haenchen
(playing as Commandant Nauhaus prevents Hitler from shooting himself in 1945)
  • "Thousand Watt Work-Out" by John Moran (KPM)
(playing in the diner when Christoph makes a deal with Sam and Dean)
  • Das Rheingold: Prelude by Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra
(playing as the Thule prepare to transfer Hitler's soul)


Sam: Dean... Dude...

Dean: Don't say it.

Sam: Maybe-maybe, let's not touch anything until we figure out if this stuff wants to kill us or not?
Aaron: We're halfway through the ledger. I nailed six, and the Golem got the rest. It feels good, you know? Finishing what the Judah Initiative started.

Sam: Your grandfather would be proud.

Aaron: Yeah, well. Dropping out of college to wipe out Nazi corpse-bags wasn't exactly my mother's dream, but what are you gonna do?
Ellie: Wait. No, no. You can't just shoot him!
Dean: Oh, no, sure I can. See, I do it all the time.
Sam: I know it's hard to believe this right now. But, it will get easier. Trust me, I've been there.

Ellie: Oh right. Did someone want to use you to resurrect Adolf Hitler?
Sam: Uh, w- No, not exactly.
Ellie: There you go.
Sam: But they did want me to bring back Lucifer. I was his vessel-

Ellie: You almost, almost had me with Hitler. But Lucifer, really? The Devil? I can't, okay? I can't do this.
Hitler: Sam und Dean Winchester. You must be important. He feared you. Nauhaus. Still up here. Hahaha.
Sam: Dude. You killed Hitler.
Dean: Yeah. Awesome.
Dean: I killed Hitler. I killed Hitler. I killed Hitler. I think that entitles me to free drinks for the rest of my life. I'm gonna get t-shirts made.

Sam: You know no one's going to believe you, right?

Dean: But you believe me. You were there.
Dean: Why don't you head back to Buffalo? Nobody goes to Buffalo.
Sam: So, how you holding up?

Ellie: Uh, well, we just burned a pile of dead Nazi zombie bodies. One of which I killed. So, maybe like third worst day, ever. I've had a rough time lately.
Sam: Yeah, and then all this happens.
Ellie: I think I'm gonna be okay though. I should probably call my mom. You can only run for so long, you know? So, uh, what do you think is harder, facing the reincarnation of Hitler or going back to med school?

Sam: I think I gotta say Hitler.
Dean: You know, I was thinkin'. We passed a bakery on the way into town. Sign said 'Best Pie for a Thousand Miles.'

Sam: So, now you want pie?
Dean: I killed Hitler. I think I deserve some pie. Did I mention I killed Hitler?
Sam: I'm never going to hear the end of this am I?

Dean: Probably not.

Trivia & References

"The One You've Been Waiting For" is the title of a song by Nick Cave, released in 1997. It can also be seen as a sardonic comment over the fact that this is the episode where Hitler appears. It also references the Grenade Launcher, the largest and (presumably) most destructive weapon in the Impala's arsenal. Despite being very noticeable to the audience due to its size and bulk, it was never used, interacted or mentioned in any way before. It has been part of the arsenal since the first episode, implying that the audience -- and Dean -- wanted to see it in action for a long time.
Commandant Nauhaus may be a reference to, if not meant to be the same person as Walter Nauhaus, the original leader of the Thule Society study group.
Dean: Check it out. The old lady? Loaded. I'm talking Scrooge McDuck swimming in pools of money. So what's a lady like that doing at some crap store at 3AM?
Scrooge McDuck is the obscenely rich uncle of Donald Duck, who was known to go swimming in his vault full of money.
Sam: Dean its called sublimation.

Dean: Yeah. Yeah, it's kinda my thing.

Sublimation is the act in which socially unacceptable impulses are transformed into other, more acceptable, behaviors.
Dean: Nazis. I hate these guys.
Presumably a reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where Indy speaks these exact words.
Sam: Any idea what's cooking?

Aaron: Whatever it is, it's big. We got our hands on a few of their documents. Code named the mission 'Das Blut' -- 'The Blood.'

Possibly a reference to the German war film Das Boot.
Dean: We gotta follow that car. Oh, I've always wanted to say that.
"Follow that car" is an old movie or TV trope. Here it appears in its more usual modern form which is as an "I always wanted to say that" trope.
Dean: Alright, skip the foreplay. What did your dad do to Hitler?

Christoph: He saved his life. Well, he saved his soul. Like literally. The watch, it's like a -- it's like a Horcrux.

In the Harry Potter series, a Horcrux is any object a dark wizard or witch uses to hide a piece of their soul.
While this might be coincidental, the use of a pocket watch to hold Hitler's soul is reminiscent of the way a Time Lords' essence can be stored in pocket watches in Doctor Who, first shown in the two-part story "Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood", in which The Doctor stores his Time Lord essence in his pocket watch and becomes human. This is reused, most noticeably, in the episode "Utopia", in which The Master regains his Time Lord essence from an old pocket watch.
Gottfried: What shall we do with her, Führer?

Hitler: Take the rest of her blood, then give her to the dogs.
Gottfried: But Führer, we have no dogs.
Hitler: Then get some! I love doggies. Woof-woof-woof.

Hitler was a known lover of dogs, most notably his German Shepard, Blondi.
Dean: A nice new meatsuit. It come with two testicles this time?

Hitler: One of many upgrades I am enjoying. Like this! It's like having a tiny Goebbels in my pocket! I sold ten million copies of Mein Kampf. What do you think I can do with Twitter? Where is my plane?!

It is believed that Hitler may have lost a testicle while fighting in the First World War. This belief was commemorated with the song "Hitler Has Only Got One Ball." Joseph Goebbels was the Reichsminister of Propaganda for Nazi Germany. Mein Kampf (My Struggle) is the title to Hitler's autobiography, which he wrote during his stint in prison after his failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923.
Dean: Heil this.
Possibly recalling the scene where Trinity says "Dodge this" as she points her gun at one of the Agents in The Matrix.


The name of the bar that Aaron Bass is outside of is called Das Murmeltier which means "The Marmot."
The establishing shot of the "Home Cooking" diner that Sam and Dean go to is the same one from 1.20 Dead Man's Blood. with subtle VFX augmentation.

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