11.18 Hell's Angel (transcript)

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11.18 Hell's Angel

Written by: Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming

Directed by: Phil Sgriccia

Air Date: April 6, 2016



An-Nafud Desert, Saudi Arabia

EXTERIOR: Aerial view of a tent in the desert. It is surrounded by torch flames.

INTERIOR: A man in white robes enters the tent, joining three other men who are conversing in Arabic. They sit for a drink, but then the tent begins to shake as the wind gusts outside. Crowley arrives.

Crowley: أين هو؟ (Arabic for: Where is he?)

One of the men gestures the way, pulling back a curtain for Crowley to enter. There is another man inside, lying in bed.

Crowley: Noel, I came when you asked. You're looking a trifle peaky. [Noel chuckles weakly.] Do you truly have it?

Noel: And it's yours... if you hold up your end of the bargain.

Noel gets up slowly, sighing with relief at the sight of a contract that Crowley has pulled out of his jacket.

Noel: I've had a good life... thanks to you. Very few of the world's secrets I haven't cracked. It seemed worth a soul... at the time.

Crowley: Oh. It always does.

Noel: Destroy that thing.

Crowley: Show me the object first.

Noel nods to the other man, who opens a wooden box and pulls out an item wrapped in cloth. He shows it to Crowley.

Noel: A shofar. The Horn of Joshua, touched by the hand of God. [Crowley reaches to take it.] Easy. Easy there.

Crowley: It's authentic. I can feel it.

Noel: Now tear that thing up.

Crowley breaks the contract in half. Noel smiles and sighs with relief.

Noel: Thank God. I don't think I have long.

Crowley: How very prescient of you.

Crowley twists his hand and Noel’s neck snaps. He is dead. The other man quickly exits the room. Crowley picks up the Horn of Joshua and smiles. He pushes the curtain aside and walks into the other room. Four men have guns aimed at him. A man speaks in Arabic. Crowley raises his hands, but he does not surrender. As he turns his hands slowly, the men turn to aim their guns at each other. They are moving against their own control. Crowley drops his finger and they all fire, killing each other. Crowley looks around the room. The four men are bloody and dead.

Crowley: Amateurs.



EXTERIOR: Crowley is walking down a dark city street. Torrential rain is falling.

Crowley [on the phone]: Are you not hearing me? I said I have in my possession the solution to our collective problems. You should be doing a jig.

INTERIOR: In the bunker.

Dean [on the phone]: I don't jig. Now, how do I know you even escaped Lucifer and he's not making you say all this?

Crowley: Honestly, you cynicism is depressing.

A siren wails in distance, as Crowley ducks into an alley. He is trying to stay out of sight.

Crowley: Why would Lucifer force me to discuss the very means of his destruction?

Dean: What are you talking about?

Crowley: A weapon... one that channels divinity.

Crowley glimpses a truck coming. There are demons aboard carrying angel blades. They are searching for Crowley.

Crowley [sighing]: Yes, powerful enough to help destroy a force like the Darkness, [Crowley teleports to the top of a building site as he continues the conversation], or Lucifer. Tell me you haven't been searching for such a thing.

Dean: A Hand of God? Of course we have.

Crowley: Thought as much. St. Louis. The old post office on Beekman.

Crowley hangs up and watches the truck drive by below.

Dean: Crowley. [His cell phone beeps as connection is gone.] Sam!

INTERIOR: Inside an abandoned warehouse. Amara is lying on a table.

Amara [weakly]: How do I know that any of this is working? I don't feel any different, for all of your promises. I warn you, I'm not one to be trifled with.

Rowena [working on a spell over Amara’s back]: Shh. Mahday, eelohtah sahn. Serloh, eelohtah. That's enough for now, poor wee thing, but you're coming along. I'll heal you just as I promised.

Amara: And who are you again?

Rowena: One who communes with the natural forces and channels them to help the less fortunate, such as yourself.

Amara: Really?

Rowena: Mm-hmm.

Amara: You're his mother.

Rowena: Say what, dear?

Amara: Uncle Crowley's mother.

Rowena [surprised]: Uncle?

Amara: He tried controlling me when I was a child. Did he send you to bring me back?

Rowena: Heavens, no. My son and I loathe each other.

Amara: Then why are you helping me?

Rowena: Because you're going to win, my dear. Yes, I know about the grievance between you and your brother and his archangel. I have my own axe to grind with Lucifer.

Amara: You know him?

Rowena [scoffs]: Know him?

Flashback: We see Lucifer snapping Rowena’s neck.

Amara: And yet, you live?

Rowena: Aye. Like yourself, I'm a survivor. A hard life has taught me to be prepared. I, long ago, secreted within my person...(Rowena reveals a scar on her right thigh.) ...a wee casket of powerful magic.

Flashback: We see Lucifer and Crowley leave the room, with Rowena dead on the floor. A spell is activated from her right thigh.

Rowena: When the spell inside me sensed my life-force ebbing... it went to work. (The spell reaches her heart and the energy travels throughout her body.) And I was revived.

Flashback: We see Rowena waking up, gasping. Her neck forces itself back into place and she heals. Rowena looks furious.

Amara: Where is Lucifer now? He's hidden himself from me, and I, too, have a score to settle.

Rowena: All in good time. Right now, you're still weak from that pesky angel smiting.

Amara: And you can fix that?

Rowena: Aye, and so much more. You can destroy your enemies and, I imagine, remake the world any way you choose. And I... will be by your side.

INTERIOR: Dean and Sam enter another abandoned warehouse. There are cobwebs everywhere, so thick that Sam gets tangled and has to shake the cobwebs off. Crowley is waiting inside.

Dean: Nice digs. The Crypt Keeper out of town?

Crowley: I'm lucky to be alive. Lucifer had me trussed up like a dog in my own palace.

Dean: "Palace"? Oh, you mean the abandoned nuthouse.

Crowley: He kept me in a kennel! [Dean and Sam both smile, amused.] And he turned all his demons... my demons... against me. They scour the earth, day and night, looking to kill me. He has to be dealt with.

Dean: So is this why you brought us here? Some lousy grudge match with Lucifer?

Sam: Yeah, where's this, uh, Hand of God you were talking about?

Crowley: I'm getting to that. Your only hope of subduing Amara is to match the level of power that she possesses.

Dean: No kidding. And?

Crowley: And I have the Horn of Joshua.

Sam: Joshua? As in the Joshua that won the battle of Jericho?

Crowley: And I'm willing to entrust it to your capable hands. [Sam and Dean look at each other, both sceptical.] What? I just said I'd give you the thing.

Sam and Dean [simultaneously]: If?

Crowley: Is this how you say "thank you"? You think these things grow on bloody trees?!

Dean: Cut the crap, Crowley. With you, there's always an "if".

Crowley: Fine. I will give you the Horn "if" you help me exorcise Lucifer from Castiel's vessel and then return him immediately to the Cage.

Sam: Oh, that's all? Huh.

Dean: Okay. And where is this horn?

Crowley: Safely hidden, naturally.

Dean: Yeah.

Sam: Crowley, even if we could exorcise Lucifer out of Cas, the Cage is damn near impenetrable. It took a spell from the Book of the Damned to spring Lucifer, and Rowena hid the book.

Dean: And we would need both the book and her to even have a shot.

Crowley: Did I say this would be easy? No. I did not.

Sam: Do you even know where Rowena is?

Crowley: Rotting somewhere, I assume. Lucifer snapped her neck.

INTERIOR: In the corridors of heaven, an angel [Jofiel] is checking the doors. He suddenly spots Lucifer.

Jofiel: Lucifer.

Lucifer: Jofiel. How's it hangin'?

Jofiel looks around, panicked.

Lucifer: Easy, there.

Jofiel: So perfect. Castiel, one of heaven's most wanted, possessed by heaven's most hated.

Lucifer: I come in peace. I just want to be a part of the action again. I want to lend a hand.

Jofiel [turning and yelling]: Brothers!

Lucifer snaps his fingers and Jofiel disintegrates into black smoke.


INTERIOR: Lucifer is addressing a room full of angels.

Lucifer: Okay, guys. So, trying to smite the Darkness was a bust, huh? You had all of the power of heaven behind you. Couldn't even slow the bitch down. Well, no need to feel like abject losers. You learned a valuable lesson here. You need me. [He looks around, waiting for a response from any of the angels.] All right. Not giddy with awe.

Angel #1: You... exploded Jofiel.

Lucifer: Or did Jofiel explode himself? Just sayin'.

Angel #2: God cast you out of heaven.

Lucifer: And who do you think spread that tabloid headline? It was Captain G, the Eternal One. And why? [Lucifer puts his face close to Angel #2, intimidating him with gentle forehead bumps.] Because I didn't buy in to His obsessive-compulsive love for mankind.

Angel #1: Mankind is His creation.

Lucifer [getting up and walking around the room]: Oh, come on! It's not like He invented the Prius, which actually works. I don't have to tell you people what a mess mankind is. The Salem Witch Trials... Third Reich... [He salutes and clicks his heels] ...Twin Towers. And, sure, every once in a while, He'll send down a little plague to straighten them out, but it's nothing permanent. Humanity brought us Hiroshima and got a redo. I merely questioned His priorities, and I got the boot.

Angel #2: He said you're evil.

Lucifer glares...

Angel #1: Incarnate. E-Evil incarnate.

Lucifer [smirking]: It's marketing. He's creating a need in the consumer's mind. Can't be a Super Savior if you don't have a Super Villain.

Angel #3: So, what are you offering?

Lucifer: Well, a way out of this pickle.

Angel #2: By "pickle," you mean the Darkness.

Lucifer nods.

Angel #3: You can reason with her?

Lucifer: Well...I doubt that. But I can lock her away. This time for good. Done it before. Oh, Pops didn't tell you that, huh?

Angel #1: Once you've... gotten rid of her, you'll want... to... stay around?

Lucifer: Oh, I like the way you think. [He claps.] Man, am I jazzed! Hey. If it makes you comfy, could call me God.

INTERIOR: Sam, Dean and Crowley continue their conversation.

Dean: Hold on, okay? Let's just put it in reverse. We will put Lucifer back in the Cage after we put Amara back on ice. It has to happen in that order, otherwise there is no Lucifer, there's no Cage, there's no nothing.

Crowley: He's spent years marinating in hate against us! He has to go.

Sam: Problem is, we may need him.

Dean: He's been down this road with Amara before. He might be the only one powerful enough to use the Horn against her.

Crowley: He had me cleaning the floors with my tongue! He called me "puppy"! He made me beg!

Dean: All right. Come on. Is this what this is about? Huh? Your stupid ego? The fact that he dissed you in front of a bunch of stupid demons? You're smarter than this. Come on!

Sam: Dean's right. Priority is to put the Horn in Lucifer's hands and set him loose on Amara.

Dean: After we exorcise Lucifer out of Cas and put him into a new vessel.

Sam: What? Really?

Dean: Yes, really. We're not gonna send Lucifer into battle inside Cas. What if he doesn't make it?

Sam: Dean, it's a strong vessel. It's held Cas for years, and we know what he's been through. I'm guessing it can hold Lucifer.

Dean: "It"? It's not an "it," Sam. It's Cas.

Sam: And Cas wanted to do this.

Dean: Yeah, well, there's times I want to get slapped during sex by a girl wearing a Zorro mask. That don't make it a good idea.

Sam: Dean, this is exactly how we screw ourselves. W-We make the... the heart choice instead of the smart choice.

Dean: Oh, okay. Thank you, Dr. Phil. Cas is family.

Sam: Yes, and his choice deserves to be respected.

Dean: Even if it kills him?

Crowley: It's killing me. I would rather stick white-hot skewers in my eyes than listen to you two bitches bicker! I gave you the terms of my deal. If Lucifer's not back in the Cage, the Horn stays hidden.

INTERIOR: Rowena continues to work her magic on Amara.

Rowena: The vessel is healing nicely. Soon you'll be shipshape and Bristol fashion.

Amara: You seem pleased with my progress. But I don't sense in you the capacity for kindness or...concern.

Rowena: Kindness gets you a hug, not a seat at the big boys' table.

Amara: And what is it you want?

Rowena: Oh, like yourself, I want revenge on Lucifer. But more than that, I want to be there when you remake the universe to your taste.

Amara: Oh? I'm told my tastes run towards the catastrophic.

Rowena: Aye. The Winchesters say you are all about destruction.

Amara: The Winchesters are right. (Rowena starts to look worried.) But... what they call "destruction" [sighs] I call renovation. My blueprints. Not God's.

Rowena: That's my girl. Do things the way you would have done them.

Amara: I will. And where do you fit into that?

Rowena: Oh, I can be useful. Provide you with information on the troublesome brothers and Lucifer... their plans. And even if it is born out of my own self-interest, I ... I care about you. I'm someone you can talk with. Confide in. Have you... have you ever had that?

Amara: I've always been alone.

Rowena: Oh, you don't have to be, darlin'!

Rowena reaches to touch her cheek. Amara moves away and stares at Rowena. Rowena moves her hand away and wipes her forehead with her finger.

Amara: Well... whatever you're doing, it seems to be working. Maybe I should try a little test.

INTERIOR: In heaven, the angels are leaving the room.

Lucifer: Thank you. Hey, I like your spunk. There's always room for a go-getter in my organization.

Lucifer grabs Angel #1 by the shoulder and drags him back. The angel is breathing heavily, slightly panicked.

Lucifer: Hey, I know I can count on you. But what about your people? They on board, or we need to do a little wing-twisting?

Angel #1 [nervously]: I'll have to think about it.

Lucifer: Don't you think about it too long. You know what they say... he who hesitates...(snaps his fingers) ...disintegrates.

INTERIOR: Sam, Dean and Crowley continue their conversation in the abandoned warehouse.

Sam: You know, this is a dick move, Crowley. Even for you. You're not being reasonable.

Crowley: I don't have to be reasonable. I'm the king.


Lucifer [to an angel]: You look great. You been working out?

INTERIOR: Rowena watches as Amara closes her eyes and spreads her arms out.

Amara [yelling]: HEAR ME!

A pulse of energy envelops Amara, and erupts from her. Rowena looks on in fear.

In Heaven, there is a loud rumbling, the walls shake, the lights flicker. Angel #1 sees a black cloud propelling itself down the corridor. He turns and runs.

In the warehouse, Sam, Dean and Crowley hear loud crashing coming from outside.

Dean: What the hell was that?

In Heaven, the angels are panicking. They run back to the meeting room as the black cloud envelops them. Lucifer stands in the doorway, smiling. He puts an arm up to defend himself from the impact. The angels are thrown around the room, including Lucifer, but he just smiles, knowingly.

EXTERIOR: Sam, Dean and Crowley walk outside and look at the sky, which is stormy. Lightning breaks through the swirling clouds, while thunder crashes.

Dean: You know what, fellas? I think that's her.

In Heaven, the angels get to their feet, checking with each other to make sure they are all okay.

Lucifer: Well, that... was a little payback, ladies and gents. I don't think Auntie Amara appreciated your little half-assed smiting. And, uh, guess what... this... this is just a teeny taste of what's to come. So, clearly my expertise is gonna come in handy. 'Cause God knows what's next. Ouch. I almost forgot. Um... God doesn't care.


INTERIOR: In the warehouse, Rowena looks at Amara in fear and awe.

Amara [chuckling]: Okay. I'm back.

INTERIOR: Sam, Dean and Crowley go back inside.

Sam: Okay. So now we all just saw what happens when she's in a bad mood, which, apparently, she's been in since the dawn of time.

Dean: I think she just rattled heaven with a flick of her pinkie finger. That's not a big enough dose of reality for you?

We see Rowena; her head stretched back, eyes white. We here indistinct voices whispering. She is listening in on Crowley, Sam and Dean.

Crowley: Why are we arguing? We all know that he has to go back in the Cage.

Dean: Yes, when it makes sense. Amara's the big picture here now, okay? Look, in order to take her out, Lucifer has got to have the Horn of Joshua. He does her, we do him. Check, please.

Rowena gasps as she comes out of her trance.

Amara: Well? What are the Winchesters preparing to do?

Rowena: Mm, nothing. Paralyzed with fear. They don't know what to do.

Amara: You're right. You're actually handy to have around. [She pats Rowena on the face.]

Rowena [with relief]: Thanks. Lovely of you to say.

INTERIOR: Sam, Dean and Crowley continue their argument.

Dean: Crowley, ticktock. You with us?

Crowley: The crux of your dispute is your contention that Lucifer, and only Lucifer, can use the Horn to beat Amara, right?

Dean: You got it.

Crowley: Well, that scenario only works if you actually possess said Horn, which you do not.

Sam [frustrated]: No, we don't. But you do, so...

Crowley [yelling]: Exactly! I do! This isn't a negotiation. I have the high cards, and you have... Hold on. Give me a second. Let me have a look... no cards! My offer stands.

Dean: When we sprung Lucifer from the Cage, we had Rowena and the Book of the Damned. Both of which we will need to put him back in the Cage, both of which are gone.

Sam notices spell-work appearing on an old safe...

Sam: Guys.

Dean [to Crowley]: Back to you.

Sam [louder]: Guys. Look at this...

The spell-work has revealed the words: BACK FROM THE DEAD FERGUS!

INTERIOR: Inside a church, Dean spray-paints warding onto the floor. Sam holds a wooden cross. Rowena lurks in the background. She waves to the brothers.

Sam: I hate this.

Dean: Yeah.

Sam: And, by the way, where the hell is Crowley? I mean, we're essentially all set up.

Dean: Yeah, I mean, he's the one that boxed us into doing this. You'd think he'd have the decency to...

Crowley: Show up? He does. Because without the bait, well... a trap really isn't a trap, is it?

Sam [scoffs, pointing at the Horn of Joshua]: That's it? Doesn't look like much, does it?

Crowley: First impressions can be deceiving, Moose. For instance, I once thought of you as dull and plodding. [Sam glares.] Oh, never mind. Bad analogy.

Dean: For the record, we still think this is a bad idea. We should be using Lucifer, not icing him.

Crowley: I'm aware. So I'll be standing right here should you hesitate. The hand that giveth can so quickly taketh away.

Dean: Yes, we getteth it.

Crowley: So, Mummy, you were telling us your fascinating tale of resurrection. But you never did say exactly where you'd been this whole time.

Rowena: Same as you, Fergus. Hiding. Once the Dark Prince knew I was alive, I wouldn't be.

Crowley: No mucking about like last time. The warding and the holy fire won't keep an archangel but for a moment. If he shows up at all.

Dean: Oh, he'll show. He's too hungry to take Amara out, and we've got the blaster to do it.

Dean tosses a match into the potion to begin the spell.

Dean [reading from a parchment]: In nomine magni dei nostri Satanas, introibo ad altare Domini Inferi. I summon you to make an offer. The weapon by which its bearer can crush the Darkness forever.

Thunder crashes. Sam looks around. Rowena leaves the room to hide behind the door. She is terrified. Lucifer appears, standing on the painted warding.

Dean [yelling]: Sam, now!

Sam lights a match and drops it onto the holy oil, which lights into a ring of fire around Lucifer. He is trapped. He smirks and looks at Sam, who is also scared.


Lucifer: I'm sorry. Your prayer implied that I'd be... joining the team, but I'm just not feeling the warm and fuzzy here. [Dean and Sam glance at one another, as Lucifer notices the Horn.] Wow. There it is. Powered up by Dad himself. Well, that bad boy plus me... That ought to take her out all right. [He claps and rubs his hands together in glee.] Let's get to it. Douse the flames. [He snaps his fingers impatiently.] Or don't?

Dean cuts his hand and presses it against a spell etched on the wall. Lucifer starts to shake, as Castiel wakes inside him.

Dean: Cas! Castiel, show yourself!

Castiel [breathing heavily]: Dean?

Dean: Cas.

Castiel: What are you doing? What's... What's going on?

Dean: Cas, listen to me. We don't have a whole lot of time, okay? You have got to...

Castiel writhes and shakes, as Lucifer regains control.

Dean: Cas.

Lucifer continues to struggle, grunting and writhing.

Dean: Castiel, show yourself!

Lucifer [laughing with glee]: Oh-hoo-hoo-hoo! Whoo! Uh, he's got to what? You boys... [laughing], ooh, you almost had me there for a minute, but these mail-order spells... they're just not what they're cracked up to be, are they?

Dean: Cas, expel him! You got to kick Lucifer out! Do you hear me?!

Lucifer: Honestly, I think he's happy with the arrangement. I mean, he did invite me in and all, Dean.

Dean [yelling, desperate]: Cas!

Lucifer [mockingly]: Cas!

Dean glares at Lucifer, in frustration and anger.

Lucifer: Hand over the weapon. What do you say? Or we can just wait for this warding to fail and I'll take it.

The spell-work dies and the warding begins to fail.

Crowley: Bloody hell.

Crowley smokes out of his meat-suit and enters Lucifer. Sam, Dean and Rowena watch in astonishment. Crowley enters the mind of Castiel, who is sitting in the bunker watching TV.

TV announcer: Is it going to be all right?

TV crowd: It's going to be all right!

TV announcer [laughing]: Ha, ha, ha, oh, you bet! Dear friends, it is going to be all right. It's going to be all right tonight.

Crowley: Castiel?

Castiel: Oh, Crowley. What are you doing here?

Crowley: Is this the Winchesters' kitchen?

Castiel: Sort of. I come here in my mind to pass the time. For some reason, it has excellent reception.

Crowley: What's wrong with you? What has Lucifer done to you?

Castiel: Well, he mostly just leaves me alone. I'm just waiting here, you know, for the battle with the Darkness.

Crowley: He's really got his hooks in you. Snap out of it. Do you know what's happening out there? The Winchesters have trapped the abomination so that you can expel him so that they can put him back in the Cage...

Castiel: Well, that doesn't sound like a very good idea.

Crowley: In your current state, you're in no position to judge.

Castiel: Wait. That was Dean I saw a minute ago, wasn't it?

Crowley: Yes.

Castiel: And he wants me to expel Lucifer?

Crowley: Yes!

Castiel [laughing]: Ha, ha, ha! Well... he may have a more objective view of the situation. Maybe I should.

Crowley: So, let's do it now before it's too late.

Lucifer: It already is. [He sighs.] Really, Crowley? You want to put me back in the Cage? Well, I'm not going anywhere, and neither are you.

INTERIOR: Back in the church.

Sam: You know, he's been gone a long time. I mean, what do you think is going on?

Dean: I don't know. Maybe Cas isn't willing to play ball. I mean, you said it yourself... he wanted this.

Rowena: Can't you people do anything right?! Whilst all this dithering goes on, we're losing time! Look... the warding's beginning to fail.

Dean: Come on, Cas. What the hell?

Back in Castiel’s mind, Lucifer tosses Crowley across the room.

Lucifer: You second rate bean counter. [He picks Crowley up again and tosses him onto the table, barely missing Castiel’s TV.]

Crowley: Aah!

Castiel: Guys, you're gonna break something.

Back in the church, Sam, Dean and Rowena hear a sizzling noise. They turn to see that Crowley has sent them a message, burnt into his meat-suit’s forehead: HELP ME.

Back in Castiel’s mind, the fight between Lucifer and Crowley continues. Lucifer smashes a glass on Crowley’s head.

Lucifer: You wanted my throne. You plotted to replace me!

Crowley: Aah!

Back in the church, Sam grabs the cross and holds it up to Lucifer.

Sam [from memory]: Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas...

Lucifer: As if ambition and posturing were the same as majesty!

Lucifer grabs Crowley in a throat lock and begins to lift him off the ground. Crowley groans.

Sam: ...omnis incursio infernalis adversarii. Omnis legio! Omnis con...

Lucifer: Everyone in hell despises you and sees you for exactly what you are... nothing.

Sam: ...potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii. Omnis legio! Omnis congregatio et secta diabolica! Ergo, Draco maledicte et omnis...

The chant echoes in Castiel’s mind – and he looks up from the TV. Crowley and Lucifer also hear the chanting.

Sam: ...legio diabolica, adiuramus te! Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii. Omnis legio! Omnis congregatio et secta diabolica! Ergo, Draco maledicte et omnis legio diabolica, adiuramus te!

Dean is tossing holy water onto to Lucifer as Sam continues the chant. Suddenly, red smoke exits from Lucifer and Crowley is back in his own meat-suit, gasping.

Sam: Crowley.

Crowley: Useless. Lucifer's hold on him is too strong.

Rowena [screaming]: Lads, the fire!

Lucifer: Ah. Trick me? You lied to me. You know, I could have been your warrior. [Smiling] Ah. Who needs ya? Well. It's just like Crowley to leave right when the party's getting started. Have a seat. [He motions and Sam and Dean, without control, are forced to sit.] As much as I get a giggle out of you two, and I do, there comes a time when every relationship has... run its course. So...

Lucifer closes his fist and Sam and Dean begin to choke; they gasp and struggle for breath are he grips them tighter and tighter. Lucifer smirks. Rowena is still hiding, terrified. Suddenly there is an explosion and a gaping hole appears in the church. Lucifer turns to see Amara enter the room.

Amara: Oh, Lucifer. Dear nephew, my, how you've changed. [Lucifer smirks.] I was tracking her [she indicates Rowena] when she left my side.

Lucifer: You were safely sealed away. You're gonna wish you'd stayed there.

Lucifer holds up the Horn of Joshua and it glows red as he absorbs its power. His eyes turn white and he conjures a ball of fire into his hand. He aims it at Amara, throwing a beam of white light to engulf her. But then, as the light dies down, Amara remains standing, without a scratch. She lifts her hand and draws Lucifer effortlessly towards her. He drops the Horn of Joshua. Amara cups her hand on Lucifer’s face, as Sam and Dean watch on in astonishment.

Amara: I think you and I need to have a nice, long chat.

Dean [yelling]: Cas?

Amara turns to look at Dean. She raises her hand to release Dean and Sam from Lucifer’s grip. Then there is a blinding flash of light, which envelops Amara and Lucifer. They have gone. Rowena makes her exit, while Sam and Dean look at each other in a combination of relief and disbelief.


INTERIOR: Sam and Dean in the bunker. Sam brings a beer to Dean. It looks like they’ve been drinking for a while, with several empty beer bottles on the map table.

Sam: So, Rowena and Crowley... like mother, like son, huh? They both took exactly one split second to take off when things started going south.

Dean: Yep.

Sam: Here [handing the beer to Dean]. By the way, what's Rowena doing with Amara?

Dean: My guess... she's playing the odds. When sucking up to Lucifer didn't work out, maybe she thought Amara was the best bet. Then she heard Lucifer had a shot, so she switched horses again.

Sam: I thought Lucifer had a shot. Apparently, uh, archangel plus God power doesn't trump God’s sister.

Dean: But if the thing has to be used by God's chosen, then maybe an archangel who got the boot doesn't qualify. Either way, horn's out of ammo, so...

Sam: So, back to square one.

Dean: Yep. [Sighing.]

Sam: Listen, um... I know I came down on the side of wanting Cas to deal with Amara, so...

Dean: Well, that's what he wanted, though, right? Besides, didn't we say that we were gonna swear off getting in the way when one person makes a choice the other doesn't agree with?

Sam: Yeah, um... Yeah, we did say that.

Dean: So...

Sam: Okay. So, that's our policy.

Dean: Which sounds damn good. [Sam chuckles.] Well, let's go find that idiot and bring him home.

Dean rolls a ball across the table to knock over the empty beer bottles.

INTERIOR: Amara throws Lucifer against the wall.

Lucifer [breathing heavily]: Okay. Okay. Look, I know you have a major beef with me. You probably want to finish me. But you may want to rethink your position. 'Cause I could actually be of use to you.

Amara: Really?

Lucifer: You hadn't considered? We both have an axe to grind with God. I know his soft spots. He can't handle us both.

Amara: Do you, for one moment, think that I would actually consider trusting you for anything? I did trust you once. You and my brother conspired to seal me away for eons. But you're right. You might be of some use to me.

Lucifer: All right. Good. Now we're talking.

Lucifer starts to approach Amara, but she swiftly throws him back against the wall. She holds her hand up towards him...

Amara: As God's favorite, his first son, you may be the one thing in all of creation that he still cares about, the one thing that could finally make him show himself so that I can confront him and he can acknowledge the wrongs he's done me. And then he can witness the utter destruction of all his creation... before he himself is swept away.

Lucifer [smirking]: You're expecting him? Oh. Well... I wouldn't wait up. I'm pretty sure he caught the last train out.

Amara: Well... we'll see, won't we?

Amara turns and points at Lucifer to torture him. Lucifer is enveloped in a white light and he screams in terrible agony.



Scene 27


Ok. I'm back.

By "back", I assume you mean in the sense of ready, willing and able to reshape the universe.

Interesting notion. But I'm feeling more like nothing.


Solitude. Me-time. Don't you find it all a bit stressful?

Perhaps a cup of chamomile, and a wee nap?

I don't know how he could stand it as long as he did. My brother, for all the vastness of his creations, the one thing he cherished most, mankind, is... an utter wreck. Noisy. Ugly. And, from what I can tell, things never seem to change. Imagine the sweet solitude of purest night. Absolute... eternal... stillness.

Well, that sounds... extreme.

No. Just different. My brother's creation thrives on chaos. My version will be calm.

Calm. But still here, though, eh?

Well, it's all semantics, isn't it? But first, I want an apology.

I am more than willing to apologize if it'll ease your mind.

ROWENA sinks to her knees, hands up in defense.

Sweet. (she pats ROWENA'S head gently) But the only apology that counts is from my dipshit of a brother.

AMARA (directed upwards)
Not holding my breath though!

ROWENA (also directed upwards)
I hear you! Being God means never having to say you're sorry!