11.15 Beyond the Mat (transcript)

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11.15 Beyond the Mat

Written by: John Bring and Andrew Dabb

Directed by: Jerry Wanek

Air Date: February 24, 2016



INTERIOR: Inside a hall in Brimson, Missouri there is a wrestling match underway.

Announcer (commentating through a loud-speaker): This is a barn burner folks. Off the ropes... picks him up and, oh, it’s a back breaker.

One wrestler is down. The referee begins the count. The crowd is cheering.

Announcer: Oh, but only a two count. The rookie, Shawn Harley, fails to take The Hangman down.

Both wrestlers are back on their feet; one takes a blow to the neck.

Announcer: Ooh. A stinger to the neck.

The wrestlers have each other in a head-lock.

Harley: Are you seriously drunk right now?

The Hangman: Just shut up and get ready.

The Hangman hits Harley on the back and he falls to the ground.

Announcer: Ooh, and it’s a stinger to the back.

The Hangman: He’s going in.

Announcer: Takes him to the turnbuckle.

The Hangman slams Harley’s head into the corner of the ring. The crowd roars.

Announcer: Oh, and we know what’s coming next.

A noose falls from the ceiling and The Hangman puts it around Harley’s head.

The Hangman: Bring it on, baby! It’s all over. I’m gonna hang his ass.

The referee tries to intervene and The Hangman hits him on top of the head. The referee falls to the ground and The Hangman grabs the rope, pulling it taunt so Harley begins to choke.

The Hangman: Oh, yeah, baby.

Announcer: It’s all over now, folks. We have lift-off.

Harley struggles as the rope pulls tighter around his neck. The Hangman is enjoying the theatre of it all, screaming to the crowd, who are cheering in return.

Announcer: As Harley’s struggling to breath now. He’s turning blue.

INTERIOR: In the locker room after the wrestling match and the Hangman is looking into his locker.

The Hangman: Has anyone seen my rope?

Harley slams the locker door closed and grabs the Hangman.

Harley: What the hell? I almost died out there.

Another wrestler [Gunner Lawless]: Harley, back off.

Harley: You’re gonna take the wino’s side? Really?

Gunner: That’s not what this is...

Harley: Whatever. You old-timers like to stick together, right? Well, do us a favor, keep a leash on your boy or he might get hurt.

Harley walks away. The other wrestlers drift away until The Hangman is left alone in the locker rooms. He packs his bag and takes a swig of whiskey. Then the lights go out.

The Hangman: Hey!

He looks around, but sees nothing. Suddenly, a noose is around his neck and he is hanging from the ceiling. He clutches at his neck, choking.



INTERIOR – Sam and Dean are in the Bunker. Dean is in the library, looking at his laptop and drinking coffee when Sam enters the room.

Sam: Hey, have you seen the, um...

Dean tosses him a bottle of pills and Sam catches them.

Sam: Ah. Yeah. Thanks.

Dean: Yeah, bottoms up.

Sam: Yeah. What’s with the bag?

Dean: You remember Top Notch Wrestling?

Sam: Yeah. Those, uh, wrestling shows Dad took us to when we were kids.

Dean: Right. Came across an obituary last night. Larry ‘The Hangman’ Lee died.

Sam: Oh no. Wasn't he, uh...

Dean: He was Dad's favorite. Anytime that noose would come out, Dad would be on his feet. It was one of the few times I ever saw him actually happy.

Sam: Yeah. I remember that.

Dean: Anyway, the, uh, funeral’s less than a day’s drive. I say we go pay our respects.

Sam: Uh... don’t you think our plates are a little full? I mean it’s bad out there, Dean.

Dean: Yeah, Sam. You think I don’t know that? We’ve done nothing but mainline lore for a week, okay? We’ve got jack on another hand of God and Amara, and we’ve got even less jack on how to save Cas.

Sam: If he wants to be saved.

Dean: He does... even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Sam: Dean...

Dean: I’m burnt, man. Okay? And I need... WE need to get out of here. Let’s go stretch our legs.

Sam looks wearily at Dean.

INTERIOR: In Crowley’s lair, Lucifer is looking at a clipboard and directing the demons.

Lucifer: Oh, good. Yes. Remember, A-B-C. 'Always be closing.' The sooner you little storm clouds find me another Hand of God, the happier I will be.

Lucifer looks at the demon [Simmons] standing alongside him.

Lucifer: You want me to be happy, don’t you, Dollface?

Simmons: Of course, my Lord.

Lucifer: Good answer. All right. You're gonna look high, look low, far and wide. Search every warehouse, every farmhouse, every henhouse, outhouse, and doghouse.

Lucifer looks at Crowley, who is kneeling on the ground and scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush.

Lucifer: What about you, little puppy? You have something to add?

Crowley [looking anxious]: Nothing, master.

Lucifer grabs Crowley by the hair, lifting his head up.

Lucifer: Really?

Crowley [gasping]: I would tell you. I swear.

Lucifer: I believe you.

Lucifer smirks and proceeds to pat Crowley on the head.

Crowley: May I return to my task?

Lucifer: Oh, of course.

Crowley continues to scrub the floor, but Lucifer stops him by stepping on the toothbrush.

Lucifer: Ah, ah. Just one minor tweak.

Lucifer crouches down to Crowley’s level and takes the toothbrush. He touches Crowley on the lips, smiling.

Lucifer: Use your tongue.

Crowley has a barbed collar around his neck and he looks very unhappy. But, slowly, he does as he is told, licking the floor with his tongue. The other demons gather around to watch. They smirk and revel in his torture.

INTERIOR: Sam and Dean enter a room full of mourners for the funeral of The Hangman.

Dean: Dude, check it out. It’s ‘The Scream’ Casey Lyons.

Sam: Oh, yeah.

Dean: There’s Wrecking Ball Calhoon. Wow. The Brooklyn Beast?

Sam: What happened to ‘em? They’re all... broken.

Dean: Dude. Dude! Gunnar freakin’ Lawless.

Sam: Hmm. Groupie much?

Dean: Shut up. Should I go say hi? I should go say hi. I’m gonna go say hi.

Dean walks over to Gunnar Lawless, who is standing with the other wrestlers.

Dean: Hi, s-sir. I, uh, saw you... saw you standing over here and told my brother that I... I should could over and say hi... so I came over and, uh... Hi.

Gunnar smiles at a star-struck Dean and shakes his hand.

Gunnar: Gunnar Lawless.

Dean: Oh, I know. I... I got to tell you. I... worshipped you, growing up.

Gunnar: Thanks.

Gunnar looks down at his hand, which Dean is still holding in a vice-grip.

Gunnar: I plan on keeping that hand.

Dean: Oh, sorry. You know, when I was... when I was 10, I got my first B&E from borrowing some family's pay-per-view so I could watch the cage match between you and the Tower of Power.

Gunnar: I’m not sure how I feel about contributing to your juvenile delinquency, but appreciate it all the same.

Dean: Yeah, uh... you were robbed, by the way.

Gunnar: You bet your ass I was.

Gunnar turns back to his friends while Dean grins, so excited to have met one of his idols.

Dean: Oh, yes.

Sam is on the other side of the room and he notices someone familiar.

Sam: Hey. You’re Rio.

The woman turns to look at him. Sam is awestruck.

Sam: Y-you used to manage Superbomb Sanchez, right?

Rio: Oh. That was a long time ago.

Sam: Well, yeah, b-but you... you... you look great.

Sam stutters awkwardly.

Sam: Sorry. Uh... wrong place. It’s just y-you were my... my first crush.

Rio: Ah. You weren’t one of those guys that had my poster above his bed, were you?

Sam [with a slightly embarrassed smile]: What? No.

Rio looks at Sam quizzically, before Sam changes the subject.

Sam: Are you still managing?

Rio: Oh. Nah. I call some matches sometimes, but I’m mostly behind the curtain, you know, booking the shows and taking care of the guys.

Sam: Yeah. Must be hard to see one go.

Rio: Yeah, well... we spent a lot of time on the road together. We’re like family, and lately, I’ve seen too many of my boys be put in the dirt. I knew Hangman for 25 years. He was a good man. Great family. I just can’t believe he would do this.

Sam: Do what?

Rio: Kill himself.

Sam: Wait. That wasn’t in the obituary.

Rio: Ah, the family didn’t want that advertised, so... speaking of which, if you’ll excuse me.

Sam walks across to the casket, where Dean is standing.

Dean: Poor soon of a bitch.

Sam: Yeah. You know, uh, word is...

Dean: Yeah. I heard. Hey, you know they’re having a memorial show tonight? And I know you’re itching to get back, but, uh...

Sam: We should go to it.

Dean: Really?

Sam: Why not? World’s still gonna be screwed tomorrow, right?

Dean: Yeah.


INTERIOR: Inside a hall, Rio is announcing the wrestling match.

Rio [into microphone]: The Brooklyn Beast returns against Rush in an epic Iron Man matchup! All right! Let me hear you make some noise.

Sam and Dean take seats in the front row, beers in hand. They are laughing, excited to be there.

Rio [yelling]: Are you ready?

Sam [looking around]: You know, I remember the Top Notch shows being grander, you know? Top-notch.

Dean: Yeah. Well, you drink enough, it’ll be just like old times.

Rio exits the ring. She spots Sam and smiles and waves to him.

Dean [looking at Sam in disbelief]: Rio? You dog.

Sam: Oh, shut up. Dude, we met at the wake. She’s nice.

Dean: Did you tell her you used to have a poster of her over your bed when you were a kid?

Sam: No.

Dean: Yeah.

Sam: Get this. Guy at the wake told me they’re only making 25 bucks tonight.

Dean: That’s it?

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: Now, that hardly seems worth it. Yeah, think about that. Town after town, putting your ass on the line for next to nothing? No money. No glory. Wow.

Sam: You realize you just literally described our jobs.

Dean contemplated this as other patrons go to the seats behind them. Another spectator and his son accidentally bump them.

Spectator: Whoa. Excuse me, fellas.

Sam and Dean [simultaneously]: It’s all right.

Spectator: This is gonna be great.

Son: Yeah.

Spectator [to Sam & Dean]: Got to love some rasslin’, am I right?

Sam: Yeah.

Spectator [to Sam & Dean]: Beer’s cheap, kid’s entertained... parenting.

Spectator [to his son, but Sam & Dean overhear]: Remember, don’t tell Mom how many I’ve had.

Sam [to Dean]: Yeah. Now, that brings me back.

Dean: You want to not try and ruin one of the nicest things Dad ever did for us, please? Thank you.

Spectator and his son [simultaneously cheering]: Yeah!

Rio: Ladies and gentlemen... put your hands together for Hellrazor!

A wrestler in a red tracksuit comes out into the crowd. Meanwhile Gunner is getting ready backstage. He is joined by another man.

A man in a leather jacket (Duke): Almost showtime. Got a little something for ya.

Duke hands Gunner a small piece of paper. Harley, who is about to enter the room, sees the transaction. He steps back, but Duke sees him in the shadows.

Rio: And now, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Gunnar Lawless!

Gunnar enters the room, waving. Dean jumps from his chair, excited.

Dean: Yeah!

Gunnar: Oh, yeah!

The audience are screaming for him, including Dean. Gunnar is punching his chest and raising his fists in the air.

Dean: Oh, yeah!

Gunnar [yelling to the cheering crowd]: Right?! Right?!

Dean [noticing that Sam is still sitting]: Hey, get up. Show some respect.

Gunnar holds one hand in the air, and then takes that glove off. He points into the crowd.

Gunnar: Who’s getting it? Who’s getting it, huh?

Dean: Oh, oh, remember this? [He says excitedly to Sam] this is where he takes a glove off and gives it to some kid before the match. Whoo!

Dean really wants the glove and is looking at Gunnar expectedly.

Gunnar [points at Dean]: Huh?

Dean [hands in the air]: Oh yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Dean watches as Gunnar hands his glove to the child who is sitting behind them.

Child: Cool.

Dean: Okay.

Sam laughs at Dean’s disappointment and pats him on the shoulder.

Sam [smirking]: Maybe next time.

Dean: It’s all right. I’m not a child. It’s fine.

The wrestling match begins.

Rio [commentating]: Big foot to the face!

Gunnar thrills the crowd with the first blow. Sam and Dean are cheering, looking happier than they have in a very long time.

Rio: Lawless up on the ropes now.

Gunnar launches himself at Hellrazor, who lands a punch into Gunnar’s stomach. Sam and Dean groan, along with the crowd. Then Hellrazor tosses Gunnar out of the ring. He lands beside Dean.

Sam: Get up! Get up, buddy.

Dean: Come on, man.

Sam: You can do it, Gunnar. Get up, buddy.

Gunnar Lawless winks at Dean, gets to his feet. Hellrazor comes at Gunnar with a metal chair. He smacks him with it and then hauls Gunnar back into the ring. The crowd is cheering, as Hellrazor gets Gunnar in a headlock.

Sam: Get out of it!

Sam [raising his fist in the air]: Gunnar!!

Gunnar begins to stamp his foot, and the crowd joins in, chanting Gunnar’s name. Then he charges backwards, smashing Hellrazor into the ropes. Gunnar is now striding around the ring as the crowd cheer. Sam and Dean are cheering as Gunnar throws Hellrazor across the ring and into the ropes. He grabs him around the neck and the audience screams.

Dean: Up and over! Up and over!

Gunnar slams the Hellrazor to the floor and the referee hovers.

Gunnar [and the crowd in unison]: 1, 2, 3!

Dean jumps out of his seat, cheering loudly. Sam is laughing alongside him. Gunnar celebrates, as does the crowd.

Spectator [to his child]: I got to drain the dragon. Be good.

The child nods as his father [the spectator] leaves the room. Sam and Dean laugh and congratulate one another. They are so happy that Gunnar won the match.

Rio: Oh, but it’s all over now, folks.

The spectator is in the foyer and sees a queue for the men’s bathroom. He throws his hands up in annoyance and heads outside to a dark road. He prepares himself to take a pee against the back of a truck.

Spectator [with relief as he relieves himself]: Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes.

As he finishes peeing, he hears a noise and looks around as he is doing up his belt. He stares in disbelief as something comes at him. His eyes widen in horror and blood splatters across the truck.

EXTERIOR: An ambulance is outside the venue.

Police officer [closing the ambulance door]: All right, you guys are good.

The ambulance pulls away, while Sam talks to the spectator’s son and the police.

Sam: Hey, buddy, try to keep your head up, okay?

Sam looks at his phone, as he walks over to Dean.

Dean: Poor kid.

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: What’d they say?

Sam: You’re not gonna believe this. The body... was marked.

Sam shows Dean a picture of the body on his phone. There are cuts across his back.

Dean: Wow. By what? What, he get in a tickle fight with Edward Scissorhands?

Sam: Dude. Look. The cuts look deliberate, you know? Ritualistic.

Dean: What, you think this is a case?

Sam: You think it’s not?

Dean: Okay. What are you thinking?

Sam: I don’t know. A witch, maybe? You know what? I’ll head back to the motel, look into the symbol.

Dean: I’ll stay here, shake some trees.

Dean heads back inside, looking around for any of the wrestlers.

Dean: Hello? FBI. I got some questions... [and then when no-one answers] Bueller?

Dean looks around and then looks at the empty ring. He imagines the crowd roaring for him and rolls into the ring. He bounces back and forth off the ropes, rolling into the ring again and again. He struts across the floor, reminiscent of ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. He raises his hands in the air.

Dean: Whoo!

He rolls into the ring again, bounces off the ropes, struts some more, and then climbs onto the ropes.

Dean [yelling]: Oh yeah!

Rio: Nice moves.

Dean jumps quickly off the ropes and spins around slightly embarrassed. He sees Rio and tries to exit the stage gracefully by rolling through the ropes. Instead, he lands heavily and awkwardly.

Rio: Are you all right?

Dean: Yeah, good.

Rio: Oh.

Dean: Uh... agent, uh, Roussimoff, FBI.

Rio: You were at the wake, weren’t you?

Dean: I was. Yeah, and then the body dropped, and back on the clock. Did you know the deceased?

Rio: Oh, I... I sold him some tickets. He had a kid, right?

Dean: Yeah.

Rio: Wow. Maybe my boys are right. Maybe we really are cursed.

Dean: Cursed?

Rio: Back in Shreveport, our first stop on the tour, a maintenance guy found a body stashed in a dumpster behind the VFW, and now this.

Dean: Could I get a list of your whole crew? Wrestlers, roadies, anybody that you roll with?

Rio: Oh, we use locals for all the setups and concessions. I can only afford to travel my boys.

Dean: And where would they be right now?

Rio: Try the nearest bar. I know that’s where I’ll be.

Dean: Okay. Thanks.

Rio departs, while Dean clutches his back and winces.

INTERIOR: Inside Crowley’s lair, Crowley is back in a cage. The demon Simmons opens the door.

Simmons: We don’t have much time. I’m getting you out of here. Now.

Crowley [looking defeated]: I can’t leave.

Simmons: You can. You still have friends... people who want you back... who want Lucifer gone. I don’t know what he’s done to you. I can’t imagine... but you’re... you’re not a slave, a dog. You’re Crowley, and the Devil should be afraid of you.


INTERIOR: Dean enters a bar. There is a girl dancing on the pool table and many of the wrestlers enjoying a drink. He sees Rio and she nods to him. He sees Harley pouring tequila into a girl’s mouth. Then he sees Gunnar Lawless and goes to sit with him at the bar.

Dean: Hey.

Gunnar: Hey. [He gives Dean a drink.] Dean, right?

Dean: Yeah.

Gunnar: You enjoy the show?

Dean: The show was great.

Gunnar: Yeah, yeah.

Dean: You were great. After the show, not so much, but, uh...

Gunnar: Yeah, I heard. It’s a damn shame.

Dean: Yeah.

They both throw back their drinks.

Dean: That’s, uh, kind of why I’m here. Uh...

Dean shows Gunnar his FBI badge.

Gunnar: Kind of buried the lead on that one, huh?

The waitress pours another drink for them.

Dean [to the waitress]: Thanks.

Waitress: You’re welcome.

Dean [to Gunnar]: But I hear this isn’t the first murder at a Top Notch show.

Gunnar: It’s a rough crowd... inside the ring and out.

Dean: Yeah.

Gunnar: ’92, I’m leaving the ring and some damn reprobate goes at me with a broken beer bottle.

Gunner shows Dean the scar on his arm.

Dean: Wow. A couple of years ago, a, uh, perp got the drop on me, decided to take a chunk of my leg as a keepsake.

Dean shows the scar on his leg.

Gunnar [showing Dean his fingers]: See this right here? Far as I can bend these thanks to good ol’ Jonah Rancid and all 400 pounds of him just dropping down on me.

Dean: Wow. But yet you’re still out there, still doing it.

Gunner: I've been beat up, spit on, stabbed, roughed up. But I will be damned if I didn't always get back up. One thing I learned, you got to keep on grinding no matter what's thrown your way.

Dean: Damn, you’re awesome.

Gunnar: Tell that to my ex-wives.

Dean’s phone rings.

Dean [to Gunnar]: Ah. Give me a sec.

Dean [on phone to Sam]: Hey, what do you got?

Sam: A lot, actually. Uh, so every stop on the Top Notch tour, somebody turned up dead. It didn’t all happen at the venue, and most of them look like accidents, but they all had the symbol... Hangman, too.

Dean: Well, I thought he killed himself.

Sam: Yeah, that’s what Rio said, but the cops are treating it like an open case. They’re thinking, and I quote, “It’s some kind of weird satanic crap.”

Dean: Awesome.

Sam: Yeah, it gets better. That symbol... ancient Sumerian. Said to have the power to “pluck the spark of life.”

Dean: And that means?

Sam: Souls, maybe?

Dean: So we’re talking demon?

Sam: It’s worth checking out.

Dean: Well, Rio says that they use locals to set up, so...

Sam: So it’s got to be one of the wrestlers.

Dean: Maybe. All right. Just get here.

Sam: What are you gonna do?

Dean: I’m working on it.

Harley [to waitress]: Yo! Sweetheart! Hit me again!

Gunnar: Hey, Harley, go easy. I think you’ve had enough.

Harley: Screw off.

Gunnar: Just trying to help.

Harley: Like you helped me in Fort Worth?

Harley turns to face Gunnar.

Harley: What? You think I don’t know you got me kicked off the card?

Gunnar: You wouldn’t job to Crazy D, and I couldn’t abide by that.

Harley: Yeah, I think you just can’t stand the thought of me stealing your thunder.

Gunnar: Kid, I got no worries about that.

Harley turns as if he’s about to leave, but then swings a punch, knocking Gunnar to the floor. Rio rushes over.

Rio: All right. That’s enough.

Harley: Get up, old man. Or do you need your go-juice?

Rio: What?

Harley: That’s right. I saw him and his dealer. Your golden boy’s a freaking junkie.

Gunnar: He’s lying.

Harley: Like hell.

Rio: All right, all right. Harley, we got two days till Memphis. Sleep it off. Gunnar, I’ll talk to you about this tomorrow. [Rio pushes Harley.] Go.

Dean helps Gunnar up.

Dean: Hey.

Gunnar: Hey.

Dean: You okay?

Gunnar: Ah, yeah, yeah. I’ve been hit harder by guys a lot tougher.

Dean: Yeah. Why, uh... why didn’t you fight back?

Gunnar: I got nothing to prove.

Dean: Yeah.

Another wrestler comes to see Gunnar.

Wrestler: You okay, boss?

Gunnar: Yeah. Just another day, huh?

While Gunnar is distracted, Dean puts some holy water into Gunnar’s drink. When the other wrestler leaves he offers Gunnar a toast.

Dean: Well, hey. Here’s, uh... here’s to being the bigger man, right?

Gunnar: Obliged.

They both drink. Dean watches for a reaction from Gunnar and gets nothing. He looks around the room at the other wrestlers.

Dean: We’re gonna need more shots. A lot more.

INTERIOR: In Crowley’s lair, Simmons is leading Crowley to the door.

Simmons: This way.

The door opens and two demons are standing in their way.

Crowley [to the demons]: Uh I wasn’t... [He pushes Simmons into the demons.] She made me!

One demon lunged at Crowley with a blade, but Crowley got the better of him, grabbed the blade and stabbed him. The other demon attacked but Crowley killed him. Simmons looked at Crowley.

Simmons: How did you...

Crowley: I’m Crowley.

INTERIOR: Back at the bar, Sam has just wandered in and he looks for Dean. The waitress is closing up and everyone is gone, except for Dean who is lying on one of the benches. He groans.

Sam: Dean? Dean. Hey!

Sam looks at Dean quizzically, as Dean struggles to sit up.

Sam: Dude, you okay?

Dean: Yeah. Ah.

Sam: What happened?

Dean [slurring his words]: Mostly Tequila... cut with holy water. I bought drinks for all the wrestlers, and then, you know, they’re like, “well, you got to drink, too.” Oh, man, they can drink, especially Rio. Ugh. I think I heard my liver screaming at me.

Sam: So, did anyone react?

Dean: No.

Sam: And you got them all?

Dean [squinting]: Uh, except, uh, Harley, the ultimate douchebag. He bailed before I could get to him. Why is it so bright in here?

Sam [unsympathetically]: All right. Let’s go find him.

Dean: Okay.

Sam: Dude!

Dean: I’m coming.

Dean gets up and walks after Dean, swaying slightly.

EXTERIOR: Sam and Dean are in the impala, driving into a motel driveway. They pull up and knock on the door of one of the motel rooms.

Dean [yelling]: Harley. Harley.

Dean looks at Sam and then takes out his lock pick. They enter the room to find that it’s been trashed.

Dean: Well, that’s not good.

Sam: Uh, ya think?

EXTERIOR: Crowley walks down a dark laneway. He adjusts his watch. He looks comfortable and cocky, wearing his usual black suit and tie. He joins Simmons.

Simmons: My Lord?

Crowley: That’s better. Now let’s go find the ace up my sleeve.

INTERIOR: Back in Harley’s motel room, Dean is checking for EMF and Sam is looking at an i-Pad.

Sam: Hey, check this out. Come here.

Dean: Got something?

Sam: Yeah, uh, security-cam footage. All right, let’s see if we got anything. Um, so this is 1.07 am. Harley heads to his room. Um...

They watch the footage and see a white van pull in. A man gets out.

Dean: Who’s...

Sam: No idea. But, in there for a few minutes, and that’s Harley.

They watch the footage and see Harley dragged out of his room and into the van.

Dean: Wow. He looks knocked out.

Sam: Yeah. Now, let’s see.

Sam magnifies the picture to see if they can get a closer look at the man.

Dean: Lawless?

Sam: If Harley is a demon, then how did Gunnar get the drop on him?

Dean: Let’s find him and ask him.

INTERIOR: Harley is bound to a chair. There is canvas covering the floor of the small dark room. His face is bloody and he struggles against his bindings.

Harley [yelling]: Hey! Help!

Gunnar walks towards him. He is drinking a beer.

Harley: Dude, what the hell is going on? Look. I know I’ve been a dick, but I’m sorry, okay? I took a shot at you. It was a cheap shot. It was... it was a cheap-ass shot. And I just... just don’t hurt me. Please.

Gunnar: It’s not my call.

Duke: Hello, Shawn. [Duke’s eyes flash red, revealing that he is a demon]. I’m your new best friend.


INTERIOR: Back in Harley’s motel room.

Sam: Okay, traffic cameras show the truck heading north on Wilson, past First and Second, but it never got to Third. Wait a second. That’s... that’s by the...

Dean: Yeah.

EXTERIOR: The white van is parked outside Trenton Hall where the wrestling took place.

INTERIOR: Harley is still bound to the chair.

Harley: You want my what?

Duke: Forget what I want. What do you want? Money? Women? Glory? A big, shiny belt? Say the word, and it’s yours.

Harley: Because you’re a demon?

Duke: Businessman.

Harley looks across the room at Gunnar.

Harley: Dude, what the hell is...

Duke: Eyes on me, champ. Think about it. No more crappy motels, Podunk towns. You’ll have the life you always wanted... gumdrops and G-strings as far as the eye can see. And all I ask in return is...

Harley: My soul.

Duke: And your service. See, I might occasionally ask you to do me a teeny, tiny, little favor.

Harley: What kind of favor?

Duke: The kill-somebody kind.

Harley: Why me?

Duke: Because I like you. You’re brash and driven and hungry. I’m looking for new franchisees. Why have one when I can have two?

Gunnar looks sad and sullen. He drinks his beer as Harley looks at him.

Harley: You did this?

Duke: Gunnar’s what I like to call a satisfied customer. So... do we have a deal?

Harley: No. Look, man. I’ve never been much for God or whatever. I sort of just thought that when your curtain came down, that was it. Night, night. But if you’re a demon, that means there’s a Hell. And if there’s a Hell, there is a Heaven. And I’m not giving up my shot at paradise for a belt I can win on my own.

Duke: That so?

The demon kicks the chair over so that Harley is on the ground. He pulls out a switchblade and puts it close to Harley’s face.

Duke: You’re talented, Shawn. But the human body it’s just so fragile. One injury, one wrong step... like, say, if somebody severed your Achilles tendon. Poof... you’re done.

Gunnar: Duke, no.

Duke glares at Gunnar and holds the knife towards him. Harley is struggling against the ties. Duke bends down and severs one of Harley’s Achilles tendons. Harley screams.

Duke [to Gunnar]: You’re up.

Gunnar: He’s just a kid.

Duke: Do it.

INTERIOR: Crowley and Simmons are standing at the entrance to a storage lockup.

Simmons: What is this?

Crowley: My personal lockup... keepsakes, mementos, things I’d prefer the rabble not to get their grubby hands on.

They walk into the lockup. Simmons spots a portrait and points to it.

Simmons: Is that you?

Crowley: Oh, the good old days.

Simmons: Why are we here?

Crowley is shifting some books off an old box.

Crowley: For this. The Rod of Aaron... created by God on the sixth day and given to Aaron, brother of Moses. I knew it was powerful but had no idea that it was a...

Simmons: A Hand of God. Can I touch it?

Crowley: With all due respect, Simmons, I don't think you can handle my rod.

Lucifer: I bet I can.

Lucifer strolls arrogantly into the lockup.

Lucifer [smirking]: Is it just me or is it getting a little phallic in here?

EXTERIOR: Sam and Dean arrive at Trenton Hall. They pull up the impala beside the white van, and then enter the hall with their guns drawn. Gunnar is standing over Harley’s bloody body, knife still in hand.

Dean: Drop it.

Suddenly Sam and Dean are thrown against the wall and Duke emerges from the shadows.

Duke: Isn’t this a fun surprise?

INTERIOR: Crowley’s lockup.

Lucifer [mocking]: You really thought you could double-cross me? Me?

Lucifer walks towards Crowley, stopping to pick up a book from one of the shelves.

Lucifer: You know I invented the double-cross. Like literally. Of course, I couldn’t have orchestrated all of this without the lovely, talented Simmons here.

Lucifer is standing right in front of Crowley now, with Simmons by his side.

Lucifer: She, um, she hates you, B-T-Dubs.

Simmons: Yeah. I really do.

Lucifer: Yeah, they all do. Like, every demon in Hell. Can’t really blame them, can you? I mean, maybe once you were the evilest evil that ever eviled... present company excluded. But now... you’re nothing but Dean Winchester’s number-one fan.

INTERIOR: Trenton Hall.

Duke: Sam and Dean. I got to admit... after all the stories, I thought you’d be more.

Dean: Well, sorry to disappoint.

Duke: It’s my fault. You get your hopes up. You want an L.A. 10, but you settle for a Kansas 5. Life, right? The name’s...

Sam: We don’t care.

Duke: Okay. Small talk over. [He looks at Gunnar]. Kill them.

Gunnar strides towards Dean, grabbing him.

Dean: Gunnar, Gunnar, no. Wait.

Sam: Dean!

Gunnar throws Dean through a flimsy wall, while Duke keeps Sam pinned to the wall. Gunnar throws Dean again. Dean groans, but Gunnar keeps going at him, throwing another punch.

INTERIOR: Crowley’s lockup.

Lucifer: I knew you were hiding something. I could see that last spark of defiance in your eyes. [Lucifer grabs hold of Crowley’s jacket, pulling him closer]. And rather than beating it out of you, which... doable, but messy... I let you lead me here. [He pushes Crowley out of the way]. So I’m gonna take this... [Lucifer taps the box and turns to face Crowley]... and then I’m gonna take you. And, oh, puppy, you’re not gonna like what comes next.

Lucifer moves the box and then opens it to find it empty. He closes the lid, an angry sneer on his face, and turns to look at Crowley, who is now holding a wooden staff in his hand.

Crowley: You looking for this?

Crowley hits Lucifer with the staff and he falls to the ground. Simmons rushes to his side.

Crowley: you really think you could double-cross me? Me?! I perfected the double-cross. Like, literally.

Crowley looks at the staff, which is now glowing red, He laughs. Lucifer gets to his feet and watches as the red glow extends to Crowley’s face and hands as he absorbs the power from the Hand of God.

Crowley: So this is what it feels like to be God. Not bad. Tingly. So, if this can hurt something as powerful as the Darkness, I wonder... what can it do to you?

Crowley lifts his hand. It glows red. He throws a bolt of light towards Lucifer. Simmons throws herself in front of Lucifer, taking the full impact of the blast. She disappears into dust, while Lucifer is thrown hard into the brick wall. He collapses onto the floor.

INTERIOR: Trenton Hall. Gunnar is tying Dean to a chair.

Gunnar: Sorry, kid. I don’t want to do this.

Dean: Oh, then don’t.

Gunnar: You say that like I got a choice. That guy out there, he’s a...

Dean: He’s a demon. I know. And I know about Hell and deals... all of it. What’s he got over you? You sold your soul, didn’t you?

Gunnar: Ten years ago, I wanted another shot at the belt; 50,000 people screaming my name. I was desperate and dumb.

Dean: But you only had the title for like a week.

Gunnar: Desperate and dumb.

Dean: Okay. Okay. Look, you screwed up, all right? Trust me. I’ve been there. But it is never too late to do the right thing.

Gunnar: You really believe that?

Dean: I have to.

INTERIOR: Crowley’s lockup.

Crowley laughs as Lucifer struggles to get up. He tries to conjure the power from the Hand of God again, but nothing happens. Lucifer smiles and stands up. He puts his hand to the back of his head and shows blood to Crowley.

Lucifer: You made me bleed my own blood. [He walks towards Crowley]. You’re out of juice, huh?

Lucifer punches Crowley and he is flung behind a desk.

Crowley: Bollocks.

Lucifer looks behind the desk. Crowley is gone. Lucifer glares.

INTERIOR: Trenton Hall. Duke still has Sam pinned against the wall.

Sam: Does Crowley know you’re doing this?

Duke: Crowley’s Lucifer’s bitch boy, which is why I’m doing this.

Sam: Stealing souls?

Duke: Building a nest egg. With the Darkness out and the Devil running Hell, well it's kind of every demon for him/her/shimself.

Sam: So why do you need Lawless?

Duke: Well, I can’t be everywhere. When the g-man’s deal came due, I gave him a choice... end up hellhound chow or collect souls for me. I’m delegating. That’s what good managers do.

Suddenly, Dean is in the room too.

Dean: Hey!

Duke: Hey, yourself, handsome.

Duke flings Dean back into the other room and looks at Sam, wielding a knife.

Duke: Now, this... this is my favorite part.

He is about to cut Sam, when Gunnar, out of nowhere, stabs Duke from behind with the demon knife.

Sam [uncertainly to Gunnar]: Thanks.

Sam goes into the other room to check on Dean.

Sam: Dean. Hey. [He helps Dean up]. Dean. Hey. You all right?

Dean: Yeah, I’m good. I’m good.

Sam and Dean turn to face Gunnar, as he hears the sound of dogs howling. He looks scared.

Sam: What?

Dean: Hellhounds.

Gunnar: I always wondered what they’d sound like.

The hellhounds continue to growl in the distance. Dean tries to hand Gunnar his gun.

Dean: Listen, man. You, uh...

Gunnar: No. I’ve never been a good man. I look in the mirror and I hate the face looking back at me.

Sam and Dean acknowledge what Gunnar is saying, knowing it’s hopeless anyway.

Gunnar: No, I, uh... I got this coming.

The hellhounds are at the door, barking loudly and trying to force the door open.

Gunnar: Go on. Get out. Now!

Gunnar hands the demon knife back to Sam and the boys leave by a different door. Gunnar turns to face the hellhounds as they break through the door.


INTERIOR: Sam and Dean come down the stairs into the Bunker.

Sam: Are you okay?

Dean: Not even a little bit. Lawless was a good guy. He didn’t deserve to go out like that, you know?

Sam: Dean, you know what? He made a bad decision. We’ve been there.

Dean: Yeah, you, me, now Cas.

Sam: Dean, we’ll get him back. We will. We just got to...

Dean: Keep grinding. No matter how much it hurts, no matter how hard it gets, you got to keep grinding.

Sam: Right.

Dean: And that’s how we’re gonna win. And we’re gonna win. We’re gonna save Cas, we’re gonna ice the Devil and we’re gonna shank the Darkness. And anyone that gets in our way, well, God help them.

Sam: Damn right.

Dean: Damn right.



Scene 08


SAM is in the merch section of the arena looking at shirts. We can hear RIO in the background from the main hall.

RIO (off-screen)
Our opening match pits the incomparable Gunnar Lawless against the hotshot Hellrazor!

DEAN appears holding two plastic cups of beer.

Check this out. One stop in Saskatoon, and it's a world tour.

(he hands a beer to SAM) You're gonna love it, all right?

DEAN (to the cashier)
(pointing at the tour shirts) Uh, two larges, por favor.

The cashier hands them their shirts and DEAN pays.

SAM (to the cashier)

Right. All right. (chuckles excitedly)

RIO (off-screen)
...our main event, The Brooklyn Beast returns against Rush in an epic...

DEAN heads into the main hall, SAM following.


Scene 16


SAM and DEAN are sitting on chairs talking to JACE.

All right, Jace, I need you to think. Where would your dad have gone?

To get another beer?

DEAN is speechless.

SAM notices police officers enter the hall.

Why don't you guys stick around? I'm gonna go have another look.

Dean's POV of Jace holding Lawless' glove.

DEAN moves to sit beside JACE.

Jace. What's your thing, huh? What are kids into these days?


(confused silence) ...Minecraft? Well, what if I told you that I could get you all the mine you could craft, hmm?


Yeah. Oh, yeah. And all it would cost you is that glove.

(unconvinced) No way.

DEAN looks disappointed and glances over at SAM who is talking to the police officers.

DEAN (turning his attention back to JACE)
I'll give you twenty bucks.


Scene 44


It's not fair. I've clawed and I've scraped for everything that I have, and he comes along and just takes it. I mean, what gives him the right? (sighs) I change. I adapt. It's what I do. And he walks right into my trap. I smite him with the power of God Almighty, and he barely even notices. Now... I've no kingdom, no nothing. Where do I go? What do I do?

We see that CROWLEY has been sitting on a bench, monologuing to a little boy the whole time. The child looks confused. His mother walks over to him.

Come on, sweetie. Leave the crazy man alone.

The MOTHER leads the child away from CROWLEY.