11.10 The Devil in the Details (transcript)

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11.10 The Devil in the Details

Written by: Andrew Dabb

Directed by: Thomas J. Wright

Air Date: January 20, 2016


INTERIOR [in a house]: Crowley is looking at his reflection in a Christmas bauble. He is dressed in a onesie. The Christmas carol Has Anybody Seen Kris Kringle is playing and Crowley is looking gleefully at the presents under the Christmas tree. He spots one that he likes.

Crowley [excitedly]: Boy, oh boy.

Crowley grabs the present and proceeds to tear the wrapping off. Rowena walks down the stairs and enters the room. She looks unimpressed, wearing reindeer ears and bright red nose that is flashing. Crowley finishes opening the present and holds up a Sam pop vinyl to show Rowena.

Crowley [excitedly]: Mum! Mum, I got a Sam.

Rowena [unenthusiastically]: Good for you, dearie.

Crowley grabs another presents and shakes it to see if he can guess what’s inside, while Rowena sighs. There’s banging on the door. Crowley and Rowena turn to look as Santa Claus (aka Lucifer) kicks the door in.

Crowley [excitedly]: Santa!

Santa: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas. Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho...

Crowley [excitedly]: Watchya bring me? Watchya bring me?

Santa: Oh, let’s see what Santa got for you today.

Santa holds up a giant candy cane and chuckles as he stabs Crowley in the heart with it.

Santa: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho...

Crowley [gasping, with blood in his mouth]: I was a good boy.

Crowley collapses to the floor, dead.

Santa: Really Rowena? This is what you dream about?

Rowena: More of a recurring nightmare actually. [She points to the reindeer ears] These don’t come off. I’ve been having this dream for months. But you... you’re new. Who are you?

Santa: Yeah, sorry my manners are a bit rusty.

Lucifer pulls off the Santa beard and Rowena smiles as she realizes who it is.



INTERIOR – Sam is in the cell. It is dark; lighting flashes cast an eerie glow, as Sam turns to look tentatively at Lucifer.

Sam: You? The visions... everything... it was all you?

Lucifer: Impressive, right?

Sam: And Rowena?

Lucifer: Did as she was told. Groupies... they’re always so eager.

Sam: So you did all of that just to... to what... jump my bones?

Lucifer: Literally.

Sam: Well, you wasted your time then. You see I know how this ends.

Lucifer: Oh, do you now?

Sam: Yeah. You’ll taunt me and you’ll, ah, torture me, and I’ll say no. And eventually, sooner than you think, my brother’s gonna walk through that door and kick your ass.

Lucifer [laughing]: Dean? You’re betting on Dean?

Sam: I always have.

Lucifer: Oh Sam. You got me all wrong.

Sam: Ha, I doubt that.

Lucifer: No. No. I’m not here to torture ya. I mean I could.

Lucifer walks closer to Sam, who backs away until he feels the bars of the cell behind him.

Lucifer: I could inflict pain like you can’t even imagine. I could inflict such delicious perfect pain.

He pauses to stare sadistically at Sam’s fearful face.

Lucifer: But that was so five years ago. No. I’m not going to harm a glorious little hair on that glorious little head.

Sam: Then what do you want?

Lucifer: To make an offer you can’t refuse. You see Sam, you need me and I’m gonna prove it to you.

Lucifer puts his hand on Sam’s forehead, there’s a flash of light, and they are outside, in a park, in bright sunshine. Sam looks around, confused.

Lucifer: Recognise it?

Sam: What?

Lucifer: We’re in a memory Sam, one of the few good ones from your childhood. By the way, I thought I had Daddy issues, but you, wow! Anyway, I think you recognise the dashing young bean-pole over there.

Lucifer points to younger Sam sitting at a park bench with a young girl. They are doing homework and laughing, enjoying each other’s company.

Sam: That’s me.

Lucifer smiles, while Sam is stunned.

INTERIOR – Crowley and Rowena sit together in a room in Hell.

Crowley: You’re dead!

Rowena: Please Fergus, enough with idle threats.

Crowley grabs Rowena around the neck, choking her.

Crowley: You betrayed me, in my kingdom.

Rowena [gasping]: Not yours! His! Hell is his! I’m his. So hurt me and what do you think he’ll do to you?

Crowley: Lucifer will never get out of that cell.

Rowena [barely able to breathe]: You’re willing to stake your life on that? On Sam Winchester?

Crowley releases his hold on her; Rowena gasps and coughs.

Crowley: How long? How long have you been working for him?

Rowena: Not long, Lucifer came to me in a dream... [Crowley turns to look at Rowena and she smirks]... Not that kind of dream.

Crowley: So you're just gonna let the big strong man boss you around? Whatever happened to the super-duper awesome coven #girlpower?

Rowena: Lucifer is no man. He’s perfection. Why do you think I let your droogs find me? Lucifer has a plan and...

Crowley: And, he’s the devil.

Rowena: You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Crowley: Oh, I’m a bad thing. He’s a worse thing. Last time Lucifer went topside you know what he wanted? [Rowena smiles at the question]. Death. For you. For me. And every human. And every demon.

Rowena: He’s changed.

Crowley: Oh yes, of course. All he needed was the love of a horrible woman. So... and you’re doing all this... why? Out of the goodness of your heart?

Rowena: Don’t you be daft. After Lucifer stops the Darkness, he’ll ascend to his throne... in Heaven and I’ll be by his side, a loyal follower.

Crowley: A queen?

Rowena: Like it or not, you know I’m right. Lucifer fought the Darkness before and he won. [Rowena stands up and glares at Crowley, angry]. So... unless you’ve got the almighty in your back pocket, I suggest you sit down, shut up and let him work.

EXTERIOR: Dean drives the impala down a road. He tries to call Sam.

Dean [on Sam’s voicemail]: Hey, Sam can't talk right now because he's waxing... like everything. But leave a message.

Sam [on Sam's voicemail]: Dean, what are you doing with my phone? Dean, come on.

Dean: Call me! Now!

Dean hangs up and tries to call Crowley on 666.

Crowley [on his voicemail]: Thank you for phoning Crowley, King of Hell. For demon deals press one. To report a sighting of that ginger whore Rowena, press two.

Dean hangs up because he is experiencing blurred vision. He starts to gag and pulls the car to the side of the road, barely getting out of the car in time to throw up. He falls down, leans against the impala and is sick again. He hears a voice.

Castiel: Dean?

He looks around and sees Castiel approaching. His vision is still blurry.

Castiel: I came as soon as you called. Are you alright?

Dean [looking sick]: Cas?

Dean is sick again.

Castiel puts his hand on Dean’s shoulder, as Dean groans and sits back up.

Cas: You’re not alright.

Dean [wiping his mouth with his jacket’s sleeve]: Obviously. What’s wrong with me?

Castiel places his hand on Dean’s forehead and then looks into his eyes.

Dean: What are you doing?

Cas: Stick out your tongue.

Dean: What?

Dean opens his mouth and Cas peers inside, diagnosing him.

Dean: Alright, are we done?

Cas: No. [Cas looks worried and holds up his finger]. Let me take your temperature.

Dean [looking startled, pushing Cas’ finger away]: No... that’s not going to happen.

Cas: How far are we from the event?

Dean: You mean the angel nuke?

Cas: Yeah.

Dean: Ground zero is about a mile down that way.

Cas: That explains it. You’re suffering from smiting sickness.

Dean [in disbelief]: That... that’s a thing?

Cas: Yeah. The angels... what they did... it released a tremendous amount of energy and there’s fallout, so this whole area is poisoned.

Dean: You can heal me right?

Cas: No, I can’t and the closer you get to the blast site the worse your sickness will become.

Dean: How worse?

Cas: The last time there was a smiting of this magnitude, Lot’s wife turned to salt.

Dean [looking towards the site]: Awesome.

Cas: Alright Dean, you need to go back.

Dean: Ah, no. [He struggles to stand up]. No. No, we gotta... we gotta go see if it worked... see if Amara is alive or dead.

Cas: We don’t. The fallout doesn’t affect angels. I’ll go in alone.

Dean looks at Cas, his stomach churns and he looks like he is about to vomit again.

Dean: Okay, ya, it’s probably better that way. I’ll take a drive and go check on Sam.

Cas: Right. Good.

Dean: Hey Cas? If it did work and she is dead, bring her body out.

Cas: And if she’s not?

Dean: Run.


EXTERIOR – In the park young Sam and the girl are talking. Sam and Lucifer watch the memory.

Young Sam: So, the Aztec priests... they thought if they didn’t sacrifice people the whole world would end. So they built all of these temples. The most amazing ones are in Mexico City.

Young girl [smiling]: You’ve seen them?

Young Sam: Last year, my Dad took me and my brother on a trip to Mexico.

Young girl: On vacation?

Young Sam: Kind of a working vacation.

Lucifer is sitting on a park bench, enjoying the show. Sam stands a few feet in front of him, looking at his younger self with a half-smile on his face; recollecting this lost moment of his youth.

Young Sam: Have you ever heard of a chupacabra?

Young girl [laughing]: No.

Young Sam [laughing]: Okay, good.

Lucifer: Look at that, Sam; the simple girl from the one-stoplight town. And you... the worldly, handsome-ish... Sam Winchester. She didn’t stand a chance. You remember?

Sam: Yeah, why are you...

Lucifer: Shhh... this is the best part.

Young girl: Sam, you know I didn’t bring you here to study, right?

Young Sam: You didn’t?

Young girl: No.

Sam and Lucifer look on.

Young girl: I mean, I just think that you’re smart and funny... and cute... so, I mean... if you want to make out?

Young Sam leans in to kiss the girl.

Lucifer: Boom! That’s it. That’s what I’m talking about right there, man.

Sam [annoyed]: Kissing?

Lucifer: No, Sam. This is the Sam Winchester that I remember. Bold. Decisive. Solid B on the tongue action.

Sam: What is this about?

Lucifer: You used to be a hero Sam. Hell, you beat me. Now... I look at you and I don’t even recognise you anymore.

INTERIOR – Dean walks through the bunker, looking around.

Dean [yelling]: Sam! Sammy!

Dean’s phone rings and he sees the number 666.

Dean: You son-of-a-bitch.

INTERIOR – Crowley is in a corridor in Hell.

Crowley: Miss you too, puddin’.

Dean: Where are you? Where’s Sam?

Crowley: Ah, there was a bit of a hiccup. Your brother is in Hell, with Lucifer.

EXTERIOR – Sam and Lucifer are walking in a field. Sam looks up and sees the entrance to Stull Cemetery.

Sam: Stull Cemetery.

Lucifer: I know; where the title fight went down.

They observe another of Sam’s memories.

Past Castiel: Hey, assbutt!

Past Castiel throws a fiery bottle of holy oil at Michael, who explodes in flames.

Lucifer: 'Assbutt,' I-I-I still don't get that.

Sam: Look, I appreciate the stroll down memory lane, but...

Lucifer: Sam, have I ever told you how much I respect you?

Sam: What?

Lucifer: Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't like you. I never liked you. You're... you're sort of prissy. But in this moment, when you stood toe to toe with me and won, I gotta say, you had balls kid.

The memory continues as Sam and Lucifer watch...

Past Sam: It’s okay, Dean. It’s gonna be okay. I got him.

Lucifer: You were willing to do the hard thing, if it meant saving the world.

Sam and Lucifer watch as Past Sam and Michael tussle, before Past Sam pulls them both into the Cage and the earth closes above them.

Lucifer: That’s not you anymore. You’ve gone soft, Sammy.

EXTERIOR – Castiel stands over a hole in the ground, which is still burning and smouldering. It is dark, as if it’s night-time. Castiel suddenly senses someone and turns to see a young woman. She in turn is startled by Castiel, who has his angel blade in hand.

Castiel: Who are you?

Ambriel: Ambriel. I work in birth death statistics, in Heaven. I’m... I’m an angel.

Castiel: Yeah, I know.

Ambriel: And you’re Castiel. I’ve heard stories about you.

Castiel: Why are you here?

Ambriel: Same reason you are.

Castiel: Heaven wants to know if the Darkness has been destroyed.

Ambriel: Yeah, pretty much.

Castiel: And they sent you?

Ambriel: Are you going to kill me?

Castiel: Is that what they say, that I kill angels?

Ambriel: Well, that’s the nicest thing they say. Well, maybe we can work together... so no-one murders anyone.

Castiel [looking resigned]: Right. Fine.

Ambriel: Okay, so I’ve searched the east end of the forest. Nothing weird.

Castiel: Really? You know it is the middle of the afternoon.

Ambriel: Sooo...

Castiel: So, why is it dark?

Ambriel: Excellent question.

EXTERIOR – Dean walks down a lane towards a building. He is talking on his phone.

Dean: Hey Cas, I know you’re fighting the good fight right now, but, ah, I need you at Third and Pine, Kenesaw, Nebraska, because, ah, I’m going to Hell.

Dean knocks on the door of a building and a slot window opens.

Billie: Password?

Dean: Crowley sent me alright, just open up.

Billie: Password!

Dean [frustrated]: Really?

Dean [almost singing]: Camptown ladies sing this song. Do dah, do dah. Camptown... race track five miles long... oh do dah day... alright, just let me in.

Billie opens the door and lets Dean in.

Billie: Nice work, Bieber.

Dean: Yeah, funny for a demon.

Billie: Not a demon. Name’s Billie.

Dean: The reaper, Billie? My brother says you want to kill us.

Billie: No. I’m just gonna make sure that when you die, you stay dead. Subtle difference.

Dean: So what, you work for Crowley?

Billie: With, not for. Strange days, Winchester. Times like this, it doesn’t hurt to have the King owe you a favor.

Billie picks up a box and hands it to Dean.

Billie: For the limey.

Dean: What is it?

Billie: You’ll see.

Dean: Whatever. Alright, just get me when I need to go.

Billie: That’s the plan.

Billie walks to another door, which has warding painted on it. She puts her hand on one of the markings and it lights up the warding. The door opens to reveal a passage into Hell.

Billie: Watch your step. It’s a long way down.

Dean looks at Billie and then steps inside. The doors close behind him.

EXTERIOR – It’s the backyard of Past Sam and Amelia’s house; another memory that Sam and Lucifer are watching.

Past Sam: Thought about what you’re going to say to him?

Amelia: I’ve thought about it and thought about it. I still don’t know...

Lucifer: This is where it all changed, Sammy.

Amelia: It’s just all so surreal.

Lucifer: This is the worst thing you’ve ever done.

Past Sam: Does he know that they told you he was killed in action?

Sam: Really?

Lucifer: After the Leviathans, when your brother was trapped in Purgatory, you were here... with a girl and a dog. You didn’t even bother trying to find him.

Sam: You know what? Not that I have to defend myself to you, but Dean and I promised we wouldn’t look for each other.

Lucifer: Right... and if he never came back you’d be fine. But he did. So you’re not. Whatever happened to the Sam Winchester who was bold, decisive, and ready to sacrifice for the greater good?

Sam: Right here.

Lucifer: And... so why did you let Dean talk you out of closing the gates of Hell? ‘Cos the old Sam never would’ve done that. Not ever.

Sam: I didn’t...

Lucifer: No wait, here’s my personal favorite, is you doing every stupid thing you could to cure the Mark, even after you knew it would go bad.

Sam [angry]: My brother was dying!

Lucifer: Yes! And you’d do anything to save him. And he’d do anything to save you. And that is the problem. Because of this [Lucifer points to Past Sam and Amelia]... you’re so overcome by guilt that you can’t stand to lose Dean again and he could never lose you, and so instead of choosing the world you choose each other, no matter how many innocent people die.

Sam [angry]: You’re going to lecture me about hurting people? You?

Lucifer: You know I’m right Sam. You know it! And I know if you’re going to beat the Darkness you have to be ready to die. You have to be ready to watch the people you love die. A long time ago you could have fought the good fight kid, but not anymore. You can’t win this one Sam. You’re just not strong enough.

Sam: And you are?

Lucifer: Hey, snappin' necks and cashin' checks is what I do.

INTERIOR – Crowley and Rowena are sitting in silence in Hell. Another demon walks into the room, carrying a tray with tea on it.

Rowena: Isn’t this nice? Spending quality time?

Demon: Your tea is ready.

Crowley: Finally.

Rowena: That does sound lovely.

Demon: How do you take it?

Rowena & Crowley [in unison]: Honey and a splash of milk.

Rowena: Like mother, like son.

Crowley: Excuse me. I need to go vomit.

Rowena: Hurry back dear. [Rowena pats Crowley’s jacket as he leaves].

EXTERIOR – Castiel and Ambriel are still looking for any trace of Amara.

Castiel: I never wanted this, you know. To be hated by my own kind, I never...

Ambriel: Oh no, I don't hate you, Castiel.

Castiel: Thank you.

Ambriel: I mean, we have a lot in common. Our names rhyme, that's a big one. I look good in a trench coat too, and we're both expendable.

Castiel: Excuse me?

Ambriel: Well, that's why we're here, right? I'm a number cruncher and you... like I said, I've heard the stories. You help. But Sam and Dean Winchester are the real heroes. So, if the Darkness is still alive and she's pissed... and she kills us... no big loss. So sure, maybe we're not super important, but we do the job. You know... I think there's nobility in that.

Ambriel starts to walk again, to continue the search, but Castiel pauses, letting what Ambriel has said sink in.

Ambriel: You coming?

Castiel: I’ll catch up.

INTERIOR – Dean is descending slowly down the stairs to Hell. He looks around cautiously, until he sees Crowley.

Crowley: Welcome to Hell.

Dean: Where’s Sam?

Crowley: Don’t worry about Sam.

Dean: I’m sorry. Have you met me?

Crowley: I mean Lucifer needs the moose. He’s not going to kill him, probably. You versus the Devil... trust me there’s easier ways of committing suicide. We need to focus on Rowena.

Dean: Okay, great. Let’s kill her.

Crowley: Easier said than done I’m afraid. And we need Mother to slam the Devil back in his hole.

Dean: Well, is she going to play ball?

Crowley: She doesn’t have a choice.

Crowley opens the box that Billie gave Dean and he pulls out an ancient contraption.

Crowley: It’s called a witch-catcher. Most of them were destroyed after the Inquisition, but, ah, Billie came through.

Dean: Yeah, she’s a peach. What does it do?

Crowley: You’re going to love this.

EXTERIOR – Ambriel is walking alone through the forest. She sees Amara lying on the ground and goes closer to investigate. Suddenly, Amara wakes and grabs Ambriel by the throat. Ambriel screams. Castiel hears her, and runs to her aid.

Castiel: Ambriel!

By the time Castiel reaches them, Amara is consuming Ambriel’s grace. Ambriel falls to the ground, dead. Amara looks skyward and the darkness from the forest and sky is slowly sucked back into Amara. It is daylight again and Amara seems to be re-charged. She looks towards Castiel.

Amara: Castiel?

Castiel: Amara, what did you do to her?

Amara: I consumed her. Her grace, her spark, her memories, everything... she... oh, she really hit the spot.

Castiel gets out his angel blade and Amara is amused.

Amara: Seriously? I mean Heaven brought the thunder and it barely even scratched my paint job. But you and a shiny knife, sure, that’s gonna work.

Castiel: You think I'm afraid to die?

Amara: I know you are. You reek of fear and self loathing.

Castiel raises the blade to strike and Amara stops him by grabbing his arm.

Amara: Oh, scary.

Amara flings Castiel against a tree and he falls to the ground.

Amara: She's right you know, you are expendable and weak. And why God took a special interest in you, I'll never understand. My brother always did have horrible taste in men.

Castiel: Just do it.

Amara brushes her hand against Castiel’s cheek.

Amara: Blue eyes, you’re not even worth the effort... and no offence, but you look a bit used up. Plus, I have a job for you.

Amara puts her hand on Castiel’s chest and Castiel screams as he is sent away in a blinding flash of light. Amara stands up, but then staggers, as though she’s suddenly lost her energy. She looks anxious, as she leans against a tree for support.


INTERIOR: Billie is reading a comic book – Death: The Time of Your Life by Neil Gaiman. She is still in the room where Dean left her to enter Hell and is barely perturbed when a screaming Castiel appears. Castiel gasps and looks around to see Billie.

Billie: Hey.

INTERIOR: Rowena is drinking her cup of tea when Crowley returns.

Rowena: How’s Dean?

Crowley: Pardon?

Rowena: Little tip, love. The next time you go about making secret plans, check your pockets.

Crowley reaches into his pocket and retrieves a hex bag. We see a flashback to Rowena planting it as she patted Crowley’s jacket earlier.

Crowley tosses the hex bag on the table.

Crowley: You heard?

Rowena: Everything.

Dean enters the room carrying the witch-catcher. Rowena smiles at him.

Dean: Not that it matters.

Rowena: What does that mean, big boy?

Crowley: A little tip Mother. Never accept a cup of tea from someone who loathes you.

Rowena’s smile disappears as she begins to choke. She drops the cup and saucer, and Dean puts the witch-catcher around her neck.

Rowena [screaming]: Get this off bloody thing off of me.

Crowley: I would, but this bloody thing makes you my slave.

Rowena scoffs at him.

Crowley: Hop, on one foot.

Rowena: Please, Fergus. I don't know what kind of Oedipal Fifty Shades you think you're playing at but if you think for a second...

Rowena suddenly starts to hop, no control over her actions. Dean stares at her in disbelief.

Rowena: Bullocks.

Dean: Alright, let’s do this.

INTERIOR – Sam and Lucifer are in the cell. Sam is sitting, looking defeated, against the bars, while Lucifer stands above him.

Lucifer: Now Sam, I know this is a lot to take in, so if you need to take some time and noodle on it, that’s cool. But, ah, world is ending [Lucifer points to his watch], clock ticking. You follow me?

Sam: What do you want me to say?

Lucifer: A little word that starts with Y, ends in E-S.

Sam looks away.

Lucifer: Okay, you don't like me. I get it... I get it; sometimes I don't like me either. But Gabriel and Raphael are dead. God went out for a pack of smokes and never came back... and Michael... well, let's just say prison life hasn't really agreed with Michael. These days he's usually sitting in a corner singing show tunes and touching himself.

Sam: So you're it.

Lucifer [laughing]: I'm it! And hey, I'm not the good guy, we both know I'm not, but the Darkness, she's the end of everything.

Lucifer crouches down so he is face to face with Sam, imploring with him.

Lucifer: But I can beat her. We can beat her. You and me, together. So come on, Sam. Make the right choice, the big sacrifice one more time, man. Sam, it's time to save the world, man.

Sam looks at him for a long moment before speaking.

Sam [quietly]: No. No.

INTERIOR – Rowena is working on the spell while Dean and Crowley look on.

Dean: So this spell is supposed to slam Lucifer back in the box. How long’s this gonna take?

Rowena: About five minutes. Unless Sam says yes.

Crowley: And if he does?

Rowena: If Lucifer finds a vessel, he’ll be anchored to earth. The incantation won’t work.

Dean: And then we’re screwed.

A demon enters the room with Castiel following him.

Demon: I’m sorry my lord, I tried to...

Dean: Cas?

Crowley [sarcastically]: Oh good, the angel is here.

Dean: What’s happened?

Castiel: Amara. She... she’s alive. She... she sent this message...

Castiel opens his trench-coat and shirt to reveal a message carved into his chest – I am coming.

Crowley: I am coming. Is that a threat?

Dean: Or a promise.

INTERIOR – Sam and Lucifer are in the cell.

Lucifer [angry]: What do you mean no?

Sam: You heard me.

Lucifer: Okay, now Sam, I gotta tell you, this is selfish, man, everything...

Sam: You are done. It’s over.

Sam stands up and walks towards Lucifer.

Sam: You know what? You talk a good game. You do. Hell, you almost had me sold a few times. But then I thought what if you’re right? What if you’re telling the truth? What if you can beat her?

Lucifer [yelling]: I can!

Sam: Even though the last time it took you, plus three other archangels. Oh yeah, and capital G, God.

Lucifer: Oh okay, what, you mean the dead weight?

Sam: Well, let’s say you gank her... then what?

Lucifer [shrugging]: I move to LA... solve crimes.

Sam: Wrong. Then you go about starting the Apocalypse, again, because you're an old dog and that's your old trick.

Lucifer: Okay, first off, you don't know that. Second, even if I did that's better than what she has planned.

Sam: Is it? Really? 'Cause this is what I think, I think that whoever wins, you or the Darkness, everyone else loses. So, no. My answer is no. This isn't because of Dean, or the past, this is about me having faith in my friends, having faith in my family. We will find a way. I'm ready to die and I'm ready to watch people I love die, but I'm not ready to be your bitch.

Lucifer: Okay, plan B.

Lucifer punches Sam, who cries out and falls to the ground. His cries are heard in the adjacent room, where Rowena is still working on the spell.

Dean: Sam!

Dean and Castiel run out of the room, heading to Sam’s aid.

Crowley [desperately]: Don’t!

Lucifer punches Sam in the face twice and he falls heavily against the bars of the cell, raising his hands to defend himself from more blows.

Castiel: Hey, ass-butt!

Lucifer turns to face Dean and Castiel.

Lucifer: Dean, ah, the other one.

Lucifer snaps his fingers and they are all in the cell.

Lucifer: Welcome to the party.

Sam gasps and chokes on his blood. Lucifer faces off with Dean and Castiel.

Lucifer: Scared?

Dean: Not even a little.

Castiel gets out his angel blade, preparing to fight.

Lucifer: Ah, ah, ah... moments like this, it’s all about ambiance.

Lucifer snaps his fingers and music starts playing - Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel. He starts to dance, mocking them. Castiel lunges for Lucifer, and Lucifer takes this opportunity to talk to Castiel privately.

Lucifer: I can beat the Darkness. Me. Only me.

Dean rushes to Sam’s side.

Dean: Are you okay?

Sam: Yeah.

Lucifer and Castiel are still struggling.

Lucifer: [Indecipherable]. You know I’m right Castiel. You know it?

Castiel continues to struggle.

Lucifer: You wanna play that way?

Lucifer punches Castiel.

Sam: We can’t win.

Dean: We don’t have to win. We’ve just gotta last a few minutes.

Lucifer continues to punch Castiel.

Meanwhile, Rowena is nearly ready to perform the spell. She lights candles, as Crowley watches on.

In the cell, Dean and Sam join the fight, punching Lucifer, trying to hold out until Rowena performs the spell. Lucifer is restrained by Sam, while Dean punches him.

Lucifer [mildly irritated]: You hit like a human.

Lucifer kicks Dean across the cell, and then turns to punch Sam. Both go down. Castiel joins in but Lucifer puts him down too. Sam gets to his feet, only to get an elbow to the face from Lucifer. Dean tries again, but he goes back down. Lucifer kicks Sam in the stomach. Dean bounces back up, but Lucifer grabs him around the neck and slams him against the bars on the cell. Dean grimaces, as Lucifer lifts him off the ground. Dean is choking. Lucifer looks around at Sam, who is in pain, lying on the floor, covered in blood.

Lucifer: Alright Sam, I’m gonna make this real easy for you. You say the magic word or your brother dies... and we both know you won’t let that happen

In the adjacent room, Rowena reaches for a blade. She cuts her hand, getting ready to finish the spell.

In the cell, Castiel charges at Lucifer, allowing Dean to get out of his clutches. Lucifer punches Castiel repeatedly, as Rowena continues on the spell. Castiel falls to the ground and Lucifer stands over him, putting his foot on top of Castiel’s angel blade.

Rowena says the incantation: Anan avar karvak!

Lucifer [to Castiel]: So, last words...

Rowena claps her hands and there is a blinding flash of light in the cell. When the light dies down, Lucifer is gone.


INTERIOR - Sam, Dean and Castiel limp towards Rowena and Crowley; they are out of the cell but still in Hell.

Rowena: You’re welcome... anyone?

Dean: Bite me!

Crowley: I can make her do that.

Sam: So what now?

Crowley: About the Darkness? No clue.

Dean: We’ll figure it out.

Rowena: Or die screaming.

Crowley: This has been a horrible train wreck, so we’re done. Team up over.

Sam [motioning to Rowena]: What about her?

Crowley: She stays. The rest of you lot... get the hell out of Hell.

EXTERIOR – Sam, Dean and Castiel emerge to the street and the impala.

Dean [to Castiel]: You alright?

Castiel: I think so. I will be.

Dean: You want me to give you a lift?

Castiel: No, you two go on ahead. I’ll catch up.

Dean: Okay.

Dean walks to the impala. Castiel watches him go, with a half-smile. Sam gives him a half-salute goodbye. Sam and Dean get inside the impala.

Sam: Is he alright?

Dean: Tough day.

Sam: Yeah. Tell me about it.

Dean: You good?

Sam: I don’t know. I mean what if Lucifer was telling the truth, you know, what if he’s the only...

Dean: No, dude, the Darkness is bad. Her and the Devil, that’s a nightmare.

INTERIOR – Crowley is sitting in a chair and Rowena is massaging his temples.

Crowley: Mother, why do you hate me?

Rowena: I hate you, because when I look into your eyes I see the woman I used to be, before magic, before the coven... when I was nothing but Rowena, the tanner's daughter... a pale, scared little girl, who smelled of filth and death. [Rowena starts to massage Crowley’s shoulders]. I hate you, because when you were born, your father said he loved me, then he went back to his grand wife and his grand house, whilst I lay pathetic and half dead on a straw mat... my thighs slick with blood. [Rowena bends down so that she is talking right into Crowley’s ear, tears spilling]. I hate you, because if I didn't, I'd love you. But love... love is weakness. And I'll never be weak again.

Crowley has tears in his eyes too. But then they are both startled by the banging of a door. Castiel enters the room.

Crowley: Castiel?

Castiel puts his hands in his pockets and smirks.

Castiel: Guess again.

Crowley [realisation dawning]: No.

There is a flashback to the final scene in the cell between Lucifer and Castiel.

Lucifer: Last words?

Castiel: Can you really beat her?

Lucifer: I can.

Castiel: Then, yes.

Light envelops the scene. Back to the present; Lucifer in Castiel’s vessel is still smirking.

Rowena [purring]: Lucifer.

Lucifer [with a half-bow]: I’m back baby!

Crowley: You can’t be. You finished the spell.

Rowena: But if he was already in another vessel.

Lucifer [gleefully]: Loophole!

Crowley: Bloody hell.

Crowley tries to flee but Lucifer flings him against the wall.

Lucifer: Ooh, Rowena...

Rowena: My liege.

Lucifer: You know, what you’ve done for me, I’ll never forget it.

Rowena: Twas my honor.

Lucifer removes the witch-catcher from Rowena’s neck.

Lucifer: Yes, twas... you deserve a reward... [Lucifer touches Rowena’s nose, then her lips with his finger]... or some little token of my affection.

Rowena [breathlessly]: Thank you.

Lucifer leans in as though to kiss Rowena, but then backs away.

Lucifer: Oh, just one teensy tiny little question. Can anyone else open the Cage?

Rowena: Just me.

Lucifer: Good.

Rowena and Lucifer smile at one another. Lucifer rests his face on Rowena’s cheek. Crowley looks on. Then Lucifer grabs Rowena’s face and swiftly snaps her neck. Crowley flinches, and watches in terror as Rowena falls to the ground. Lucifer sighs, and then turns to Crowley.

Lucifer: Okay, let’s chat.

Crowley huddles against the wall, terrified.